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I have to admit, the production values on SilencerCo’s April Fools’ prank this year are pretty good. They “announced” the Wizard Staff, a .22lr silencer that appears to be about four feet long and comes with an “eternal” warranty and has a list price of “22 thousand silver shekels.” While it’s true that the only way to increase the efficiency of a can is to increase either the diameter or the length, I get the feeling that this is just a hair excessive. Anyway, nicely done SilencerCo. And make sure you watch until the end!

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  1. God, I haaaaaaaaaate browsing the web on April Fools Day! The only fools are the clowns who publish this dreck.

  2. Saruman has legions of suicide bombers at his disposal. Gandalf has… a .22 pistol and a band of gluttonous midgets!?

  3. Is it wrong that I want one?

    I was thinking 25-30 inch length,2 or 3 inches wide, integrally suppressed on a bullpup Marlin 795.

    Would be average length in spite of being a bullpup, wonder how quiet it would be?

  4. Good spoof however, no reason to perpetuate this stereotype of “typical gun owner”. That’s only fueling the left, better to show the Dems drawing up a bill to outlaw 4 foot suppressors in the 2nd part.

  5. I can get not using ear protection, but no eyes and keeping the finger on the trigger? What is he, an ACTOR? GAWD.

  6. A wizards staff has a knob on the end. (According to the expert and novelist Sir Terry Pratchet) Research, fellas, research.


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