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How hard is it to make a gun? Easy peasey. How hard is to control criminals by restricting Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Impossible. That is all.

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  1. An electric-ignition muzzle-loader.

    I thought the coax seal on on the ignitor was a nice, but probably pointless touch…

  2. “How hard is it to make a gun? Easy peasey.”

    You overestimate how capable most (modern) folks are at ‘making’ anything mechanical.

    • Did you forget nearly everyone has access to YouTube videos, which walk them through each step. Even a total mechanical moron could follow the monkey see monkey do videos.

      • I did not forget. Two things:
        1) Even WITH such videos, many people lack the mechanical ability or tools to make simple items. It’s not as simple as you would think for someone who simply doesn’t have a base-level of mechanic knowledge or the ability to work with their hands.
        2) Guns an idiot would make are often single-shot and so unreliable and inaccurate as to be barely useful over contact range. If you magically made guns disappear and criminals had to depend on what they could manufacture you’d see a huge drop in homicides.

        Note that I don’t carry these points through to endorse disarming (otherwise lawful) citizens. I just recognize that the handgun over there is a result of hundreds of years of advancement and a fair amount of workmanship (or at least machining) and it’s not going to be replicated by every mugger who has a work bench.

        • One minor point: gun homicides would indeed drop. Homicides by all other methods would then take up the slack and the weakest, most vulnerable among us would have little effective recourse to counter a criminal who would rely on superior strength and brute force to get what they want.
          Just saying…

    • I agree. When I tell people I build guns in my garage, they act like I can cast magic spells. If they saw me build my first AR, they would be amazed. I used a small hammer, screw driver, and chanel locks.

      • ^^^This^^^

        I literally just changed my oil in my garage and my neighbor across the street, who watched me do it, is completely dumbfounded. To him, a guy in his fifties, a socket wrench is akin to Gandalf’s staff. If I pulled out a multimeter he’d probably run from the awesome power he figures it must hold like a Farnsworthian Doomsday device.

        He was absolutely shocked that, yes, those giant toolboxes along the wall are in fact full of tools.

      • Except assembling an AR isn’t really building a gun. Make a receiver and a bolt out of a piece of metal, block or sheet, and then you are building a gun. Until then, it’s just legos.

    • You are correct concerning most mellenials, however the criminal element of them, that spend time in prison get pretty handy with the bare minimum. Homemade matchlock muskets have been made in prisons.

      • Replace “millennials” with “most people under 70”. Your average Boomer is just as functionally retarded as your average millennial and, in fact, is the primary reason my generation is viewed as useless.

        Beat your kids. For the children.

      • Yeah, necessity is the mother of all invention. Nevertheless, the amount of things that could be classified as ‘firearms’ built in prisons is small and most are only classified as such with generosity. I’d be more afraid of facing someone with a shank than one of these guns that is about as dangerous to the wielder.

  3. In high school I made a tiny BB gun out of a mechanical pencil and strong rubber bands. That thing was able to launch .177 caliber metal BBs clear across the cafeteria with ease. It probably would have left welts or broken skin if I shot other kids with it.

    You can create anything out of anything with a little bit of creativity. Look at prison inmates.

  4. Oh no, RF, you just had to go and show the California DOJ yet another thing they need to ban!

    No more batteries in California now, thank you!

    hehehe “We need commonsense battery legislation”, “Who really needs more than a double A battery”,


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