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From Armscor/Rock Island Armory . . .

Meet the latest American-made firearm from RIA-USA. The RIA 5.0 has a patented RVS recoil system to maximize barrel mass and linear movement for super soft recoil.

It also features a smooth trigger for greater accuracy and a two-piece modular grip frame for flexibility and control.

RIA 5.0 Rock Island Armory Armscor

The RIA 5.0 is one of the most flawlessly engineered sporting pistols you’ll find. Backed by extensive testing, its fit and performance will make it hard to shoot anything else. Plus, it’s made right here in the USA.

RIA 5.0 Rock Island Armory Armscor

The RIA 5.0 features a patented RVS recoil system engineered to maximize barrel mass and linear movement for super soft recoil. It has a buttery-smooth trigger for greater accuracy in rapid-fire situations, and a two-piece modular grip frame for flexibility and control. The level of research and precision engineering that went into the making of this sporting pistol is unmatched.



BARREL – 4.91″
OVERALL LENGTH – 8.11 INCH / 205.99 MM
OVERALL WIDTH – 1.33 INCH / 33.78 MM
OVERALL HEIGHT – 5.17 INCH / 131.32 MM
WEIGHT – 2.47 LBS / 1.12 KG
MSRP = $998.88

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      • I wonder if those who permeated yesterday’s new release steel frame Canik post with beavis and butthead opinions will do the same for this new firearm? Will they lap dog this firearm or will they concede it has just as much RoboCop as the Canik, etc? Actually Chrome produces shadows enhancing cuts, the Black Canik which was not pictured looks very right, of course such little things like that don’t matter to origin fixated beavis and buttheads.
        The same beavis and buttheads hypocrites who will use their Made in China devices to praise this firearm because it is Made in America and denigrate equal or better firearms made elsewhere…pathetic.

        As for this firearm it appears to be well built as was said for the Canik.

        • I’m not going to apologize for loving this country. As far as the rest of your screed, Pathetic …is right.

        • You should be happy to know that further down people are bashing this just as much as the Canik. Happy now? But then you did read my post further down but decided to post above. Someone before gave you crap about how you take your posts to the top and I thought meh, now I understand what they meant.

        • isn’t the canik striker and this is hammer fired?

          about the same as apples and oranges

        • Is “made in America” a huge thing to brag about in terms of firearms? Most guns are made here.

          I prefer to buy American made firearms to financially support my countrymen.

          On the other hand, even many “less expensive” and basic guns are nonetheless made in America. Hi-Poimts are made here, as are Kel-Tecs and Heritage Rough Riders. My Marlin 60 and 795 were made here. My Taurus G3C was made here. My Palmetto State guns were made here. My Ruger LCP and Security Nine were made here. I think even my Maverick 88 was made here. None of those guns fall into the “fancy” category. They are all fairly basic.

        • I don’t understand your love affair for Turkish firearms but most of us here are patriots and love and support this country. I don’t think someone USA traitor to own a firearm from Turkey, ammunition from Russia or even a shotgun from China – I do. It’s just my preference to buy American and support my friends, family, and neighbors and also to keep the R&D money here. Americans fall short at many things, but creativity isn’t one of them.

      • It would be nice to add Country of Origin to all press releases, reviews, etc.

        It make a difference to me…and probably many others.

  1. What is meant be “extensive testing”?. In this day and age, most products are tested by the public after the initial sale. This is now the norm for automobiles, It’s cheaper for the manufacture to fix a few defects and cross their fingers that the product makes it through the warrnty period before failure. Then it’s not their problem. I would think the same would be for other products to include firearms.

  2. i need another 9mm pistol
    like i need a hole in the head
    and i especially dont need
    a 9mm pistol
    that costs more than an ar15
    that i can build
    thats capable of groups less than 1 moa
    at 300 yards with factory match ammo

    • tell me you didn’t read the article without telling me you didn’t read the article.

      HINT – it’s not striker fired.

  3. Looking at the pictures again, I just realized that this is a slide-inside-frame design (a la CZ), which isn’t something I think I’ve seen before in a striker pistol.

    Huh. Neat.

  4. Looks like it has a cut-out in the back of the slide for a hammer. Is that possible with the low bore axis? Possibly a cut-out for the striker channel?

    • It’s a cutdown internal hammer that they call a micro hammer assembly. The external profile of the barrel is roughly trapezoidal and serves as a guide for the slide. There’s some kind of delayed blowback device that wasn’t detailed. The barrel doesn’t tip, but I don’t know if it’s fixed or travels linearly with the slide. Definitely not a Gen3 Glock with the name filed off. Hopefully, it’ll be more available than the FK BRNOs that also look interesting.

  5. Well, if you can wade through the somewhat slobbery article on Amerindian Handgunner, this does look to be something a bit different. It’s not a conventional Steyr/Glock striker fired action, it’s not exactly a hammer gun either, it doesn’t tilt to unlock like a Browning style action but it’s not just a blow-back style action either – designer Fred Craig (of .22TCM fame so I’d be shocked if Armscor doesn’t have a version for that round in the works) appears to have ginned up something that, if it’s not new, it’s at least intriguing.

    • Ok. The answer to what RVS is in the article; thanx!

      The pistol review was intriguing. Maybe if it is made in .22 one day, I might push to afford it.

  6. I would like this exact same pistol only not the Personal Defense model, do they have one in a “Let’s have funm shootzing gunms” model?
    I’m getting tired of killin. Besides my freezer is still full of last years mostly peaceful protesters.
    Oh scratch the whole deal, I see it’s in 9mm, to much lung blowing out and bloodshot meat with that caliber if I ever do have to go to filling up the freezer again.
    Hopefully they’ll have a .44Automag perfected that doesn’t jam by that time.
    Fingers X’s 👍

  7. You stupid ass self proclaimed “experts” are laughable. I’ve trained law enforcement for almost 50 years in firearms and survival skills and one thing is very clear. Those who talk the most usually know the least. Their knowledge base comes from articles written by authors such as Moosefart Habbibee , etc. I’m impressed.

  8. Pass. What would I use it for? Looks clunky and if wanted s*** hanging off the side of slide I’d be cruisin’ down the block in my ’65.
    Seriously, though. I own no Hi-Point but laugh at them all you want, simple blowback. I’ll stick with my Smiths and the ONE RIA I actually do have, the M206 snub.

  9. There was nothing in this article that I didn’t already read on the RIA website.

    Could you please re-write it with a detailed analysis of the RVS recoil system? What does RVS stand for anyway?


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