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Omar Little has the drop on you

The Baltimore Sun runs a story that sounds like the cops arrested Omar right off the set of The Wire: Informant helps feds bust alleged dealer“He went by the name “Preacherman,” according to federal law enforcement authorities, and he made his living on the streets of East Baltimore robbing drug dealers and selling the stolen merchandise himself . . .”

It was one of those theatrical-looking police operations that get a neighborhood talking but rarely make the news, despite a flood of cops and a helicopter that pursued the speeding car even as an occupant threw a loaded handgun onto Pratt Street, spilling seven 9 mm bullets onto the sidewalk.

After throwing the gun out onto East Pratt Street, authorities said, the driver stopped on Grundy Street and Smith and two occupants were arrested a few blocks away. Someone driving by the chase reported finding the broken Hi Point handgun lying on Pratt Street, called 911 and stayed with the gun until police arrived.

Hi Point 9mm

Man, the Hi Point 9mm lists for $165. Most of the .22s I’ve seen cost more than that.

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  1. Uh oh, another Hi-Point in the news used for crime. Surprised the government hasn't tried to ban those on price alone.

    They're solid guns, btw. And the best warranty in the business.

  2. Ole' Omar preferred a 1911. Not a Hi-Point.

    Hi-Points are like older Volvos. Ugly and inexpensive, but good.


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