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The gun rights movement “proper” is putting its head over the political parapet. Open carry activists are coming out (into the open) and pols running for office are talking about the firepower that dare not speak its name. Until now. In Connecticut, of all places. By an aspiring candidate for Attorney General, of all people. Here’s Martha “Freedom, Faith, Fortune” Dean, quoted in “The attorney from Avon, who lost to incumbent Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in 2002, said the right to free speech needs to be backed up by arms ‘if our government becomes tyrannical and unjust as King George was to the Colonists.'” Mind you, Dean made this comment a few months back. But her remarks continue to resonate. Dean’s Republican opponent has, now, sounded off on Dean’s plan to introduce firearms education into the Connecticut school system, I kid you not . . .

Ross Garber, a Republican candidate for attorney general, questioned his GOP opponent’s promise to advocate for “firearms training for boys and girls in schools, in Scouts and at camp and elsewhere.”

Garber feared Martha Dean, the party-endorsed candidate for the office, would use the attorney general position to promote her own personal agenda.

Garber said he “believes in the rights protected by the Second Amendment, but I think Martha’s positions cross the line.”

Wait. A candidate is supposed to take positions that don’t reflect their personal agenda? Spoken like a true politicians. Of course, a real politician would misrepresent his opponent’s position. Go ahead and tick that box.

Garber, who got enough votes at the convention to challenge Dean in the Aug. 10 primary, said: “As the state’s chief civil legal officer, the attorney should focus on being a strong advocate for the state and its citizens, not pushing a personal political agenda. It is certainly not the attorney general’s job to give our schoolchildren guns.”

Sure, free guns for kids! Anyway, it’s interesting that Dean’s pro-gun polemic gets all the play. In a “may issue” state like Connecticut, where admitting you’re pro-gun is like revealing genital warts (at least in urban areas), it seems that there’s a sea change underway. We shall sea. I mean, see.

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