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This is what anti-gun Astroturf looks like. And what it sounds like. Imagine what the Senators are thinking as Moms Demand Disarmament for America members proclaim their opposition to open carry, using “reasoning” that stretched the imagination to the breaking point. The “activists” read from the same script, over and over. What was that about The Big Lie?

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  1. Only took me ten seconds of watching them read the script before I decided not to waste any more of my time.

    • Yeah, laugh…

      I pulled the video up on u-tube, reached for my headset and thought ‘what are you thinking trying to spoil a perfectly good browse session and a cup of coffee?’

      Headset is still untouched and the u-tube window went bye-bye.

      Same ol’ blather no doubt; have it mostly memorized. All the usual verbal diarrhea spouted by another blindly obtuse and willingly oblivious nose led “Moms” bimbo.

      ‘Nuff said.

      • You missed the fun. It was a *dozen* paid bimbos, reading the exact same lines, one after the other, like nobody will notice. It was as though they thought they were auditioning for something.

  2. MDA guidance for TX hearings:

    1. Always mention you are from Texas Gunsense, not MDA or Everytown… Association with Mikey doesn’t play well in the Lone Star State.

    2. Read from talking points…even when it’s apparent to the committee that the national organization is several days behind on current events in the chamber.

    3. Associate open carry and campus carry with completely unrelated criminal events like a fight between bikers and police.

    4. Cite studies, facts and polls that are irrelevant, questionable or just plain false at will.

    5. Overinflate membership and followers.

    6. Perpetuate false assumptions, bad information and bogus arguments.

    7. Always remain emotional, and remember there are no consequences for your actions.

    • Maybe they should have cried. That seems to be a common backup plan when attempts at reasoned rhetoric fail.

    • I forgot…

      8. Identify at least 2-3 “moms” to declare that they support the 2nd amendment and the right to bear arms. At least one needs to stress she is gun owner or CHL.

  3. Special interest groups and PAC’s have made it regular practice to hire actors to attend hearings and protests and speak on their behalf. It’s all one big sell out.
    Astroturf plays for the cameras and the politicians love it for various reasons. The logical conclusion of this practice is an astroturf nation run by an astroturf government. There really is no way to stop it. As voters grow more apathetic and disenfranchised paid-for policies and legislation will gain more and more ground.

    • If these women are actors they need to find another line of work. Their performance was terrible. Repeating the same lines over and over with different people must drive the legislators crazy. Would make me vote against anything they are for and visa versa. Stupid and boring tactics which is good for our side.

  4. Imagine if somebody infiltrated this group, took their two minutes and decided not to read from the script and instead spoke to the truth….

    • Challenge Accepted! They do it to us by pretending to be gun owners, pretending to be CHL holders… They usurp our name with lies… He who stoops the lowest, wins.

    • Hey, I’m willing, except I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to pull off that “infiltrate” shit, besides being an OFWG (which may give me away by itself), I cannot imagine being able to keep a straight face while trying to pretend they’re not morons. And who knows, one might be smart enough to recognize my SneakyPete, possibly causing mass hysteria. Does sound like fun, tho! I think RF lives closer to the capitol than I do, though.

  5. Do you suppose they fancy themselves so sly that no one will notice they are all reading from a single script, not one of them has an actual thought in her head?

    • These “Moms” spokes females may not even recognize that they lack any substantive knowledge and insight, given their indoctrinated, emotion driven tunnel vision.

    • They just leave the “script” up on the podium to avoid copying a bunch of paper to hand out. they can paraid more through that way.

      I have a few holsters to pick from just for Jan 1st. I hope to pass by a few Mad Moms at Kroger after the first of the year.

  6. Again I am still waiting for someone to point out to these demanding mouth breathers that Twin Peaks is posted 51% so their open carry argument holds no water and that a bunch of violent criminals carried into the restaurant anyways in spite of the “no guns” (51%) sign that carries force of law that made their actions a felony before lead even started flying.

    • First, facts have no place is this.

      Second, the script writers in NY or DC aren’t familiar with TX laws.

    • Twin Peaks is not posted 51%… TABC’s website showed that location had a blue sign before they pulled the license info down. A red sign indicates it’s 51%. No Twin Peaks in the state is 51%.

  7. Do you suppose they fancy themselves so sly that no one will notice they are all reading from a single script, not one of them has an actual thought in her head?

  8. I am sure no one noticed I said the same thing as LarryinTX

    same thing applies to the people giving testimony right?

  9. Sorry ladies looks like all that respect you thought you got was really just patronizing by a legislative body that recognized you for the WHORES you are bought and paid for with bloombergs money.
    Looks like ladies( and I ise that term sparingly) the “extreme elements” this law panders too have won the day again.
    And all Ill have to say to you all and the biggest bought and paid for asttoturfing publicity pimp your little version of Himler, Shannon is ,,,,, Na Na Na Boo Boo!

  10. “As voters grow more apathetic and disenfranchised paid-for policies and legislation will gain more and more ground.”

    The apathetic and disenfranchised tend to not vote.

    This is the double-edged sword that is working equally (if not more) against them.

    I’m convinced Hollywood is one of our best allies (to their chagrin) in the battle for the hearts and minds of our youth.

    Hollywood very rarely portrays guns as evil in their own right. They are nothing more than (very effective) tools.

    The weak can defend themselves with them and exact retribution on those that prey on them.

    Every action-adventure movie where good triumphs over evil is a recruitment tool for us.

    The youth aren’t stupid. The antis are oblivious to this stark reality.

    Hollywood, keep on doing exactly what you’re doing.


    One of your biggest fans.

  11. Do you suppose they fancy themselves so sly that no one will notice they are all reading from a single script, narry a one of them has an actual thought in her head?

    /props to LarryinTx and Higgs/

  12. What I heard was “Hi, I’m blah, blah, yadda, yadda, blah, blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda. Thank you”

  13. Every one of you should be ashamed. All of those women and men are Mothers and as such they can say anything, no matter how stupid and you should believe it. Why? Because they’re Moms and they don’t like guns!

    • An article in one of the NRA publications (I think) called Bloomberg out on this tactic. The writer called it momwashing.

      There was an accompanying illustration that showed Shannon Watts’ photo with a paper-doll cutout of an apron and pearls superimposed over it.

      MDA immediately accused the writer of misogyny. But they neglected to mention that MDA members had shown up at a staged 10-person “rally” wearing pearls and aprons for the camera. And they also feature dads in barbecue aprons around July 4th and other summer holidays.

      Sorry, Bloomberg, I’m calling you out on your shameless attempt to co-opt American iconography for your disarmament agenda.

  14. The reading and speaking ability of the “college professor” is astoundingly bad for what her job description undoubtedly call for.

  15. That continuous droning was painful. Thankfully there’s relief at the end, if you can stomach it for that long.

  16. Would it be insensitive to ask whether any of these ladies actually thinks for herself?

    • @ Brethren Armament

      Classic example of stupid kids growing up to be stupid adults.

  17. Sickening. These mindless drones made my stomach churn. I am, however, very impressed with the leadership for O.C.T. and their powerful, persuasive arguments.

  18. Did anyone really believe that there were more than one or two gun control supporters, who are able to think and speak independently? “Mommy state protect me” is not the position of great minds

  19. What a humiliation. If I was asked to speak and given a script for that sort of venue, I would recognize and appreciate the subject, then convey it in my thoughts and words, not like a brainless robotic drone. Albeit we all know everyone at MDA ARE brainless robotic drones, they could make the minimalist effort not to appear as one.
    The astonishing part, NONE of these bimbos from MDA saw fit to go beyond my point and MDA chose to deliver the message in a devastatingly transparent and unprofessional manner.

  20. An unarmed mother is betraying her children in the worst way imaginable. A Father has a duty to divorce that trash and find a real woman that will make an effort to protect them.

    Do you really want a woman who would just stand idly by and watch YOUR children be slaughtered? Is that what you want for the mother of your children? Do your potential, or existing, offspring not deserve a mother that actually gives a damn instead?

    Be a man.

  21. Before we get too busy ridiculing Moms Demanding Disarmament, we should consider that **they are about to beat us on both of these bills in Texas if we don’t act now.**

    SOS! Campus and Open Carry are in danger! See below to find out how you can help, and spread the word! Only one week left!

  22. Suggestion – the juxtaposition of the coached talking points of the MDA sockpuppets,
    and the LATimes article about Isla Harbor, reminds me of an idea I’ve floated here in past.

    TTAG has some of the very best archived factual information under the FACTS ABOUT GUNS tab, and some of the best writers and articles on gun culture on the innertubz, and references to much more.

    Its pretty obvious there is a coordinated under-the-radar Fed.Gov gun control campaign underway, that is working together with various rich billionaires who have ego needs and political ambitions-

    Bloomberg spending $50Million to establish a gun statistics department of public health at John Hopkins, Joyce Foundation endowing Dr Wintermute at UC Davis, calls for CDC gun studies by the new Surgeon General Drs for Obama Murthy, and CDCs own Director, former Bloomberg Soda Czar saying same.

    Billionaires Gates, Balmer, Hanauer and the Steyers twins giving money for faux citizen signature collections and propaganda for State Propositions for UBC, and the whole sneaky smart gun thing…

    And the same fake meme and fact generating machine of the Talking Points Media, Vox-splainers, Puff-ho’ing, Politico, Media Matters echo chambers and the bogus fact checkers at Politifact, WAPO, and elsewhere. Hey, Bloomberg even has naive Journolistas going to his anti-gun propaganda writing seminars, courtesy of Dart School of Journalism.

    Here is my point- if we the POTG dont spread the word, into the blogosphere and online media via comments linked to facts, with tweets linked to facts, then those facts are useless in the face of the deliberate spreading of false facts, and memes that take on their own truth given enough repetition.

    What if TTAG took MDAs tactic- have a one or two sentence talking point set up for one of the couple dozen of typical popular beliefs, or lies, (good guys with guns dont stop bad guys, the data proves it…S. Watts on CNN New Day show, 2014) with a link back to TTAG, where that FACTS about GUNS national poll, validated unbiased survey, scientfically vetted statistical study or academic paper, is foot noted under the meme.

    Then readers here, and elsewhere could drop in on that landing page, cut and paste the quote, link, and link back to TTAG that will draw the eyeballs of the interested independent thinker that sees it in the tweet, the comment, the Facebook post, and comes back to verify the source, with the independent data.

    See, the left lies- thats all they can do, and its why they are getting more and more desperate and more hysterical in their claims. The independent thinkers get that, in particular the savvy Millenials who have been pitched from the internet since babies, and who are burned by the false promises of Hopey Changey.

    What we 2A rights folk have is the truth. We dont have to invent blather, and diversion, and denials, or personal attacks- just give links and calm replys, building off the canned intros attached to the facts, surveys, studies.

    An Army of Davids. Other POTG will see and do the same, here and at other gun-sites, including SAF and NRA, and all the other great writers out there. Dean, Bob Owens, David Codrea, etc etc.

    Use the network of progtards and their own echo chamber against them, to trade it up the chain. Major news sites are always hungry for content, and reporters looking for truth, to repair damaged credibility, so they can go independent someday with their own brand for intelligence and integrity.

  23. MDA is like a broken record. Repeating themselves over and over and over and over and over.

  24. this is why you dont let women vote. just because you take cum in your vag and shit out a kid doesnt mean that your opinion is more valued.

  25. Those are the worst auditions I’ve ever seen. None of you get the part. NONE OF YOU!

  26. It’s the perfect example of modern leftism in America. Mindless, empty drones parroting the lies and deceit of powerful fascists.

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