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Tyler says this Beretta M9A3 is his daily carry. You don’t see a lot of M9A3s for EDC due in part to their size; this model is 8.7 inches long and 5 inches high. It also weighs 33 ounces empty meaning you’re looking at more than two pounds of loaded, holstered gun.

Sidenote: is it just me or does the Cha-O-Ha multi-tool remind you of that one scene from Men Who Stare at Goats with The Predator? Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. For as big as people say the Beretta is the frame has a really short grip. Not comfortable at all.

    • Put a 92 Compact baseplate on the mag and then get back to us. :^)

      Also, whoever does Cha-o-Ha’s website doesn’t understand that “factory second’s” is possessive, not plural. I noticed the same mistake on Kimber’s site when I was looking at it too. People need to learn proper English before being given control over something the public will see.

      • You know, I barely graduated ‘hi-skool’ and seeing the plural and possessive form fucked up just really tweaks at me.

        In some cases, it’s almost like they seem to think : “When in doubt, just add a fucking apostrophe to the ‘s’ to be safe.” Or something.

        Dunno why, but I’ve been known to jump people’s shit over it, just out of the blue.

        EDIT – I figured out why I do it, this video explains all :

        *NOTE*…..*NOT SAFE FOR WORK*

        • If you play a video at work entitled ‘Dennis Leary – Asshole (uncensored version)’ you deserve to have your ass handed to you by your boss. NSFW label is pretty superfluous.

  2. I carried a 92 FS for many years. Now I carry a Sig 2022 in 40 cal which just as heavy but smaller in size. People bitch too much about weight so I just say start lifting weights and walking and running around with a heavier weapon and develop those muscles along with a better mental attitude. Weapons are not for pussies or the faint of heart. Boy, everybody should spent a year or two in the infantry carrying a full pack and a rifle with ammo or something heavy like the old M60 (it did not kill me).

    • I’ve always wondered why people complain so much about weight. A pound, two pounds, hell, three pounds. You’re carrying to defend your own life and those around you. An extra pound really make that much difference? I carry a Glock 17 on my left, and a Ruger LCR .357 on my right, both outside carry. The Ruger pushes nicely toward the back, so it’s pretty invisible, and I hardly notice it. I always wear a sport jacket, things are covered up well. I know it’s an endless debate — ‘If you need more than x rounds (usually 6 or 7), then you’re really in trouble,’ etc. Maybe. But if I’m in any kind of trouble, I’d rather have more than less. My take. Nice thing is, everybody gets to do what they feel comfortable with. That’s what feels comfortable for me.

      I didn’t used to carry on both sides. Awhile back, a fellow shared a story. He was carjacked. He carried a Ruger LCR .357 on both sides. This time, his left arm was trapped against the door or the guy’s body, not sure which. He drew from his right side, shot the guy and was done with it. He swears by carry on both sides. It was enough to convince me.

    • You are a meme. The faggot calling out guys for their small guns. Give me a break. Stop trying to compensate for your tiny dick with fake service stories and bragging about carrying a gun you do not even own.

    • I carried an FS for about 6 months before I switched to the GP. Weighed in about 41 ounces with a dozen and a half 124gr. if I remember right. So about the same as a 1911 with 2 rounds in it. The GP weighs about the same with a half dozen 158gr. Double Taps.

      • I had a Taurus aluminum frame with a stainless slide 92 AFS.

        I was scared to shoot it a lot, figuring the aluminum frame rails would get chewed up by the harder stainless in the slide.

        I liked it well enough, the de-cocker was kinda cool…

      • I was just pointing out how some people scream about weight and then sing the praises of carrying a 1911.

        Nothing wrong with carrying a 1911, just amuses me when people complain about the weight right up until the gun in question is the one they like, then the rules go out the proverbial window.

        • True. I had a 5″ 1911 for a while. As I recall, loaded it weighed in right about halfway between the 3″ and 6″ GPs. Sold it and bought a birdshead .44 mag Vaquero. It weighs about the same unloaded as the 1911 but 6 rounds of 180gr. weigh less than 8 rounds of 230. I carry it occasionally for shits and giggles. If 900ft/lbs of muzzle energy doesn’t get the bad guy’s attention, you probably need a butt stock.

        • I doubt those complaining about the weight carry a 1911, probably more a compact or subcompact polymer such as the M&Pc or Shield, the “baby” Glocks, the XDs…

        • Henry:

          Fair enough. There are internet claims and then there is reality. As you correctly point out; the two often don’t jive.

  3. I like the Berretta although it doesn’t point as well as a1911 for me, and with my eyesight I need all the help I can get. That cha O ha?? WTH , Looks like a possum skull to me

  4. From time to time I carry my 96A1 IWB, it is lighter than you’d expect and with the right grips (I have the slim Wilson grips) the width is just about right. It is actually more comfortable to carry than my compact Px4. It is mostly regulated to range toy with the 22 conversion kit.

  5. Who the hell carries a 600 dollar pocket knife EDC?

    That’s God’s way of telling you you make too much damn money…

      • Yeah. No keys, wallet, phone or field notes. He just struts around all day with only a gun and a knife, dishing out justice to street scum, and always in the nick of time.

    • No, Robin Williams got this right. Cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you make too much money.

      A $600 knife for “EDC” is the Devil telling you the same thing.

    • Or maybe you are just salty you don’t make enough.

      I get what you are saying, but like the house you own, vehicle you drive, etc etc… Shouldn’t what you carry be relative to your income? Do you just go around looking at houses thinking “they are to successful and should save better”? Cuz I’m pretty sure saving is factored into how much they spend and that’s why you can save for nice things. Isn’t it all relative?

      Just stop being a hypocrite.

      • Don’t bother, you are wasting your time trying to explain. He is probably another commie who lives with the delusion he loves his country and the Constitution. “If I am no willing to put $600 in a knife, then nobody should have one!”

      • “Shouldn’t what you carry be relative to your income?”

        Depends on how you look at it, but generally, on its face, I would answer this question with “No, you should carry what works and meets your needs the best at the price point that you are comfortable with “.

        Now, you could look at it the way you suggest.

        Or you might look at it as showing off. I mean, driving that new Benz might be a sign of how hard you worked in life… or it might be a sign of how hard your daddy worked…

        Or you might look at it as a form of neglecting your situational awareness by drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

        Of course you could also defend the claim of superior design and craftsmanship as a reason to carry it. OTOH there is the point of diminishing returns…

        Then of course there is the possibility of sentimental value and keeping the item close.

        There are a zillion reasons for and against carrying such an item. Without asking the carrier him/her self we can’t know.

        • IMHO experience the folks with real wealth don’t flaunt it. The guys showing off real expensive toys are the ones making 90 grand a year and spending 120 grand a year. If not for plastic their kids would be hungry.

          Where my father is buried, eastern KY, was the home of the largest concentration of millionaires in the US back about 1970. Back before silicon valley. And dime a dozen billionaires. I knew lots of very wealthy folks. Most of them drove pickups and wore working mans clothes.

          Fast forward to my current wife. Her family was one of the families that owned silicon valley when it was still ag land. They got well on the computer boom. They still have vineyards around Napa.

          Meet them on the street and you would think they’re typical middle class.

    • You’re right most I’ve spent was $500 on one but then I sent it to another guy for more work , so almost $600.

      Most days I carry my XM18 though that was only $375.
      Most I’ve made at work in a year is 115k, the wife does ok ,but we’ve invested well for 30 years . Cheers .

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