Australian Man Who Printed 3D Replica Guns Gets 50-Month Suspended Sentence, 12 Months Probation

An Australian man who printed replicas of guns that could not fire or accept ammunition, has been given 12 months of probation with a 50-month suspended sentence. From The first person in New South Wales to be charged over making and possessing 3D-printed guns has avoided jail. Steven Sicen Sun was charged early last […]

San Diego Protestors For Censorship and Gun Control

Those pushing for a disarmed populace have been conditioned to believe that effective restrictions on arms cannot be achieved without strong government censorship and control over information. The First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights reinforce each other and make restrictions on both free expression and the right to keep and bear arms […]

Trump Era July NICS Continues Trend of 2018 as Second Highest Gun Sales Year on Record

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) continued to record near-record numbers in July. During the 2016 election cycle, the fear of a Clinton presidency pushed gun sales and, correspondingly, NICS background checks to an all-time record high. Many people thought sales and NICS checks would crater once President Trump was elected. But both […]

Free Concealed Carry License for Ohio Veterans

Last week Governor Kasich of Ohio abstained from his last chance to veto SB 81. The bill requires sheriffs in Ohio to accept application for concealed handgun licenses from current and former military members without a fee. But the Governor wasn’t happy that the legislature hasn’t moved on his gun control agenda. …[T]he governor allowed Senate […]