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Baltimore Police Department Commissioner Davis is mad as hell — at the city’s revolving door justice system. (Video after the jump) After monitoring the judicial results of arrests for firearms-related crime, the BPD jefe wants the world to know the courts are letting bad guys run loose in his city.

According to their survey, last year, some 60 percent of criminals sent to jail get out of jail early. More than 100 people were arrested on gun charges. Make that twice or more.

“Worst case scenario they’re going to get a finger wag at ’em,” Davis proclaimed, “and they’re going to be sent home with a suspended sentence.”

While the Commish waits for nothing to happen to rectify Bodymore, Murderland’s revolving door justice system, he’s putting more cops on the streets. Good luck with that.

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  1. The scale is imballanced and the commisioner is trying to ballance the scales the only way he can. He’s in the executive branch of government, not the judicial or lagislative…. at least he didn’t spout off about community outreach or gun buy backs.

  2. Gee, I wonder what all these murderous, economically depressed, hellholes, like Balltimore and Chicago, have in common?

    • Thers is a reason the US Military sends its medics, nurses, PA’s and MD’s to Baltimore Shock Trauma to familiarize themselves with GSW and burn injuries…when the checks come out so do the nutjobs. And if you fail to save a pimp….well…so be it. Look up CSTARS for details. Best medical training of my life.

  3. Yep. There was a TV series on a few years ago about auto theft stings called Bait Car.

    I can’t recall how many episodes I heard the police say “Yeah, this guy is a third (fourth, fifth, 17th) time offender so it’s real good that we’ll get him off of the street now!”

    Yeah… Well, y’all be safe out there!

  4. A city run/ruled by whom? How about those loony tune towns: disarm the law abiding and release all the ‘victims of society’ from the unfair convictions. And we all know what happens if you defend yourself against one of ‘societies victims’ in a loony tune town. Don’t believe for a second this commissioner supports your second amendment rights.

  5. Baltimore City Police Commissioner Kevin Davis “earned his spurs” from the PD from which I’m retired, where as a Deputy Chief he did NOT enjoy a reputation as a “friend of the troops”. Be that as it may, he’s dead nuts on when it comes to the criminal justice system in “Charm City” with the “catch and release” mentality of the judges and parole boards in the state generally and those of Baltimore City in particular. The good street cops KNOW “who dunnit” the instant a shooting (159 fatalities as of this moment) goes down and even if they get the right guy and he’s convicted, he’ll be out long before the pronounced sentence has been served. If you want to stop the carnage, put these murderous bastards in prison and then KEEP THEM THERE UNTIL THEY DIE. It’s that simple.

    • You are wrong.

      Maryland doesn’t have the strict gun laws like California plus has preemption over Baltimore which is strongly enforced meaning Baltimore has no special carveouts for big cities in certain “free-er” states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana.

      You can buy long guns cash and carry like any other state in the country. “Legal” handguns, though the process is ardous, is still much easier and faster than in California. Also you can purchase handguns anywhere in the state and are not restricted because you are from Baltimore.

      • Not completely wrong. I live and work there, and am “blessed” as a retired LEO with an unrestricted carry permit. If things were better, MD would be a Shall-issue state. If California is the measuring stick (and let me suggest that NJ or NY be the measure of how bad it gets, with a few other states in the running), then I guess you are close. The vast majority of MD os closer to conservative-lite. If it weren’t for Baltimore City, Prince Georges and Montgomery counties, it might even be a Republican state.

        • Al – I have a theory which is backed up by the work of eminent ethologist John B. Calhoun at the NIH. It was Calhoun who experimented with Norway rats and the effect of severe overcrowding on their social structure. As the overcrowding became worse their social order broke down, eventually becoming sheer savagery. I think the same thing happened along the I-95 corridor in Maryland. Unfortunately, this teeming mass of inhumanity has lost its collective mind and continues to send liberal Democrats to the General Assembly, where they screw up the rest of the state.

          BTW, I’m retired from PGPD and live in Carroll County, where it’s easy to spot the few Democrats who live here. They have bumper stickers on their cars proclaiming “Courage is being a Democrat in Carroll County”.

        • Get a carry license in Maryland? Sure you can IF (1.) You are wealthy and/or politically well-connected. (2.) You are a businessman who regularly handles large amounts of cash. Worried because your employment or business/organizational ties require that you go to Baltimore (presently the most dangerous city per capita in the nation) on a regular basis? Nope. That’s where “may issue” becomes “won’t issue” because the applicant must demonstrate that he “has good and substantial reason to wear, carry, or transport a handgun, such as a finding that the permit is necessary as a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger.” A challenge to Maryland’s permitting process was offered by one Raymond Woollard with the Second Amendment Foundation and was initially successful, but the State appealed to the Fourth Circuit in Richmond and the verdict was reversed there. ( if you want to slog through the Fourth Circuit’s opinion.) At present, if you can demonstrate and document that you have a higher than “normal” likelihood of being the victim of a violent crime, you just “may” be able to get a Maryland CCW permit after jumping through all of the hoops. Otherwise, don’t even bother.

  6. Finally, someone who get’s it! It’s not just Baltimore that this is happening in. This happens all over the country. We have all the firearms related laws that we will ever need in this country to put the kibosh on criminals who use guns in the commission of their misdeeds. All that needs to occur, is that they are used and used to their maximum impact. You would immediately see crime where a firearm is used decrease, and decrease immensely.

  7. When u find a turd in the bowl, you flush it down. You don’t scoop it out thinking that you can fashion it back into something useful. That just gets shit on everything and smells the place up for everyone else.

  8. The problem is cultural rather than legal. Baltimore (and the rest of the world) doesn’t have a problem with criminals, it has a problem with entrenched criminal culture. Baltimore= Gang Culture. ISIS = Islamist Culture, Al Qaeda = Islamist Culture.

    So simple.

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