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Gun owner “Threeper” has a penchant for black in his EDC gear. From his GLOCK 43 to his Spyderco the color theme is consistent. The Rite in the Rain notebook is a favorite of mine for business trips and the Streamlight’s USB-rechargeable battery rocks. Not having to hunt for random batteries to keep a light working is a serious bonus.

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  1. Why the hell would you stipple a g43??? Nothing like making a tiny ccw gun as uncomfortable as possible… I swear… People sure are bored these days….

    • Glad you like browsing others EDC’s to criticize them then acting like your boredom is any more justifiable.

      BTW, it’s my carry. I stippled it because I can, and it was the first time trying. I never had a problem because I don’t let it touch my skin, I wear an undershirt or wife beater. I personally think it’s a waste too… but the undercut and stipple did make it a lot easier to hold, especially when you have gorilla hands. Some glock modders do a really good job, but for the price and effort… may as well buy one you don’t need to mod. I have since grown into a S&W m2.0 3.6″ in .40. Since the G43 was my first conceal carry, I chalked it up to a learning experience. I wanted to start small and when I knew I wanted to sell it to go bigger, I put some time to cater to the market. I ended up making money because of it.

      So… boredom? Or just a hobby I view the same as working on my truck. But nice to know your boredom in online comment sections is superior… I swear…

      • Boy you took that pretty personal… Judging from your response it appears like I touched a nerve. Maybe you can make a journal entry about it in your field notes…. Btw. I’m not the one posting edc’s looking for validation but by all means stipple away….

        • Didn’t strike any nerves… I just never understand the motives behind people like you. Trolling comment sections to be negative like anyone gives a fuck about your sarcastic opinionated vomit.

          You don’t post your EDC’s but you troll the comment sections…. do you see the fail here? Keep on doing you I guess… But behind every negative comment there is a subliminal attempt at hoping someone will agree with you, instead of posting your own shit and actually getting/giving constructive feedback.

          TL;DR: Fuck off troll. Post or gtfo.

        • BD need to “get some” pronto and take a nap. Some chelation therapy, stat, for his lead poisoning. He has just been shooting WAY too much and has some lead induced aggression. Need to mitigate ASAP.


      • Have you ever been on the internet? Have you ever read one of these EDC threads? You put your EDC up, you are asking for public criticism. Toughen up. The rest of the world isn’t your Mommy and Daddy and isn’t going to tell you how special and wonderful you are.

        So he doesn’t think much of your stippling? Get over it.

        The funniest part is that you are upset about criticism of a gun you don’t like or carry anymore.

        • Exactly! This dude posts his edc on a public gun blog and as a caveat says he doesn’t even carry the gun… Btw. If this guy gets so angry over anonymous internet posts just imagine cutting him off in traffic…. I think my work is done here……

        • nobody is upset…

          because I reply and call out the childish demeanor of his attitude it means I am upset?

          god bless the internet.

          I dont mind the criticism.. I just hate the people who do it. Which is why I explained it to him. But the way it was posted deserves a response. People on the internet act like because they are negative they should just be ignored. I don’t ignore it in person, so I’ll call bullshit on the internet too. Get over it.

        • If he had been mature about it and said “I just don’t understand the point of stippling, and doesn’t it make it uncomfortable?” That would have been totally different. I don’t tolerate immaturity, on or off the internet. Stop acting like it makes me angry or like I sit in a corner crying over it… Get real kiddos. Check your attitudes like you would in a face to face conversation.

    • I rag on Glocks to start with. … But anyone is free to critique my choice of EDC, 54-1(China tt33) in a cheap $15 IWB holster, a small pocket knife( China brand) and a Bic lighter….When I go hiking or big city things change. But that’s my EDC, cheap gun, cheap holster, cheap knife and cheap lighter, I guess we could add cheap wallet….. Oh n btw, at home my go to gun is a .410 single shot Pardner that I cut the barrel back to 19 inches

  2. Thank you. I enjoy RITR too. I dabbled with Field Notes following the trend but they are terrible notebooks. When I was in the military I always had a big notebook, and a small one in the chest pocket. It was usually a RITR or if they had a freebie I took it. Never a Field Note. I fell into Field Notes b/c of the Recycled Firefighter gear, which I love. At the time their RITR gear was not available, so I gave it a shot. Basically a waste of money because Field Notes suck. When they started the RITR stuff I jumped on it. However, they need to make a black leather one for the RITR notebooks. The only one I have is in yellow/multicam firehose. I love it, same as the Captain wallet I use in that color… but I prefer all black. I use these things every day. The Fisher Space Pen is the perfect companion and I don’t like having my pen grouped with other gear like you see those timber and hitch trendy people carrying with their wallets and everything else. The only thing I want to take out when I need to jot something down is a notebook, and pen. The RITR and FSP are small and fit in my back pocket perfectly.

    I got lucky with the Flashlight batteries. I actually bought them for my fathers beefy streamlight 1000w something or other and they didn’t fit. Not sure of the model. So he gave them back to me. Score.

    I actually sold the G43. Wasn’t a fan. Shot it enough to get comfortable but never enjoyed trying to reload or the round count, or the fact that it was a 9mm. I ended up getting a S&W m2.0 3.6″ .40. What a great upgrade. I think they are on the path to sweeping Glocks under the rug. Just my opinion…

    As for the Spyderco, I love it. I carry deep pocket and on my weak hand left side, so that is why the clip is on that way. It took a lot of time to get used to deploying that way.

    The watch battery life is pretty terrible if I start getting notifications all day… but I still love it. Nice to leave the phone in my pocket. The Gear S3 does NOT have any other way to charge other than the included charger that is wireless… terrible idea, still a great watch though.

    Thanks for the interest and share. Enjoy! …and always carry a .40

    • As for the RITR, just a Field Notes wannabe 😜.

      Nice move going to the .40

      For years, the only polymer I would shoot was Glock. Then I put a S&W in my hand. Never looked back, the difference in ergonomics was astonishing to me. Not so sure about the Smiths sweeping them away though.

      • I agree. The first time I held it I knew it was the one 😉

        The design and price are making serious headway. Gen 5 on the Glocks was like a step backwards. All they did was remove finger grooves for the stipplers, but then they add a big hole at the bottom of the magwell. Terrible design. As for ergonomics, couldn’t agree more. The S&W shoots so much better and fits better in my hand too.

        I’ve always been a .40 caliber man. When I swapped to the 9mm it was for size on the G43, but S&W offers their Shield in .40, so I felt like I took a step in the wrong direction for sure. Either way, for me, the choice is clear now. Especially because of the price differences. You can find the new m2.0 3.6″ in .40 online for $399…. brand new. Good luck getting a used Glock for that. Glock owners think that use and sights means an extra $200…

  3. Can anyone explain the benefits of the expensive flashlights to me? 100%serious. Have a coast g19 in my truck, have never needed it outside of work, it was like 20 bucks.

    • Reliability and reputation. I have a Surefire, it doesn’t look sexy but I trust it 100%. Never failed me. I got it for around $50 so I don’t consider it a pricey flashlight. bottom line is you can get something with a proven reliability at an affordable price. Flashlights like many things, if it is for serious purposes you want to make sure it is going to work when needed.

    • I used to own surefires, but only because the military gave them to me. You can find reliable flashlights for cheap. Streamlight is a perfect example.

      • The Army issues Streamlites now? We got a green plastic 90° angle that used two D size batteries. I’ve still got one and use it when I camp.

        • I said the army gave us Surefires… not streamlights. And yes, those goofy 90 degree ones are carried in basic.

    • I actually have 2 Coast HP1’s I have carried for year’s and after dropping them more than 10 times, they’ve started to randomly flicker. Now, I have been carrying a $35, Streamlight proTac 1L-AA, I beat the crap out of it and it works like a champ. I use the Olight RCR123A rechargeble batteries.

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