[Sponsored Content] The Texas International Firearms Festival Announce Exhibitor Line-Up for November Event

Liberty Hill, Texas (September 2014) – The inaugural Texas International Firearms Festival (TIFF) is going great guns! Exhibitors to the two-day “come and shoot it” event (November 8th and 9th at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Austin Texas) now include Advanced Armament Corporation, ArmaLite, Beretta, Barrett, FNH, Henry Repeating Rifles, Lapua, McMillan Firearms, Noveske, SIG SAUER, Springfield Armory, […]

[Sponsored Content] Sneak Peak at Texas International Firearms Festival Gun Drawing

Hey Sharp Shots! Just nine weeks to go until the first annual Texas International Firearms Festival at Best of the West Shooting Sport in Austin, Texas, November 8 and 9. I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the gun industry’s best brands for this try-before-you-buy, the ammo’s-on-us event: Advanced Armament Corporation, ArmaLite, Beretta, Barrett, […]

The Joy of Shooting From a Helicopter

“Don’t be scared of hanging out of the helicopter to get a better shot, you’ll have a harness.” the helicopter pilot over the blades whipping above us. “You mean this?” I held up a floppy black seatbelt, looking no more secure than the belts in the old Jetta I hoped to blow up. Well, here we go. I shrugged my shoulders […]

Kay Jay Dubs: The Henry Lever Actions Have Landed!

There’s just something about a lever-action rifle. They’re ingrained in our history. They’re in every good western and even a few sci-fi flicks. The characters that preferred them are almost as well-known as the lever action itself. The rifle played a part in settling America’s frontier. In short, the lever-action is among a few gun […]

Gun Review: Volquartsen Snake-Fluted Barrel Rifle

When the wind dies down in the west, you grab the opportunity. You don’t waver, you don’t put it off ‘til tomorrow, you don’t wish it was warmer–you go. That’s why when I looked out of my snow feathered and ice crusted window to see if it was a good day for testing, the answer was […]

Ask Kirsten Weiss: Which Rifle for a Hunting Newbie?

  Over at TTAG’s Free Fire Zone Forum reader Rokurota writes: Greetings, Kirsten. My in-laws just purchased a 50-acre property with 42 acres of woods lousy with deer and turkey. They have invited me to hunt the land in return for meat. Trouble is, I don’t hunt and have never killed anything bigger than a cockroach. […]