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By Alan Brooks

The anti-gun group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America held rallies yesterday in 50 cities across 36 states. Their Jessie Jackson-esque message on the anniversary of the Sandy Hook school shooting: “No more silence. End gun violence.” Unfortunately, their rally in front of City Hall in Austin, Texas was less than spectacular. Maybe it was the cold, windy weather. Maybe it was poorly-promoted. Or maybe there just aren’t that many people who agree with MDA’s message of civilian disarmament. Whatever the reason, the turnout was small. Minuscule, even. All of twelve to fifteen people were there (mostly white, middle-aged, upper-middle class women) — and nearly as many reporters . . .

If I hadn’t been looking for the rally I wouldn’t have noticed it and I certainly wouldn’t have known what their cause was. Most of the women were huddled around, sipping Starbucks coffee and discussing their holiday plans. A few of them were talking to camera crews and spouting generic anti-gun talking points: “common sense gun control,” “universal background checks,” “thousands of children killed by gun violence,” emotional appeals, and a broad plea that “something” be done.

There were no counter-protesters, no police and only two people there (that I know of) with CHLs. No one walking past even seemed to pay much attention to the women drinking their lattes. So forty-five minutes after the rally had begun, the reporters started packing up. And so did the moms.

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  1. Totally off topic, but that shot makes the Austin City Hall look pretty nice. The first time I saw it while I was visiting the city my reaction was “What… the hell… is that building?”

    One of the fascades looks like rusted steel – no bueno.

    • Yeah, you can see that facaded above and behind the entrance. Don’t knock rusted steel. One of my favorite quick-food restaurants uses rusted steel facades. Chipotle!

        • The episode that settled the debate over how long is necessary after someone dies before its ok to make fun of them….

          • Yeah, but the rules are funny in this situation. If you made fun of him while he was alive, are you supposed to put that on pause immediately after his death for some undetermined period? It’s still funny, and he’d probably have appreciated the joke if he was there to hear it.

        • Which one? I’m referring to Michael Jackson, the whole episode revolves around him. If I recall correctly it aired the day after he died. Which also shows the insane production schedule they have…..

          Then they also ripped on Billy Mays, David Carradine, and Steve Irwin….all within a few weeks, at most.

          • Well, I was specifically thinking of the Billy Mays thing. He was the butt of many jokes (well not him, but his selling style) long before he died, so it wouldn’t really make sense to stop that because he did.

            I’ve always been impressed by their creativity on that show. The Scientology one will go down as one of the best things they ever did, I think. Tom Cruise locking himself in the closet? It seems like an obvious joke, but they did it well.

      • If Chipotle would add al pastor to their meat line up, I’d suddenly be much more of a fan. Otherwise, there are other places I like to go get my burritos.

      • There’s a theory running through modern architecture and design that says a coat of rust saves repeated painting jobs. I think there might be something to that. A real budget-saver, if you will.

        • That’s not even close to a modern idea. My dad grew up in a steel mill town, and I remember going back there when I was a little kid and him explaining to me how the thin coating of rust on all those buildings protected them.

        • In effect that’s what you’re doing with bluing, black oxide, and anodized finishes. They’re all a controlled oxidation so you don’t get iron oxide, red rust. Generally, iron oxide doesn’t stop at the surface of the steel…..

  2. They might have done a little better if they’d held it in Republic Square. The city hall is a magnificent work of architecture, but the location has always been a total failure as a gathering place.

  3. What? But according to the anti-gunners 90% of Americans are seething with anger to pass more gun control. We are told that gun owners are the minority and this is one of the hot button issues getting voters out this next year.

    I bet the NRA and the gun lobby was behind this and suppressed people from showing up! We all know, tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands people were trying to get there!

  4. That facade is copper, not rusted steel–the architect explained that in the South copper does not weather into verdigris like it does in the North.

    (The architect was Antoine Predock, and he has built some magnificent buildings in the Southwest)

    Rusted steel is more of a Rick Joy trademark.

    • “…the architect explained that in the South copper does not weather into verdigris like it does in the North.”

      Interesting. I learned something.

    • I think that architect is misinformed. There’s a whole bunch of green-ass statues about a mile away at Umlauf that can attest to the inevitability of chemistry.

        • True, those statues are bronze. But the roof of the Texas state capitol building is copper (and it’s quite green). Unless those city hall cladding panels are treated in some way, or are some kind of special alloy, I’d lay money that they’ll be turning green soon enough.

          It might take longer to happen in the south, since we don’t use salt on the roads down here, and acid rain pollution is more common in the north. But it’s a very simple reaction that occurs as copper oxidizes, and as far as I know, the North doesn’t have more oxygen than the South. To say that the reaction won’t occur seems to fly in the face of basic chemistry and several obvious examples around town.

        • BRONZE, typically. The green crust protects against the inevitable pigeon shit. GRIN when you think about future Obama statues….

  5. LOL! Four news crew tripods, I count. One news crew for every three MDAFGSA types. Buwahahahaha! And the rest look like it’s just their kids dragged along for indoctrination.

    • Looking at this picture blown up a little, I see a group of 4 adults in the center talking, a group of 5 adults on the right talking, 1 lady at the table and 3 children. That makes 10 adult MDA members and 3 media props. I also see 3 cameras/news crews for a total of 10 members of the press.

      So, Just as many news folks covering it as people attending. Yep, fairly typical gun-control rally.

      If the media didn’t cover them like they do, America wouldn’t even know MDA exists….

  6. A great big F you to the antis. Have your rallies, its free speach. Having them on the 1 year anniversary shows people how vile your attitudes are and shows you will do anything low down to get attention. They try to show gun owners in a bad light, but its they who add nothing good to the community.

  7. Not to be outdone, CSGV were totally unhinged yesterday. They seem to have no problems with shameful events in American history like Wounded Knee, the rounding up of Americans of Japanese descent in WW2, Dred Scott decision, unconstitutional NSA monitoring of all Americans or the abuse of power by Woodrow Wilson and Barack Obama. They always defend abuse of citizens by law enforcement. To boot, CSGV members making threats against me and my family. They do have their initials right, except they should be called Center to Support Government Violence

  8. Maybe a name changes is in order.
    MDA – Mothers Don’t Accomplish.

    They’re about as popular as a limp noodle at an orgy.

    • How about MDMA? Mothers Doing Meth Amphetamine….Mothers Demanding More Action….Mothers Do Mood Altering….

    • There was a Crazed Mothers “rally” in Richmond? Crap. Missed it.

      Now I’ll have to spew at the bedroom wall, instead of them. Please to inform in the future. I live in western Henrico. Specifically, Westbury.

  9. The TV coverage of the Fargo, ND event only showed the two speakers. Apparently there were no other supporters and there was no mention in today’s local paper.

  10. The Fort Lauderdale meeting was a bust. I went there about 30 minutes after it started and didn’t see a single banner, flag, table, or Mom.

    • “They’re also asking for what they call ‘common-sense gun reform.'”

      Uh huh, because that’s the only phrase they know. Not even real sure what the definition is, but they can parrot that line all day.

      • Indeed. And on that topic, I stand firmly in favor. I too want to see common-sense gun law reform: national CCW reciprocity, ending import restrictions, repeal of various Acts of oppression from our congress on the topics of firearms, and of course elimination of the clearly failed gun-free zones.

        • Exactly! Reform the concealed weapons permit laws! Actually, reform all the gun transport laws!

          It’s effing stupid that I have to spend an hour or more carefully researching my route before I set out on a road trip, because the laws in that state might randomly be different than the laws in this state. At least with a carry permit I’m pretty much covered, because “on me” here is “on me” anywhere, except for the duty to inform, but folks without one have even more potential pitfalls. The fact that a loaded gun in my unlocked center console is perfectly legal in my state, but may be completely, thoroughly illegal just a few miles away across the state line (because they want the gun locked up, separated from the ammo, and in the trunk) is ludicrous. It defies common sense.

      • Too bad, Matt, one can’t buy Mynah Birds anymore in this country. I could teach mine to say, “Common sense gun control.” I once taught someone’s MB to say “viscosity” in a few minutes. Oddly, it would also say, “it’s beautiful here in Seattle”, though it had never been near Seattle.

        The bird also did perfect coughs and sneezes. I’d be sitting alone with it, reading, forget it was there, and I’d hear a cough or a throat-clearing. Bird.

        • They outlawed them? One of my classmates when I was a kid had two. Well, his dad did. They were pretty neat.

              • I had trouble finding the information; apparently, the Wild Bird Protection Act banned importation sometime in the mid-1980s.

                It is possible to buy domestically-bred Mynahs, however, but I bet they’re expensive now. But you can get an African Grey Parrot for about $800. They can be taught to talk, but are apparently not the eager talkers Mynahs are.

  11. Answering the age old question “What if they threw an attempted civilian disarmament and nobody came?”

    Well, now we know.

    • Yet they claim 120,000 members… Interesting, isn’t it? I am reminded of a video from Coion Noir I saw earlier this year when he pointed out that people-of-the-gun are INVESTED in their freedoms, which is more than the MDA folks can claim. I suspect the 120,000 number is some combination of facebook likes, anyone who sent them an encouraging email, re-tweets, etc.

      Oh, well.. Let them continue to rail against the gun lobby, along with the bradys and the others. They really think it’s the NRA and the “gun lobby” they have to battle. No, it is US they have to battle, and thankfully the moms and other morons are not up to the task.

      • It sounds like an impressive number, doesn’t it? But spread across 50 states, it’s 2,400 people per state. Then spread that figure across the state, and it starts to sound even thinner.

        That’s all assuming an equal national distribution, of course. In reality, there’s probably 30,000 in New York, 50,000 in California, and 40,000 for the rest of the country. So when you get to places like Austin, there are probably a few dozen members, and the ones who weren’t busy with drivin kids to soccer practice, Girl Scouts, and play dates stopped by.

  12. our city hall has a “winter wonderland” set up right in front of it right now, i think the one person in hy hometown who even knows who MDA is, probably didnt go. google search of ” (insert phoenixNFA’s town) moms demand action rally” shows the TTAG article from november at the alamo.

    nope. no one.

  13. ….imagine a very large…very strong rubber band… that has been stretched and stretched… almost to the point of breaking….but is then let go…allowing it to snap with great pressure, friction and intensity all across the land….? If the people leading this country think we are going to lie down to their intimidation, suppression and illegal activity…they had better get in a room with some better people, projections, plans and hopeful outcomes…

    They can feel their agenda falling apart…right in front of them..and when a person with power, authority and no conscience holds that kind of position….the outcomes are often very ugly… . they rally think we are going to give up The Bill of Rights?

    Fu*k Barack Obama, Bill and Hilary Clinton and the entire Bush family…convict and hang all of they and their NWO Buddies at the new National Gallows for American be constructed at ground Zero 911…built from thermite tainted steel from the imploded WTC’s…convict and hang that old bastard GHW Bush first…with his pig of a wife…then move on to his dolt of a son…who they shoved into the historic role of 911 Chump…..can you imagine a man who who set up a plan such as 911… only to know that from a historic perspective..everyone will know it was GHW Bush and Cheney who arranged for GW Bush and his henchmen to take the historical fall ?

    …what animals they are….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

    • Well, you started out strong, but boy, that last paragraph really got off into the weeds. Focus, man, focus. Deep breaths.

      • …well boys…when you have 24 years of experience as a Federally Protected Whistle-Blower…fought against the corruption all of that time….lived all over the world…and actually received a personal tour of Air Force One…when you are able to document and revel in all of the waste, wealth and decadence …perhaps you can comment on my POV…until then…kiss my ass…and BTW…yes..the story is true… and it attempts to explain what will become know as the Damaged-Baby-Boomer Generation…when you boys can claim to have gone out into the world and actually fought with these fascist, treasonous pigs…perhaps your POV will have some merit.


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  14. Hmm…I think we need a better “greatest adversary.”
    Is there any “Outlaw Bikers for Gun Control” groups we can frienemy? If I’m gonna fight, I wanna be IN a fight.

    • Yeah, it’s starting to feel like we’re picking on the slow kid at school. There’s no sport in it anymore.

      I suspect this one-year Sandy Hook anniversary will mark the last hurrah of MDA. The media will move on now, and the group will slowly wither and rot, like a pumpkin left on a porch after Halloween.

  15. How many MDA members does it take to change a light bulb? Trick question MDA members can’t change anything.

  16. Careful. Apparently actually reporting facts is bullying now.

    On that note, I kinda wonder how long it’ll take them slap a libel suit against dissenting voices….

    • I am still waiting to get arrested for my “illegal” act of publishing Shannon’s home address . . . . not my fault she registered her “non profit” there. 🙂

        • It really was. I’m not even particularly interested in telling you my real name, much less my address, and I’m just some asshole on a website. She registered an entire nationwide non-profit, with a very vociferous message on a very contentious subject, at her home? When those records are publicly, even obviously accessible? You can’t hold anyone responsible for the fallout of that but yourself.

        • even more ironic is that Shannon used PO Box addresses for the other “incorporators” for the non-profit:

          Registered Agent(name, address, city , state , zip):
          ZIONSVILLE , IN 46077

          Principals(name, address, city, state, zip – when provided)
          PO BOX
          LOS ALTOS , CA 94024

          ZIONSVILLE , IN 46077

          Kimberly Brunner Samek
          PO 347
          Zionsville , IN 46077

          Sara Smirin
          PO 347
          Zionsville , IN 46077

      • Dirk that was a really scummy thing to do, copying and pasting a publicly filed operating address for a non-profit corporation whose dealings are effectively ALL public, right down to financial statements…..kudos man 🙂

        • I wish I could say it was some brilliant research on my part . . . . nope, Google search for MDA gives news hits about Shannon (she loves the attention) and her being “a stay at home mom in suburban Indianapolis”. Further news stories talk about how she quickly (key word) formed her non-profit. another quick Google search for Indiana Corporations website and voila. . . . . not that hard

          Of course, if her husband John would just learn to stop getting so many damn speeding tickets. . . . . 🙂

        • Further news stories talk about how she quickly (key word) formed her non-profit cynically pounced on a lucrative opportunity for self-promotion.

          Fixed it for ya, Dirk.

  17. There’s really no point doing counter protests on these things, the moms will get bored and leave once they realize they aren’t getting any attention. Us being there just gives them a target for their misguided hate brought about by their self inflicted impotence they want to impose on others.

  18. Looks like a good place to show up wearing an Obama pin stuck on a tie dye shirt, lament the horrors of “gun violence” and the glories of Obama and pick up a horny MILF for the afternoon. In other words, do to her what she is doing to the Bill of Rights.

  19. MDA screwed up and scheduled their protest at the same time as the Xmas sale at the Designer Shoe Warehouse.

    Even demanding moms have priorities.

  20. I didnt go but one small paper claims about 70 attended the Durham, NH one.

    Nothing about it in any of the big state papers or on the one state TV news channel.

    Where it was located it likely drew from the cities on the Southern border that are essentially just Masshole overflow.

    • Or they dutifully counted every passerby who paused briefly to see if they could figure out what was going on as an “attendee” at the rally.

    • Typical leftist projection. It is second amendment supporters who are routinely silenced, while those promoting citizen disarmament are given big platforms and the attention of the media.

      As usual, their claim is 180 degrees out of phase.

      What ad did the NFL turn down? Hint, it was not the anti-freedom ads in the last two superbowls.

  21. MDA announced today that they’ve been pleased with the turnout at all of their protests as it shows their popularity is becoming more selective

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