Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student activists (courtesy
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Over at David Hines confirms what The People of the Gun suspected from the git-go: the Marjory Stoneman Douglas teenagers bombarding the mainstream media with anti-gun agitprop were groomed, organized and coordinated by the usual progressive suspects . . .

Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Women’s March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers told BuzzFeed they’re also behind the national school walkout, which journalists had previously assured the public was the sole work of a teenager. (I’d thought teachers were supposed to get kids into school, but maybe that’s just me.)

The kidsploitation continues. Here’s an email blast I received from “Sara Imam via” [Note: In the interests of fairness I stripped off the code to disable the COMMIT TO VOTE button.]

On February 14th, I lost 17 members of my community in a mass shooting at my school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas. But we, the survivors, refuse to let their names be forgotten. We refuse to let their deaths be in vain.

We have decided to take action to ensure that an event like this will never happen again. We are calling for stricter gun laws. We are calling for change.

I turned 18 the day after the shooting, and I immediately registered to vote. But many of my fellow survivors can’t vote yet, and we are counting on you to stand up for young people at the ballot box.

This week the Democratic Party launched IWillVote — a national campaign to organize voters and get them to the polls. Voting is the first step toward ending gun violence, so I’d like to ask you to do something important today.

Will you add your name right now to commit to vote this fall?


Students like me are protesting, marching, and speaking out for our right to live free from the fear of gun violence. We are talking to our elected officials and debating the president himself to demand new gun laws that will keep us safe.

We’ve kept up the momentum of our #NeverAgain movement — but the truth is many of us are not old enough to vote.

We need you, the people of America, to get out and vote this year — for you, your family, your community, but also for people like me. Do it for the survivors who can’t vote yet. Do it for those who will never be able to vote because they were murdered in their school, their neighborhood, or their place of worship. Do it so no parent will ever have to receive the news that their child has been shot at school.

There is too much at stake for us to retreat from this fight. Can I count on you to commit to vote this fall?

Add your name right now to commit to vote in the fall. It’s up to every single one of us to organize our friends, family, and neighbors to go to the polls.

I will never lose my sense of outrage over our country’s gun violence problem — and I will never stop fighting to make sure our elected officials do something about it. I hope you won’t either.

In solidarity,


Sara Imam
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student and Survivor

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    • These kids are today’s version of Hitler Youth. Thoroughly brainwashed and co-opted by fascists. The only things missing are the brown shirts and swastikas.

  1. Wow a teacher’s Union that works to keep kids from getting an education, of course that’s no change from the normal for those people

    • Always remember the national education association says teaching traditional family values to children is child abuse

  2. Sounds like a “Union Meet and Greet” for the DNC. Didn’t know that teenagers were allowed by state and Federal laws to engage in Union Activities, political campaign strategies, possible illegal voting 🚫 operations, etc…?! So, ahhh who’s investigating this political scandal?!

    • Aren’t The Supremes dealing with a case about whether forced “public sector” union dues is compelled political speech? Given that astroturf inventory, apparantly so.

      I wonder if that little list of apparatchicks on the public dime (But, I repeat myself. Read Lenin’s handbooks by another name…) might make its way to Justice Kennedy?

      It’s worse than that…

      Apparently, DiBlasio’s amicus (Speaking for “the city of New York”, taking one position, but written on everybody’s dime – hey, if unions can force members to pay for advocacy they oppose, certainly Hizzhonor can do the same with citizens) argues in the main that changing the imposed dues paying for stuff the people extorted oppose, would trigger organized, armed violence from the Unions – um – extorting the courts, government, and people. Nice racket those unions have; extortion is so much easier when you don’t have to make the threats yourself.

      Amazing how these “progressive” true believers can turn literally any good thing into worse than crap. (Many US unions sprang up to *resist* job-based extortion, under color of law. Now…)

      From the questioning, The Usual Supremes were utterly indifferent to steam-rolling individual autonomy; dismissive of the standing law (“The law is what I say it is.”); interested only in what they think is how “society” should be ordered, and the agenda of their chosen constituencies. By any means, apparantly. Extortion is fine, if it works.

      The mask slips. They can’t help themselves.

      Oxford Girl in the quote of the day — didn’t Bowie have a hit: “Oxford Girl?” — might consider this as a reason people would want AR-pattern arms. Getting extorted sucks. Extortion doesn’t work so well for the thugs when tbe extorted can hurt tham back. (Sullivan act anyone?)

      I don’t want a “high-capacity magazine”, or an arsenal … just enough to #shootback at the whole mob, when they send the mob after me. How many is that? Really, I’d like to be able to #shootback enough to stop the Union mob DiBlasio n The Supremes are so afraid of, should they come for me.

      How many bullets do I need in my gun? I don’t know … how many at their latest protest march? Maybe that x5, as one of the kids who got his classmates out took 5 bullets from the whack-job’s instant death machine, n he’s still alive.

      I don’t think every capering goblin come to back up the extortion will take five hits and keep coming. People looking out for others seem to have a lot more commitment. Still, just to be sure… Besides, if the anti’s manage to ban tha accuracy features they’re going for, I might miss, some. (It’s like they want me defenseless before their mob… )

      How many violent extortionists in the hordes that so concerned the Supremes; the ones DiBlasio threatened us with? I think that many bullets would be a good planning number. And a gun reliable enough to fire them all.

      “Nobody needs an assault weapon.” (Whatever that is.) “Now, let me make the case why you really, really, really need an assault weapon; machine gun; n rocket launcher. Maybe grenades.”

      What do tbey think happens *after* “Vote right, or we’re coming for you.”


      • There are one million dollar per year budget 501(c)3 gun control lobby groups whose sole activity is training other gun control lobby groups to use 501(c)3 status.

        The gun control lobby is a gigantic, at least $140 million dollar a year, funneling of charitable and fully tax deductible donations right to completely partisan effort, complete with
        a) revolving door employment of Democrat party staffers
        b) consulting fees to academic gun control researchers and gun injury epidemiology experts getting huge amounts of fees.

        I am not talking about non profit like 90% of NRA fundraising, ie NOT deductible. The gun control lobby is 90% tax deductible.

        The entire organizing of the march protest is 501(c)3 deductible.

        • Yeah, Ace of Spades has a post, yesterday I think. Links to someone in the propaganda business, who broke it down on their twitter feed. That inspired my Lenin reference — he & his compatriots during the glorious revolution were just as intentional about manufacturing a culture that would support their ideal state (with them in charge, of course.) Starving Kulaks because they were inconvenient was just a part of it.

          It’s neither new, nor unusual. Indeed the “Port Huron Statement” inspiring so much of “the movement” in the 1960s was exactly that.

          And so it goes…

  3. Wtf happened to basic human decency?? Using children in your arguments that’s just low. Oh wait they’ve been doing that for decades… Guess this might be slightly better they’re at least using real live kids now instead of the dead ones.
    What? They’re still using the dead ones too? Oh they’re using the live ones to wag the dead ones at us now… Ok yeah this is a whole new low.

  4. That little anti constitution diatribe doesn’t sound like a high school stoodent typed it up.
    likely professionally typed, canned letter.

    The REAL blame lies squarely at the feet of the FBI and sheriff Israel, and the Demoncrats in that district.
    Gun owners and the NRA and 18 year old’s have ZERO culpability in the shooting.
    stop attacking us!

    • I am a professional writer, and I agree completely; this was not written by a high school teenager, as it has all of the hallmarks of a scripted political message, one usually followed by a tearful request for money to continue the campaign. The only difference was a commitment to vote for Democreaps. How insidious.

      • Yeah, too good for common core, lol

        BTW, your response was easy and pleasant to read, good grammar and punctuation.

      • I’m down; 32 and I own 12 acres of land (sort of) Try not paying property tax for a while then see what you own. SMH More like leasing the land from the govt.

  5. Ummm…duh? It’s a handful of effeminate boys, a fatty and an androgynous ethnic.

    What’s the common denominator? They hate guns.

    Why are they in the media? Because they allow the media to say what they can’t.

    • The Left regurgitates the same kids time after time for their Hitler Youth photo ops.
      The kids may not have been professional actors prior to the shooting, but they are most definitely now.
      I wonder when the Left brings out the Horst Wessel photos and blame his death on the NRA?

  6. Seriously, those kids need to go eat some Tide pods. And fuck CNN. – Former Democrat, but this is too much. Still not a trump fan, but I’m a single issue voter now. I contacted my state and federal reps today and communicated, I am a single issue voter and I oppose any gun control.

  7. They way I see it, Banning guns because someone shot someone is like killing the pig because the fox ate the chickens

  8. The lefts child soldiers. It wont be long before the shitlibs start handing them AKs.

  9. “If I can fight for my country I should be able to vote”
    Viet Nam era. At least the ones that couldn’t figure out how to dodge the draft or not interested in dodging the draft.
    That is where lowering age for voting.
    I was a tax paying at 18 and didn’t feel deprived that wasn’t old enough to vote.
    Blame spoiled baby boomers for lowering the age.
    to vote.
    Age of 18 is appropriate for buying a rifle. Most of my friends put meat on the table. Eliminated vermin in the barns. Most of the kids I grew up with lived in town during school but worked on family ranches during summer. Very few of my friends had parents who divorced.
    Buying a rifle should remain 18 and voting rights should go back to 21.Once draft was eliminated, age to vote should go back to 21. Back in the day people were more mature than what they are today even at 18. There are exceptions but don’t see many that are in public schools.
    I’m a single issue voter. If Congress critters won’t uphold their oath of office, not voting for them, a second time.
    There is a saying “you won’t always be young but you can be immature for ever”

    • The Vietnam war was fought by working class people. You could either attend college if you could afford it and be exempt from the draft. Hire a draft lawyer. Move to the west coast and blend in with the anti war movement and have no fear of arrest.
      The lowering of the voting age was Nixon’s idea according to what we read in Stars and Stripes newspaper .
      The only bitching was done by the anti draft crowd. The vets only complained that we weren’t able to buy a beer. Nobody listened to the vet’s opinion . We were scorned and alienated . I have just seen proof that nothing has changed . That’s okay , we have long since grown accustomed to it.

    • Blame spoiled baby boomers for lowering the age.
      to vote.
      You will just have blame me for everything.
      I am okay with people who are 18 being full fledged citizens of the USA.
      Just hold the 18 year olds accountable.
      I can deal with 18 year olds better than the Jane Fonda generation who was born in 1937 and is not a baby boomer.
      BTW, baby boomer cohort 1 born 1946 to 1952 are more liberal than cohort 2 born 1953 to 1962.

  10. “#NeverAgain movement”
    🙄 Seriously? Couldn’t think of an original or less loaded hashtag. Classy.

  11. I wonder if my dead mom will vote Democrat this year? Die Partei was still sending donation requests to her phone until a little while ago.

    • I wish I could compare Voter Rolls to Death Notices, but I live in a blue-state, and that would be discriminatory (and dicriminating between live and dead voters IS the purpose).

  12. Every time I look at that Hogg kid I imagine him as a college freshman pulling up his sleeve to show people his sick new ink and… it’s a nautical star in black and green.

    Fight the power brah, fight the power.

  13. the dnc has been fundraising and doing voter registration drives off the bodies of dead babies for decades

    so why shouldnt they do the same off the bodies of a dozen or so dead teenagers in florida

  14. I still want to know where each of these “survivors” were in relation to the shooter. Shouldn’t one need to have been in harms way to be a survivor not hunkering down on the opposite end of campus from the shooter? Anyone know someone in the media with enough juice to ask that question?

  15. I don’t listen to teenagers about anything, because they don’t know anything about anything. I’m 60 years old, have been handling and shootings firearms since the age of 8, which is when my Dad started my education on firearms and firearms safety. I spent over a third of my life to date in the United States Air Force, where I qualified as an Expert Marksman 24 times with the M-16. Now, why in the hell would I listen to a bunch of snot nosed High School students about anything, especially firearms and my Constitutionally guaranteed Civil Right to bear arms to protect myself and my family? Short answer….I won’t!
    Most of these kids can’t even decide for sure what gender they are, which should be easy, since there’s only two. They need to stick to eating Tide Pods, and stop letting Commie Bloomberg use them as low IQ mouth pieces. Whoever these little twits parents are, they should be arrested for letting their little snowflakes be abused like this.

  16. Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz aiding in the lobbying in Tallahassee, a teacher’s union organizing the buses that got the kids there, Michael Bloomberg’s groups and the Women’s March working on the upcoming March For Our Lives, doing social media promotion and (potentially) march logistics, and training for student activists provided by federally funded Planned Parenthood.
    The president of the American Federation of Teachers…
    you know all these groups were behind the Promise Program of see something, say nothing, of which alumni Nicholas Cruz and Trayvon Martin were part of.
    I would say the above groups had more to do with lack of red flags, poor school security, and liberal indoctrination and inaction of the various government agencies which refused to involve themselves in the possible prevention of this school shooting.

  17. These are what people keep referring too as “our most precious treasure”. Queue up Inigo Montoya for a comment on this description please.

  18. that david hogg kid on the far left is a real piece of work isnt he

    you can just see all that social justice warrior virtue signalling crap that has been force fed to him just ooze out as hate and intolerance

    i dont care that hes a school shooting survivor just like i dont care anymore that john mccain was a pow

    hes a tool of the the left now and having allowed that to happen has made himself a legitimate target for ridicule

    especially when his goal is the virtual disarmament of the american citizenry

    new yougov poll…democrats evenly split on repealing the 2nd amendment:

    the midterms this year may be the most important in our lifetimes

    • Quit smearing yourself with your very tenuous association with the twits. Also, most, if not all, generations sucked including “the greatest” one.

  19. The D’s are always like “if saves just one life” & “protect the children”. Yet at the same time screaming “kill babies”.
    Anyone that is for protecting life yet is pro abortion is just full of shit.

    Being pro abortion & anti gun are both part of / planks in the Democratic Party platform.

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