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Reader Tim Trible recently wrote to one of his Senators, Barbara Boxer, to express his views on some of the recent gun control legislation she’d introduced along with the senior senator from the Golden State, Diane Feinstein. Here’s the reply he received.

Dear Mr. Trible:

Thank you for contacting me to express your support for common-sense gun laws.  I appreciate hearing from you, and I share your desire for sensible federal gun safety legislation.

The mass killing that took place on May 23, 2014 in Isla Vista, California is one of far too many tragedies that our communities have faced in recent years.  These incidents have shaken our nation to its core and underscored the urgency of enacting sensible legislation to curb gun violence.  I am heartbroken that, even in the face of numerous acts of senseless violence, the Senate has thus far been unable to agree on even moderate bipartisan reforms, such as improving our national background check system.

In response to the Isla Vista murders, Senator Feinstein and I introduced S.2445, The Pause for Safety Act of 2014, which creates a grant program to incentivize states to enact a court process for issuing a gun violence prevention order and a gun violence prevention warrant to prohibit potentially dangerous persons from possessing firearms.  Our bill would also encourage local law enforcement to make full use of all existing state and local firearm databases when assessing a tip, warning, or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

Congress must act now to stop the epidemic of gun violence in our country.  We must heed the words of the victims’ parents and countless constituents who are desperate for change: We must stop making excuses and do something.  Not one more child must be lost to this senseless violence.

Again, thank you for writing to me.  Be assured that I will never, never give up until this fight is won.  Please feel free to contact me again about this or other issues of concern to you.

Barbara Boxer

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  1. Someone wrote a california senator expecting a thoughtful reply?

    Can I have his number? I have some great real estate he might be interested in buying….

    • What would be of interest is what Tim asked? That would put the reply in “context” and show that our elected representative is only interest is HER view and not that of all the citizens she’s supposed to represent.

      • 5 bucks says that a computer found the word ‘gun’ in the body of the text and auto replied this message back.

      • First, who thought I was expecting a thoughtful response?. Did I say that? Pretty damn arrogant for some keyboard ninja to make that assumption. Since she is supposed to represent the People’s Democratic Republic of Kaliforniastan, I frequently tell her what I think of her policies. Are we supposed to be silent because she doesn’t respect us? If we all just STFU we are doing exactly what she, and those like her, wants us to do. How do we expect to keep our rights and liberties if we just play along? Freedom isn’t free. Telling our elected representatives what we think, along with voting, is just the MINIMUM effort. It doesn’t come close to what many patriots have done to protect what we have. If all we are willing to do is sit at our keyboards and complain that is will not make a difference, we may as well just turn in our weapons and report to the re-education camps now. Maybe if more people spoke their minds our country would be in much better shape.

        Frankly, I don’t remember exactly what I wrote her about this time (this isn’t the first time I have written my elected representatives) because it has been so long since I sent her anything. Another indication as to the quality of her representation.

        PS, do I win the P320?

        • And another thing, oh…wait a second. Someone is beating on my door. I’ll be right back…

        • Timbo, assuming your are Tim in the piece, your spot on. The key to getting these folks to pay attention is not the individual, but mass of people sustaining pressure causing pain in their daily lives. This…NOT telling them what you think or what your issue is. I was able to close a local street (after 14 months) and the process taught me a few things working with government.

          What ever the issue is. Think chess board not direct line. Move the pieces to the goal. Stay on message, repeat message different ways, many times. The hard part, and what closed the deal on street closure was petition, I knocked on 175 homes doors, spoke to 165 people and got 135 (81% threshold was 66%) homes to sign the petition. Then I left a document and requested each person in the home, send our mayor an email (force multiplier) agreeing with the petition. The city called every signer and confirmed I wasn’t pencil whipping documents (truth). In effect I gave the mayor & supporting city council “ammo” to work with and get closure through the process. Street closure is not a right, but the story relays what effort is necessary to move the needle.

          California castle doctrine is in effect however what California democrat’s have done is take a page from anti abortion activist. Roe/Wade is law of the land, yet anti abortionist moved to regulation of buildings to effectively shut down clinics throughout the bible belt. California democrat’s are regulating our 2A right every day, mag limits, weapon features, permits, training requirement, safe / lock requirements, lead removal, caliber restrictions, gun approve list. LEO approve list. These regulations are design to contest in court because government is well funded and frankly have time on their hand to fiddle with our rights. They wear citizens down with no regard of their protection. It will end when they are voted out of office, when we take the effort necessary, when we set aside our time for cause. And coming up with creative ways to get our message of lawful self protection to the people.

    • They will always respond thoughtfully as long as you agree with their position. When you disagree…Katie bar the doors!

  2. Indeed.

    I thought the same thing when she was running for her Senate seat. I saw her speak at the Gilroy Garlic Festival before the general election, and the only conclusion I could draw was that she had great handlers and the press was actively covering up what a dullard this woman is.

    • +1. I remember the hissy she threw over the General who forgot to call her Senator, or something. A complete box of rox.

      Makes you wonder who is running her,
      first, on her staff, and
      second, who and what is the money behind it all.
      Like DiFi, its not just the husband, I am sure – thats just the legal way to clean the $.

  3. Either Barbara, her husband, and/or her bodyguards have guns, and not just some antiquated pistols either. Common sense legislation on guns, does not exist. Common sense law is already there. It is the protections to our natural or God-given rights as embodied in the Second Amendment.

  4. I am not going to apologize for these politicians anymore. I can’t. I did not vote for them, and they do not speak for me.

  5. Ms. Boxer, you have already failed. This recent spat over our Civil Rights has only made more gun owners, made them more vocal, united them, made them more vigilant, swelled the numbers of the NRA, and made everyone on the “gunsense” side look like utter fools. Thanks for throwing all this effort into failure. Please, continue to do so.

  6. It is instructive and amusing to note how totalitarians think of themselves as immortal: apres moi, le deluge.
    Part of their god complex.

    • The paradox of the Republic: We elect politicians because we think they are better than us, and then we are shocked and offended to find out they think they are better than us.

      • We’re not supposed to elect them because we think they are better than us, but because we trust (or should be able to, anyway) that they will represent US and our views.

        Not that it seems to work out that way very often…

  7. I stopped writing Feinstein and Boxer opposing gun control issues after I got a few of these “Thank-you for expressing your point of view, now go f**k yourself.” responses from them. Total waste of time.

        • It IS easier to say F*** it. That is part of their strategy. We have the same argument for the retailers that refuse to ship here (Kaliforniastan.) They are doing exactly what the anti-gun groups and legislature wants then to do. Many of the conflicting gun laws here are designed just to make purchasing guns and ammunition as difficult as possible. Kaliforniastan is the second largest gun market in the US and there are many retailers that refuse to ship here because they refuse to put out the effort into figuring out how to do business here. There is an organization (CAL-FFL) that will assist them sell to the second largest firearm market in the US.

          • I have never had any retailer refuse to send me gun parts, accessories, ammunition, or reloading components (including powder) because I live in California, I have bought such items from all over the Country, as well as from California based retailers.

            My Congressional Representative, State Senator and State Legislator are all pro-gun Republicans and have sent me positive responses to my letters and e-mails opposing gun control legislation. Only Feinstein and Boxer sent back responses “Thanking” me for contacting them but saying “I will do what I want despite your opinion” (in effect). So, my experience has been similar to yours only, apparently, in the responses from my U.S. Senators (BOTH of which I never voted for). I regularly send e-mails to Governor Brown urging vetoes on California gun control Legislation I oppose and supporting pro gun Legislation I favor (what little of it manages to pass in the Legislature).

            I receive CAL-FFL e-mail messages regularly, as well as from CRPA and CALGUNS FOUNDATION. I send more $$ donations to the California Pro-gun Lobbies than I do to the NRA and accept that some of that money will help defeat some of the laws passed here, while much of it will be wasted on opposing Legislation that will pass anyway. I still send it, even so.

            You seem to think everybody but you in California operates in a vacuum of some sort. Let me assure you that is not the case, but at times it does feel that way.

        • Derry, Just last week I saw an ad for extra cheap stripped lower receiver. when I went to purchase they said no shipping to Commiefornia. Happens all the time.

          • Oh, I see what you are talking about with regard to parts. I have not tried to buy lower receivers from other States. I see your frustration with that matter. Keep fighting the good fight in Commiefornia, Kaliforniastan, Kahleeforneeah and California. I am right beside you and will write to Feinstein and Boxer. Being rebuffed by them is sort of a dark honor. Time to get me sum’more of that, or at least piss those old bags off, again.

    • Back when he wrote “A Brief History of Time” someone asked me if he was some kind of genius. I replied “If you would consider a multi-stage thermonuclear weapon an improved firecracker.”

    • Stephen Hawking

      He’s been dead for years. You’re actually seeing the clone of Howdy Doody with a broken jaw. His support staff is living on alien grant money.

  8. Pro gun or anti gun will get the same auto reply, regardless of the politician.
    A letter with a $50,000 campaign contribution will get a more personalized response.

  9. Make guns disappear. Then take the word gun from her letter, and what you have left is just violence. Thus, the true problem is violence, not guns. I keep saying this, but I guess I’m the only one who gets it so far.

  10. Time ain’t on your side, sweetie. I’ve got decades to spend on mine. You and your buddy Diane are only one bad shower slip away from being footnotes in history.

  11. Nice to know that our elected representatives are responsive to their constituents. Oh. Wait.

    • Babbles is 74 now, same as Don Imus. They both fried their brains into jellied gumbo in their respective youths, using every controlled substance know to exist, and sooner or later it comes back to refry what’s left of the ol’ gray matter, kind of like tertiary syphilis.

      Except that Boxer makes Imus look like an Einstein. She will soon be reduced to mumbling insensibility. All that Sixties drug use is catching up. Feinstein’s gungrabbing days are over, and so are Babble’s.

  12. SSDD. They all whine about gun violence but don’t have the first damn clue on how to stop it, although I have been saying it for years, go after the drug dealers and the gangs you know to be violent. That sounds a heck of a lot easier than trying to ban Millions of guns (310 million as of 2010) doesn’t it?

    I like how they reply with a pre-formed letter instead of personally writing something when they reply.

  13. I understand a lot of things but I do not understand how she and D Fienstein get reelected. Does California hate freedom?

    • I don’t even think they make the connection with Guns and Freedom. I think they honestly believe that since we are in the 21st century that there is no need for them. Yet every day there is someone shot and or killed in a major US city that has strict gun laws, which further justifies the need to relax gun control laws, but again they never see that connection either.

    • No Bob, we all don’t hate guns and freedom. Kaliforniastan has the 2nd most guns in these United States, behind Texas.

      Your statement assumes we all vote for those 2. Are you a citizen of the United States? You re-elected Obama. You must hate guns and freedom. See the problem with your logic?

    • It has gotten so bad that the GOP will not even back the Republican candidate that runs against Feinstein, knowing it is a waste of money. I wonder some times how long people will keep voting for her after she dies.

  14. Canned response, I doubt her handlers even allow her any letters which might require a bit of though in responding. Lots of small talk (and small words) showing neither herself or Kommie Feinstein know anything except for a hate of anything they cannot control.
    Re-election is because her husband (Fenistein) has a lot of money and he buys the elections while outsourcing the jobs as his overseas factories and paying minimum wage to the minions.

      • My understanding is that the husband of one of the Cali Senators has a large interest in tuna canneries in Guam or some such. So much so that when the last Fed min wage hike went thru Congress, the Pacific territories were specifically exempted.

  15. Why is everybody always hating on these special snowflakes? You have to admit they are persistent, even if they are slow learners. I suspect they are not fully to blame for all the hysteria. There is a force at work here that should be examined. Consider this, what if (when they were young) nobody thought to tell them the Road Runner cartoons they watched were not a “how to” manual. If they grew up thinking the W.E.Coyote approach to problem solving was optimal it would explain a lot.

  16. What a waste of air. Another argument for term limits.How does California keep electing this? Geez the US elected Barry twice. Sheep baaaa.

  17. Way she can say, in truth, is that “x” amount of people in her district have written to her about ‘common sense gun laws’ or ‘gun violence’.

  18. Then I guess you’ll never be done fighting, Barb, ’cause you’re never gonna’ win.

  19. “Thank you for contacting me to express your support for…”

    Living in the Socialist Republic of Illiniositan, I too have written a certain far-left, been there too long Senator who is supposed to represent the people. I’ve never agreed with one darn thing this moron has ever said. And half of the time when I do get a response from his office it starts off with the same words quoted above.

    I think its a liberal tactic to designed to irritate those who disagree with them and discourage the sharing of opposing views. Probably just what they want. Then they can say “Well, my constituents support our position 25 to 1.”

    • I email my overlords to express my disgust. That way all I have to do is delete the resulting sporadic FOAD replies from them; no trees need to die.

      Their autospam reply time is a good indicator of how p1ssed their subjects are. I eventually get replies from each overlord, save for Cummings. Apparently he and his staff/relatives haven’t figured this whole complicated “Internetz” thing out yet.

  20. She at one point toured a Big Government Lab where I had recently gotten a job. As luck would have it, she visited my part of the facility.

    Her handlers gave a briefing to those of us who might meet her. We were told to not speak to her unless she spoke to us, to not offer any political opinions nor ask any politically related questions. We were also told that if she did deign to speak to us, and asked us a question, to answer in one sentence with as small words as possible. The flack said this with an absolutely straight face.

    Our group leaders and division director emphasized this again the day of.

    Some of this, I’m sure was BGL management trying not to annoy someone who had influence over our budget. As for the rest, well, let me simply state I do not appreciate being treated like a peon who might embarrass his betters.

  21. Keep in mind this brainless boob (your words) and many others like her managed
    to elect another brainless boob to run the US not once but twice.

    Well it may be fun to call liberals and gun grabbers names they do one thing pretty well.
    Pull together come election time.

    Never underestimate them.

  22. Hear her and understand her. She will never give up and the rest will never give up as well. To believe anything less is to be a fool that lost a civil right.

  23. Have gotten these letters before. No matter what position you take, the reply is a form letter giving the politiction’s position. No matter what facts yourovided or your position.

  24. Down here in Mississippi , we have a Federal Senate race where the incumbant , Thad Cochran is running against a Tea Party candidate , Chris Mc Daniel who is a state Senator at this time , well Mr. Cochran was on a tour through the state shaking hands , but was not speaking with anyone , if a question was asked he had a , I guess you could say controller with him , who would answer the questions , Mr. Cochran is in his 70s can’t really say what state of mind he is in . During the main campaign mr. Cochran ran a mud slinging contest where Mr. Mc Daniel did not , these two candidates are Republican , I question Mr. Cochrans voting record though , there are some issues where he went along just to get along , my vote is for the newcomer as Mr. Cochran has been in office over 40 years I think it is time for new blood . This is just an example of how politicians sometimes don’t want to be tied down to what their answers might be because they don’t want to be held accountable for what they might say . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  25. The Dems are very anti-gun yes, But you do UNDERSTAND that George W. Bush and the GOP congress Did more than anyone else to push America into a police state with the Pat. Acts 1 & 2 and NDAA…Yes Obama is sad, But Bush W. and the G O P congress under him was the WORST for America and Liberty in all our History… We need a total house cleaning to see Amerika survive and turn from a police state…….Homeland security that is just like 1930 Germany ………WAKE UP AMERIKA!

  26. My latest response to Babs

    “Senator Boxer,

    I would like to thank you for your response to me. I am for common sense gun laws. Unfortunately your bill, S.2445, The Pause for Safety Act of 2014, does not meet the definition of “common sense” nor does it make anyone safer. The inconvenient truth is that, statistically more legal guns make us all as a society safer. Your bill does nothing that current law already doesn’t already do to keep guns out of the hands of the criminally insane. In fact, your bill as proposed is ripe for abuse, will clog our courts with more useless actions by anti-gun groups and will violate law abiding citizens right to due process. This bill ignores virtually the entire bill of rights. I urge you to drop your civilian disarmament program and do something that truly makes us safer. You may notice I said “safer” If you really believe you can make us all 100% safe, then you are not being realistic or using common sense.

    Thank you.”

    Do you like my use of “common sense”???

    • Who said anyone who gives up Liberty for a little safety will have no liberty or safety ? ( JOHN ADAMS?) and let us not forget that it was George W. Bush who said it the Bill of Rights was DAMM piece of paper and did not want to hear of it again………The Dems are just outright DUMP , but the GOP is outright EVIL……WAKE UP AMERIKA!

  27. I’m all for sensible. Sensible means that it makes sense and is not just stroking people.
    Bloombrain and his nitwits call things sensible when it makes no sense and will do nothing.
    Bloombrain can drop dead. He’s has armed security up the ass but he wants to disarm us?
    No thank you. Spend more money.

  28. “Despise the masses of people before despising the tyrant. The people are the reason the tyrant rose to power and stays in power.”

    If we get rid of Senators Boxer and Feinstein, their replacements will be just as bad or worse, because the voters who elected them haven’t changed. Unfortunately, we are stuck with this kind of leadership from California for way into the foreseeable future.

  29. I’m not too concerned about Boxer or Feinstein any more. Boxer is 73 and Feinstein is 80. Particularly at Feinstein’s age, dementia could easily be in full swing. I really think she’s got issues from seeing her deteriorate over the past 10 years or so. Boxer is close behind. Unless their handlers are willing to tie strings on them and work them like marionettes they can’t be on the scene for much longer.

    • Unless their handlers are willing to tie strings on them and work them like marionettes they can’t be on the scene for much longer.

      Wait – you mean that’s REALLY THEM?

  30. That’s funny, Babs, because we were thinking that we would never, never give up until your sorry ass is dragged out of that cushy, taxpayer provided senatorial BarcaLounger and summarily tossed to the curb.

    You’ve been in office long enough to know that the reason people are becoming so unglued is because they have been “allowed” to become disenfranchised from a system that promised to provide, yet all it has done is pad the nests of those connected enough to rape the rest of the population. You KNOW what I’m getting at. The system continues to convince people of their duty to be good little productive citizens, yet when it comes time to fulfill the other half of that “marriage contract” you people have been cheating on this marriage from day one.

    When we get an occasional societal “miners’ canary” that flies loose to indicate something is drastically wrong, you people can’t even address the problem because, if you did, everyone would be left pointing fingers at the Executive Office, the Supreme Court, and especially Congress. And even if the problems were spontaneous and random, which they aren’t, why do we have so many alphabet agency fingerprints at nearly every one of these shootings or false flags du jour?

    Please don’t waste our time with responses like this. You only dig the hole deeper.

  31. I got similar canned responses from my representative and both senators here in Michigan. In fact, I posted them in the forum and requested that more of us send in letters and post the responses, but considering the forums are hardly used the thread did not get much traction.

  32. We need “common sense” gun laws right before we need “common sense” knife laws, stick laws, car laws, privacy laws, press/free speech laws, political scrutiny laws, etc.

    To be honest, I’m surprised these Dems haven’t introduced legislation banning parking within a half-mile of a bar, because that seems on par with their intent. “Freedom? Our safety is more important than your freedom.”

  33. I don’t really know who this bitch is, and I’m not from California, but that sounds pretty scary.

  34. I live in Nazifornia as well, and cannot WAIT to get out of here. I’ve written them ALL, but I think Vhyrus is right. The helper monkeys in our elected representatives’ offices merely look for keywords to craft a response around. The replies I get tell me my letter was never actually read. But I’ll continue to fight the good fight. And, Barbara, you’re not the only one who will NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. You can have my guns…BULLETS FIRST.

    Did you get that NSA? Pass it on to the other alphabet agencies, will you? Bless your hearts….

  35. Hey, at least he got a response. I sent this the day the “Pause for Safety Act” was announced, and never even got an automated response back from her office.

    “Senator Boxer,

    Yesterday you announced the intent of a “Pause for Safety Act,” which most can assume will be a copy of Assemblywoman Skinner’s A.B. 1014.

    While tragic, the killings in Isla Vista do not deserve the knee jerk reaction from legislators, calling for yet another round of gun-control measures. Your law, and statement about the Isla Vista incident, insinuate that the firearms owned by Rogers were what fueled his intent to kill, and the removal of those particular weapons would have guaranteed the world reprieve of a disturbed young man, bent on revenge against those whom he thought wronged him.

    From what has been reported, Rogers had been planning these murders for up to two years before he acted. During this time period he has been reported to have been seeing a therapist, as well as been medicated. In the months prior to his attack, his own parents called the police to come visit Rogers. During their visit the police decided that Rogers was not a danger to himself or any specific target, a necessity of enacting California’s 5150 psychiatric hold which would have both removed his gun rights, and taken him out of society to be evaluated for mental health issues. Even though Rogers had posted several long videos to the internet, and posts to online forums, describing his hate for the the men and women that he felt wronged him and his intent to get retribution, the police felt he was not a threat. This was a horrendous failure of the police to investigate and act upon credible evidence.

    Senator, your act will only take away a specific set of tools from a person. The real problem is not the tools that are used to commit violence, in Rogers case a knife, his vehicle, and firearms, but the person who commits them. People like Rogers should be committed, evaluated, and supervised by professionals that can say for sure when a person is no longer a danger to society.

    Secondly, your act, if it at all follows the language of Skinner’s A.B. 1014, will be left open to abuse against all lawful firearm owners, allowing them to be treated as criminals and having their rights and property seized from them without credible evidence of a threat. It is easy for a friend, neighbor, co-worker, or any passer-by, that does not like the idea of firearms ownership, or has a disagreement with the accused, to claim that a lawful firearm owner has made some threat. Even though Skinner’s A.B. 1014 gives recourse through a hearing within 14 days of seizure it will still cost that law-abiding man or woman their time, their rights, and possibly thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, just so they are forced to prove their innocence to a judge, the exact opposite of how our legal system has been set up since the creation of our Country.

    Senator, I sincerely hope that you will take this message to heart, and you will change your goals away from targeting tools that killers may use to strengthening the ability of our police forces to investigate cases such as Rogers, and the funding of our mental health care system to stop dangerous individuals that fall through the cracks.


  36. Sent a scathing email to Americans for Responsible Solutions when they first started. They sent me a thank you email for supporting them. Now I get their propaganda once a month.

  37. Despite what she says, she will eventually give up the fight for gun control. She is not immortal.

  38. Really? Does anyone actually believe those letters to Congressmen and Senators are ever read by anyone?

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