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You can’t fix stupid. Don’t get me wrong: I agree with Kenneth Francis. The federal government has no business banning criminals who’ve served their time from purchasing a firearm. If someone’s too dangerous to own a gun, they should be behind bars. But honestly, did Mr. Francis really think that his offer to buy a gun for anyone with a state ID wouldn’t attract the attention of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (And Really Big Fires)? If so he was wrong, as reports . . .

“I’m getting sick and tired of all this crap that’s going on,” Kenneth Francis says on a video he uploaded in December titled “Need Help Getting a Gun?” [above]

“It’s really starting to piss me off, so if you have a felony or whatever, contact me,” he said . . .

9Wants to Know learned ATF agents conducted an undercover buy with Francis, who bought guns at two sporting goods stores in the Denver area last month.

Court records show Francis has been indicted for making a false statement to a firearms dealer and for unlawful disposition of a firearm.

Francis could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Mr. Francis does indeed face a ten year stretch in prison — and the permanent loss of his gun rights. Something tells me it’s something he wanted. Equally, how long before YouTube takes down the video?

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  1. It’s one thing to deny the government’s right to do what it does and an entirely different thing to deny it’s ability to do what it does.

    • I’m confused by what you’re getting at.

      Other than that, I don’t think that governments have rights.

      • He’s saying the guys in uniforms with guns that build metal cages can do whatever they say they can do even if it’s not right.

        • And will continue to do so and become more and more extreme until chased from Concord allllll the way back to Boston…

      • Mr. Francis doesn’t believe that felons should be denied their rights to self defense, and I agree. However, I have enough sense not to openly defy federal authorities publicly. What he did was just plain dumb, unless he planned on becoming a martyr. And I don’t see how his arrest, trial and incarceration is going to generate the publicity that would make him an effective martyr. Just because you don’t believe that a bear has the right to eat you doesn’t mean that you go up to it an start poking it with a stick.

    • I have to take the devil’s advocate side in this but..Not that this means anything in parti / people with a criminal background owning guns
      I do not believe the people who have committed violent felonies should be allowed to own guns even after they have served their time. That is not to say that some of them have not been fully rehabilitated but there are consequences for the choices we make and many of those even in our daily lives go far beyond the immediate ramifications of what we have done.
      To say that anyone who is not qualified to own a gun should be in prison is also a rather blanket and comes across is an ignorant statement to say the least. Think about what that would mean and see if you really believe this statement!
      I have a family member let was involved in a non violent felony in the we do not see each other on a regular basis I do not believe that because she is banned from owning a gun she should be in prison. Do I believe that her right to own a gun has been justified we restricted yes as again that falls back to the choices we make in life and the ongoing consequences that may be a part of them. I have suffered some of these as well by being stupid as some would say but fortunately my right to carry a gun has not been one of the effects of those decisions although in some circumstances that would have been a minor one.
      In closing, or prison system is not very good at fully rehabilitating our long-term prisoner. those that have a track record of time after getting out of prison proving that they have been rehabilitated should be taken on an individual basis and yes at that point should be allowed to own guns whether this would be a period off years or months I cannot say with any degree of

      • How in the heck is it still possible to believe one can “prove one has been rehabilitated?” Or that Government discretion wrt who should and should not be allowed to buy dried plums and/or guns is not simply a carte blanche for the Government to disarm people and take their plums away? The government decides what is, and is not a “felony.” Ergo, they decide who is, and is not, a felon.

        The whole silly “Rule of law” worship that seems so fashionable in RINO circles, is entirely meaningless, UNLESS combined with a very limited and almost entirely fixed set of laws. Limited as in, well understood and agreed upon, by an almost 100% unanimous population. Think 10 Commandments. And then stop trying to “think” further.

        Once any sleazebag can come up with new “laws” at their discretion, “rule of law” resolves to nothing more than simple “rule of lawyers.” And hence, rule of those who get to choose who can be lawyers. As in, Rle of Tyrants.

        One of the reasons the Old West kinda sorta worked, was that there simply wasn’t resources to punish people by much in the way of other means. than simply hanging them. Which, while perhaps a bit stark, did have the very, very positive effect of limiting “crimes” to things that were actually bad. As in, bad enough to hang someone for. Instead of dreaming up all manners of “felonies,” to aid in manufacturing “felons” by the millions, simply to have more hobgoblins to scare the drones with come next election.

        IOW, rule of thumb (at least for those with civilized aspirations): Take someone’s gun away AFTER he has hung for long enough to be certified dead. Otherwise, eff off, and leave people alone.

  2. There’s something compelling about watching someone poke a bear in the wild with a stick. It’s like seeing a car accident develop in the road in front of you. You just know it’s not going to end well, but damned if you can’t look away.

    Yeah, in most cases I’d agree with him on the felon in possession and I think that’s an area where some good legislative work is due. As there are more and more millions of people with felony convictions for non-violent crimes, I think the time is now to address this. Not sure how much his case will advance the cause or how much he will help that being in prison.

    So, I come down on the side of (mostly) right in principle, totally wrong in practice. The big old bear is going to swat you if you poke it enough. Just the way it is.

    • I think it’s one thing to poke the bear, it’s another thing to do so knowing good and well that the bear has the ability to catch you and most likely will.

      • In this case, it went further than poking the bear… He opened it’s mouth, stuck his head inside, and kicked it in the groin.

        Now, I don’t believe that anyone who is not surrounded by guards and bars should be told they cannot be armed, but the law is what it is. Work towards getting the laws changed. I don’t believe the laws against machine guns should exist(sounds an awful lot like infringing on a right to me), but I’m not about to go and break the law to get a machine gun. I’ll work to get the laws changed.

        • Indeed. And avoids the nasty bite and claw marks. Of course, it being a free country (mostly), if someone chooses to break the law, do it, just don’t whine when the hammer comes down. Which is why I am a genuinely sweet guy when I get stopped for speeding. I was. Write me up and have a nice day, officer.

  3. Between YT. FB, and World Star alone there is enough fresh illegality recorded and uploaded daily to keep the feds busy for months.

    I do not understand the utter stupidity of not only recording yourself doing something illegal, but then putting up for the world to see. And to be used against you at trial. The whole thinking-you’re-magically-out-of-danger- while-you-record is another.

  4. ” If someone’s too dangerous to own a gun, they should be behind bars.”

    This is a cop out, pure and simple.

    • No it isn’t.

      You commit a crime and you do your time. The only reason to deny someone their liberty is to prevent harm to others. There is no such thing as restitution or rehabilitation via the prison system.

      A person should only be denied their freedom if they are a danger to others. If they are not a danger to others, they should remain free.

      That’s the reason you don’t go to jail for a speeding ticket, and why potheads should not be in prison.

      Guys like Bernie Madoff are no physical threat to anyone. It would have been far better for Bernie to work his remaining days repaying the people he defrauded.

      • “The only reason to deny someone their liberty is to prevent harm to others. There is no such thing as restitution or rehabilitation via the prison system.”

        There’s this thing you may have heard of, it’s called PUNISHMENT.

        And Madoff should have been let free to work?

        Back a few centuries, men who cheated in the marketplace WERE IMPALED.

        If you have so little self control as to commit a violent felony, I agree, there is little rehab in prison, and along with a lifetime punishment of losing your right to firearms, ANYONE WITH A BRAIN DOESN’T WANT HARDENED CRIMINALS GIVEN LEGAL ACCESS TO GUNS.

        (let me guess, you ‘re a an open borders libertarian, right?)

      • “That’s the reason you don’t go to jail for a speeding ticket, and why potheads should not be in prison.”

        Uhh, you can most certainly be thrown in jail for a speeding ticket…

        A mere 20mph over the speed limit (or 80mph) is wreckless driving in Virginia and is, at minimum, a class 1 misdemeanor. Anything over that and it’s the discretion of the officer if they impound your car and throw you in jail.

        This guy did 93 in a 55 and spent 3 days in jail

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with it in the least. And potheads don’t belong in prison either.

    • The Second Amendment does not provide any criteria regarding people who “are too dangerous to own a gun” and so may not avail themselves of the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

      The basic concept behind the amendment is that there will always be more good guys than bad guys and that since everyone has the right to keep and bear arms then the Bad Guys will be outgunned whenever they appear. (Reference almost every TV and Movie western ever filmed.)

      We’re back to the “poking the bear” metaphor – if good guys are armed and dangerous and the Bad Guys know it then they will discover some other hobby than poking at people who can shoot back.

  5. Convicted of doing violence using a gun against innocents in the past? Your actions show you have the mental process within to use a gun for wrong, so you loose your right to gun ownership forever – certainly still permitted to self defense, but it will be with a baseball bat, knife, spear, muzzleloader (all of which have been noted here as “just as deadly”). You take up arms against the country, you could loose your citizenship as well – rights are not absolute.
    Never use a gun as a tool for inflicting fear and pain on others? Sure, you should get your gun back when scentence is up.
    Society needs personal responsibility for our actions and choices, or chaos ensues.

  6. Yeah I don’t feel bad for this guy at all. Felons rights have been stripped by due process and is a part of their punishment. This isn’t exactly the injustice of the century. I agree that non violent felons should have their rights restored, to include voting rights, once they complete their term, but really this is a stupid protest. I think your right and deep down inside this guy wanted to be punished.

  7. If this blog congregates those of us that wish to protect our rights and those of our fellow man, then the sheer amount of authoritarian doublespeak in these comments make me doubt that we will ever be free.

    • Is there such a thing as paying for your crimes, or are you to be a helpless victim of authoritarians for the remainder of your days?

    • This is also a clear indictment of (unconstitutional) background checks since he obviously passed them with flying colors or he would not have been able to do what he did in the first place.

  8. This may have made sense as part of a strategy to challenge the ban on firearms to felons, on transfer laws, etc.

    IF- prior to doing so you had arranged the backing of the lawyers/groups to fight this through the courts. You have to find someone willing to do this because in the vast majority of cases, you can’t challenge a law until someone has been charged under it.

    But posting a youtube video with no backing or strategy is just moronic.

  9. So, this guy not only took off his shoes, grabbed a really short stick which he didn’t even sharpen and decided to walk into the bear’s den and poke it repeatedly until it woke up.

    Let me guess, he is stunned & shocked that he is in jail and thinks its unjust about the rights the government doesn’t have.

    Water doesn’t conduct electricity either. And you can say that all you want while you are in it getting shocked. Just remember though – its the impurities that killed you. That makes it SO MUCH BETTER.

    • water actually doesn’t conduct electricity. In it’s pure form, water is a good insulator. It’s the impurities commonly found in water that do the conducting.

  10. Generally correct in principle (as far as libertarianism goes) but horribly flawed in execution.

    Harriet Tubman did not publicly announce her underground railroad.

  11. Well DUH. I HAVE been approached by questionable characters at the gym to procure firearms. Just say no…

  12. If someone’s too dangerous to own a gun, they should be behind bars.

    I agree. Violent criminals should be locked up forever or killed. But not armed.

  13. you have a right too choose Dumb or Not! When was the no felon with guns laws passed and why? was it rescission too violent ways! its tough when everything done wrong is a Felony! Veterans getting stripped of their rights for seeking help for PTSD or people on Social Security! although does not apply too welfare people! don,t see the ATF busting these people {basically the ATF picks easy targets like in WACO, or Ruby Ridge! I wonder if the first amendment can play a role in this because as far as we know it is a set up involving a mentally challenged thinking impaired individual!

  14. The stupidity displayed by so many narcissist criminals who tweet and make videos is so disturbing that I want to isolate myself from society and live in a secluded cabin with a faithful german shepherd.

  15. TTAG prides itself on being inclusive so I’m surprised at the hate shown to this homosexual prostitute–no, seriously, he bills himself on his website as a massage therapist, but it’s LGBT code. He was probably helping other gay people get guns. One way or another, he will get off.

    • Code? what code? he advertises $400 a night, provide your own lube, and under “extra services” says if you finish early he can provide extra massage to run out the clock……
      He also states what he does is illegal so he cannot specify on the site but will tell you over the phone….

      Like scratching your ass in public but thinking nobody knows because they cant see your hand through your pants……

    • Helping other gay people get guns? You know being gay doesn’t disqualify you from owning a gun right?

  16. This felon, BATFE Special Agent Gordon T. Geerdes, yes, the same guy who initiated the Ares Armor fiasco (yes, I have read the entire case), according to the “Rule of Law”, committed several Federal and State felonies due to his over zealous confidence in his informant, and his ineptness at organizing an “Operation”, has never spent a day behind bars. Whereas, the guy in this video…

    …already has. A perfect illustration of the level of corruption on the other side of the “Thin Blue Line”, and the “Good Ole Boy” networking of the CRIMINAL, Just-Us, “System”.

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