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Barack Obama, in his address to the press this afternoon following the school shooting in Connecticut, said that his first reaction was of that of a father and that “we’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years.” After delivering a tear-filled speech the president hinted to the possibility of enacting new gun control measures, and I quote, “regardless of the politics.” What exactly he means by this is unclear, but rest assured that we will be seeing more gun control measures introduced in the near future.

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  1. Yup if it is legislation to arm teachers and staff, I am for that!
    Willing to bet this weekend will break more records in gun sales?

    Also why to they call them semi automatic weapons, why not just pistols and rifles? I mean the 1911 is a semi auto and was introduced in 1911. That is over a hundred years old! I you be like saying OMG it was an automatic car that was in the accident.

    • As a person who works in education, I certainly wouldn’t mind if any responsible and trained teacher were allowed to concealed carry, Israeli teacher style in order to guard against future incidents like today’s tragedy.

      • Parents trust that teachers will care for their children. Teachers go through background checks to get their jobs. Creating training for those teachers who would be willing to be armed makes good sense.

    • A rush to judgment and a slew of proposed new gun restrictions are just around the corner.

      Once again, the rest of us will be punished for the actions of one unhinged person.

  2. Get ready. We are going to have to deal with this for WEEKS. The msm sees this as prime material for specials, heart rending photos, and violin music background. This may be OUR Dunblaine folks. The UK overnite took all the guns away. It CAN happen here.

    • Gun advocates are also quick to defend their rights so don`t just accuse one side.
      Also the President’s address was perfectly appropriate. I hugged my children more when I collected them from school today and a lot of parents did. Show some compassion.

  3. I’m sure what he means is that they will create multiple committees to address the utter failure of our mental health care system to help prevent such things (let alone help those who are suicidal, depressed etc..), a new ‘stmulus package’ to hire more counselors, psychiatrists and build new hospitals…..

    Committees to address fatherless families, racial hatred, religious zealotry, jealousy, drug addiction, insanity and evil…

      • Silver, the goal is a complete ban on guns in order to keep us in our place, and dead children are perfect vehicles. If that doesn’t work, they’ll try puppies.

        • Ah yes you being armed will keep you completely safe against B-52 bombers, cruise missiles, M1A1 tanks, Navy Seals etc. Because your gun is just so damn awesome.

        • “Ah yes you being armed will keep you completely safe against B-52 bombers, cruise missiles, M1A1 tanks, Navy Seals etc. Because your gun is just so damn awesome.”

          stop trolling. this point has been refuted multiple times.

  4. What we need is to ban all assault weapons… wait what, he used hand guns?

    We don’t want to ban handguns, but you should need a license to purchase them… wait what you already need to in the killers home state?

    What we need is to ban guns from being in schools… wait what? They are?

    OK fine we need to ban every single gun ever made… What? people can get killed with baseball bats and machetes?

    What we need is to ban people from everything. Americans should stay locked in their home and not be allowed to purchase anything. The government will bring you the food you need and you will be protected from all this senseless violence.

    Yea, that should do it, we hope…

  5. As a parent, this entire event ties my stomach in nauseous knots.

    The unfortunate truth is this was a determined, intensely sick man bent on the commission of heinous acts. This is difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Proactive prevention of such even more so.

    If not committed with a firearm, the twisted, soulless f*ck would have found a way to accomplish his evil with knives and gasoline bombs. If restricted magazines, he would have just brought more of them.

    Latest reports indicate the weapons were ‘registered’ to the shooter’s mother. If true, they were stolen. No number of ‘checks’ would have helped.

  6. Wow, he really is a good actor. Tears and everything.

    All we can hope for now is that this is just the usual political bluster that hints at further oppression to appease the leftists, doesn’t state anything clearly to keep the other side unable to argue, and ultimately peters out in a few weeks. I wouldn’t count on it though.

    Oppressors live for moments like this. Gonna be a merry Christmas at the Bradys.

  7. Maybe we should address the declining value of and respect for life, a good start would be abortion, single-parenthood, no-fault divorce, and the break-up of traditional family structure with the removal of the father and reliance on the government instead for income.

    • Violence predates those things. Divorce even helps reduce domestic violence.

      The thing to remember is that there is more instant news coverage and a rabid need to attract viewers and sell advertising. There is more reporting of sensational violence, but actually less overall violence now than ever before.

      • Your points are indeed valid. I had seen a couple of other sites trying to pin the blame on movies, video games, etc. There are so many influences on people, it becomes too easy to try and blame something when the real issue our difficulty in understanding how someone can be this evil.

        That, I think, is my problem. I can not concieve of doing this, what kind of state of mind one would have to have, I keep looking for influences vice blaming the individual.

  8. I think we should just follow the Swiss, everyone man and women of fighting age must have combat training and carry arms at all times. That would just weed out the ones that are gonna be a problem for it’s obvious when a person is put into a life or death situation. After that only the people that are to cowardly to take their own lives will try something stupid like this garbage and the media will be knocked off of it’s ignorant high horse!

  9. I hate to say, but I we (gun owners) are fucked this time. The whole kids-getting-killed thing is gonna take this debate to a whole different level. All I can say is, if you want black rifle, get em while you still can. And then hope there is a grandfather clause in whatever law is coming down the pikes.

  10. This event is truly tragic, but it’s still statistically miniscule compared to a host of other issues killing our nation’s children and adults. I really wish we could spend this amount of press/time/money addressing ROOT causes of violence, instead of pussy-footing around with various feel-good easy-to-enact ineffective laws, trying to “fix” the symptoms, by-products and random scapegoats. We are almost up to 500 murders in Chicago this year, with the strictest gun laws in the nation. So gun control isn’t the solution, no matter how good and easy it sounds coming from a politician. Hell, I WISH there was a quick and easy answer, but the real solutions to the root problems aren’t laws made in D.C. They are choices made by parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, communities, churches. Over generations. And as we have seen, even kids brought up in stable loving homes can snap, guns or no guns. Even if we somehow collectively “fix” much of societies ills, even if we spend decades working towards some sort of harmonious loving utopia, there will STILL be crazies in the world. That’s the unfortunate reality of human nature. So let’s get to work addressing the ROOT causes of violence, but also be prepared for the inevitable whack job that needs to be taken down with extreme prejudice. That, unfortunately, is reality.

    • Joel, take some Dutch uncle advice. It hurts to hear that. Pls don’t give up. Make a vow to keep the faith. Become an advocate. Carry the torch forward from us OFWGs. Remember what George Orwell said in his book 1984, “death was the cessation of political activity”. You have the one thing so precious that you don’t know it maybe. You have a whole life ahead of you ! Heck become a lawyer and fight the good fight !

  11. I agree, as I think many of us do, with Obama – action does need to be taken, regardless of politics. The only meaningful and proven action is to let people defend themselves. Gun Control, as it is understood, does not work – Self Defense does.

    • I have felt for a long time that the adults in a school need the ability to defend their kids. I don’t even care if they have to go through psychological profiling, require special training, or whatever. I think every school should be required to have some number of staff as trained security officers for the children, armed and capable of responding to these things immediately. Willing to sacrifice. If I was a teacher in a school I would do whatever necessary to train certify for that role.

  12. Politics and posturing aside, this is truly a sad day in America. May God comfort the friends and families of those who lost their lives….

  13. I am devastated by this tragedy. The school’s site security failed, and no one was there to protect those young children. No one.

  14. yup those gun free zones are really working out good …aren’t they???…. if one teacher hand a gun this could have been averted

  15. I guess I may be in the minority here but I don’t think there will be any major gun control laws passed. Maybe a few tinker-around-the-edges laws in CT or neighboring states (mandatory “safe” storage or some such) but nation wide? I just don’t see it happening.

    Oh, I have no illusions – I have no doubt that, were Congress to send Obama a gun control bill, he’d enthusiastically sign it.

    But as Shakespeare said “ay, there’s the rub.” Any new laws would have to get through Congress – both houses – first. Unless we suddenly believe that pro-gun congressmen are suddenly going to do a political 180, that just won’t happen.

    Remember that representatives have to get elected every 2 years and they still haven’t forgotten what happened in 1994 when both houses were lost to the Democrats, in large part because of their support of gun control. And there are a number of vulnerable senators who are up for election in 2014 as well.

    Now it’s true that 2013 is an “off” year and off years are always best for unpopular legislation (because 6 months is an eternity in politics, all the fire and ardor that surround a controversial law will be dissipated come the next election, replaced by more contemporary outrages.) But, unless we think the various pro gun groups are going to meekly roll over and let our lawmakers do their worst (and they aren’t), congress would have a messy, nasty fight on their hands if they tried to push through something substantive, which is why they won’t.

    They’ll bluster and bloviate, bang their fists on the table, rail against the ‘gun lobby’, lament the poor victims, and just generally continue to wave the bloody shirt as only they can. But they won’t put their political careers on the line because if there’s one thing that congresspeople believe in more than the sanctity of life, it’s the sanctity of staying in office.

    For those who invoke the likes of Dunblane or Tasmania, I think a review of those periods would show that the pro-gun organizations in those countries had already been effectively neutered by the time the conveniently-timed tragedy came along to administer the coup de grace. To say nothing of the fact that our system of separate branches of government (controlled by opposing parties) makes passing unpopular laws a much dicier proposition than the parliamentary democracies of England and Australia.

    To quote an old saying, when all is said and done, much will be said but little will be done.

    • I don’t think there will be any major gun control laws passed.

      Man do I hope you’re right. But if the pols learned any lesson from the 2012 elections, is that the NRA can’t hurt them. if you look at the results closely, the NRA lost almost every important battle and 2A took a bit hit in the House.

      • Of course he is right. The paranoia of some on here. Plenty of people predicted the end of civilization in 2008 when Obama was elected and it didn`t happen.

        • You are soooo not paying attention. That is about like Germans saying in 1937: – “see, this Hilter guy is not so bad.” And I’m not saying that Obama is as bad as Hilter, but there is a delay between the cause and effect. Between the rampant government spending, the meltdown of U.S. foreign policy in the middle east, and America’s transition to an entitlement culture, America is headed downhill fast.

    • I agree so does Nick Leghorn on this post.

      We said before its a GOP held House by a sizable GOP majority, with some Blue Dog Democrats in too. Don’t forget the House Judiciary Committee is also GOP control, No AWB including a 1994 reborn or a Feinstine BIGGER ban will pass that. The Senate too has many pro gunner s in it. there no filibuster prof anti gun majority even after last November. What we need to do is to support all progun congressmen and senators to show them what idiot reporters will say is crap. Support them and support the NRA and GOA this is time for us to regardless of what guns we like race creed or whatever! Unite!!!!! And fight tooth and nail!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m in your camp Martin. I highly doubt anything material will come about. They’ll be lots of talk for a few days, but with some pressing economic issues coming up very soon, for better or worse, this story will fade away.

      The statists and marxists know that gun control is a loosing issue at the ballot box regardless of what happens. They’ll prefer to work through unelected bureaucrats or some sort of czar to enact rules – ban lead ammo, firearms with pistol grips, shotguns that could be configured to take a clip, etc…

      Outright confiscation will result in a civil war. It’s a death sentence for the cops or military that would be tasked with going house to house.

    • The last time we had an AWB, Martin, was before the SCOTUS ruled that the ownership of guns was an individual right. Add in the recent Federal court ruling against Illinois’s blanket carry prohibition and we may be in a position where any new gun control laws would be at best an exercise in frustration for the grabbers.

      I think I will renew my NRA membership to go along with my SAF membership.

  16. Something needs to be done, butcher right thing.

    I think in a school zone if you are staff you should be able to volunteer to double as an emergency security officer. Whatever necessary to make people comfortable with this can be done. Psychological profiling, physical examinations, and most importantly, special training centered on school shootings. How protect and manage the kids, how to work with the other officers, etc. Drilled and trained just like swat, with swat.

    The school should be required to have some minimum number of these officers on hand. If a cop can be cleared, trained, and certified in a 4 to 7 month program and then be trusted by society cocompletely to be armed in a school, then why not able bodied teachers trained as emergency reserve? If I was a teacher in a school I would volunteer for this and do whatever I needed to do for it.

    • And god damn, if everyone’s going to demand action, then why don’t we demand something effectual! And demand it louder. We know what will fix this problem better than these people that think the gun is the problem. Frankly, they cant see this solution because it is not in their realm of experience. Put my proposal next to hoping crazies obey laws stating not to kill kids and see which people will choose. The antis don’t seem to fear cops’ guns, maybe they won’t fear non-cop security volunteers selected from the school’s staff with equal training, and certified (for everyone’s comfort).

  17. There are already 300 million guns in private hands. Tons of ammunition and magazines. Private citizens already own more guns then the US Military. Government will not be able to disarm people without a bloody civil war. We will not allow ourselves to be passively disarmed.

      • You’re right, millions no doubt would. If 10% decide, “hell no”, that’s a lot of cops that would be put on permanent disability. I’d also speculate that local cops wouldn’t do it knowing their it’s family, friends and neighbors.

        • No-one is going to take your guns, please. This was said in 2008 and nothing happened. The GOP has won the gun issue, just like the Dems have won the gay marriage issue. The culture wars are diminishing at last.

  18. “Meaningfull action.” My thoughts exactly. It’s time to face the awful truth here. The genie is out of the bottle. No way to return it. The only logical action to take is to remove all carry restrixctions from honest citizens. With the exception of a few choice government buildings, courthouses and the like, there shall be no more gun free zones. School staff should be encouraged to carry their pistols and parent volunteers that are armed should be openly invited to sit in the schools.

    Too encourage American citizens to exercise their civic duty new tax deductions for the purchase and carry of guns should be written into the tax code.

  19. I see what he did there.

    He talked about gun control without talking about gun control on the same day his office said we should not talk about gun control.

  20. Meaningful action would be to remove all metal detectors, police, and armed security from the offices of any congressmen who would deny lawful citizens from carrying armed.

    The intelligent alternative would be to allow teachers to be armed.

  21. Does anybody on here realize the RepubliCONs control the House????

    The sky is falling, again, and again, and again. Get your checkbooks out for the NRA, they love this stuff!!

    • Do you realize that not all Republicans are pro-2A? That not all Democrats are anti-2A?

      This is probably one of the biggest flaws the shooting community faces, we cant accept everyone!

      Not trying to argue with you but we need to unify, not stereotype.

  22. Remove gun free zones everywhere!!!
    I for one would quit my job if I could or would be allowed to carry concealed in our local school. Whatever training it takes or requires!
    I may be an OFWG but I still remember enough of my military time and training to take whatever they want me too so that we can legally protect our children everyday Rey are in school, on field trips etc.
    They are children for God sake. If we, the parents, teachers and staff don’t watch over them then who will???
    God help us all!! We are in for a hell of a fight for awhile!!!


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