North Carolina Gov. Cooper’s Cousin Duck Blindsided

“[Jarrod Thomas] Umphlett’s boat rammed a boat carrying John Clark Purvis Sr. and Wildlife Resources Commission member Richard Edwards,” reports. Mr. Purvis is North Carolina Governor Cooper’s cuz. And, but this account, a duck hunter who’s lucky to be alive . . . Umphlett [above] boarded the boat, hit Purvis in the back of […]

More Hoops for U.K. Deer Hunters

“My department grants some 5,000 licences annually to hunt deer during the open season, which is the period during which deer can be legally shot under licence,” the UK’s Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Josepha Madigan told Let’s run some numbers! reports that 16.9 million Americans went deer hunting in 2017, […]

Pink Camo? Puh-Lease!

“It wasn’t just safety concerns that prompted Drew Born to come from Grand Rapids to Lansing to testify this week in support of allowing hunters to wear pink in addition to blaze orange when they head to the woods in search of deer,” reports . . . It was also about ensuring that women […]

How To Lose Hunting Privileges in 47 States in One Easy Step

I don’t approve of poaching. But I understand why an impoverished hunter might poach to feed their family. Poaching for a trophy kill? Lying to cut the line for a once-in-a-lifetime tag? Are you kidding? I’ve got zero respect for Larry Altimus. From Every time a hunter applies for the Utah big game hunting permit, but […]

Estonian Dog Shoots Russian Hunter, Motives Unclear

Dogs are man’s best friend. Except when they’re not. As shocking as it may seem, it’s not that uncommon for a dog to shoot its owner. Why do they do it? Who knows what evil lies in the heart of our canine companions? Maybe it’s payback, pure and simple.,uk: Sergey Terekhov, 53, had let his […]

Missing Oregon Hunter Found! Sent to Jail . . .

Imagine the jailhouse phone call between Keith Spaulding and his best bud. Dude, why did she turn me in? More curious as to whether or not there will be additional charges filed for wildlife hunting violations. According to police, John Boeder, 51, and Bryan Keith Spaulding, 52, were hunting Sunday night in the Crabtree Lake […]

Iowa Teen Shoots Mountain Lion

The mountain lion attacked first. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. You can only smile in a photo with a dead mountain lion if the lion attacked first. No seriously, that’s very cool and I’m just jealous. I wish a mountain lion would attack me while deer hunting because they make one hell […]