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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2103 yesterday. The bill reforms concealed carry permit qualifications in the state, allowing anyone with a military service background to obtain a permit at 19 years of age. Arizona is one of five “constitutional carry” states where no permit is required to carry concealed for those who are 21 and may legally possess firearms. Obtaining a state permit has advantages, however, as it’s recognized by about 35 other states and allows concealed carry in establishments that serve alcohol, as long as the permit holder refrains from drinking . . .

Here’s the relevant passage from the new law from

E. The department of public safety shall issue a permit to an applicant who meets all of the following conditions:

1. Is a resident of this state or a United States citizen.

2.  Is twenty‑one years of age or older or is at least nineteen years of age and provides evidence of current military service or proof of honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions from the United States armed forces, United States armed forces reserve or a state national guard.

The bold letters indicate the change in the law.

The concealed carry reform is one of dozens of similar bills sweeping across the country. More than twenty states have reformed their firearms laws in the last year, removing antiquated infringements on Second Amendment rights.   The reforms are being enacted in the face of strong opposition from the “progressive” establishment, including President Barrack Obama. Millions of dollars have been spent trying to overpower these grassroots-backed reforms.

A tiny number of states have enacted more restrictive legislation under intense lobbying by billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the administration, and the old line media. The legislation in New York, Connecticut, and Colorado is being challenged in the courts. Three Colorado legislators have lost their seats because of unprecedented popular challenges after they voted  for restrictive firearms laws. As always, watch this space.

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  1. But wait, this has to be a huge mistake. Some retired Army general on Fox News indicated that military personnel are bumbling morons who will cause death and destruction if they are armed on base. I can only imagine all manor of chaos that would happen off base.

    • Correction: I can only imagine all manner of chaos that would happen off base.

      (I am on my 7th day recovering from a nasty virus and nowhere near 100% yet.)

  2. This is good to hear and I view it as part of the pro-gun incrementalism that is our best hope of eventually getting national reciprocity, national constitutional carry, and undoing things like the NFA, GCA, and Hughes Amendment. Granted this approach takes longer and costs more than all at once reform but at least this approach works.

    • National constitutional carry — will never, ever happen
      NFA — Several Judges have questioned this and its intent,
      GCA, and Hughes Amendment — will never, ever happen.

      The most I can hope for in my lifetime is National Reciprocity and the end of the NFA — if I am dreaming big, the end of the ATF with the F part going under the FBI and the AT part going to the DEA

      • NFA is the act that regulates Firearms. If the NFA is done away with, machine gun registry would be no more, and the Hughes amendment would be moot as it closed the machine gun registry.

    • People said the same thing in Arizona about the CCW trainers. I taught for 15 years and was a strong proponent of constitutional carry. All you have to do is elect the right sheriffs…

      Someone once said about war, I think it was Clauswitz, what needs to be done is simple, but the simple things become very hard to accomplish..

  3. I’m confused. I googled AZ concealed carry about a week ago and found that a law essentially (at least) identical to this has been in effect since last July. And here it’s new-new all new?
    Can someone AZ-fluent please advise? I’ve been trying to advise/convince my AZ domiciled buddy.

    • This just provides an exception for the military to the under 21 portion of our CCW licencing. Before this law if you were in the military and under 21 you still couldn’t get an AZ CCW.

  4. This is good…but if they are 19 or 20 years old, then they are not old enough to buy a handgun to carry.

    • Sure you can. You can own a handgun at 18, or buy from a private party, just not an FFL per the .gov.

  5. I like this. As a young soldier under 21 y.o. (many, many moons have passed since then), I always found a certain level of irony in that I was willing to serve with my life for rights and privileges not yet available to me. AZ is recognizing these young service members is a sign of respect.

  6. Yeah man, I carried a handgun everyday in Iraq. Why couldn’t I carry one stateside? Oh yeah, retarded laws.

    • Maybe because people seemed to be a lot less upset when an Iraqi or two (dozen) get senselessly slaughtered than when it’s an American in America?

  7. good: more people are getting to carry guns.
    bad: government employees are getting preferential treatment.

    • I’m hoping that this is the sort of incrementalism that next allows all 19 or older to get a CCW.

    • As an Army veteran I have to take some exception. Serving in the military, any branch, even though you are paid by and answer to the government, is NOT the same as being a government employee.

      Government employees tend to be low-achievers looking to subsist off the government/tax-payers teat. Volunteers in the military are patriots serving their country and (generally) intent on defending the Constitution and principles upon which this country was founded.

      • You take a government paycheck, you are a government employee. That includes the military. You might lie to yourself, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

        • Prior service USMC here, and though I don’t like what you’re saying it just so happens that you’re correct. Though the difference is military folk are disciplined more (and at least have more firearms training) than your local DMV clerks. Either way this new law is better than the old law and while I’d like 18+ constitutional carry nationwide I’ll still take what I can get.

      • When push comes to shove, the majority of the military will obey orders regardless of what the Constitution says: that’s what they’re trained to do. I’m sure NSA employees think that they’re patriots too, but the military are government employees with guns – who do you think will be used to disarm civilians?

  8. What is it with these Republican governors who are balancing the budget and expanding gun rights?

    • Arizona is the new Texas

      Half the country probably thinks it’s great, the other half think it’s the worst state in the union for it.

      • Yep, Az. is not too bad, doesn’t matter what the libs. think of us. We only asked the federal government to do their job, guard our borders. Protect the citizens from criminals. They won’t do that, because they are to busy attacking a rancher, reid and his hintchmen. Let’s be careful out there, trust the ones where you can see there hands.

  9. Is any pro-Second Amendment, pro-American hero, pro-gun legislation being passed and signed into law in the states with Democrat dominated state houses with Democrat governors? Or all these measures being passed by Republican dominated state houses and signed into law by Republican governors? Just asking.

  10. No offense to those serving or who have served and maybe I’m misinformed. BUT as I understand most military members receive very little firearms training. Not sure about the logic on this?

    That said I’m for letting anyone over 18 carry if they can legally own guns …

    • All military members receive at least SOME weapons training during Basic, so far as I know. How much further training, and which weapons, may depend on your ultimate MOS.

      In Basic I received general competency training on the M-16, M-60 and grenades. As a 91A Medic I got no further firearms training, officially, but as medical support for other units at firing ranges I found they were always happy to let me sit in and try other weapons. Fired the Ma Deuce, got to drop a round in an 80mm mortar, and qualified with the 1911 pistol. I don’t know how they work it these days, I’ve been out since 1987.

      I have to say that the Second Amendment does not say anything about training being required before you are permitted by ANYONE, and especially not the government, to exercise your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Several states, including Arizona, unless you want or need their permission slip, do not require any training before issuing a CCW.

  11. Yeah, right to carry without permits! I live in Tucson and moving to LV, Nevada, I must be nuts! Wow, pack and be allowed to protect yourself, what is going on? I hope I can hold off my move until that shithead is thrown out of our congress (senate). Now, let’s figure out how to hide in plain site.

    • I, too, am moving to Nevada. I am annoyed that even though I have a CPL in Washington it is not recognized in Nevada (no training requirement) and I will have to jump through the government hoops in Clark County to get a permission slip.

      Idiot Senator Reid, however, has little influence on Nevada state laws on firearms, he is a Congressional senator. What I AM looking forward to is having the chance to vote against the son of a bitch next November.

    • Well…you did move from Tucson. Tucson is run by the same legion of left-wing nutjobs that plague most big cities, the same city that wanted to limit or even eliminate gunshows, allow illegals free reign, run 33 million dollars in deficit spending while neglecting roads and promoting paid time off city holiday to celebrate Cesar Chavez. Oh and no business sense, with only 6 out of the 129 big businesses satisfied with the city in promoting a positive business environment.

      • You do have a point here, Tucson vs Las Vegas, but Nevada still has the shithead, reid. Now we must go, but very, very quietly.

  12. As crazy as my question may seem, is this law a good thing? First we get constitutional carry in AZ, and then every expansion of carrying rights involves a concealed carry permit. You want to eat in a restaurant that serves alcohol, need a carry permit. You want to carry concealed at 19 if you server in the army, as in this new law, need a carry permit. There’s a bill on the governor’s desk to allow carrying in government buildings if they don’t provide metal detectors and such, but guess what, you’ll need a carry permit to do that. Not clear she’ll sign it, but that’s not the point.

    So, is this a good law or is constitutional carry being slowly undone in AZ?

    • I am not sure on this one. AZCDL pushed this one hard but I question giving more rights to certain classes of citizens.

  13. I wish I could answer the military questions regarding firearms training. I was an 0311 – Infantry Basic Rifleman – Reserve MOS from 1994-2001 in Golf 2/24 based out of Madison, WI. We had two solid weeks of M16A2 training in Boot Camp with a mandatory qualification course from 200-500 yards. Practice courses from CQB to 800 yards. We also shot the M249 SAW and M203. In the School of Infantry, we had another 7 weeks of arms training involving the M16, M203, M249, M240, M2 .50 Cal, and Mk19 40 mm grenade launcher.

    There was absolutely no handgun shooting during that time. The USMC considered handguns as an afterthought. As Marines, we had a lot more trigger time than Army, Navy, and Air Force.

    I’m not exactly sure how things have changed, but I can’t imagine Obama and top leadership who support based being gun free zones will improve matters.

  14. Keep it simple, if you want to pack, then pack, you have to be legal, no felons! Great state, great governor. Oh and a great sheriff too.

  15. NS you are so misinformed it hurts to think how much of a sheltered life you must live. I feel sorry for people like you

  16. I would like to thank our guys and gals who have served us the USA armed forces, God Bless you and yours. The problem in LV, Clark county, is all your pistols must be registered again by LEO. I just don’t like giving anymore of my personal information to this government. Now everyone of you good guys be careful out and about.

  17. Hey, Barstow Cowboy, I am assuming that your in Ca. and under all that democratic control, I wish you the best, if so. Be careful out there.

  18. I’m at a loss with this governor, I don’t understand her voting decisions on the latest bill in Ariz. I think she is on a take? Can’t trust any of them! I think it’s time for me to go independent. I am PISSED OFF. What the f_ _ _ _ is going on! My poor kids, what kind of shit they will have to go through to live a good life. Almost time to go underground andletthe SHTF.

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