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With the stunning defeat of Democrats and the progressive agenda in general in the November 4, 2014 mid-term elections, gun-related issues are, for the time being, off the front pages and the nightly newscasts. But as I noted last week in “What We Deserve,” the apparent absence of overt challenges to the rights to armed self-defense and to keep and bear arms does not mean such attacks are not being planned. Or even that they aren’t actually, actively occurring . . .

The biggest story mainstream media outlets are studiously trying to avoid at the moment is the revelation that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber has been admitting for several years and on multiple occasions — six separate videotapes of six separate occasions have thus far surfaced — that Obamacare is a writhing, festering bundle of lies. That it was sold to the American public with a web of misdirection Professor Gruber, President Obama, and the Obama Administration knew to be lies from the start. In fact, Gruber was hired by the Obama Administration and has been paid, to date, much more than a million dollars to concoct falsehoods that would allow Democrats to deceive the American public. Not a single republican voted for Obamacare.

But that’s not nearly all. Gruber, as already noted, stood to make millions from his deceptions, and in each of the surfaced videos, he has not only admitted that Obamacare was a scam from the start, that its promises were lies, he has repeatedly called the American people stupid and bragged about his cleverness in deceiving Americans with a law designed to harm them economically, to massively redistribute wealth and to destroy the American health care system.

From Keith Hennessey, a Gruber quote during a public appearance:

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that.  In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass. It’s a second-best argument. Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Gruber helped write Obamacare to deceive the Congressional Budget Office. A “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.” It was really critical that the American voter is stupid in order to pass the law. Honesty is secondary to getting a fraudulent, brutally harmful progressive policy into law.

Caught like a cockroach in the middle of the kitchen when the lights come on, Gruber laughably lied again:

“I honestly don’t remember why I said that. I was speaking off-the-cuff. It was just a mistake. People make mistakes. Congress made a mistake drafting the law and I made a mistake talking about it.”

Congress didn’t draft the law. Not a single member of Congress has admitted reading it. And still more videos of Gruber repeating the same crude insults of the American people. bragging about his lies and manipulations, on behalf of the Obama Administration have surfaced.

Now even CNN has piled on:

“A third video emerged Wednesday of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, insulting voters and suggesting their ignorance was exploited by those pushing passage of the health care law. [skip]

In this one, Gruber was discussing how then-Sen. John Kerry, D-Massachusetts, pushed forward a way to add a tax on expensive health insurance plans, or ‘Cadillac Plans,’ that would purportedly tax the insurance companies though Gruber suggests everyone knew the companies would just pass on the additional cost to customers.

‘It’s a very clever, you know, basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter,’ Gruber said at the Honors Colloquium 2012 at the University of Rhode Island.”

Gruber tried another fauxpology, and try as they might, even the Washington Post couldn’t avoid the story any longer: 

“An MIT professor who was an architect of Obamacare said Tuesday he ‘spoke inappropriately’ when he said a lack of transparency and ‘the stupidity of American voter’ played a key part in the law’s passage.

‘The comments in the video were made at an academic conference,’ Jonathan Gruber said Tuesday on MSNBC. ‘I was speaking off the cuff and I basically spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments.”

He spoke inappropriately and regrets making the comments. I’m sure he does (more in-depth coverage of Gruber may be found here and here). And he was speaking at an academic conference which explains everything. Don’t we all expect people speaking at academic conferences to brag about lying to the American people, seriously damaging the economy and committing arguably the most monumental fraud in American history, all the while calling Americans stupid and making more than a million dollars in the process? Actually, perhaps we do.

Why am I writing about health care in a gun forum? Actually, I am writing about gun policy, and for several reasons. Let’s remember who Jonathan Gruber is. He’s one of the progressive elite, people who went to the right schools and who work at the right places. He not only was instrumental in writing and fraudulently selling Obamacare, he has received several obscenely lucrative government contracts from the federal government and various states. He has actually made millions as one of the most arrogant and immoral con men in American history. In short, he’s just the kind of guy who fills the ranks of the Obama Administration, an administration that considered him their go-to guy on health care, one of the elite, a man they richly rewarded for doing their bidding.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — she who told us we had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it — now claims to have no idea who Gruber is, and also claims he had nothing to do with Obamacare. Unfortunately for her, a 2009 video of her praising Gruber’s Obamacare work immediately surfaced.

President Obama admitted that Gruber was “an advisor,” but denied misleading the public. Apparently he forgot he already admitted he lied about Obamacare. Who you gonna trust? Barack Obama or your own lyin’ eyes and ears?

The stark reality is that President Obama and his entire administration are lawless. They have nothing but disdain for the Constitution and have shown themselves more than willing to tell any lie, and to conduct any cover up, to implement their progressive policies, the stupid American public be damned.

The kindest interpretation of their beliefs and actions is that they truly believe themselves to be superior to virtually every American in both intellect and morality. Only they, by virtue of their elite educations, their sophistication, and their innate goodness, can properly govern us. Some of them doubtless imagine that they are doing this for our own good. After all, we aren’t intelligent enough to know what’s good for us or what we need. We are so stupid we couldn’t possibly know how to spend our own money. Left to our own devices, we’d probably blow it on things like guns or pickup trucks. We might even read books by authors who aren’t progressives.

A more comprehensive interpretation also takes into account their incredible arrogance and narcissism, and recognizes that their policies can lead only to tyranny and the destruction of the Constitution, the rule of law, and ultimately, America. Total civilian disarmament is absolutely necessary if a progressive utopia is to be achieved against the will of the lumpen masses. Why, those gun-toting rubes might actually try to harm their betters in the name of patriotism or something equally stupid and outdated.

With two years left in office, and with essentially nothing to stop him, Mr. Obama may try to make good on his threats to disarm the public. And he has indeed made them.

On April 18, 2013, a raging President Obama scolded members of Congress who, the day before, defeated his gun control initiatives. Among the failed measures were an “assault weapon” ban, a ban on “high-capacity” magazines, and so-called “comprehensive” background checks. Mr. Obama accused Republicans — and of course, the NRA — of lying about all of these measures. In Washington-speak, this means they actually told the truth.

Mr. Obama called all of these measures “commonsense gun reform.” He made it clear he wasn’t done:

“I believe we are going to be able to get this done. Sooner or later, we are going to get this right.”

On January 28, 2014, at his State of The Union speech, Mr. Obama promised to use his infamous pen and phone to bypass the Congress and the Second Amendment. 

“I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools like Sandy Hook.’ Obama said.

‘Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day,’ he continued. ‘I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say ‘we are not afraid.’”

It makes no difference to Mr. Obama or any progressive that none of these failed measures would have prevented the Sandy Hook murders or any others. It’s the policy that matters, not the results.

In a March 2011 meeting with Mr. Obama, Sarah Brady of the virulently anti-gun Brady Campaign, claimed that Mr. Obama told her he was working on gun control “under the radar.”  Even some in the Second Amendment community more or less debunked that claim, and Brady (or the President) may well have been engaging in wishful thinking or outright deception — that’s one of the hallmarks of the anti-gun movement. But Mr. Obama’s subsequent cynically opportunistic attempt to impose gun control over the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims, and his more recent promise to enact gun control without bothering with such trifles as actually enacting laws, make clear that even if Brady misspoke or lied, she well understood President Obama’s ultimate intentions.

The next two years may be dangerous times indeed for liberty and those that love it. Once Mr. Obama has immigration out of the way, we can surely expect executive orders on “assault weapons,” “large capacity magazines,” a background check mandate that would criminalize virtually any transfer of a firearm — even between parents and their children — without prior federal approval, and a variety of other “commonsense” infringements on the Second Amendment, state constitutions, and state and federal laws.

Jonathan Gruber has actually done a public service. He has definitively revealed the utter lack of character and integrity, the criminal pathology, that runs rampant in the Obama Administration from top to bottom. He has clearly exposed the progressive mindset. Those who didn’t know, didn’t want to know, or wanted to deny knowing what progressives truly intend, and what they think about Americans and America, can’t easily ignore that truth any longer.

After perpetrating the greatest and most destructive fraud in American history on hapless, stupid Americans — bitter God and gun clingers all — what’s a little gun control between superior beings and the peasants they are destined to rule? Two years is going to be a very, very long time.


Mike’s Home blog is Stately McDaniel Manor.

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  1. The ACA is a nice blueprint to follow if you want to strip rights away. Pick a right, write some “tortured Language” into a bill and then get congress to pass it before they read it.

    • Then, get an idiot on the Supreme Court (John Roberts, in the case of the Unaffordable Care Act) to uphold the law as constitutional on the grounds of “We voted in favor of the opposite political party in our last two cases, so I thought we should rule in favor of this law in order to seem balanced”. No, I’m not kidding, Roberts actually said that as justification for being the swing vote that allowed Obamacare to remain in place.

      • In another TTAG comment, TheBear declares he doesn’t vote.

        Yet another gun owner who couldn’t be bothered to get involved.

        Thanks for pulling your weight.

        • Early 30s.

          If you think your individual vote makes a bit of difference within to the electoral college unless you live in Ohio and a few other divided states… enjoy your panacea.

          • If you think your individual vote makes a bit of difference due to the electoral college unless you live in Ohio and a few other divided states… enjoy your panacea.

            Actually, that’s exactly how it should be. The federal republic form of government was not designed or intended for individuals to elect the President.

            Other than military service and electing the US Representative, the individual should have no dealings with the federal government, at all. The federal government is intended to be a federation of sovereign States, and the States should elect both the President, and US Senators. The federal government should not be dealing with just about anything that directly impacts individual citizens.

            Unless/until we fix that, and restore the federal government to its original intent, our constitutional republic will remain broken, and the rights and freedoms of the individual will continue to be trampled.

        • So whether we like the current system or not, people getting all uppity with me on the internet for choosing not to vote is really fucking stupid, verdad?

      • If all that babbling couldn’t be distilled to 25% of the OP’s length, I will eat my hat.

        Political articles in general tend to follow this format. Why say one word when you can say 10?

  2. And the UN gun control goes into LAW, Dec.24, 2014, this means legal bans on import/export of guns/ammo/gun parts etc..this will bypass congress…. and what will be done onshore in the USA is up for grabs… Riots could be used for legal gun grabs etc….

      • Who knows anymore. Our ‘Dear Leader’ has found all kinds of new powers. Maybe he can enact treaty without Congress too.

    • The “UN Gun Control Act” as you are calling it was not a bill in either house of Congress. It is a treaty that has only been signed by the President and not ratified by Congress.

      Additionally, no treaty is to impact domestic policy. Further, a new law prohibiting treaties from impacting this country in day to day activities passed both houses of Congress recently, due to the hand wringing being done over this treaty.

      Nothing short of UN Forces marching on the Capitol can make that treaty any less toothless here than it already is. No country on Earth would impose an arms embargo to the United States of America. Not only is that a politically charged action that would polarize every further interaction with us and the UN but countries exporting arms to the US also are relying on us to provide GDP. No other nation consumes the amount of arms we do at the rate a d frequency we do. This is ultimately more important than what would be an obviously futile gesture at influence on the most prolific of all arms manufacturing countries the world has ever known.

      Arms cannot be choked from America by foreign powers. The logistics, barring civil collapse AND all out war, are not present.

      • Sure, treaties are not supposed to be binding without Congressional consent — but they have been. The Senate never approved the addendum to the Hague Convention that banned expanding (hollow point) ammo, but guess what?

        US courts often bind this country to international “norms.”

        • I will grant you that but Hague didn’t impact the Constitution directly like this does, nor commerce on the level this does. For us to simply “adhere” to this new international supposed “norm” is going to take more than just not procuring what was largely expensive and less available ammo at the time.

          This is going to take real effort and serious action to enforce. Not just changing a procurement protocol to never include modern ammo. Combine that with the red houses of Congress and the collective outcry most all of Congress responded with when that recent law was enacted and we will at least have an impasse.

          You would have to mobilize Federal forces on the people to make this thing have teeth. That…I think would make more waves than bullet shapes.

    • Um, not it doesn’t. It affects only international trade in arms to conflict zones. And as noted by others, it hasn’t been passed into law by the Senate.

      • it’s more than the media is telling you , so we still need to watch out, and yes it will be used to control imports/exports of private arms/industry, what will not be controlled would be the USA government sales of ARMS.

    • Do American owners who only buy domestic guns or foreign pistols realize how many import restrictions are already in place that Obama tacked on this year from previous administrations?

      No “assault weapons”, no machineguns, no muzzle brakes, no flash hiders, no folding stocks, no bayonet lugs, no rifles that can take more than 10 rounds, no pistol grips, no rifles/pistols/ammo from China and others on the Pacific Rim, no guns from Russia, no “assault pistols”, no barrels, no cheap surplus steel core ammo, no 7n6 ammo, no “true” compact pistols

      I bet they will go after mags with more than 10 rounds next.

      • WE will slowly see a dry up of parts etc, our greatest fears, is that imports Ammo/arms/parts keeps the price low for now (supply/demand) this is all backdoor gun control and a end run around Congress……….Will Amerika wake up and find they are another COMMUNIST country thinking it will not happen here … know we are NOW about 45 % SLAVE …right now and going FAST.

  3. Careful fellas, there are regulars on this site who twice voted for Obama and probably would again. You might hurt their feelings. Since we are trashing democrats, how funny was it this evening when the dems tossed Mary Landrieu’s fat behind under the bus? From what I have read, there were some green whackos chanting in the Senate gallery while this was going on. You simply can’t make this shit up.

    • I laughed when Mary Landfill didn’t get her way.
      Now wait until the power changes hands and pass the bill.
      Hopefully Landfill will lose the special election in December.

      • With regard the pipeline, there was down side to helping her and no upside. And she’s going to lose the runoff regardless of the Keystone outcome.

  4. To paraphrase our immortal POTUS, “if you like your guns, you can keep your guns.”

    That bum lies when he says “hello.”

  5. Taxing people for not obeying the edicts of the Imperial Federal government has to go down as one of if not the greatest embarrassment ever foisted on the American people.

    • Only thing that makes that sound worse is that its fining people who are too poor to afford insurance in the first place, a tax for being poor is horrible in any way.

      On another note, redistribution is bad policy, but redistribution from the generally poor to the wealthy is pure scum.

      BTW if he says “if you like your country..” I still think people would be too cowardly to put this administration in prison.

      • An answer about whether the affirmative action administration will be held accountable by prison terms for its disregard of the rule of law will be coming with the threats of amnesty the administration has been leveling. Rewarding criminals and punishing the law abiding only works until the law abiding are not afraid of the consequences and are forced on the defensive.

  6. Lies, damned lies. Yet one of the most epic lies of all -Sandy Hook- is blindly accepted as truth.

    And… statistics:

    Wake. Up. Just because we know some of the truth does not mean we know the whole truth.

    History is re-written every day, my friends.

  7. Outside of slave states (NY, MA, CA, etc) the “gun control” proponents are conservative Republicans, and most pro gun people vote for them with Alacrity. My home state of Florida is representative. The state routinely has one or both legislative chambers with GOP super-majorities and the gun laws are very strict and complex (though admittedly much better than hard core slave states). For those interested, the next legislative session will likely see the open carry issue again because a state court will likely wipe 790.053 out because it’s blatantly unconstitutional. Instead of easily and naturally slipping into permit-less open carry like 31 better states, you can watch the Republican supermajorities either ignore the court or license/severely restrict open carry at the behest of the Retail Federation and the Fl Sheriff Association (an evil lobby that wants everyone completely disarmed while paying lip service to the right to bear arms).

    This is not unique to Florida, the same is true in Texas, SC, etc.

      • Lol. You’re right ralph, those must be republicans in disguise voting down more gun freedom session after session. They’re really Democrats!

        • Easy on Ralph, if the topic doesn’t revolve around SpongeBob or other kids tv shows, he gets a little defensive.

    • You can always leave the Gunshine State and enjoy the “freedom” of may-issue, 10 round mag limits, lead ammo ban, handgun rosters, bullet buttons, AWB, no suppressors, no SBR’s, waiting periods, etc. in California.

      Or how about no-issue in NYC?

  8. Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — she who told us we had to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it. Probably one of the few times she may have been some what correct.

  9. Lying isn’t confined to any political party. Bush lied about “WMD” and look at how much that cost our country in money and lives. The bottom line is that people of any political stripe will lie cheat and steal once they get into office so long as they are comfortable that they won’t be held accountable. This is why the Second Amendment is important.

    • You might find it interesting to know that WMD were found in Iraq. Lots of them. There was just an article about it in the New York Times of all places. There just weren’t big factories.

      • While technically correct, this hinges on the broad definition of the term “WMD”. What the Bush cronies showed in their presentation under the label “WMD” were nukes and advanced biochem agents. What was actually found were stockpiles of chemical (gas) shells, dating mostly to 80s – which everyone knew were there, because Saddam used them against Kurds and Iran (and because of the latter, US didn’t broach the subject until much later).

    • He said there were old WMD and dormant programs that could be reactivated when the UN gave up monitoring. This was based on the consensus of allied intelligence and turned out to be true. By not letting in UN inspectors and seeking to buy yellowcake, Saddam was in material violation of UN sanctions, which was the reason even most Democrats voted to invade Iraq.

    • I saw some of the evidence (some classified) showing that Iraq was developing and had developed WMDs. It was very convincing. They had used chemical weapons on the Kurds a couple times, too. GW Bush may have been misled into believing that Iraq had WMDs by the same, and more, evidence that he saw. The same evidence misled the leaders of several other countries too.

      Bush was incorrect, but he believed what he was saying. He was not lying.

      P.S. Some sources say that ISIS may have obtained some of Iraq’s left-over chemical weapons, and used them on their enemies a few months ago.

      • Paul Wolfowitz wrote the plan to attack Iraq prior to the Election of George II (for whom he served as Deputy Secretary of Defense). It was originally presented it to Dick Cheney (who at the time was Secretary of Defense) while Wolfowitz was the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy . George I (and at the time at least, Cheney) [Cheney said so publicly] had enough sense to realize the chaos and instability that would result and scotched it. But it was still there, and Wolfowitz was its most hawkish and ardent supporter when he became Dep.Sec. of Defense. All that was needed to put the plan in motion was a good excuse.
        Some have argued that the plan was put in motion not because of WMDs, but because Saddam was moving to trade oil in Iraqi dinars and not dollars. (US dollars are the international trade currency for oil, which in turn props up the US economy.)

      • Sorry, but a “lie” is the telling of a un-truth, regardless of what one believes (or convinces one’s self) to be true – he lied, and many people died, and put the U.S. Further into debt, as a result. Few of these politicians are our friends anymore, regardless of party.

  10. I’m glad you posted this.

    A week before the election I made a post on facebook detailing the faults in Washington 594. Even though I live in New Hampshire, I have many progressive “friends” in the Seattle area who I have been trying to make see the error in their ways. My post detailed numerous lies the 594 supporters claimed, and I tried to show that even if you support background checks on all gun sales, 594 wasn’t the way to do it. More than anything I just wanted people to actually READ the 18 page bill and THINK and get them to realize that the only people 594 will affect are [formerly?] law abiding gun owners. I pointed out the misleading language in the bill, how since some temporary transfers are expressly called out as acceptable, all other seemingly innocent temporary transfers are suddenly crimes. Even handing an unloaded gun to someone to look at – in a gun shop, or in your home, suddenly is a felony. I pointed out that if the law passed, and if I lived in Washington, I could not hand my gun to my live-in partner of three years, even though WE BOTH OWN GUNS and have been there when the other person has passed background checks! But I COULD legally hand my guns to my partner’s 5 year old kid to show him how to shoot! It’s fucking absurd.

    Anyway, the response, from one of my more radically progressive “friends”:

    “I’ll be voting for 594. I agree it has some ‘difficult’ language ”

    In short, the progressives all KNOW AND SUPPORT the politicians and consultants that write “tortured” language into bills. We’re trying to show that Jonathan Gruber, and by extension, Obama, Reid and Pelosi are all manipulative and deceptive, but the progressives don’t give a damn if they’ve been lied to. So long as it keeps the ball moving in their direction, they’re THRILLED Gruber and Obama lied. Gruber is a HERO to the progressive movement.

    Sadly, this means that the whole Gruber thing doesn’t matter. Those of us who knew Obama to be a liar still know he’s a liar. The rest don’t give a damn that Obama and his minions are deceptive.


    • Somehow the line where I said my “friend’s” response got messed up in my post, and I can no longer edit it to fix it. The snark part is important, to show how elite they feel: (she had brackets around the word grin, which I can’t put in here without messing it up again)

      “I’ll be voting for 594. I agree it has some ‘difficult’ language. grin”

    • Old but still true.

      If you want to piss off Americans, lie to them.

      If you want to piss off Progressives, tell the truth.

  11. I agree with Jon. I also think that obamacare will benefit me and many tag readers whether they like it or not.

    • Banning guns would have SOME benefit for a lot of TTAG readers too (even if just helped us save money!). But unless you’re trolling, I think you have to agree that banning guns would do more harm than good to us individually and to the country as a whole. Just because something benefits you, or even a lot of people, doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

    • The fellow who made the fist Gruber video public did it because his premium doubled and his deductible went up.

      I think Obama wants me dead because I’m expensive. One of the other ACA architects, Zeke Emanuel, thinks I should off myself.

      I return the sentiments.

      ACA will also mean less of the medical innovation that people like me need.

    • Poor people without insurance could have been helped in a much simpler way than turning the whole system upside down, and screwing it up for the majority, but there’s less opportunity for rent seeking and power grabbing with simpler solutions. Gruber made 6 million dollars “consulting” as an honest broker, which he wasn’t. Even people on the far left, like Jane Hamsher, think he’s a scumbag. This is nothing but a power grab for the progs, more money for the beak dipper class, and less money for the productive middle/working class. .

    • Gruber based Obamacare on Romneycare, which he now admits was also a scam set up with the help of Ted the Molester Kennedy to suck millions from the federal treasury, since it can’t support itself. So you and I’ve been helping pay for the unsustainable Mass scam. O-care is just a larger version, only there’s no larger entity to bail it out. Contrary to Obama’s lies, medical costs won’t go down, nor will premiums.

      Good news: Obama just sent a billion of our tax dollars to other countries to help them deal with climate change. He really thinks we are all suckers.

    • kerry…. I guess you don’t have a problem stealing from your fellow Americans to benefit yourself now do you? You are EXACTLY what is wrong with this country!

  12. Sorry, mate, but this whole thing read like a run-on rant. Kept wondering “where’s the gun control part?” but you’d rather use my attention to decry a political party the whole way through. Neither party is worth supporting. The whole system is a joke. I just want my guns.

    • Both parties suck, and so do most politicians, but this admin is full of lies from top to bottom.and the media have been complicit, because they are partisan Dem operatives. At least when a Repub is in office, the press does its job. Obama is doing power grabs no president has sone since FDR or Wilson, and he’s out-Nixoning Nixon.

      • “Both parties suck” You nailed that one, “At least when a Repub is in office, the press does its job.” Yep, they do a hell of a job keeping up the illusion to the herd that there really is a difference between the 2 parties.

    • My response exactly.

      I do want to comment on this:

      “The kindest interpretation of their beliefs and actions is that they truly believe themselves to be superior to virtually every American in both intellect and morality. Only they, by virtue of their elite educations, their sophistication, and their innate goodness, can properly govern us. Some of them doubtless imagine that they are doing this for our own good.”

      That’s exactly the truth. When Clinton took over the Democratic Party, he threw out the old guard and old convictions, and made it, in reality, the Technocrat Party. That’s the actual agenda of the Democratic Party these days: for the intellectual elite to run things, because only they know how.

    • Exactly, as one TTAG’er put this past week and I loved the saying “red chains or blue chains, take your pick.”

      The system is most aptly compared to a casino, regardless of the game, all games are rigged in favor of the house.

    • Neither party is worth supporting.

      Yeah, but you’re pretty stupid if you don’t realize one party is worse than the other when the topic is guns and liberty. You can’t be more demonstratively wrong when and all you have to do is look at the voting of the two sides during the ant-gun bills last Spring in the Senate.

      Grow up…you don’t get everything you want in life.

      • You’re either not very bright or a liar if you say there is a significant difference between the parties. With you, probably both.

        • On guns, there’s undeniably a difference between parties, and I say that as a pro-gun but otherwise left-leaning liberal. Pro-gun Dems exist, but they are a minority.

  13. What I find just as egregious as this administration lying (again)
    is the fact that MIT still has not fired Gruber. The guy openly
    admits to lying and falsifying data to conceal the intended
    outcome. From an academic standpoint anything Gruber says
    or writes should be immediately suspect to the point of being
    dismissed without peer-review. By keeping Gruber, MIT is not
    only severely diminishing their own credibility but seriously
    harming the integrity of academia as a whole.

    • They’ll never fire him, they will just circle the wagons and lie some more.

      Cack Sackers begat Cack Sackers.

    • If he’s influential, important, and (more than anything) brings in grant money, they’ll keep him. Like Mann at Penn State was cleared of covering up data manipulation to further the global cooling – global warming – climate change (or whatever term they are now using in place of “the sky is falling”) scam.

  14. Not that anyone geopolitical informed set needed any reminder that we don’t have a two-party system, but one, Gruber is the same kunt who literally wrote WRONGney’Care’, and an adviser on HitleryCare, too. One of these days, the electorate are gonna wake up to the no duh! obvious to a 3rd grader reality that govt is the single field where it solely attracts statistically the highest percentage of sociopaths, murderers, rapists, torturers, wifebeaters, fraudsters, incompetent idiot monkey buffoons, and junkies. Basically, literally the worst among any given nation’s population. You see an asshole in DC, or one wishing to go to work and live in Mordor on the Potomac as a commissar, a lawyer for a K-Street lobby, or some BS NGO, or even your respective State capital & their commissar corporatist support systems? Assume them to be sociopathic nerds, until proven otherwise. It’s only historically proven to be true:

    this country’s so fcuked.

  15. “Why am I writing about health care in a gun forum?”

    Good question that I don’t think was answered well. It’s quite a stretch. Especially since there were over 800 words between the first mention of “gun” in the intro and when there’s actually something about the topic.

    • Most of us could probably figure out where this column was going to go by the title alone. I won’t bother explaining why you were slow on the uptake because I think most of us understand that also.

  16. This is why and it is not something that is just about one particular issue.

    ” We now know that Grubering takes place — we see it laid bare in the Obamacare campaign. It was not strictly a “conspiracy”. Rather it was an arrogant belief that lying was necessary to persuade a “stupid” public to adopt the policy preferences of the politicians and the academics in their employ. Its Noble Cause Corruption, not conspiracy, that is at the root of this behavior.”

  17. Gruber could have an “R” at the end of his name in place of the “D”, it wouldn’t make a difference. Contemporary “conservative” values are almost identical to those of progressives, they just come dressed in a different color suit. Political ideology isn’t about the Left vs. the Right, the Dems vs. the Reps, the Libs vs. the Cons, etc…it’s about Good vs. Evil. In other words, it’s about Us vs. Them, Us being the People of the United States regardless of party affiliation, and Them being the godless, amoral pigs in D.C. who all drink from the same trough of avarice and greed. Ted Cruz is no more your friend than Ted Kennedy was, and anyone who thinks otherwise is drinking one of a hundred different types of Kool-Aid. The trick is to find a new drink, preferably one that doesn’t come with a request for your vote!

    • Gruber could have an “R” at the end of his name in place of the “D”, it wouldn’t make a difference.

      Wrong. Since the MFM is 95% leftist they will gleefully report the inaccuracies of the “R’s” while dutifully covering and repeating the lies of the Leftust “D’s” because they agree with them. The rest of your paragraph is therefore dismissed. The solution is the slow methodical use of Tea Party type people to infiltrate and shift the R’s back to where they need to be. It has been shown to work multiple times.

      If you’re making a pitch for the Libertarian party then in fact you’re really just pitching the D party.
      Libertarian thinking=Good …….. Libertarian Party=Bad

    • That’s what Obama wants so the MFM can sing in chorus about the R’s impeaching the first black president and that America is Racist!…Oohga Booga.

  18. I remember back when their was a bit of an uproar from the press when the New Yorker did that cover of Obama and Michelle fist-bumping in the oval office while the American flag (and presumably the constitution) burned in the fireplace (July 21st, ’08)…

    Looks less like satire and more like the truth now, doesn’t it?

  19. Keep in mind the chosen symbol of the Fabian Socialist is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the ‘noble lie’ is everything to these people, because for them ‘the end will always justify the means’. At least they are able to recognize that much of human nature, that men do not want to be enslaved. So they regulate their system into play all over the world and now here. I have to wonder what sort of imbecile adheres to this abject bs of socialism, it is nothing more and nothing less than modern feudalism; the few lives of privilege and luxury at the expense of the many. Are they still coming for Americans’ weapons? If you have to ask you haven’t been watching, and it has nothing to do with crime or ‘the children’ or safety only the safety of their manufactured position and stolen wealth and the rest be damned.

  20. Thanks Mike for putting together that analysis of the *character* of this presidency and his administration and how Mr. Obama’s deceptive, self-important, narcissistic, totalitarian *rule* transcends multiple aspects of our national well being and threatens Americans’ constitutional protections, and indeed the fabric of this great nation.

    Well thought out and well presented.

  21. FINALLY!

    I was wondering when someone would notice the connection between ‘Grubergate’ & the efforts of the anti-2A/pro-thug/pro-dictatorship cult. Now that it’s been recognized, the questions are WHY self-professed ‘Conservative’ media personalities (Limbaugh, Hannity, et al.) haven’t as yet ‘discovered’ said ‘purely coincidental’ connection & IF/WHEN they’ll use it. It’s a natural for them & given the blatantly obvious similarities of both campaigns it’s surprising that said ‘intellects’ haven’t done so, perhaps Lou Dobbs should be informed of it. Whether that happens or not, this is a golden opportunity for the pro-2A forces to score some MAJOR points & should be exploited before the outrage over ‘Grubergate’ fades & with that in mind I suggest that pro-2A folks broach the subject on local/national talk radio shows & MAKE SURE to document/report who does/doesn’t allow it on air.

  22. I still find it utterly amazing that he’s the worst president in history, yet not a single assassination attempt has been made. Not saying I’d do it or condone it, but judging by the pretty much country-wide hatred for the man, it’s amazing it hasn’t been attempted. At least, not that we know of. If someone did, the suspect list would be massive, lol.

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