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ArmaLite has a whole bunch of new stuff they’re rolling out at the show. Let’s start with the “little” things and move up to the “big” news . . .

Behold Arthur Steadman, Communications Director for ArmaLite, holding their new foray into the world of .22lr black rifles. ArmaLite has started producing .22lr drop-in conversion kits, .22lr dedicated uppers, and complete .22lr rifles. What sets their products apart: they’re made out of aluminum instead of plastic. Buy a .22lr M-15 and it comes with a fully functional 5.56 NATO lower and buffer assembly, not some plastic junk.

ArmaLite is also rolling out two new rifles based on the AR-10 lower, chambered for hunting calibers. These uppers—one in .338 Federal and the other in .260 Remington—are made in special batches of less than 25 units per run. They’re hand-crafted to ensure optimal accuracy and reliability. They slot right onto a standard AR-10 lower, no new firearm required.

Previously, ArmaLite rolled out a tactical rifle with a monolithic upper using their C.O.P. rail system. The system offers interchangeable panels that allow the user to choose between a full length rail, slick side plate, or half and half for any side. Their previous version had only carbine length rails; this year they’re rolling out mid length rails as both a pre-assembled upper and as a kit.

This one actually gave me goosebumps. ArmaLite’s AR-50 is already a thing of beauty, more accurate than the standard 50 BMG rifles and twice as cool looking. Now they’re coming out with a National Match version, with tighter chamber tolerances, a fluted barrel, and even cooler looks. There are only five in existence right now. The company’s still making fine adjustments, but the rifle is already outshooting everything else out there. No release date is set yet, but rest assured that we’ll keep you informed.

Oh, and Fearless Leader is buying an AR-50 for us to have some fun with. Who’s got an idea for testing? Drop me a line.

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  1. 100 hundred of them, pintle mounted on jeeps, in a convoy across the Memorial bridge. Shooting at targets on the National Mall while moving. Then you can carry one to the top of the Washington Monument. From there you will be shooting at bouys on the Potomac. As you exit the Monument you realize that you don’t have a DC gun permit and begin your race against time to the border.

  2. I bought myself an AR-10 for Christmas and compared to the AR-15 I bought from one of your competition, I am ashamed! I’m ashamed that I didn’t buy an Armalite AR-15 instead of the one I bought for just a few dollars less…

    The Armalite is a precision piece of equipment. Although my 15 shoots well, the Armalite AR-10 “out of the box” performance is extremely impressive. This before I’ve tried several different rounds to tune the ammo to the weapon.

    But now your review has made me unhappy once again. I guess I’ll have to wait until next Christmas for the AR-50…. but then we never know what the new year will bring!


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