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SLD sends his “EDC in deference to arthritis” from Everyday Carry.

The 60-year-old from Michigan writes:

This has undergone a tremendous change in the past few months. Having had both hips replaced due to arthritis it has since moved to my lumbar spine and my hands. I still have a decent range of motion with the hands so I am able to still use my favorite pistol design, the 1911, this will I expect change in years to come and will, I expect, require more changes.  However the .45 acp, my old standby, and the 9MM both tend to hurt too much for extended range sessions.

Dropping down to the .380 ACP, yes I know place howls from “mousegun” haters here, allows me to shoot as much as I need to feel proficient in their use. To me, this is important because my family depends upon me for their protection, well at least some of it, my wife shoots as well as I do.

SLD shouldn’t worry.  A .380 ACP in competent hands, especially loaded with any of the XTP hollowpoints, will perform just fine.  Yeah, some Internet Warriors and Space Shuttle Door Gunners won’t feel comfortable with less than a .45 Auto or a 10mm.  So what.  I’d rather have a 12-gauge, too.  But we can’t carry a 12-gauge shotgun in a IWB or pocket holster.

I note he carries both a primary gun – a Browning Black Label 1911 in .380 – and a backup Taurus M380 revolver.  And a reload for each!  Kudos!  Maybe he carries the second gun to hand off as a force multiplier for a wife who doesn’t carry on a regular basis.  That reload might come in handy in that scenario.  And five rounds of .380 in a moon clip isn’t exactly like a 13-round magazine of .45 ACP.

As much as I have yet to find a Taurus semi-auto with a good trigger, their revolvers are great values for those who need a quality, affordable guns.

SLD also carries two serious knives – a Benchmade Bugout in OD Green (not the first one of those I’ve seen here!) and a Spyderco Cricket.  And a little utilitarian Swiss Army Knife.

The watch, an American made RGM Sea3 probably does cost a bundle (I saw one for 15 bills, used).  RGM touts themselves as America’s Premier Watchmaker.  Nice…

I have to admit, but the time SLD puts a wallet and a phone into the mix, he carries about as much as I do.

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  1. One of my best friends ran firearms for FDLE for years. SWAT team too. After retiring he took over firearms at the N. Fl. Institute for Public Safety. Said that to say this. He’s pulled a trigger or two. He now has arthritis in his right hand. A hundred rounds of 230 grain hardball puts that hand out of commission for a few days. No shame in shooting a smaller caliber because of health issues. At least you’re still running and gunning.

  2. Hey….I carry an LCP most of the time.

    So, the 1911 380 should be easier to shoot well and give more mph.

    I like the Spyderco Cricket but they are too damned expensive, even for one with a zytel grip.

    Gotta carry what works. Hate to hear about the arthritis. Play hob with a lot of folks.

    • Spyderco knives are my go to folder, except for my Benchmade Emerson. Fixed blade are almost all Randalls. Specialist, I live in a modest home. Drive a POS. Everything I bet my life on is the best out there. How much is your life worth to you? Priorities.

      • How we protect our life has little to do with the cost of our tools.

        Our current offering of defensive pistols, while not cheap, are reasonably priced.

        There are many that cant afford a Glock so they buy a Ruger, Sccy, or Taurus.

        I’m pretty sure they value their life as much as I do.

        People tend to spend the most money on things they like, not necessarily need. Like a fancy watch or writing pen. I’m not sure that speaks to how they value their life.

        I own many knives and many made Spyderco. I refuse to pay 50 ro 60 dollars for a piece of zytel and stainless steel because of the name.

        I used to buy Ladybugs and give them away to friends and family. Now that they are 30 dollars, I dont.

        So I was referring to the price of a particular model that I believe is overpriced. That doesnt mean you shouldn’t buy it and itmcertainly doesnt mean I value my life little.

  3. Sorry to hear about your ongoing arthritis problems, SLD. I applaud your ability to adapt to your conditions.

    Those Brownings look pretty cool.

  4. My wife went to the Browning 380 for the same reason. She has had both knuckles on both thumbs rebuilt from fusing ligament from her forearms and the use of an internal artificial hinged joint. She loves her Browning and has no problem running it. That is after 2 years of healing and physical therapy. One year each side. The Walter PK 380 is a POS (for sale cheap) and the G42 and 43 were too hard to rack. I use the 42 as a backup in my sling pack on the road. My daughter likes the 43. Especially after I put in the Apex trigger and night sights.

  5. I’ve been thinking about getting a S&W 380 Shield EZ to have for people in my life with weaker hands who might want me to teach them to shoot (soon, I hope). Probably for me, someday, too.

    Any opinions on those?

  6. I also have Arthritis, but opted for the Bond 9mm Bullpup instead. About the size of the .380acp but with a Full 9×19 punch…

    • That would have a lot more recoil impulse than this, a heavier gun firing a significantly lighter cartridge. Not all arthritis is the same, I guess.

      • @ Hannibal

        Fourteenth and Fifteenth Paragraph Down…

        (https : // www . gunsandammo . com / editorial/review-bond-arms-bullpup9/247956)


        (https : // www . thetruthaboutguns . com / 2018/01/jon-wayne-taylor/gun-review-bond-arms-bullpup-9mm/)

  7. I am an othopedic mess. Carrying that much w/o suspenders would lay me up for 2-3 days even w/pain pills. Good on you SDL.

  8. I had 2 Browning 1911 .380’s and both were a piece of crap ! Pretty accurate guns, but not dependable at all. You couldn’t shoot a mag without a jam of some sort. Didn’t matter what ammo you put in it, it would jam. I had six Browning mags and the guns would jam with every mag. I guess that is the mail reason for him having another gun as backup ! !

    • I have had this one for 6 months now and put probably 500 rounds through it without one, not one, malfunction , period. I read that some of the first models had issues with rounds which were on the shorter end of the norm.

      Actually I normally carry either one or the other, except when visiting places like Detroit or Flint, where I carry both. Normally, as deduced, to arm my wife who has yet to get her CCP.

      • You’re very lucky. I’ve talked to / read reviews, etc., from several people that had the same bad experience that I had with the 2 Browning 1911 .380’s that I owned. I love 1911’s, Browning product’s, and loved the little .380, but when 2 different guns are not reliable, you can’t trust them. I got rid of them and got a Glock 42 and have not had any issues at all with it. It’ll digest any type / brand ammo you run through it…and, it’s very accurate.

  9. Some authorities suggest not using hollowpoint bullets in the relatively underpowered .380 caliber.
    They may not penetrate deep enough if they expand properly.
    Round nose or wad cutter will have sufficient penetration as they don’t shed energy on expansion.
    .380 round nose killed both Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie to start WW1

  10. 380 is like a blow n go from a street ginch, its better than nothing but you can do so much better.

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