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Former Marine Gavin Long is the second former military member to murder multiple police officers the last 10+ days. Yesterday he joined Dallas murderer Micah Johnson in the annals of infamy when he gunned down six Baton Rouge officers, killing three, with an IWI Tavor SAR.

As reports:

Gavin Long executed three cops in cold blood before being gunned down by a sharpshooting member of the Baton Rouge Police Department SWAT team that took him out from 100 yards away.

The chilling sequence of events began when Long, a former Marine, closed in on a car wash, seeking to sneak up on a police officer.

As Long snuck around, using “tactical” movements reflecting his training as a Marine, he ignored civilians,  Col. Mike Edmonson, of the Louisiana State Police said.

The Baton Rouge police are operating under the assumption that he was planning to move on to BPD headquarters and take out more officers when he was dropped by a SWAT sniper.


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      • #BullpupLandManagement? Or #BullpupLivesMatter? Since Bullpups are all about retaining maneuverability while retaining performance how about #BarrelLengthMatters?

    • I have one of these , very similar and perfect for the way it was used here , Police officers need to be very diligent and alert and they also better go to the range and brush up on their training . God bless our LE all over the country . It is a shame they can’t arm themselves as well as their adversaries . Watch your back fellas , it isn’t over . I pray that the next time someone tries this crap they are mowed down like grass blades before they get a shot off . They copy cat because they are successful .

      • “It is a shame they can’t arm themselves as well as their adversaries”

        The shame is the same media, liberals and RINOs that want to disarm the populace, are the same ones stirring the hate for police. This is not a weapons issue and your precious Tavor is not any more effective than any fighting rifle. This issue is what is in the hearts of men. Focus on that please.

        • Wow brother Michael , tame it down bud , I could take issue with a few of your points here but I’m quite sure it would be bouncing off a brick wall , I agree completely with the men’s hearts remark and will disagree with you telling me what to focus on , maybe not the message as much as the way you presented it . >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Why don’t you focus on being more respectful , Mike . Please .

          • The problem isn’t the weapons. You are advocating for building up the police force so that they can defend themselves against killers with superior weapons. I don’t think the sentiment on here is more militarization of the police.
            But not to be the guy that points to problems without proposing a solution, I proposed a solution.
            Stop the leftist’s narrative that cops are racist killers, and our police will not be targeted in this manner. An arms race will lead to a dark future because we the people will lose that race. And if you don’t like my tone, you must not be as angry as you should be with all the crap going on right now. I make no apologies.

        • Would you want to face a crazy nut with a Tavor firing burst of green tipped 5.56 when you are only armed with your issue pistol and a 12 gauge shotgun ?
          I think not . I understand your position as you present it and I don’t expect an apology but I feel you are coming to the discussion as an us against them , meaning us against the police , position and I take issue with this argument , the police are 95% on our ( American citizens ) side .
          Yes , I want them armed with state of the art , weapons .
          Your position my friend will back fire on you and the powers that be will not increase LEOs firepower but decrease ours . This is what I definitely do not want .
          God bless .

          • No sir. I am on the cops’ side. I just think arming the police while simultaneously infringing on the right to keep and bear arms is a bad idea no matter how well intended.
            I take the stance of Sheriff David Clarke. Put an end to the hateful rhetoric coming from the anarchist terrorist group Black Lives Matter. Hate speech is protected speech until you call for death and death answers the call. I think it is easily provable that BLM has no remorse for the police deaths and actually condone it. Because they demanded it.
            This is our fight. So get on your soap box and ask that BLM stop immediately and apologize for lawless behavior and denounce the murders of police officers. Don’t ask for a more weaponized police force…yet. Until we all have restored 2A rights, no more carve outs for cops.

        • We may be very close to the same wagon circle Michael , obviously I condemn the BLM rhetoric and I even more strongly condemn the hate cop rhetoric coming from places like comments on TTAG . I don’t want LEOs better armed than citizens any more than you do but neither should we expect the balance to be tipped against them by the bad guys . If this current climate isn’t handled correctly the escalation will only continue and eventually the police officers will simply stop answering the calls , it’s already beginning and there is also an increase in the drop out rate in the LE community because as I said earlier , who wants to show up at a gun fight with a knife ?

      • Better not be “before they get a shot off”, that describes shooting someone because he has a gun.

        • Do I have to actually let someone pull the trigger of the gun they are pointing at me to be justified as a LEO in pulling mine ? I think not . You can carry your gun all you want to but when you point it at me I’m in defense mode , Larry . I wasn’t advocating shooting people for carrying guns brother . Sorry if it came out that way . There is way to much cop bashing everywhere and this site sure has it’s share .

        • Mark, we are on the same side of good guys with guns. However, I fear government more than I do thugs and terrorists. You know why? The government will ruin my life LEGALLY! I’ll have my day in court but you can’t defeat laws in court. I foresee a near future and remember the past, where laws were more dangerous than outlaws.
          If allowed to fester, BLM will grow into a full blown revolt. At that point, taking out lone shooters with Tavors or FALs or whatever beautifully effective import weapon of choice will not be the norm. Suicide bombers and IEDs will be implemented.
          Just like we criticize the antis for blaming the weapon, focusing on the weapon rather than the ideology is ignoring the problem and therefore useless as a solution. Hope this clears up my position.

        • I think we see each others points . God bless America , right ?
          I have a feeling if SHTF we’ll have each others backs .
          God bless sir .

      • Dude, you don’t have a Tavor, and there is nothing magical about the weapon. Cops have 870s or ARs in their squad cars. There is a PD in PA that was issued Tavors. No more or less lethal than any other 5.56 semiauto. You fukn nose bleed.

  1. It’s a nice rifle, little on the pricey side for my taste but still a good rifle.

    The person who took him out was well within the effective range of that Tavor.

    Either way, I don’t see them getting gun control out of this. Other than people who are already anti-gun zealots this sort of thing causes people to forget the guns and focus on the bullshit that’s going on that leads to this sort of thing.

      • I haven’t seriously shopped for a Tavor but I’ve seen them around. The last time I seriously looked at the prices was at a gun show three or four years ago. $2K is on the high side for a 5.56 rifle of which I already own a few.

        Like I said, it’s a cool rifle. I’ve shot one and I liked it but I don’t see the capabilities justifying the prices I’ve seen for them when I already have a bunch of 5.56 rifles.

        • I got mine (in OD Green) early last year from a fairly well known online dealer for under $1600 shipped.

        • 1600 bucks is still a lot for a 5.56 rifle. I’ve never in my life seen an AR that was actually worth $1600 unmodded. My $1000 RRA is just as good as the dozen or so $1500+ rifles I’ve seen in that pattern if not better. Sure, that rifle sits at about $3000 right now, but she’s got a $1000 can and $400 worth of optics on her plus a bunch of other goodies. Taking her back to stock I’ll put her up against any other 16″ AR on the planet and if there is any difference in the $1500+ rifles it sure won’t be enough to justify spending the extra $500 because it won’t be noticeable outside of shooting both off a rest.

          When the Tavor costs $1000 or less I might take another look. Heck, I might take a look at one for $1100. Until then it’s just another 5.56 rifle which is a caliber I have completely covered. Bullpups are cool but IMHO they’re not worth the extra money unless you plan on using the rifle for what it was designed for: city warfare or getting in and out of vehicles easily in full battle rattle.

        • I’ve built a handful of ARs and bought a Noveske 10.5″ switchblock through their NFA program (it was a good deal at the time). I’d say your mostly correct that you can get a great AR for 1000$ now but I’d argue that there are some that are certainly worth the extra into that 1500-2000$ range. The Noveske is the best AR I’ve ever owned. The only complaint I have with it is its weight. They only offered the switchblock with a heavy contour barrel and it’s excessive. I have a 16″ DD pencil barrel build that is lighter even with more stuff on it. But everything else about the Noveske is flawless. Reliable, super accurate, robust, etc. As a short SBR It was worth the small premium considering the problems I’ve seen with other people’s sub 11.5″ guns.

          I’d love a AUG or Tavor but I think the next carbine I get will be a MPX 9mm. Those 9mm carbines are just too much fun. I love my MP5-PDW!

    • 100 yards? Hell thats .22 or range. Maybe even pistol range is the shooter is good enough.

      • We used to routinely shoot revolvers at 100 yds. Tons of fun.

        Also stretched ’em out to 250 yd. Off a rest, but did score hits on 2L pop bottle sized targets.

        But, that’s static shooting, no stress. 100 yd is ‘respectable’ (in my opinion) for the kind of shot that marksman had to make. There’s such a thing as being “too close” to be able to really take your time for an aimed shot.

        Back in the day when I was more conversant on such things, I learned 75 yd was the average engagement for Police snipers.

  2. A Tavor? How odd. And pricey. I wonder if he bought it with a cash advance like the Paris guy. I blame easy credit.

  3. I’m confused. Did they know he was going to be at a car wash? Why did they have a sniper covering the car wash?

    • Story mentions he had been casing the area for a few days. Sounds like the SWAT sniper was on the scene within 10 minutes.

    • Poor triggers can be fixed.

      Mine has a Shooting Sight Tav-D trigger pack, and the Geissele Lightning Bow trigger.

      Pull weight is under 3lbs.

  4. Technically speaking any anti gun zealot who is opposed to this rifle could be accused of being anti Semitic.

  5. Interesting. People out shooting cops, but not one is a “sovereign citizen,” 3%er, oath keeper, etc. Heck, not one of them even mentioned the Constitution. I guess the Justice Department will be updating their manuals and training materials. Yep, any day now.

    • Interesting…it’s almost as if individualists aren’t dangerous at all, and in fact just want to be left alone.

    • Um, well, except for the fact this guy actually filed court paperwork last year claiming he was a sovereign citizen…. So there’s that.

    • I’ve seen several articles out this morning claiming he identified (or whatever) as ‘sovereign citizen.’

      Don’t know if they were authoritative. I don’t even remember where I read it, but it was in more than one place (not that that means much given the way news sites cut-n-paste each other).

      I’ve also read that he wrote about some pretty strange stuff…so who knows.

      • It’s some wacky African homeland thing – he doesn’t claim to be a “sovereign citizen”, but rather a citizen of the sovereign state of wackadooistan or something. Which is apparently located within the continental United States.

        • He claims descent from a ‘native’ tribe of indigenous black people that was already here before Columbus arrived.

          His tribe is considered fictional by the US Bureau of Indian Affairs.

        • The articles I read specifically stated “sovereign citizen.” I made a mental note of this because my first thought was “Oh boy, here we go…media will have a field day with it.”

          I’m not saying I believe that claim, but that is, in fact, what was stated.

          I saw the “Native” claims, too.

        • If you can pretend to be a different gender by merely ‘identifying’ why not race/ethnicity?
          Stupidity knows no bounds.

  6. Even though their crimes were absolutely horrible and dispicable, these last 3 shooters picked firearms that id like to have in my safe. Sig mcx, saiga 74 (converted), & an fde tavor. Whatever happened to the media scapegoat, the good ole ar15?

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if these MSM shills and their anti-gun zealot friends legitimately don’t know that there are other guns than AR-15’s.

    • I ordered an arsenal ak74 today. I used to think they were too expensive but a base model 74 goes for 900 right now and that’s if you can find one. I already have a tavor and have no desire to own an mcx.

    • Don’t you know? The rifle pictured above IS an AR-15 “assault rifle”! The AK-74 is an AR-15 “assault rifle”! The Sig MCX is an AR-15 “assault rifle”! The box truck in Nice, France is an AR-15 “assault rifle”! My dad’s old Chevy pickup is an AR-15 “assault rifle”! OMG…. there’s a bottle of water on my desk that could be used to drown someone if you do it just right. It’s an AR-15 “assault rifle”! Help! Help!

  7. The Tavor is available in Canada. So if you had Canadian style gun control this still would have happened.

    • Except for the fact that up here the tavor is $2700.00 – $3000.00 and the barrel is min. 18.5″ long with a 5 round pinned mag.
      Sucks up here.

      • 2.5 inches of barrel length doesn’t make that much of a difference and couldn’t most pinned mags be “fixed” by drilling out the pin?

    • The article I read said he was shot while running AT the police and yelling “God is Great” in arabic. Same article said it was unconfirmed if this was another terrorist attack. (I’m not joking…)

      • To be honest. We dont know yet the identities of the victims uet. For all we know, these could have been honor killings/attacks. You know, from that religion of pieces.

  8. The big takeaway I see from this is that our vets aren’t digging the AR platform. First an AK then a Tavor.

      • Why? Were they not military veterans of a war? Not all veterans/military personnel are good people. Our utter reverence for those who “served” amazes me.

        • Because I can almost guarantee you that neither of these FOBBITS never heard a shot fired in anger.

      • Apparently this one was a Data Networks Specialist. And the last one a construction tech.

        I suppose we should be grateful we’re not dealing with Rangers or Recon Marines.

        • That’s a good point. Wasn’t it Feinstein (when is it not?) three years ago who wanted to snatch the semi-auto rifle rights of vets because of the “advent of PTSD”, which she believes started just with the Iraq war?

          Yet, these two most recent murderers saw no combat. They were in the rear with gear. If vets across the board are ready to explode and deserve to lose their firearms freedom, then where’s the evidence of that?

          This has nothing to do with vets and everything to do with a few gross failures as human beings grasping at any expedient pseudo cause they can to commit the suicide they were going to commit anyway and claim some kind of meaning.

        • SF types generally have too much intelligence to be subject to the brain rotting propaganda these two bought into..

    • It’s a Tavor. The picture is just stretched way out left-to-right making it look longer than it really is. Plus it has a KeyMod foregrip on it that alters the look.

  9. One fact seems to stand out in all 3 of these last evil shootings—that these 3 guys were def not amateurs and knew exactly what they were doing in terms of tactics and weapons selection–in contrast to some other recent morons. DMD

    • What stands out to me is that even well trained murderers are getting stopped fairly quickly when faced with lethal force. It’s almost like shooting back is a good idea.

      • Note they went after cops and not the masses….body counts would have been higher and who knows if we would consider this a fat response

    • Funny I would have said at least they seemed like amateurs…maybe they had high skill levels, but they didn’t seem to care about lasting long, or they wanted the thrill of going toe to toe. Its surprising none used hit and run tactics, or something along the lines of the DC snipers.

      • The DC snipers operated as a team, although they claim the older guy “brainwashed” the teen to work with him. These lone wolf attacks show just how hard it is for these crazies to recruit other “like minded” crazies.

  10. 1st of all; yet another AR type weapon that is not.
    2nd why did this guy mount that optic so far to the rear? Seems weird.
    3rd I am waiting for a someone to just storm a less secure police station, many are the ultimate soft targets. In certain CPD stations they are not even hardened one guy with a rifle could just storm in and start taking out people like it was Terminator. We need to start hardening stations.

  11. What are “tatical movements”? Or is this the way that training is slowly being demonized as well?

    • It weasel words to make everything sound scary. It gets their foot in the door to eventually demonize firearms training because someone might get super skilled and kill people. Eventually, hide and seek will be banned because it could teach kids how to ambush others.

  12. The Baton Rouge shooter may have been a REMF but all Marines are riflemen 1st and foremost.

    The San Bernardino terrorists were said to be wearing assault clothing so it stands that the antis will try to make anything and everything they can seem or sound dangerous to get their bans.

  13. It’s somewhat surprising to see how people who visit this site are reacting to former government workers killing current government workers.

    • Stupid comment award right there. If you hang around long enough you will find that there are regular contributors on here called “boot licker” by many other regulars. Some want more police militarization while many of us want more freedom and restoration of our rights to own all the arms afforded the police. No one I remember has called for this type of assault on police. Maybe you have two windows open and you commented on the wrong site?

  14. “executed three cops in cold blood ”

    Not really, they were armed and able to fight back, no matter if they were ambushed. But if ambushing people is wrong, will this government employee call for an end to 4 AM no knock raids on citizens? Or is he just upset that someone used his own tactics against him?

    “he ignored civilians”

    No, he attacked civilians. Civilians are government employees not in the military. Cops are civilians, no matter how much they protest otherwise.

  15. First.. condolences and prayers to the officers and their families.

    Second…Obama is feeding the false narrative of police targeting blacks.

    Surprised to see the tavor as well….just last week I purchased an x95 (newest version of tavor in fde) from my Lgs. Did not really need it, yes it was pricey, but I have been wanting one for a while. Had contemplated an SBR but this is shorter, unique and better ballistics than the SBR…..if anything it’s just a cool design.

  16. Ban 5.56 ??? Tru dat–IIRC all of the recent attacks were 5.56–so a ban would seem a likely response !!! DMD

  17. Pray for the families and curse the most ( expletive deleted) president since Woodrow Wilson.

  18. I am also a Minority Veteran of the Armed Forces. Not all minorities support the actions of the Black Lives Matter bull. I am well aware of what happens to a person of color who decides to get the hell out of that oppressive state they call welfare. I know it can be done. This Idiot thought that by standing by extremist groups he was going to become some type of Martyr. He is not. He will be forgotten.

    • I would like to PERSONALLY thank Chris T. and Danny G. , but since this will not be presented as an opportunity to me , I’ll say thank you both for your service to our country and for your obvious common sense reasoning that presents itself here on these forums on a regular basis and I hope and pray there are many others following your lives and watching you both as examples , God bless you my brothers .

    • You sir are wrong! It obviously uses a m16 clipazine therefore it is an automatic m16 sniper rifle that cannot be detected by metal detectors.

  19. these two butt headed ex Marine shooters just destroyed Veterans with PTSD their firearm rights, according to the VA Veterans do not have Civil rights! and for sure every veteran from now on will be scrutinized, and turned into the damn NIC’S where untrained Federal Employees like in the Va Administration will make Life decisions without your consent or knowledge until after the fact which is what the Democratic party wants across the board for everyone!

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