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Ares Armor CEO Dimitrios Karras (courtesy

TO: Whom It May Concern
FROM: Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor
SUBJ: AB 1014, Gun Violence Restraining Orders

I write this letter in absolute disgust at the state of affairs in our Country. I love my Country and I love my people. I love the freedoms we used to have; I love the liberties that we used to stand for.

Politicians in this country seem to think that they rule us, that they are our “leaders” as opposed to being our servants. In their opinion you are not to be trusted. You are not to make your own choices in life. They want to tell you what to eat, what to feel, what to think, they want to tell you how to live your life. They want you to turn on your fellow Americans and be divided . . .

No matter if the boot on your throat is the left foot or the right foot there is still a boot on your throat. Any who think that the Republican Party stand s for their rights need to do a little memory recall and think back to who brought us the Patriot Act. They are all guilty. They are all insidious.

Just as the Nazi programs that encouraged children to turn in their parents, we have a wonderful new piece of legislation that is going to be rammed down the throats of an unwilling people. AB 1014, introduced by Nancy Skinner in California, will make it so that anyone can take the rights of any other person away simply by filing an affidavit with the court. If your neighbor doesn’t like you, all they have to do is go to the court house and fill out some paper work and you can kiss your second amendment and due process goodbye.

18101. (a) Any person may submit an application to the court, on a form designed by the Judicial Council, setting forth the facts and circumstances necessitating that a gun violence restraining order by issued. A gun violence restraining order shall be issued to prohibit a named person from possessing a firearm if an affidavit, signed by the applicant under oath, and any additional information provided to the court demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the court, the named person poses a significant risk of personal injury to himself or herself or others by possessing firearms.

The defense of ones person against an aggressor who comes to your home threatening you with violence is not only justified but is lawful. If this passes, it will pit law enforcement officers directly against law abiding citizens in a very dangerous way. I am begging you, for all of our sakes, please oppose this legislation. I have seen enough blood on the ground in my life. Please, do not let a “law” pass that will cause this sort of lethal conflict.

This “law” WILL cause kinetic engagements between law enforcement and law abiding citizens. It is of the utmost importance to stop this before blood spills. Dearest brothers and sisters, no more death! I implore you! No more. I do not want to see this in my own country. I am at wits end and am begging for you to really understand the implications of a law like this. Please. No more blood. No more blood.

Remember: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

Long Live the Republic!

Dimitrios Karras, CEO Ares Armor

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  1. I’ve had a few dealings with Ares Armor. Seem like awesome people. And the more I find out about Mr. Karras, the more I’m a fan.

    • They have gotten my money over time… They to date have my support… I agree with what they say and what they are trying to do… If worst comes to worst I will decide if they will keep my support… Just saying, the military might not turn guns one brothers and sisters, but we all know cops of all shape’s and sizes, and all forms of leo’s from small town to fed’s are more then willing to turn guns on other Americans… So the leo’s work for the government and the government works for who has the most money not us… Sad, isn’t it…

  2. Minus falling victim to Godwins law, I don’t see anything there I disagree with.

      • It’s NOT true. He said “Just as the Nazi programs that encouraged children to turn in their parents…AB 1014…will make it so that anyone can take the rights of any other person away simply by filing an affidavit with the court.”

        So until AB1014 encourages children to turn in their parents and the latter get executed, the two are not “just as.”

    • THIS. Quit your overblown rhetorical bulls*** and make your point. Invoking Nazi policy does his argument no credit. Not to mention, the Nazi policy he’s talking about has absolutely nothing to do with his subject. The Nazi part is only the half of it. People love to freak out and neglect the whole ‘to the satisfaction of the court’ part. I know for some of you the idea of trusting your firearms to the discretion of the court is unthinkable, but there is similar language for involuntarily committing people (which would also force you to forfeit your firearms…) and we don’t have an epidemic of abuse of these laws. Make your point, calm the heck down, and stop invoking the goddamn Nazis.

      • Would fascist work OK for you Nancy? Or just go with damn progressive. Then make the mental substitution as you read.

  3. He’s a good write-in for 2016. After all, Obama sets the precedent re: “natural born”.

      • I was kidding about writing him in, not kidding about the “natural born” stipulation in the constitution.

        Any way you look at it, based on one of Obama’s books (forget which one), hit mother was too young to legally confer citizenship on him. His father was not a U.S. citizen. Hence, never a natural born citizen. Naturalized citizen, yes. But that’s a different thing.

        Sadly, similar story for Ted Cruz, though, as I mentioned, Obama has set the precedent…

        • That might be among the stupidest things I’ve ever read. Obama’s mother was American. Whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya is irrelevant, just as it was for McCain and Cruz, both also born abroad to at least 1 American parent.

          Now whether Obama’s US citizenship was renounced by his Indonesian stepfather Soetoro so he could attend school there is another matter entirely…

        • Believe what you want, but please stop posting that shit here. You’re pissing in our pool.

        • I don’t think where he was born is remotely as relevant as how he’s performed as POTUS, which has varied from sad to debacle. (The Birther thing is just trying to oust him on a technicality. Kinda like busting Al Capone for tax evasion.)

        • It took an act of Congress to assure that McCain was presidential-eligible.

          No it didn’t.

          First. Congress lacks the authority to make someone a Natural Born Citizen. That is established by the Constitution.

          Second. MaCain’s parents were American citizens. He could have been born on the Moon and he’d still be a US citizen.

          That Congress passed a law explicitly stating the obvious doesn’t mean it created the obvious.

          If Congress passes legislation saying the Sun rises in the East, it doesn’t mean Congress bestowed upon the Sun the power to rise in the East.

        • Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen. His mother lived in the US for more than 10 years before moving to canada. Just sayin

        • “If Congress passes legislation saying the Sun rises in the East, it doesn’t mean Congress bestowed upon the Sun the power to rise in the East.”

          Not that they woudn’t try to take credit for it.

  4. “When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die”

    National, Geo-Political, Class, On-Drugs, On-Terror. I ain’t no senators son. All they answer is more, more, more.

    • On a side note, I just called Dimitrios and I think he may be one of the coolest people in all of CA. This man is a true believer and he will fight for us. Hell I’m gonna go buy a “I will not comply” T-Shirt right now.

  5. Nancy’s going to fill out an affidavit on Karras. How’s that for a due-processless technique to put gun dealers out of business in CA?

    • We could always fill one out on Nancy, and anybody else who signs this law. After all, there doesn’t seem to be a special carve out for police officers, bodyguards, politicians, etc. If the Everytown Facebook fiasco is any indication, we POTG are very good at preemptive strikes against stupidity.

      • Yep. If this law passes, you’ll know the names of all the legislators who voted for it. Hold a great big paperwork party and put in a restraining order against every last one of them. It would send a heck of a message.

    • I know y’all are just foolin’ around, but don’t forget that the process calls for an affidavit–a statement made under penalty of perjury. If these forms get abused, you can bet your sweet bippy that there will be prosecutions for perjury, just as their are prosecutions of swatters if they get caught. Perjury, by the way, is a two year felony.

      • Well, she threatened my person by attacking my rights. Cannot seem to find how I would be perjured using political logic.

        • I can’t tell if you’re serious. Pretty moronic, though, as that would legitimize assassination of those you disagree with politically as a form of self defense.

      • Serious question, Mark what point.would a suspicion of perjury in filing the affidavit be determined? Would it come in time to prevent the Gun Violence Restraining Order from being issued against the “named person”, or after the GVRO was issued and possibly executed? In other words,..too late to save the “named person” from being subjected to Law Enforcement’s Execution of the GVRO…and God knows what mayhem having ensued.

        Gun Rights Groups in California are being pretty hysterical about this, but I suspect there is an established procedure within the Court System, and I am hoping it can head off potential abuse..
        Just curious if you have information on this matter to dampen some of the hysteria. This law is bad, but we don’t need to make ourselves look like hysterical ninnies grossly exaggerating how bad it will be.

        • On further reading and reflection, I recant my remark about “hysterical ninnies”. Looks like AB1014 really is as bad as is being asserted by the California gun rights groups.

      • Are you saying there is not at least one citizen who could swear honestly that a given police officer or politician poses a risk based on observed behavior? Define behavior that indicates a risk? The law doesn’t.

        ‘I saw policeman X point his gun at someone who was just standing around doing nothing threatening, I think he might murder someone!’ ‘Politician X said that the people should be disarmed and we know that leads to genocide so they must be violently insane!’ ‘I overheard officer Y say that he was thinking of killing himself because he’s a despicable pig!’. Prove any of these statements false, try me for perjury if you think you can. If you can’t, and don’t believe me, then just deny the restraining order, just deny millions of restraining orders frivolously filed in an already overwrought court system, yeah, that will work out fine.

      • But it’s not easy to prove ‘perjury.’ They can just say they were wrong. And even if you can prove it, will anyone care? How’s David Gregory’s probation coming?

        • @Hannibal and Ardent…I read a few articles about defending charges of perjury in California and it is clearly a valid defense to assert the defendant was simply “mistaken”, so the threat of a perjury conviction is so low as to fail to be a major deterrent to frivolous affidavits seeking a GVRO Reading the text of AB1014, it is not at all clear that a hearing is required with the accuser and accused present before the Gun Violence Restraining Order may be issued. So, the “named person” may have no knowledge the GVRO has been issued until someone appears at their front door with the GVRO, and possibly a “firearms seizure warrant” in hand.
          The “hysteria” over AB1014 may well be entirely justified. Looks like I must recant my remark about “hysterical ninnies”
          A link to the text of AB1014: (Not a long read.)

  6. I don’t live in CA, but if I did, I’d be filing paper against every possible Democrat assh0le who votes for this perverted law. And as a lawyer, I know how to do it in a way that would not get me into trouble for filing false documents.

    • Don’t sit on it Ralph, tell us all! It’s not as if any good measure of these will pass judicial review and the point isn’t to get them to anyway, it’s to hopelessly clog the courts with frivolous filings that can’t be proven as perjury but which must be heard or dismissed. I’ve seen what mass filings do in trials, I can only imagine what truly mass filings (in the 10s of thousands) would do to the court system in CA. A sustained campaign might cripple the system.

      If you’d like to critique my assertion above, about opinion and unsubstantiated claims above I’d appreciate it. In short for it’s an indictment of the legislature for putting on the courts the requirement to hear affidavits without substance. I heard officer x say he’d murder, I feel Politian Y’s statements are threatening. Imagine having to wade though all that, and how many perjury charges are going to stick? Heck, how many could even be tried If they were legitimate?

  7. California Representative Skinner holds a B.S. in Natural Resources and a Master’s in Education. She went from student government at U.C. Berkeley to city government at the City of Berkeley, while she was still a student! She’s spent the last thirty years working in government and PAC’s, creating nothing, telling other people what to do, and deftly avoiding legitimate employment.

    Basically, she’s a professional pusher-arounder. Read her own capitol website for highlights (lowlights) of her illustrious career. Nancy Skinner: Buttinski-ing for Fun and Profit Since 1984.

    • Yeah, we really need to top using that word. Nazis are a very specific quality of evil. Fascists, on the other hand, are common as cockroaches.

      • Except this isn’t historically relevant. It’s not even at all relevant to the subject of his open letter. It’s just overblown rhetoric. Thanks for playing, though.

      • Annnnd those who think history repeats itself are history neophytes. History does not, and never has, repeated itself. Nazism is not going to spring up anew in the United States, as it was a result of a certain time, place, people and events. There are things like Fascism that could appear, as someone pointed out, but this constant drum of “Nazi” does nothing but make gun folks look like they have no perspective.

  8. This guy has balls. Area Armor has some very cool T-shirts. I have a nickel boron BCG that I got from them for a great price as well, and a Kydex holster on order.

    Ares took a financial loss after the ATF raid. Please support them. This guy is fighting on the front lines for gun rights. If I get a chance, I may also have a drink with him.

  9. I have this mental image of Bloomburg hiring a ton of people to do nothing but fill out this paperwork on anyone that comments on pro-gun blogs… oh crap

  10. Quite a few years ago Gun Control Australia was demanding that the details of firearm owners be on public record and at the same time with the local media started a “Dob in a gun owner” campaign. The police rejected the first claim citing the potential for misuse (ironic as the registry details have been leaked to criminals since) and the second for wasting time on false callouts.

    But if you have a AVO (Apprehended Violence Order, aka restraining order) on you, your license is immediately revoked and your firearm seized. Then it is a long and expensive process through the courts to get them back.

  11. I really, really like this. KInd of heard a low, steady drum beat while I read it. That could be just a medication issue, though.

  12. “This “law” WILL cause kinetic engagements between law enforcement and law abiding citizens. It is of the utmost importance to stop this before blood spills. Dearest brothers and sisters, no more death! I implore you! No more. I do not want to see this in my own country. I am at wits end and am begging for you to really understand the implications of a law like this. Please. No more blood. No more blood.”

    The other side has said the same/similar things about concealed and open carry laws, Constitutional carry, and other laws that benefit us. It hasn’t happened. I doubt it will happen in this case. (Of course, I seriously doubt this bill will pass constitutional muster, either.) Since we say that the anti-gunners are guilty of histrionics in their reaction to certain gun laws, we must not fall into the same trap lest we’re called hypocrites by them.

    We are supposed to be the more rational side of the gun argument, after all…

    • “We are supposed to be the more rational side of the gun arguments, after all.”

      Then I guess I’m not “rational” when I claim that “shall not be infringed” means that there should be ZERO laws, discussions, or any other namby-pamby muddling of the Founding Fathers’ words.

  13. I need to take a drive down there and shake this man’s hand. Bought a few 80% 10’s off of him after the story broke about National City trying to throw him out. He and his business have my full support. A co-worker met him at the Costa Mesa gun show a couple weeks ago, sounds like an awesome guy. Keep it up D!!!

  14. i got an idea, everyone that owns a gun just up and move out of California and let them have a gun free state and see how long it takes for them to repel the law and beg you to come back. only ones that will have guns then will be law officers and very bad guys, which will outnumber the officers 1000-1 at least

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