Auto-Ordnance 100th Anniversary Edition 1911. So?

“Kahr Arms is proud to announce the release of the 100th Anniversary Edition 1911 from Auto-Ordnance, which will be displayed at booth #15951 at SHOT Show 2011.” Ah yes, the pre-SHOT show special editions. ‘Cause no gunmaker worth his salt can show up at the world’s largest gun show without something new. While Auto-Ordnance makes a damn fine 1911, this gun is a prime example of SHOT show non-news. We’re taking about a bog standard .45 caliber classic style WWII Parkerized 1911 pistol with a 5” barrel—with “1911 .45 ACP, 1911-2011, 100 Years” engraved on the side. Yours for $658. What media outlet would be stupid enough to consider that worthy of mention? D’oh!


  1. avatar Gunner442 says:

    I owned a AO 1911 in the 90’s. Biggest hunk of junk ever, FTF in every mag( I have a box of 1911 mags trying to find one that work) Front sight blew off using mild factory ammo, etc, etc…No way, no how would I ever buy another!

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