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As much as I’m enjoying Donald Trump’s swamp-enabling swamp draining and post-election waffling and prevarication (hint: not much), I start every day thanking my lucky stars that Hillary Clinton isn’t the President elect. Ms. Clinton was not a friend of ours. That much was obvious.

Under a Clinton administration 2.0 our gun rights would have been in dire straits — in a Money for Nothing and Your Health Care for Free kinda way. And not just from what some uncharitably called “The Hildebeast.” Also from the Team of Weasels (sorry, couldn’t resist) she would have gathered around her to rule the country. Including Veep wannabe Tim Kaine.

Kaine is, as our hirsute friend above points out, a dedicated gun grabber. He would have done everything in his power to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Yes, I know: the VP is little more than a presidential understudy. But still, who needs another anti-gun cheerleader clogging-up the airwaves every time some nutcase or terrorist attacks unarmed Americans?

In short, we dodged a bullet when we elected a reality TV star (who played Old Testament God to a bevy of craven D-list celebrities) instead of a career statist. I may regret saying I’m with Donald, but I will never regret saying I’m without her. In fact, I find it endlessly cheerful. You?

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    • There are only two people who could have caused Hillary more humiliation by beating her than Donald Trump did. Andrew Dice Clay and Rush Limbaugh.

    • Who is this Tim Kane you speak of?

      But anyone who believed trumps campaign promises would hold even a drop of water is a fool. Good grief folks, read trumps books. He explains it all in them. He is doing exactly what he says he does.

  1. Kaine scared me worse than Hillary did, especially given her deteriorating health. Can you imagine if she had won and then passed away a year into her presidency? Stop smiling, I mean it. She’s bad, but he’s an ideological train wreck.

    • No kidding.

      Given what I figured the odds were for either HTC or DT to complete their term – health issues, impeachment, whatever – quite a bit of my voting decision was based on the VP candidates.

      • Pence had some good blows against him in the debate he did with Kaine, but Kaine got flat out trounced by Pence in the VP debates. No competition what so ever. He was the most presidential of any of the candidates I saw during the election cycle, as much so I think he could have taken Hillary easily if he would have been running as #1.

    • My wife said from the beginning of Clinton’s campaign: “Look carefully at who she chooses for Veep – because whoever it is will likely be POTUS before her four years are done.”

      My wife wasn’t pro-Trump, but she was as anti-Hillary as they come.

  2. Trump beating Hillary proved one thing:
    Any humanoid with a pulse could have defeated that crook, still sorry it wasn’t Cruz.
    Keep your eyes on the ball, y’all. Trump needs to be reminded every day who put him where he is lest he “make a deal” with our civil rights.

    • Cruz’s method of “protecting” our rights was deprivatizing medical records and showering the overfunded ATF with money. He is no friend to the second amendment.

      Seriously, check his own campaign website then dig up the actual text of the Grassley-Cruz bill in question. There’s a reason he doesn’t link to the actual bill only to pundits saying how great it is.

      • I have no idea what you’re talking about. I did learn long ago, however, never to trust the lone know-it-all in a chat room, on blog comments, etc. who claims to have or to have seen the secret information that exposes everything good as being exactly the opposite.

        People just want to feel important, or at least relevant, so they make things up, or twist real things into fantastic altered versions of themselves. I swear, if I had a nickel for every jackwagon who overheatedly and out of breath tried to warn anyone who would listen about the Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, the Skull and Crossbones Society, the Bilderbergers, the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese, geez….

  3. Wait – that video has 48 views total. RF, how do you find this stuff?

    And while you’re dogging the ol’ Trumper, did you see his speech last night? In it he reiterated all the campaign trail promises – other than “lock her up”, of course, which he does seem to have backed down on. But the wall? Yep. Cutting off immigration entirely to those from terrorist hotbeds? Yep. Repeal & replace ObamaCare? Yep. He’s still saying the same things that he said on the campaign trail, so — has he backtracked? Maybe not.

    It’s possible (not guaranted of course, but possible) that his first 100 days could be the most significant outing since Reagan. Give him a chance.

    (of course, if he appoints Petraeus to SoS, then the bottom falls out as far as I’m concerned).

      • I’ve seen who he’s appointed, and I’m not generally troubled by any of them. I would be shocked if he appointed Romney, but I would be repelled if he nominated Petraeus, a confirmed gun-grabber who formed a gun-control organization with Giffords/Kelly and who had to resign in disgrace as head of the CIA for mishandling confidential information.

        Trump’s even talking about nominating a couple of Democratic senators to posts (including Manchin for Energy), which is a fairly potentially brilliant move in that it would remove vulnerable D’s from the Senate and open up their seats to very likely R pickups, which would extend today’s razor-thin 51/49 lead in the Senate to a gaping 54-46 (assuming New Orleans elects a R senator).

    • “(of course, if he appoints Petraeus to SoS, then the bottom falls out as far as I’m concerned).”

      Word of the day is John Bolton has an interview for Sec. State.

      And that, POTG, is an official (convicted felon) Martha Stewart ‘Good Thing’… 🙂

  4. Get a grip and realize that you have Trump Guilt! Yet another malady invented by left wing psychs for White People and others of a conservative nature. Like White Guilt, it makes you sound foolish apologizing that you got the best of the deal through hard work and competency. Enjoy the next 8 years as we, once again, flourish and prosper in the only free country on this planet.

    • Trump’s stated policies would add trillions to the national debt faster than either Bush or Obama. How will that help us prosper?

        • Just wanted to say that on a Pink Pistols discussion group it was noted just last week that the childish mangling of the name of the current president is a big barrier to getting people to come out and try shooting, because it makes the PotG look like spoiled grammar school kids.

          We don’t have to respect the man, but because he holds the highest office in the land we ought at least refer to him with his actual name out of respect for the office. The same holds true for liberal idiots now referring to the apparent president-elect as “D-ump”.

          If we can’t be respectful, we’re not going to get much of a hearing. So let’s suck it up and elevate our game, for the cause.

        • Agree with Roymond, we need to keep the moral high ground, even if it is tempting to resort to questionable short term tactics based off legitimate anger.
          The higher left is eviscerating us in their echo chambers, not with middle school nicknames, but with derogatory adjectives and ad hoc arguements.
          We need legitimate fact and logic based positions. If they do not listen, so be it, our children (or realistically, our grandchildren) will have the benefit of objective hindsight…God willing, and I want them to see us as reserved, dignified and righteous.

  5. The evil (D) knew Hillary would lose or she would have wound up with a more prominent (D) candidate. Hillary wasn’t worrying about being overshadowed, she was needing someone who didn’t mind the taste of turd stew that is the future prosecution of Hillary.

    Yes, time will tell on Prezelect DJT, but he has a vast opportunity (more than anyone else alive at the moment) to out-Reagan Reagan, merely because he has already seen it done.

    Globalists are beating their brows viciously however and that’s a very very very good thing. We hope that shizzay dies on the vine (from severe drought and record low temperatures brought about by global warming).

    Austria’s upcoming election is going to let us know how goes-it in Western Europe, and we can hunt the rest of the globalism around the globe.

  6. Yeah I’m glad that weasel isn’t VP. But I’m happy if Donnie gets popped (God forbid)we have an unequivocal 2A supporter in Mike Pence! Nothing wishy washy about him..

  7. I’m still half convinced that Hillary and the DNC are going to pull a hail-marry and try to over turn the election. They have next to no chance of pulling it off, but I don’t really think the left cares enough about this nation that they’re willing to burn it down if they can’t get they’re way.

    • Hillary would lick her wounds and go home if she didn’t already sell and take payment for all of the influence that she can no longer provide. The evil POS (D) [voters included] do not have equal interest or stake in that problem, but they can all go to hell because they think being a (D) is ok, and Hillary was one so she was an acceptable candidate.

      There’s going to be some hell to pay for Hillary from many bad players in the world that won’t get her Amazon care packages, and influence (cough * China), and Hillary can hope that her trouble only comes from Issa and Gowdy.

      Worse, no one will be there to cover for Obama (so the shred machine has had to have it’s cutters and bearings replaced and the national archives is traveling home piece by piece in someone’s underwear). Trump isn’t going to do:
      S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y .

      AND were going to be watching to make sure no POS (R) attempt to fill those orders either.

    • That’s one thing that really worries me. The rabid left absolutely is willing to burn it all down if they can’t have it their way. I don’t know if you follow sci-fi or fantasy authors and publishing at all, but they’ve already done it to the Hugo Awards.

      They’ve got a good start on it already… The question is whether they’ve captured enough of the cultural and political apparatus to pull it off.

    • The Clinton Foundation has probably offered $5,000,000 to any elector who switches their vote to Hillary. It won’t be safe until the inauguration.

    • The only way they can avoid having Trump inaugurated is to hope the recounts last long enough to have no certified electors from two states that would drop Trump below 270. That, however, would throw the election into the House of Representatives.

      I’d actually love to see that happen and then see them choose Susan Collins, to really rub it in for Hillary: not only would she have lost as the first potential woman president, but a Republican would take that historic spot and Clinton would be total dust.

  8. I will speak for those who cannot type because of very small paws.

    Weasels across America are unhappy with being compared to the Democrats.

  9. 1000 jobs saved, cabinet rounding out, media in shambles, dnc in ashes, SJWs humiliated, stock market booming, kellogs stock slipping (hehe)….

    Hasn’t even been sworn in yet and I’m already tired of winning.

    • Don’t forget the UN’s 2030 Sustainability Agenda tanking along with Global Warming people adding to the 95 Million people NOT in the workforce, China is going to have to suck some (R) to get what they want, and we will be watching and replace those aholes too.

      Globalism is tanking. Austria is going to vote, Italy soon thereafter. EU just put 8/10ths of its ‘assets’ in a new-world-order pentagon-like organization and a “European Army” that they swore didn’t exist only two months ago so they have a mothy checkbook and WINTER IS COMING (not a GOT reference).

      Yep, all good.

      • Globalism tanking is not necessarily a good thing. The more tied together the globa economy is, the less likely we are to have any major war.

        And even if it is tanking, that doesn’t get rid of the undue influence giant corporations have over our congresscritters, who on both sides of the aisle are practically owned by corporations.

      • Globalism “tanking” is an ABSOLUTELY GREAT THING!!!! when globalism is the Obamacare of UN policy.


        Globalism is just that, it’s not bringing together of the nations of the world for peace, it is WHOLESALE COMMUNISM PAID FOR BY THE “WEALTHIEST” NATIONS, IT IS GLOBAL WARMING, ABORTION, AND ANTI-NATIONAL-SOVEREIGHNTY.

        AND THEY CANNOT DO IT WHILE NATIONALISM (heard about lib POS’s saying flag desecration ain’t such a big deal lately and stop flying the flag, and stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance, and (D)bag bruce springsteen wants to [blow Clarence but he’s dead] rewrite the National Anthem) AND THEY CANNOT DO IT WITH 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS OUT THERE TO STOP THEM.

  10. Not all is Guns and Roses. The runner-up for the VP slot, California Democratic Congressman Becerra, another rabid anti-gunner, has been appointed to replace Kamala Harris as California Attorney General. And KamelToe goes to Washington as our next uber-liberal anti-gun Senator. The Continental Divide is becoming a political Great Divide. (Except for Aridzona.)

    • Sometimes Freedom gets a bit messy but it’s far better than the DNC alternative. Thanks for playing and have a nice day!


      Dude (or as Joe R insinuated possibly dudette), as I’ve pointed out before you REALLY need to seek mental health counselling.

      Yahoo! News holds about as much credibility as MSNBC…which is only slightly less reputable than National Enquirer.

    • This is exactly how it’s supposed to work.

      I applaud the kid’s parents for paying attention and doing a great job at a moment when parental action mattered most. At the same time, I feel bad for them as a family and hope they can pull things back together for their kid.

      What the “community” on a Yahoo article thinks is completely irrelevant.

    • You gun control fruits cost Hillary the presidency.
      Had she never uttered the phrase “Australian Style Gun Control”, she would be picking her cabinet right now.

  11. I know better but I have to say it.
    That is one person I wish would just fad away from the public eye forever.
    With his smug s@#t a$$ grin to boot.

  12. Trump wasn’t my first choice but he was a better choice than any democrat nominee in my life, going back to McGovern.

  13. I hope The Donald upholds the Constitution as promised.

    I think Preet Bharara may keep Trump’s promise to “Lock Her Up”, but the “her” may be Huma Abedin.

  14. Ralph was right. You can’t touch on politics without taking a moment to dump a little on Trump.

    I liked Trump because I perceived him as the only Republican candidate forceful enough, adequately confident, sufficiently unimpressed by the false categories of political correctness….to call them as he sees them, and call Hillary out as the crooked person she is. He knew, further, that being rude enough to make your opponents cringe…is an excellent way to get them off their message. If THEY’D had a pair they’d have called him out effectively in return. They didn’t.

    I believed from my first donation that Trump was the only one who could beat Hillary, because the rest were cowed at some level by PC. Sure Hillary’s a woman. Doesn’t mean you can’t call her Crooked Hillary and say “she lies, she lies.” Imagine if McCain had had the balls to do the same with Obama, when it was called for.

    Trump isn’t an accidental president-elect. He’s the only one in the field who was strong enough to win. And yet you throw sneering digs at his actions, as though perhaps you had dreamt that Cruz or Perry could swing that hard, that consistently, and project to the middle class and blue collar voters a confidence they hadn’t seen on a man’s face in a decade.

    I delight in the fact that Trump drew a majority of the votes of young white women, regardless of income or education level. Talk about showing the pundits for fools, and Hillary for the wretched puddle of ambition she is. She lost the safest constituency she had, save for the minorities that were whipped into line by the Democrats a generation ago.

  15. But what is fun is watching your irritation boil over into snide, offhand remarks concerning a man and election you were so very, very wrong about in otherwise legitimate news.

    Like an itch you just can’t scratch, eh, Farago?

    • You’re not wrong, but I hope as POTG we can bring everybody in to reform the massive 2A infringements instead of worrying about the little things.

      RF, unironic pretty please knock it off too.

      • I’ve said it before, but I think it will be less Trump’s direct hand in the matter and more the people he surrounds himself with, which will trickle down positive policy by proxy. Minions take on the attributes and policies of their leaders. It held true for my time in the military and it holds true in politics.

        Ironically there was already a story which should have had a home here on how the CBP was already seeing a shift in attitudes because the toadies want to keep their jobs. Example–

        “You can expect to see CBP pushing back and holding those people,” said Brandon Judd, president of the National Border Patrol Council. “They’re going want to make it look like they’re in lockstep with [Trump] … We’re already seeing it now … Judd said the processing center at Nogales, Arizona, is set to open soon, and he added that he expects other processing centers to open, as well, in order to increase detention capacity. Career-level supervisors will be more worried about offending the incoming administration than the outgoing one, Judd said. “They have a new boss,” he said. “They know it. They need to endear themselves to him.”



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