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The gun control advocacy operation Ban Assault Weapons NOW! (BAWN) is alarmed. They’ve let their fans know in their latest email blast that “lawmakers in the Florida House just filed a dangerous ‘campus carry’ bill for the upcoming legislative session, which would allow college students to bring guns into their dorms and classrooms.”

BAWN! needs to be banned from Florida!

Campus Carry: Rather than Promoting Danger, the Bill will actually Promote Public Safety

But BAWN is misrepresenting HB 6001, sponsored by Rep. Anthony Sabatini. GOA strongly supports HB 6001 because allowing law-abiding, responsible adults to go about armed, whether on a college campus, or anywhere else makes everyone safer.

BAWN is either ignorant of criminal behavior delusional if they think a law on the books and a sign on a door will stop a homicidal individual from committing murder.

The truth of the matter is no one has anything to fear from those who lawfully carry guns for self-defense. Rather, concealed carry makes everyone safer because a would-be murderer has no way of knowing if his intended victims are armed and able to stop an attack.

The November 14, 2014 shooting at Florida State University’s Strozier Library, and every other shooting in a gun-free zone, proved that. Nathan Scott, a student working at the library, was shot by a criminal. Mr. Scott also had a Florida Concealed Weapons or Firearms License, but he wasn’t permitted to carry on campus. He followed the law and it cost him his life.

We must fight to end “gun-free” zones.

Clearly, the words printed in the statute books and FSU’s student manual didn’t stop the shooter from carrying out his deadly attack. Criminals don’t care if it is illegal to carry on campus, just as the FSU killer didn’t care that shooting innocent people is also against the law.

BAWN is apparently delusional enoughto believe that their support for banning campus carry will prevent even a single crime. Past events have already shown this to be false. Our students, faculty, visitors and support staff, all deserve the right to be able to defend themselves. An imaginary line delineating campus property — and in-turn, deciding where a law-abiding person can and can’t defend themselves — costs lives.

GOA members and gun owners all across Florida are fighting to make sure that Rep. Sabatini’s campus carry bill, HB 6001, will receive a public hearing in committee and then will advance to the floor for a recorded roll call vote. House Speaker Chris Sprowls has assigned HB 6001 to the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee thanks to gun rights supporters messaging him.

GOA is all about the grassroots. That’s why we need you to put the pressure on House Speaker Sprowls and on the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee.

BAWN! is throwing its weight around to try to pressure Sprowls to use the power of his office to defeat HB 6001. BAWN! wants Sprowls to instruct the Criminal Justice & Public Safety Subcommittee to not even put HB 6001 on the committee’s agenda for a vote. Don’t let them get away with that.


Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America. 


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      • Nobody? Since when did a pasty mouth twerp like you who by your own words does not know the difference between a 9mm and 12 ga speak for everybody?

        • For those who may not know what a Sar9 is. It is one if the best deals you can find on a striker fired 9mm. Since I posted info on the Sar9 months ago the pervert lol stalker has yet to post a better firearm at a better price. The pervert uses his Made In China device and probably sits around in his Made in n.korea underwear and calls me a traitor for the origin of Sarsilmaz. He can gth.

        • Never heard of the SAR9 before, thanks for the video link.

          Turkish pistol huh? Looks good – you can tell from where it derives its form.

          If it is reliable, durable and accurate, at the right price point, I may have to pick on up 🙂

      • lack of intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom usually are illustrated by one’s vocabulary usage. are you so insecure in the “beliefs” that you are spouting (or so insecure about something else) that you must resort to foul language and verbally attacking a person for their statement? Exactly what from the comment you attacked provided evidence that the person who wrote it is a traitor? on what grounds?

        After reading your attack comment, i really just feel sad and sorry for you that your life is so meaningless and terrible that you feel the need to make yourself “sound like you are a bigshot” by tearing down others. There is help for people like you. Please seek it out, and I hope it is able to assist you in obtaining a peaceful existence rather than your current state of misery demonstrated by hateful, unintelligent attack comments. You had an opportunity to share your thoughts on the above article, but rather than read it and comment on it, you just used vulgarity to make a personal attack comment directed at another person’s statement.

      • You are the one guy that fouls up this comment section. At least 49er seems to be a real person. You are a child.

        • Too bad parents can’t retroactively abort a mistake of a child like you, little boy.

          Face it, you couldn’t handle a real woman like Deborah, who could flip you around like a pancake at the Ponderosa ranch.

          I bet the first time you tried to have a woman, she pointed at your pathetic excuse for a member and laughed and laughed and laughed. How humiliated you must have been!

          Dance, little-boy troll, I order you to respond… 😉

      • What’s so terrible about the SAR9?

        Not made in the US?

        Please list as all I see are solid reviews.

  1. I’m sure many of these people actually believe that a full and complete ban on the AR platform will end what they call gun-violence.

    • “I’m sure many of these people actually believe that a full and complete ban on the AR platform will end what they call gun-violence.”

      Setting aside my normal mockery hat, this comment deserves some attention so….Spoiler Alert: TLDR

      You are correct, but in quantity, not fact. Those who believe gun laws deter criminals (or crazed persons) are more than “many”. Indeed, one can look at the reported number of voters for Biden and know that nearly the same number of people believe gun control laws stop criminals from criminaling (I suspect a goodly number of Trump voters should be included in that count). Or to be more exact, those people believe gun control laws protect them, individually, from gun violence. And what a person believes is their reality. Giving up that reality requires repudiating everything they believe about themselves.

      Back as Base-X, I had a boss who was rabidly anti-gun, even though admitting no knowledge of firearms in any respect. Presented with undisputed evidence that gun control laws are targeting people who already committed several crimes enroute to a “gun crime”, by boss said, “I don’t care. I’d rather believe that somewhere, someone was prevented from killing someone else because it would be a crime to use a gun to kill.” There is no defense against that defense.

      One thing to keep in mind…..probably the majority of the anti-gun mafia believe pro wrestling is real.

        • “Filling in for your hat statement: What? Pro wrassling ain’t REAL?”

          Thank you for the comment. Caused me to re-read my original statement and note that I tangled the opening. Where I wrote, “You are correct, but in quantity, not fact.”, it was inverted. I meant that the fact was correct, but the “many” was understating the quantity. I hate it when I run out of VAT 69, and have to switch to Johnny Blue.

        • “I hate it when I run out of VAT 69, and have to switch to Johnny Blue.”

          Good Lord, no!

          Samuel, you deserve ‘Knob Creek’ at a minimum for your daily sippin’ bourbon… 😉

          • “Samuel, you deserve ‘Knob Creek’ at a minimum for your daily sippin’ bourbon… ”

            Gotta tell ya’, the finest spirits I ever had was crystal clear, and came in a Pyrex bottle from a little boutique distillery in the lower Appalachian mountains.

            I do hear, however that there is a wheat whiskey called “Pappy Van Winkle” that is rare as hen’s teeth. S’posed to be beyond the reach of mere mortals.

        • Sam, you can in fact have Pappy for about 5-10k a bottle… so says one of my rich friends anyway. I’m gonna assume there’s no bourbon on earth worth that much money.

          • “Sam, you can in fact have Pappy for about 5-10k a bottle…”

            Oh wow. My buddy, down on the corner living in a discarded refrigerator box says $80, tops.

          • I’m gonna assume there’s no bourbon on earth worth that much money.

            And you would be absolutely correct…

    • Other than school shootings(hey no schools open-no shootings) it is kinda rare to have folks shot by the good ole AR15…handguns are the gun of choice in the hyper-violent Chiraq. But BAWN knew that!

    • I am 71 yrs. old and have never seen a firearm ( aka gun) commit an act of violence, maybe i missed something. To curb violence, i think a good start would be to fire every politician that violates their oath by proposing and backing unconstitutional gun control proposals. Also go back to public hangings. I have noticed that these ” moms demanding action ” activists don’t look like they could get any “action” unless they paid for it. What do you think ?

  2. St. Joe, save us. Make masks compulsory at all times, ban ARs, shut down every business, and stop using fossil fuels — and nobody will ever die again. Ever. It’s science!

    St. Joe has already shown that he can raise the dead.

    • You forgot $2000.00 a month from cradle to grave…. Can we make THAT one retroactive? Let’s see 71 x 12 plus 29% x 2000, carry the one, divide by 7, minus Tuesdays…… Never mind, just send it……

  3. A few months ago, I was at a Trump rally in Harrisburg, PA. I was open-carrying my G17 because, hey, it is legal to do so and I like to open carry at peaceful protests.

    As we were walking up the wide street to the Capitol steps, a tall, thin black man yelled to me. He was clearly agitated and pointed to my firearm, yelling (only to be heard through the distance): “Why you gotta carry that here?” I took a step toward him to making speaking easier, but he held up his hand and said: “No, you stay over there”. He was clearly afraid.

    I explained that I was not a danger to him or anyone. That people legally carrying are not gang-bangers. We carry to protect ourselves and our families. Also, that legally armed people commit fewer crimes than even the police. We are the safest people to be around. His expression changed and he seemed to relax a bit. I said “God bless, you, brother. You will be safe if you visit us at the rally.” He nodded, turned the corner, and walked away.

    A little time later, I saw him on the Capitol steps, wandering through the crowd, taking pictures.

    I think of this as an illustration of how people have visceral reactions to guns. I do not know what his experience was, but the presence of a gun in the possession of a stranger clearly frightened him, at first. In this case, a little conversation was all it seemed to take.




    • It has become obvious we need to start a GoFundMe for this person. Their Caps Lock is stuck and apparently cannot afford a new keyboard, despite Covid checks.

      • Also, using part of that GoFundMe contributions should be used for remedial English so others could comprehend what he/she is trying to convey. As written, it is complete gibberish to me.

        • This is what happens when public schools give unrestricted wifi to special needs children from West Virginia (miner, that’s you, bitch) and Texas. Not sure where LOL is from, but add his location to the list too.

    • “I can fix the country with one simple law. Make stupidity a felony with a life-time jail sentence.”

      It will get plea bargained down to a minor firearms violation, with no jail time (but loss of 2A rights).

  5. Two words: Danny Rolling. The serial killer that hunted people on and off the UF campus. End of discussion.

    • “Two words: Danny Rolling. The serial killer that hunted people on and off the UF campus.”

      Wasn’t Ted Bundy another serial murderer stalking the UF campus?

      (A popular bumper-sticker here in Florida after seat belt laws were passed was “I’ll buckle-up when Bundy buckles-up.” As a nod to Florida’s electric chair… 😉 )

  6. Let them have their gun free zones, but make it a requirement that along with the signs there has to be competent security that can prevent any violent incidents from happening.Not just one or two security guards often elderly wondering the grounds. Make it a felony with an automatic 10 year minimum, sentence at a state pen for not provide such protection if you ban guns. Sure it might cost a bundle providing real security not just theater but have it proven you did not do so means those who made the decision are charged and forced to suffer the consequence of their decision.

  7. We would not have these problems if we jailed the stupid people instead of electing them to Congress and the White House.

    • Don’t worry…Donald John Trump, Lauren Bimbobert and Margarine Trailer-Green will all be in jail soon

      • Has anyone at that level of elitism, either Republican or Democrat, gone to jail yet?

        I’m not remembering any of late.

        So the chance of what you said happening are what? maybe 0.00001%?

        See that’s one of the problems right there. No one goes to jail.

      • “Donald John Trump, Lauren Bimbobert and Margarine Trailer-Green will all be in jail soon…”

        Keep dreaming, frankie-boy.

        Here’s a dedication just for *you*, frankie-boy :

      • Don’t worry…Donald John Trump, Lauren Bimbobert and Margarine Trailer-Green will all be in jail soon

        And how exactly did you arrive at that conclusion?… Pick One…
        All of the Above?

      • The asshole FBI lawyer that forged/altered documents used as evidence before a FISA Court to justify the bogus two year plus, multi million dollar investigation aimed at attempting to overthrow a legitimately elected POTUS just got “HAMMERED” with probation and community service… That Judge really wanted to send a message to anyone who might be considering doing something like that in the future (unless you’re a conservative)….

  8. Just a casual observation… just got home from the local Fleet Farm. There were 14 boxes of 17 Hornet on the shelf…. absolutely nothing (!!) else, except 12Ga. target loads, this from a normally well stocked retailer. So, can you please guess how long ago I sold my 77-17H Ruger barrel ? Still have the 22 K Hornet setup, wish I could find
    Small Pistol primers ANYWHERE… or maybe ANY ammo. I did stock up on the common loads, but holy shit, I’ve not seen it like this before, really think that the future is a scary place to be in.

  9. “really think that the future is a scary place to be in.” Best get ready for it then, cause there’s only one other option.

  10. with the democrats in power, it is a scary place because all they want to do is ruin this country just when Trump was trying to turn it around after this dang virus almost reversed everything he had done and Biden has now finished undoing it to benefit his family and cohorts in congress

  11. How many criminals in the US actually use an AR to commit crimes? Now compare it to the amount of owners. There you go… your movement is bullshit just like every other movement from progressives.

    • I’m thinking that number is going to go way up, either all msr owners will become instant criminals because of a bs law or they will be forced to use them and be labeled terrorists.

  12. I have said before and I will say it again. The second amendment protects a civil right. It is a civil right to own and carry a firearm. When our civil rights are violated we need to go after those in the government for a civil rights violation. Each person that has his/her second amendment civil right violated needs to file a civil rights lawsuit against the government. Overwhelmed the government with non-stop lawsuits.

    • “Let’s make it again at the law to break the law. ”

      You don’t get it: if we ban “assault” weapons, that shows the bad guys we really mean it about crime. That’ll shoe ’em.

  13. Ban Assault Weapons NOW! Believe Would-Be Murderers Will Follow The Law

    It’s POSSIBLE (if not probable)… If the only law they’ve broken is the one about “NOT murdering” then maybe they would follow gun laws IF they are asked nicely… You never know…

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