Virginia assault weapons ban silencers SilencerCo Octane 9
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From the American Suppressor Association

This morning, the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee voted 10-5 in favor of rejecting Delegate Mark Levine’s House Bill 961. The legislation, which will be sent to the Virginia State Crime Commission for further study this summer, was defeated in a bipartisan manner. Four Democrats, Chairman John Edwards (D-21), Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-25), Sen. Chap Petersen (D-34), and Sen. Scott Surovell (D-36), joined the Republican committee members to put an end to HB 961 for the year.

Virginia assault weapons ban silencers

Knox Williams, Executive Director of the American Suppressor Association was on hand to testify in opposition to the bill. Had HB 961 become law, anyone who possessed a federally registered suppressor in Virginia prior to July 1st would have been able to legally maintain possession of their property. However, the acts of importing, selling, manufacturing, and purchasing suppressors would have been prohibited for civilians after enactment.

Virginia assault weapons ban silencers
Courtesy ASA

Make no mistake, the fight in Virginia is far from over. We applaud the Senate Judiciary Committee for overwhelmingly defeating this draconian legislation. However, we must remain vigilant through the remainder of session. If you live in Virginia, please take the time to voice your support the Senators who voted against HB 961 today. 

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  1. Dear Mike Bloomberg,

    The Second Amendment is not for sale.

    Virginia (and all of her friends that dropped by last January!)

    • You’re welcome. It was great fun! The only problem was that such a gathering of like minds was needed. Not one fvcking inch. Not on your side of the Potomac, or mine.

  2. Usual kind of “victory” against gun controllers: They wanted to drop a whole turd in the punch bowl, but only dropped half a turd. For now.

    [whole turd = ban plus red flag, 1/2 turd = red flag and a few other annoyances]

    • It’s safe to say, nobody wants to drink from the punch bowl with even a tiny fraction of turd floating in it. No matter the quantity of turd, the elites always make certain they have a different punch bowl for themselves, free of turd-ity.

      Shall Not Be Infringed.

  3. As long as there are Liberal Socialist Democrats still breathing. The fight will go on. For all the evil Stalin,Mao and Castro perpetrated on the world. They certainly knew how to handle their enemies. Not saying it was right but, it was effective. Our enemies wish they could follow their example. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  4. We didn’t come out of this fight unscathed. It will be an uphill battle to work against the other 7 bills that they did pass. The fight continues. I celebrated by taking my suppressed SBR and an SBS to the range. Then I remembered I had to pay a tax to exercise a right for those weapons.

  5. Newsflash!! Today was NOT a win for gun owners in Virginia. Today was just a bump in the road, a minor inconvenience for the commie left gun grabbers. EVERY SINGLE ONE of the bills that failed today WILL
    be reintroduced again….and again and again and again and again and again and again…..a THOUSAND TIMES if necessary until they become law. The commie left seeking to destroy freedom can try a thousand times and they need win ONLY ONCE to have WON. Those opposing them can win ALL but ONE of those thousand attempts and the final reality is THEY HAVE LOST. As long as the gun grabbing commie demonrats are capable of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide they will NEVER give up trying to disarm everyone so they can rule with impunity. As long as THAT reality exists the outcome is inevitable…. they will eventually win and freedom will eventually lose.

  6. Hello everyone, for me it is wonderful news that the House Bill 961 has been defeated. It first phase has begun
    . Next is a Recall election to remove Anti Americans, what Governor in his right mind makes his constituents defenseless? What political official that does not abide by the Constitution of the United States remain in office? It is the deceptive practices of underhanded candidates for office that mar and defuse the Constitution that they swore to uphold. in the future a House Bill needs to be made if you go against the laws of the United States Constitution, infringe on the peoples rights then immediate removal from office is mandated with no monies and benefits be paid to them or their families! Stop them before they spread and remove them immediately! Let us remain Americans in America Let freedom Reign!

  7. ….Need to recall and throw all Demo Nazis out of office…Then round THEM up and the architects of these crime/treasonous edicts…Charge THEM with Deprivation and Suppression of civil rights under color LAW! Toss these UN American Piece of $!#T Traitors into GITMO…Along with any Muslim Terrorist….

  8. They, the gun grabbers, will never leave you alone to live your life in peace. They will forever try to force you to change. Sadly the NRA has never really been serious about supporting the HPA.
    But they sure do like a double barrel shotgun or a bolt action rifle. A Very 19th century way of thinking.

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