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“How much leeway do we give a gun owner in the way he handles a gun under pressure?” MikeB302000 asks over at his blog, underneath this surveillance video of a Nashville convenience store robbery. Lots, obviously. Although point taken. After the initial attack, the store owner (in blue) was firing more or less indiscriminately. More more than less. In fact, if there had been someone else in the store who was not a BG, I reckon they would have caught in the non-proverbial cross-fire. Equally, his shooting technique looked more like suppressing fire than effective self-defense. The weird thing: very few people realize they can shoot through objects that obscure their vision. A realization that cuts both ways, I suppose.

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  1. I just watched two gangstas go from “yeah, we bad” to “feets don’t fail me now” in five seconds. I do believe that somewhere in Nashville there is a dumpster containing two pairs of soiled underwear. Way cool.

  2. As I said on my blog, it looked like a happy ending. But, the store owner was so out of control, I think it was more luck than anything else, also lucky that bystanders weren’t hit.

    A guy who has a gun in his shop or home and has done no training is a true menace. Don’t you think?

    • Much the same as any cop or soldier without training.

      The difference is that their operational needs and environments are different.

      Soldiers are tasked with seeking and eliminating threats as well as defense – they already know something is going to happen and are thus pro-active fighters. Cops are a little lower down the line but are basically in the same category as soldiers. Civilians for the most part are in mostly reactive situations unless someone gets really lucky and catches a criminal red-handed before they commit the crime.

      Training should not be made so onerous as to inconvenience the working classes but at the same time thorough enough to equip quickly a large majority of the population, and allowed as a renewal class for a permit renewal. As we are finding out through force-on-force training with airsoft pistols, gun fights are not as much about proper sight picture but more about instincts and decision making. As more information about fights are put out there training costs will come down and the dissemination of information to all peaceable citizens will be much easier as the language and phrasing evolves.

      I don’t expect you to understand since you cannot distinguish truth from falsity, openly admit bias, are extremely misogynistic, and cannot do basic math. But in the end when we can carry everywhere, I hope you will water the Tiber with your tears.

      • Thank you for that last part….Have been biting my tongue for months now and am glad I am not the only one who has been annoyed by it.

      • “Much the same as any cop or soldier without training.

        The difference is that their operational needs and environments are different.”

        No, the difference is that cops and soldiers do have training. And in many cases it proves to be insufficient. But you gun owners bristle at the mere suggestion of mandatory training.

        • Hint: in a lot of CCW permit applications, training is required.

          It’s not the idea of mandatory training but rather what ridiculous standards it can be set to if anyone (government that may be controlled by idiots like you) were to take central control of it. This is why I said “operational needs are different.”

    • So in a situation like that, where there weren’t any non-bad-guys in front of him, what’s wrong with suppressive fire? Yes, his style left something to be desired, but it worked, and there’s nothing to say he wouldn’t have fired less indiscriminately if he were in a less target-rich environment. His goal, presumably, was to stop the threat, and he did. No, the same actions wouldn’t have worked in a different situation, and no, he didn’t do the same things the trainers tell you to do. But it worked for this situation.

  3. I believe there was someone else in that store.

    Shooting technique is definitely poor. But he did seem to be getting most if not all of his rounds to go in the right direction.

    If anything this video illustrates the need for training programs like is being implemented in Arizona now.

  4. A few years back, a Harlem meat supply store owner brought a long-hidden shotgun to bear and efficiently dispatched four armed robbers without hurting anyone innocent or causing undue property damage.
    Apparently he hadn’t fired the weapon in years, and it sounded from the news stories about the shooting, he didn’t go to the range too often, either.

  5. I wish he had killed those fools and saved us all more future problems from those lowlifes. He didn’t even need to duck because gangbangers never hit what they are shooting at, if he took the time to aim at these morons he would have killed them.

  6. Personally I think his doing what he did, while affective,was very stupid. It is a store front. Any number of folk could have been just outside about to come in when this broke out. I mean it is a store, right? Who knows? Maybe this store wasn’t the only one in the lot. I applaud his take-no-crap reaction but his courage looked to be based on pure stupidity to me. As shown it takes some serious skill to fire a gun one-handed. This guy had that thing going sideways and whatnot as he shot. It really is a wonder he didn’t shoot himself really. Range time is $20 an hour or so and bullets costs less then some good chocolate. Crap like this is what gives antis their ammo. Sad.

  7. ever owned a gun before but see why people use them, need to take a class when i get some money hopefully, I remember as a teen some friends and i shot a gun we got from there older brother, a 22 hand g un they say it like shotting a bebe gun but when i shot it still droped it from the sound it made when I shot it, so i would like to get into a practice rang a few times a week. but maybe later.

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