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Second Amendment zealots say that people, not guns, kill people. But when a nation has more guns than people – 393 million guns and 326 million people – the prevalence of guns is going to lead to the demise of people through intentional shootings, accidents or suicides. The toll is more than 110 people every day, including five deaths per day in North Carolina.

How it got this way is a complicated story about muskets, militias, the National Rifle Association and members of Congress who value campaign contributions over their constituents’ lives. How to make it less this way is equally complicated. But as the U.S. endures another wave of mass shootings, there are signs that the majority of Americans who want stronger gun controls may yet be heard. A bipartisan group called the 97 Percent – an allusion to the 97 percent of Americans who favor universal background checks for gun purchases – wants to reduce the carnage by enlisting gun owners in the effort. …

To reduce gun violence, challenge the popular idea of gun ownership. It’s not an expression of freedom. Nor is it in the overwhelming percentage of cases about self-defense. An NBA player doesn’t need two handguns at the ready. No one needs to hide a gun in a cooler on the way into a party or pack a loaded one in their carry-on luggage. Those who have a real need for a gun should be trained in how to use it and penalized if they lose it. Those who pack guns just because they can aren’t making anyone safer, including themselves.

— Ned Barnett in More Guns Lead To More Shootings. Let’s Challenge What Gun Ownership Means

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    • Ned BarnWHO??? As though anyone would give a rat’s ass about what he thinks. It appears that the concept of gun ownership in America has been challenged…..and the guns won…..over 700,000 guns purchased Black Friday week. Buy on; carry.

    • RE: ned barnett Second Amendment “zealots”

      ned…No matter how hard you try the word “zealot” cannot be applied to any Constitutional Right. However “zealot” can be applied to you. You ned barnett are just another sneaky Gun Control Zealot thinking they can play on words and create a bad taste for the Second Amendment in the mouths of gullible useful idiots.

      “History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide.” With the aforementioned statement fact checked and chiseled…It is not guns you need to be concerned about brown shirt nazi ned…It is a baseball bat you need to be concerned about you pervert.

    • I welcome it. Every time they try to do ‘something’ about guns they sell another million.

      People like biden, dacian and miner are just too damn stupid to realize they are the driving force for gun sales.

    • Ummm. A B.A. in English and a lifelong reporter. Man, what an expert! We should all listen to this guy. /sarc off.

  1. Another clueless fool babbles on subjects they know nothing about.

    Someone should introduce him to Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and hundreds of other tyrants who deprived their citizens of the right of self defense. That history takes you all the way back, into the mists of time, in Babylon, Egypt, China, Greece, and all the other “great” civilizations.

    • No worries. If ol’ Ned gets his evil way it won’t take long before folks like Stalin, Pol Pot Castro, Kim, will introduce themselves by proxy. Then he will be crouched in some corner of the gulag whimpering because life is so NOT fair.

  2. I’m guessin ol Ned doesn’t have a lot to say about no cash bail, releasing violent criminals, defunding cops, etc!!!

  3. Ned needs to broaden his education and critical thinking skills. Or maybe he’s getting paid to generate propaganda.

    Either way, it is just more trash fake opinions masquerading as news in the MSM.

    And I love how they want me to turn off my ad blocking software to view their trash content. That’s just not going to happen. They can keep it.

  4. About 60-65% are suicides…like abortion your body your choice.
    Most others are gang/drug related.
    Maybe if we severely punished those using guns illegally.
    But with current defund the police and catch and release programs like no cash bail…not likely.
    Plus…would appear racist because huge portion of gun crimes are done by young black and brown males. Way out of proportion to their demographic percentages.
    But if you bring up the science/facts you are called racist.
    Go figure.

    • Suicide is the elephant in the room. I suspect that anyone who has seen a loved one wither away and die from a nasty cancer might, just might, want to keep a means of final exit. While many of us do not condone this, most can understand it.
      Being able to protect ourselves and loved ones from strongarm assault, attempted rape or just mayhem is priceless.

      • Yep, my dad died of cancer. He had the courage to fight it to the end, don’t know if I would have that kind of fortitude, but I would never use a firearm for that.

        • I would never use a firearm for that.

          Not with fentanyl available on nearly every street corner,,, No muss, no fuss, success guaranteed.

        • @Rusty…might want to make sure that your bowels and bladder are empty before taking that step. There’s ALWAYS a mess when the body stops functioning.

        • “…don’t know if I would have that kind of fortitude, but I would never use a firearm for that.”

          No need when helium is available from welding supply companies.

          In about 60 seconds you fall asleep without smelling it or being aware of it, keep the gas on for 8-10 minutes, you are *gone*.

          Probably the cleanest and neatest way to go, no brains on the ceiling for someone to clean up…

  5. Just spitballing here… Maybe we should study people who are willing to murder. Then we contrast them with people who don’t have violent tendencies. As an added bonus, we can study people who are both successful and nonviolent. We should check to see if these groups were raised in different environments. Did they have different levels of responsibility? Did they have people depending on them? Did they have children and/or significant others? I feel like all of this is relevant.

    The generic “gunz bad” response isn’t coming from serious people. They do have a goal, but it isn’t to understand and prevent violent behavior.

    • I believe all of those questions have already been answered but the Left is not interested in facts, logic, common sense, morals or ethics so until you recognize that like many others you will stay in that infinite loop. They simply do not care and will try to do whatever makes them feel good and that is it. They are only interested in power and control not justice as you can plainly see if you open your eyes.

      • “questions have already been answered”

        Yet the MSM and the government aren’t interested in it. Shouldn’t they be talking about this every time there’s a tragic shooting? Why isn’t society focused on changing behaviors that will lead to better outcomes? It’s immoral to ignore this.

        The Right isn’t doing a great job with this either. They seem to be focused on talking about how bad the Left is.

        • To expand on the focus, watch reactions after a high profile shooting. What are most people talking about from both the Left and the Right? Skin color and political affiliation.

  6. It’s like a broken record with these folks. Blah blah – gun owners don’t care about human life…blarg blarg blarg, “gun violence”….ook ook ook “universal background checks.”

    Once, just ONCE, I’d like to see one of these types put forth an honest argument. Like acknowledging suicides and gang activity account for the overwhelming majority of deaths by firearm, and that the solutions to them have nothing to do with any of the infringements they’re advocating for ad nauseum.

    Those facts don’t push the correct narrative, however, and don’t get Bloomberg or Mommies Demand money.

  7. Hard core liberal Bret Weinstein, as “progressive” and lefty as they come, argues for gun ownership as a bulwark against tyranny. He wasn’t always a believer in the 2nd Amendment.

    What changed his mind?

    Threats against his life by freak leftoids and other commie refuse. He argues accidents and crime with firearms is just a price we pay to be vigilant against tyranny; far more lives would be lost in a tyrannical genocide than those lost to careless or malicious use of firearms. He himself has admitted that while “progressives” were watching and expecting for tyranny on the right, it is tyranny on the left that reared its ugly head.

    A cursory look at governments in Australia, Canada, and the UK, not to mention the Democrats in this country, are enough to convince any sane individual of the need for a means to resist tyranny. Our Founders, students of history that they were, wisely included this in our founding documents.

    It is worth the time to read Mr. Weinstein’s essay.

    • He’s only aware because the mob came for him. Elon Musk voted for the senile puppet. Even the Left wing intellects are idiots until they’re personally inconvenienced.

      • True there is however the admission of reality as well as his mistake. An honest fool is worth more than any amount of treacherous cleverness.

  8. The simple question is if we lost 100,000 people to drug overdoses last year why are we keeping our Southern Border Open when we know drugs are pouring in at a record rate? Another is, how has defunding the police, unenforcement of penalties for major crimes, and open borders impacted on the crime and violence rate in America. Up until the time these policies were put in effect death rates from firearms was decreasing. So lets cut the bull and admit it is Leftist policies not the number of guns that is the real problem. None of their policies and new laws has had any impact on death rates due to crime and violence except to increase them. End of story. Period. And as an aside given the number of firearms in circulation would tell you that a significant number of people want to exercise their second amendment rights and that includes the antigunners who hire security at a cost far higher than owning a firearm to protect themselves. Nothing but hypocrisy which is typical of the Left.

    • Same attitude informs the January 6 response.
      It’s just a mostly peaceful telling of personal truths to burn down city blocks and torch your local PD. Taking a dump in a federal politicians desk is a bridge too far and must be punished to the fully extent.

      They like dead and addicted zombies roaming around just waiting to die. They don’t like the guns because one day the barrel just might be aimed at them. Sure, they have legit nukes but Ted Turner doesn;t want to irradiate his 50,000 acres.

  9. Well Ned, I hope you choke to death on an impossible whopper you got at the drive thru while driving your electric car. I guess you know what kind of training I need to be competent with my side arm. Much better than what I can get from multiple generations of my family that keep and bear arms. Boy, who is you to think you know what I need and don’t need? Men do dangerous things every day. Pussies sit in front of a computer writing about how they feel about things they have no knowledge of.

  10. Dims are political cowards. They know they cannot mount a serious campaign for to amend the Constitution, so they sell the idea that simple legislation will save hundreds, maybe even millions, of lives everyday through simple legislation.

    Question: haven’t the gun grabbers been “challenging” gun ownership for over 40yrs?

    • Their legislation and regulations didn’t save billions from being stolen by FTX. The legislators and regulators were literally palling around with him. What will they do now? More regulations of course!

      • “Their legislation and regulations didn’t save billions from being stolen by FTX. ….What will they do now.”

        Govt is fast at work removing currency, and forcing everyone onto digital “money”.

        • Everyone already wants to pay you using Venmo or Paypal. Forget that. Check or cash please. Now the Feds revised a rule. Any third party payment over $600 has to be reported to the IRS. The previous threshold was 200 transactions in a year worth $20,000. That’s a pretty big leap.

          The massive increase in the size and scope of the IRS isn’t getting enough attention. They’re gearing up for major crackdowns, and multimillionaires won’t be their primary target.

        • Their legislation and regulations didn’t save billions from being stolen by FTX. ….What will they do now.”

          Little fat boy donated 100s of millions to Left Wing politicians and even more to Ukraine some of which ALSO wound up in Democrat pockets… Dumbass will wind up the victim of a horrible accident before he ever gets to trial.

  11. Those pesky rights “zealots” causing trouble for everyone.
    Remember when the left held used to hold onto rights with zeal? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
    Now they’re all a bunch of rainbow clad Hitlers chasing away anyone who might be anti-war, anti-corporatism or pro-liberty.

  12. drat-mofos don’t want their fellow gro-biden votuhs to get shot up while performing their customary acts: assault, carjacking, home-invading, mugging, rape, etc. like abortion lovers, they want defenseless victims.

  13. I’m thinking that the people of China wish they had a 2nd amendment right about now. Fools like Ned Barnett can’t seem to see beyond the tip of their own nose. They think that governmental abuses can’t happen here but they are very wrong. The veneer of civilization, and governmental good will, is very thin.

    • They want to have China here and they will totally be part of the ruling party and not in the ditches with the useful idiots. Same shit different idiot educated beyond their ability.

    • “I’m thinking that the people of China wish they had a 2nd amendment right about now.”

      I seriously doubt it, since it’s a completely alien culture.

      You can’t miss what you never knew existed in the first place. Same with North Korea, and other totalitarian regimes.

      We handed freedom to the Iraqi people, and what did they do with it? It lasted what, 72 hours? If even that?

      Freedom has to be something you want bad enough to (literally) die for it. That is what makes Americans and America truly exceptional. We have the recent 250 year history and culture, so the memory is still fresh. (Well, for some of us, anyways… 🙁 )

      • Geoff, I’m afraid you are right. China has been a country of subjects for many centuries.
        I pray that we can keep our exceptionalism. The political will to do what is needed to keep that culture is ebbing.

      • No we did NOT hand freedom to the iraqui people”. That meme was a well promoted propaganda show. They were too entrenched in their various permutations of their “religion of peace” and cast-in-concrete culture they did not want anything else.

        As to China…. don’t forget to remember THEY are the ones invented gunpowder. Ever seen any newsreel footage of the Japanese Occuption of China in the 1930’s? THey surely knew what gunpowder was good for. And before that was Chairman Mao and his armed minions. The Brits had earlier made a hash of their people and ways, with guns, or course.
        Funny how the Brits have imposed gun control everywhere they held control. Even before the little dustup with we Yanks back a couple of centuries, and since as well, their goal was always a disarmed populace. They’ve done it in Australia, New Zealand, British Guiana, Canada, Jamaica, BVI, British Honduras (Belize now)South Africa, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Kenya, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Morocco…. and the American Colonies UNTIL we up and said NO. Backed up by lead ball.
        The Brits were master tyrants. These gun grabbing politicians are no better than the Brits have been. Ther goal is the same. Only difference is it is not yet clear WHO is reallly behind them. Though we can guess for now, and their endgame is blatantly obvious, we DO know what to do. Same as our Founders did. The real question remains: are there enough of us who can and will stand and defeat this madness? Time will tell. Meanwhile keep calm and carry on regardless.

  14. “an allusion to the 97 percent of Americans who favor universal background checks for gun purchases – wants to reduce the carnage by enlisting gun owners in the effort. …”

    an Illusion of the 97 percent of Americans who favor universal background checks for gun purchases – wants to reduce the carnage by enlisting gun owners in the effort.

    There corrected it for you.

    Plus its a really big lie that 97 % of Americans favor universal background checks for gun purchases. There are over 150 million American gun owners that have flat out said no way now how in surveys, that’s over 33% of adult Americans.

    The population of the United States, as of the time of this post, is 333,324,016 people. That’s all people adult and child, so not all those are adults able to own a gun.

    That (really over) 150 million American gun owners/posessors (just going to use the lower 150 million here to allow for error) that have flat out said no way now how in surveys to universal background checks for gun purchases represent 45% of the U.S, population. 100 – 45 = 55% of the population available for your fake 97% and not all of those are adults. So discounting for children age 12 and under, and discounting the standard mean of 33% that simply do not participate in surveys for research this means at most on a good day, that responded to such a survey research thing is ~25% of the U.S. population and the standard mean for those who would respond to support such a thing is about ~15%.

    So all in all, using a possible pool of 10% of the U.S. population (and not using all them), with such a small pool (statistically insignificant considering the overall population) it means you fudged the data by numerical bias amplification to claim 97% of Americans favor universal background checks for gun purchases.

    No, it is not true that 97% of Americans favor universal background checks for gun purchases. Just simple math alone with subtracting the number who have said no, even says its not true. Can’t you people do basic fourth grade math?

    Basically you are saying that you research surveyed every person in America except for 9,999,720 people (3% of the population based upon current population —- 100 – 97 = 3). That is a flat out lie.

  15. Words words words training punishment and deter people wanting useful dangerous things. They can at least try to write something interesting.

  16. Yet another incoherent imbecile bleating like a lost sheep fearful of some big bad gun owner. He gave a few examples of things that frightened him:

    It scared him that an NBA player had not one, but two guns, as if the need for self defense and being targeted because he is rich and well known were automatically canceled by being black.

    It seems someone having a heater in their cooler is especially scary to him and while the thought of condensation makes me uneasy it has to be more comfortable than appendix carry.

    The concept of millions of citizens owning at least one firearm has him bleating in sheer terror and close to soiling himself. If someone ever pointed out to him that most gun owners keep a few hundred to a few thousand rounds of ammunition for their guns and that works out to several trillion rounds he would likely go catatonic. As it is he will likely continue bleating for the Democrats to save him from the big bad wolf he perceives gun owners to be.

    • Right? I would think an NBA player would need a self defense firearm far more than most. Rappers as well for that matter, you can’t really maintain opsec when your job requires you to be a flashy public persona. There is a lot of specific targeting of successful young black men for robbery. In Los Angeles anyway.

    • quote: As it is he will likely continue bleating for the Democrats to save him from the big bad wolf he perceives gun owners to be.

      Nah. I rather think his main motive for cooking up such worthless blather is the rewards he will receive in the form of financial remuneration (sort of like a common hoor sells herself for gain) and/or pats on the back and a boatload of attaboys’.

  17. Another mentally deranged lunatic. Poor lost bastard. This claim of “97% of the people want universal background checks” was obviously made by the same snotball idiots that claim the January 6 patriots are terrorists. Sheer left wing lunacy.

        • Not surprised if POTUS CORNPOP has already confused 97% with 71% They falsify and manipulate their stats so much it’s almost comical.

      • “A bipartisan group called the 97 Percent – an allusion to the 97 percent of Americans who favor universal background checks for gun purchases – wants to reduce the carnage by enlisting gun owners in the effort.”
        They misspelled illusion.

        • They misspelled illusion.

          Actually, they probably meant “Allusion” (alluding to his “fact” that 97% favor yatta-yatta)

          al·​lu·​sion ə-ˈlü-zhən
          : an implied or indirect reference especially in literature
          a poem that makes allusions to classical literature
          also : the use of such references
          : the act of making an indirect reference to something : the act of alluding to something

        • I like Julio’s illusion play on words better, given the context.

          Definition of illusion
          1. something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.
          2. the state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension.
          an instance of being deceived.
          3. Psychology. a perception, as of visual stimuli (optical illusion ), that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.
          4. a very thin, delicate tulle of silk or nylon having a cobwebbed appearance, for trimmings, veilings, and the like.
          5. Obsolete. the act of deceiving; deception; delusion.

  18. Moderated again, I suspect this time my prose was to blame rather than the WP RNG function. No less irritating, but at least understandable when we frighten the chickens dim birds though they may be.

  19. including five deaths per day in North Carolina.
    And an average of 4.5 people were killed in NC daily in auto accidents. 61% of gun related deaths in NC were suicides.

    members of Congress who value campaign contributions over their constituents’ lives.
    NRA contributions: 7.9 million FOR Republicans
    5.4 million AGAINST Democrats
    NRA govt funding: ZERO million
    Planned Parenthood: 2.7 million FOR Democrats
    5.8 million AGAINST Republicans
    PP govt funding: 633 million

    Americans who favor universal background checks for gun purchase
    Virginia has universal background checks and had two “mass” shootings this month
    Colorado has universal background checks had one of the three mass shootings this month.

    Just another self-important “triggered” Snowflake…

  20. I feel dumber from osmosis having read this piece. ingoring to typical antigun lies, guns in carry-on luggage is a new one. Has this guy ever been to or seen an airport since they started inspecting luggage in 1972? The only people with guns on planes are Federal law enforcement and Flight Deck Officers.

    • Oh guns in carry on luggag IS a thing. Funniest one was back maybe five years (I think the kinyun was masquerading as president when this happened) when some congresscritter (if memory serves) flying back to DC for session was accosted by TSA as he was boarding when they discovered a handgun in his carryon. Seems this particular critter was one with a solid reputation for taking OUR guns away. But certainy not HIS, right?

      About two ir three times a year it makes the news that some forgetful sap was accosted in the process of boarding or checking in, having a handgun in a purse, sadhel, handbag, backpack, that was being taken in to the passenger cabin. Easy enough to do as when one is travelling one’s mind is focussed on a number of things out of the ordinary and can easily forget that small chunk if metal that is ALWAYS where they carry it..

      friend of mine was flying off to Texas a while back his Dad had taken him to the airport, friend was halfway through the long snake of a line headed for the xray viewers of your stuff… realised he still had his carry gun on his hip. Dad was still standing off to the side of the cordined area, so friend broke from the line and made his way over to Dad. He sidled up next to him and stealthily handed off his sidearm WHew, close one. BIG trouble if you get as far as the patdown station and THEY find it. No harm no foul if you catch it earlier and can fob it off onto someone else who is not flying with you.

      My personal position is that SO WHAT??? Why NOT allow folks with their Mother May I Card ti carry aboard airliners? Four airplanes would NOT have been hijacked that September morning twenty odd years ago and the New York skyline would look different than it does today. And most of the three thousand folks who died that day would yet be amongst us.

    • Dude – Do you realize Mr. tsbhoa is himself a 100 percent card-carrying POC?

      He’s right, you really are embarrassing yourself with the racist crap you spew.

  21. Here is the part I am at a loss at,
    Who is one of the biggest gun advertisers in America?
    They promote all kinds of pro-rah-rah guns.
    On the big screen Angelina Jolie, doing a 3-gun run like shooting up bad guys with tricked out rifle, shotgun, handgun, making point and shoot, no use of sights head shots all without breaking a sweat.
    And they are surprised when gun sales go up?
    What sense does that make?

  22. As to Barnett’s idea, meh.
    Most of us American’s see the celebration of not only the 2ndA, but the 1stA as Constitutional rights.
    Celebrate them we do, not just carrying, or going to the range. But when we fly the Stars and Stripes be it in front of our homes or on our vehicles. When we vote (preferably in person). When we can praise or be critical of our government.
    So if he wants to challenge the idea of gun ownership, he has a lot more then the idea of just guns to change.

  23. Geez, they are a broken record on this one lately. Please explain to me how my guns cause someone who is not me to shoot someone else with a gun that is not mine. Not to mention that your numbers put the lie to your own argument. Given that there are around 400 million guns in the U.S., how is it that only a few thousand are used each year to cause harm. When there are four orders of magnitude between the rate of existence of one thing and the rate of occurrence of another thing, it is pretty tough to display causation.

  24. @Dude
    “…multimillionaires won’t be their primary target.”

    There is precious little revenue to come from the wealthy; they have the money to fight back, and there are much fewer of them. The “real” revenue will come from those who cannot financially defend themselves.

  25. Though I amnot American and come fromthe UK where everythingb this lady says and more much more has already and with full public support n been implemented I could not agree more . But to it I would add regular and unannounced inspections as regards conditions of license and security and ammunition storage.
    The fact is that NOBODY needs more than ONE decent 9mm or .38 Calibre for any legitimate purpose including any perceptiion of SELF-DEFENCE. Equally no body needs anything but a FIVE SHOT BOLT ACTION RIFLE of a suitable calibre for any legitimate purpose and most certainly not any kind of SEMI-AUTOMATIC. AS for AMMUNITION nobody needs more than 25 rounds of Ready-For-Use ammunition. If you wish to indulge in range practices on suitably LICENSED and SUPERVIED ranges there is no reason as to why ammunition cannot be purchased ‘on-site’ to be used ‘on-site’ and UNAUTHORISED removal made a criminal offence as it is in the ARMED FORCES.

    It’s about time that America woke up to the fact that the GUN OWNERS of America are the dupes of the American Firearms Industry and are being used by an industry that puts PROFIT before death and chaos on what can only be described a near industrial scale and is ACTIVLY fomenting INSURRECTION and POSSIBLE CIVIL WAR.

    Even in the days when people in the UK [ in the UK pre WW1] and most of Europe had hardly any restricted access to firearms the death associated with the CRIMINAL USE of firearms was negligible [you can still check the figures on the WEB from around 1900] and the UK Police were unharmed. IN spite of television shows like PEAKY BLINDERS firearms were NOT a common feature of criminallity and criminals did NOT wander the Streets with SHOULDER HOLSTERS and COLT .45 ACP’s.

    • Albert L J Hall, Here is a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. We have something here called the 4th Amendment. Police may not enter a home or business without a SEARCH WARRANT based on PROBABLE CAUSE that a crime has been or is being committed. One of the reasons for the American Revolution was due to what we refer to as ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE.
      The rest of your diatribe is immaterial. We are not going to repeal the 2nd, the 4th or the 5th Amendment to suit you.

    • Though I amnot American and come fromthe UK

      And THAT is exactly why every second of every minute that you spend posting your inane drivel on here is an absolute waste of your time. You live your life subservient to what is basically a dictatorship under soshullist rule while you pay homage to a fucking moron who is only in his position because his daddy didn’t pull out soon enough. Got an idea, get off your knees, grow a pair, STFU and get a life. Trust me no one who sees your mostly incoherent postings is going to immediately say “damn, that fucking Brit makes sense, I’m going to just throw all of my guns AND edged implements away, so those poor defenseless Limeys won’t be scared of me anymore”. GFY… OBTW: what’s the temperature like today?

  26. i voted for a. west when he ran for gov, would vote for h. walker over “rev” warnock, would vote for hon. justice c. thomas if supreme court-types could be elected. thugs of any ethnicity deserve to have their deeds accurately reported. sick of drat politicians whining about the need for gun control in their s-holes, while their criminal constituents/relatives are allowed to run free. so tell someone who gives a s**t.

  27. milk, toilet paper, snow are all yt, must be institutional racism. race-whiners, blow it out of your ass. don’t like reality-news, then tune in to donna lemon & racist madcow.

  28. Hey Ned, I am not going to ask you what YOU think I “need” where a Constitutionally protected right is concerned. That Second Amendment keeps your worthless a** in line, and you know it.


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