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Now that Dan Baum has left the building (moron that later), I feel free to use the term “gun grabber.” (Dan had threatened to de-bookmark us over the term.) Fox News (oh this IS fun) reports that AOL has shelled-out $315 million for the official website of America’s greediest gun grabbers (GOD I love writing that): Paul Helmke of The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Josh Sugarmann of the Violence Policy Center. Not to mention their minions, clones and camp followers (oh STOP!). In and of itself, that’s no biggie. The more interesting part of the deal: Arianna Huffington is now in charge of ALL of AOL’s web content. Gun control advocates will have an even larger audience for their cod-common sense agenda. Either that or it’s another step towards obscurity for AOL, which will eventually drag down and kill the HuffPo. Just sayin’.

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  1. “Either that or it’s another step towards obscurity for AOL, which will drag down and kill the HuffPo. Sweet.”

    That’s my expectation.

    The gun control articles on HuffingtonPost are most interesting, the overwhelming majority of comments are anti-gun control. It seems most of the readers there don’t care to argue this issue at this time.

  2. hmmm….wonder is the Hufhufhuffinton Post saw the Air American darkness at the end of the tunnel?

    If I knew the term “gun grabber” pissed off Mr Liberal Baum I would have used it in every sentence. I’m always the last to know…. huffff!

  3. What I want to know is how Huff Post is worth $315 M, being mainly comprised of blue sky and steam. I bet Farago would be willing to cash out for $10M or $20M.

    • If one can generate math to support a $50B valuation for FB, HuffyPo at $315MM is (relative) chump change.

      I agree, HP was built with volunteer slave labor. Whether those minions get pissed off enough to leave after watching the fruit of their labor disproportionately enriching Arianna remains to be seen.

      The hilarity with Arianna is that she’s flipped harder than McCain. Remeber not that long ago when she worked for Newt Gingrich and was a syndicated conservative columnist? From her marriage to Huffington (long divorced) to her change of political camps, it always seems to be a business decision with her.

  4. This can only mean one thing: the gun grabbers plan to unleash their propaganda in the form of an endless wave of install discs.

  5. AOL really screwed the pooch on this one. Wait until they figure out that they could have bought Mikeb’s blog for 315 cents.

    • I heard on the radio that they own a piece of mapquest or something. If that’s true I guess I will have to stick with the ever so slightly less evil Google maps for directions

    • Subscriptions.

      Some of the older folks I know started out on it, and they ain’t about to learn something new at this point. (Not that they can’t, just they don’t want to.)

      About 750K people still rent their phones from ATT’s subsidiary Lucent. Honest.

  6. AOL is a dinosaur that will soon be gone, and I’m glad that the huffpo will go down the drain with aol. I did like Dan’s posts but I like the term “gun grabber” much better and I’ll never stop using it.


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