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Notice the word “probably.” Then note the source of this quote: UCLA Law Professor Adam Winkler [above]. And here’s the coupe de grace: Winkler’s qualified pronouncement appears in The Huffington Post. That would be the left-leaning website that spent the early part of the ATF’s Gunwalker scandal ignoring it. And then prevaricated on behalf of the ATF, claiming the Agency was guilty of nothing more than over-exuberance caused by a lack of funding (despite the extra funding that funded the anti-gun running gun running operation). And now the HuffPo’s legal eagle is raising the red flag in an article entitled Obama’s Growing Gun Problem. So it’s official: Obama’s in deep shit. Oh, and about that “probably” . . .

The Gunwalker coverup is NOT worse than the crime. Operation Fast and Furious armed Mexican narco-terrorists who used ATF-enabled weapons to murder U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. And, it seems, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jaime Zapata. And, for sure, dozens if not hundreds of Mexicans.

This isn’t Watergate. It’s much worse than that. No one died bugging the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Operation Fast and Furious is drenched in blood.

What’s more, the aforementioned ATF conspiracy is part of a wider effort to arm drug thugs. The United States government has been aiding and abetting Mexican narco-terrorists for at least a decade. Uncle Sam has sanctioned hundreds of millions of dollars of American arms sales to the Mexican military and law enforcement—knowing full well that U.S. guns and grenades have been “seeping” to Mexican drug cartels.

More to the point, Operation Fast and Furious would not have been possible without the direct cooperation and informed consent of the DOJ, ICE, FBI, CIA, DEA, DHS, State Department and White House.

Anyone who believes that the all the President’s men didn’t know that American guns were flowing to Mexican drug cartels via the ATF and official sales must then conclude that the Obama administration was wholly incompetent. As an NRA email blast put it this morning, either DOJ jefe Eric Holder lied to Congress about his knowledge of Fast and Furious or he’s a nincompoop [paraphrasing].

Even the liberal media is beginning to get it, with a growing inkling of what’s at stake. Truth be told, the Gunwalker scandal could bring down the President of the United States. That distant vision has the late-to-the-party (that they didn’t want to attend in the first place) MSM spooked. And rightly so. Winkler:

The administration should waste no time and come clean about what happened, who approved it, and how it can be avoided again.

This the Obama administration cannot do. To “come clean” on Gunwalker would be to admit that the White House—including the President himself—approved a program that knowingly armed narco-terrorists. A criminal conspiracy that contributed to the death of an American Marine. And that would lead to even less palatable revelations, including the ones mooted above.

Winkler’s naiveté is no surprise. The law guru and his media cohorts live a long way from the Mexican border. More importantly, they haven’t been paying attention to the man behind the curtain.

Blinded by Obama’s promises and rhetoric, the MSM has singularly failed to understand the ruthlessness of his ambition, and the pusillanimous perfidy of those who helped elevate him to the highest office in the land. They’re beginning to wake-up and BOY are they grumpy.

Obama took office promising unparalleled transparency, yet top officials have been anything but with regard to Fast and Furious. Instead of addressing the questions head on, which might end the controversy quickly, the administration is guaranteeing that the investigation will drag on and on. Soon it will develop into a full-blown political scandal and Obama will wish that instead of ignoring this controversy, he’d dealt with it fast and furious.

As greater thinkers than I have asserted, the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine. In fact, those of us who believe ours is a nation of laws may one day thank the ATF for its hubris. Gunwalker is the first crack in the corrupt foundation of the current executive branch. By no means will it be the last.

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  1. “Anyone who believes that the all the President’s men didn’t know American guns were flowing from the U.S. to Mexican drug cartels must then believe that the Obama administration was wholly incompetent.”

    Judging by the way the administration has handled the economy and the recent contretemps in the Senate and House, I’d say yes, for the most part they are incompetent.

    “either DOJ jefe Eric Holder lied to Congress about his knowledge of Fast and Furious or he’s a nincompoop”

    The two are not mutually exclusive. I believe that Holder is both a liar and a nincompoop.

    At the end of the day, POTUS skates. Holder might be offered up as a human sacrifice, but I doubt it. Both are Teflon. POTUS could bugger a goat and Arianna Huffington seriatim on the White House lawn and Chris Matthews would still feel that tingling up and down his leg. The whole snakepit full of male media morons has a massive man-crush on POTUS, and it ain’t going away.

  2. I was thinking of you as I wrote this Ralph. I understand and appreciate your grasp of realpolitik. You may indeed be right.

    I read something today that gave me heart. The Garden of Beasts chronicles pre-WWII Berlin. It describes Nazi indignation at a mock trial of Hitler in New York City. Despite the American diplomatic corps’ anti-semitism, they eventually told the German government that American citizens have freedom of speech. Deal with it.

    Truth will out? Justice will out? From my keyboard to God’s ears. And Congressman Issa and Senator Grassley, while we’re at it.

  3. Robert:

    The normally supportive MSM will crack not because they want to get the truth out. They will let the truth out because the brighter Party elements know that Obama must not be the nominee next year. Telling the truth is the only way to get rid of the disaster in the White House. Time for an intra-party Coup.

  4. “[T]he White House—including the President himself—approved a program that armed viscous (sic) criminals.”

    Why does Robert Farago continue to substitute “viscous” for “vicious” when he writes about Mexican drug cartels? Is this a Freudian slip? Are Mexicans “greasers” in his mind? This flaws an otherwise fine article. :^(

  5. Our culture places more value on being photogenic than on the truth and is more concerned with closing ranks with one’s chosen affiliation (in this case Democrat or Republican) than with true justice.

    I think Obama will make it through this…even if there was video footage of Obama and Holder pinky swearing to keep Fast and Furious a secret!

    • Since his approval ratings have been hanging out on the sub 50’s, is it ok to mention that “Barack Obama is an Adonis like figure of breathtaking handsomeness” was yet another, hollow, media meme? I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but, I always thought he looks downright odd.

  6. Unfortunately, “mainstream” media as well as Fox has all but forgotten this story. Economic news will now prevail driving this quagmire deeper and deeper into the forgetful minds of the media outlets and the general public. Bravo for continuing to air this out.

  7. What keeps burning me up on this issue, not only with the MSM but 2nd sites/blogs etc. Is that nobody is consistent with hammering home, that this whole program was set up with the sole purpose of attacking the 2nd amendment here at home.

    This administration and the alphabet agencies sole purpose for this criminal act, was to aid and abet in the mayhem South of the border, so they could justify more restrictions on firearms North of the border.

    Yet this whole theme, consistently doesn’t get mentioned or pushed by any side of the argument!

    • “this whole program was set up with the sole purpose of attacking the 2nd amendment”

      Could be, but I’m leaning against that as the reason. I think that was just a juicy side-effect. I think that the main purpose was to smuggle arms to street level Sinaloas and every other anti-Zeta gang.

      The Sinaloas and their ilk are just thugs, like Pablo Escobar and his ilk. We know what happened to Pablo. But the Zetas are military. They have an organizational structure second to none, friends in high places, a command and communication structure and military weapons. Lots of military weapons.

      There’s a potential coup brewing in Mexico, and we don’t want that. So we fight the war against the Zetas through proxies, like the Sinaloas. We arm them in every way we can, like F&F and the State Department’s direct buy program. The direct buy program leaves a paper trail. F&F did not. At least until some Agents went rogue and spilled to two blogger-heroes who turned this shadowy program into a real story.

  8. Here is the rub:

    “The United States government has been aiding and abetting Mexican narco-terrorists for at least a decade.”

    If true, then the problem started before the current crop of politicians. No, this is not a blame Bush post. If Obama could blame Bush, he would have long ago.. So what is going on?

    Sloooowwww response. First Instalanche?

    • “The United States government has been aiding and abetting Mexican narco-terrorists for at least a decade.”

      How do you know this? Gunrunner existed during the Bush administration, but by all accounts it was doing its legitimate intended purpose under Bush — identifying and interdicting illegal gun sales. Fast and Furious began in 2009 — under the Obama administration.

      It looks more like the Obama administration corrupted a gun-tracking program and turned it into a gun-selling program. Be very careful in accusing the Bush administration of being involved in this scandal unless you have specific evidence.

      Now we are hearing rumors that the Obama administration was green-lighting cocaine shipments from Mexico into the United States from the same gangs that were receiving the Fast and Furious weapons. That would be entirely too much of a coincidence. The gangs got the guns, the drugs entered the United States.

      Who got the money?

      Bigger scandal than anyone thinks.

  9. Three months after Barack Obama was sworn in, he made the erroneous statement that 90% of the guns recovered in Mexico were being traced back to the US. This was an outright lie.

    Next, Operation Fast and Furious was set into motion and DOJ officials began pressuring ATF for anecdotal evidence that would shore up Obama’s lie and get the statistical ball rolling for a new round of gun control laws.

    Then the guns that Obam’s Dept. of Justice insisted be allowed to cross the border were used to murder people. One of those people was US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. To put it in terms that even Lawrence O’Donnell can understand, OBAMA LIED PEOPLE DIED.

  10. There is no naiveté in what Winkler is doing. This is merely part of a controlled, limited effort to contain the scandal. It gives the appearance of a slow and steady drumbeat, one that might spread and rise into a full blown investigation, but it is nothing of that sort.

    It is simply a vehicle with which Winkler, and his cohorts, can say, with the requisite degree of honesty ‘we’ve already addressed this, now can we please move on.

  11. Poster: “This administration and the alphabet agencies sole purpose for this criminal act, was to aid and abet in the mayhem South of the border, so they could justify more restrictions on firearms North of the border.”

    I believe this is exactly what this operation was intended to accomplish. At some level, someone exercised authority to approve and give ongoing budgetary and operational support over a period of months. I would consider it a form of treason for a high member of the Executive branch to attempt to diminish the effect of one of the key amendments contained in the Bill of Rights by any means. This is totally apart from the unintended consequence of contributing to the deaths of at least one American. This is not only a violation of the oath of office that someone like the Attorney General would have to take, but it is a egregious affront to it.

  12. Poster: ““The United States government has been aiding and abetting Mexican narco-terrorists for at least a decade.”

    Trafficker Claims Gov. Allowed Sinaloa Cartel to Bring Drugs into U.S.

    It is being reported that the federal government may have allowed tons of cocaine into the United States in exchange for information on rivals of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

    Wednesday, federal courts in Illinois held a status hearing in which they ordered the government to respond to accusations made by Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, who is facing drug trafficking charges in Chicago. He claims agents allowed him – the Sinaloa Cartel – to bring drugs into the U.S. for five years while he was giving them information on rival drug cartels.

    Zambada-Niebla is the son of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada Garcia, one of the Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization’s top leaders.

    He himself has served as the Sinaloa cartel’s “logistical coordinator,” assisting in the importing of cocaine into the U.S.

    These recent accusation only serve to confirm what many in both countries have long believed: Officials in both the U.S. and Mexican governments are working with the Sinaloa cartel in hopes of gaining information on their competitors…


  13. So we have the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, etc. (BATFE) shipping guns to be used by Mexican drug gangs. Recent El Paso Times reports suggest the drug gangs themselves may be working under the aegis of the Drug Enforcement Administration to ship cocaine across the border. So you have one agency arming the allies of another agency to supply drugs to street vendors in the U.S. (who themselves are quite possibly undercover informants for various federally-funded local narcotics task forces).

    Is anyone else starting to get nightmares that all the dopers, terrorists, sex slavers, pedophiles, mobsters, etc., are one interconnected web of federal undercover operations, all aimed at nailing some Wizard of Oz mastermind at the top? Are there no ordinary decent criminals anymore?

  14. Let’s see. Selling guns to straw men. Felony. Moving guns into a foreign country without the legal niceties. Felony. Obstruction of justice. Felony. Lying to a federal agent. Felony. Conspiracy to commit all of the above. Felony. Accessory, before and after the fact, to murder of a federal agent. Felony. And finally, RICO. Felony. So when are the Marxist mobsters going to be indicted?

    I mean, it’s not like they were selling raw milk.

  15. I’m afraid some of the blowback will taint the Bush administration as well, but that won’t save Obama. He ramped it all up when he took office, in service to an ideology that included disarming the American public, just like he ramped up the staggering-drunk spending. The sooner we’re rid of him and his flying monkeys, the better off we’ll be, and perhaps we should thank him for being such an incompetent buffoon.

  16. The house should start the ball going to get him out of office and now! He is guilty of many things but the biggest crime is against the American people!

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