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"Gun control" (courtesy

In the video below, two black actors pretend to be dumb, drooling, white, racist redneck gun owners asserting their Second Amendment right to think and do stupid sh*t. Imagine if the video showed a couple of white actors portrayig black gang bangers waiting to do a drive-by, praising gun control for keeping their victims unarmed. That would have the PC antis howling with charges of exploitation and racism.

But this. This is funny! Or, you know, not. I for one . . .

am getting tired of the fact that the media thinks it’s OK to lampoon [white] gun owners with a nasty combination of condescension and straight-up hate. You?

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  1. Of course it’s racist! It wouldn’t be lefty agit-prop without racism…they are obsessed with race. That’s been going on for 2 decades and counting.

      • Absolutely! You should give it and any others you have like it to me to cleanse yourself. I promise to dispose of it and any others in a manner befitting the injustice.

      • Your post is meant to be funny because in your “mind” people like me are always making some outrageous claim that this or that is racist, folks like me are always fabricating some crazy case about racism , racism racism racism it’s all we ever talk about, when you and yours know very well that racism is insignificant(except for interpersonal racism against white folks of course : D)
        Well Im gonna give you something else to laugh about, your post is racist(!) : D for trivializing the very serious issue of racism, and naturally if you were at a disadvantage in every aspect of life simple because of your race you would not think it was all fire amusin!!
        You’d be focused on the dollars but that would be because black unemployment has been twice the level of white employment for several decades, and their is a wage/salary gap, and the average black family has 1/13th the wealth of the average white family, and with an identical resume you get invited to interview 50% less if your name sounds black… you wouldnt be so inclined to make oh so very droll remarks about our first racist president and smirk at folks who raise the issue of racism then and now and everywhere in between… buttwipe : D

        • So you are suggesting that we can move towards the dreamed of post-racial society if we just focus harder on race?

        • “ProfessorManque”:
          “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”

        • Have you checked in with Ben Carson, Charles Paine, or even Barack Obama about the dreaded “pay gap” you are on about? Show me that George W. was paid more than Obama during his presidency and we’ll talk. Except that Trump is making $1/year, what horrid discrimination. People make what they earn, you should start asking why some cultures earn less than others, as opposed to blaming irrelevant factors. Makes you appear a fool. Oh, wait …

      • And if you feel up to reading a serious monogram(It will be more difficult that listening to Mark Levine or Sean Hannity so git yer gumption up fer it), Erica Dunbar’s “Never Caught” examines the relationship between George and Martha and Oney Judge one of their slaves who escaped from the bondage our revered Founding Father held her in, she stole herself : D and seized her freedom, and George was outraged and pursued her like a Mafioso… maybe this too will help cure you of your smart aleck attitude toward the brutal institution of white supremacist chattel slavery this country was founded on… maybe you wont find it so all fire funny to joke about the visage of slave holders like Washington or genocidal Jackson on our money…buttwipe : D

        • No one cares. Slavery in the 18th century was a far preferable institution to many other situations the lower class might find itself in at the time. You think being a slave is bad? Try being a serf in continental Europe during the same period.

          The reality is that white Europeans were the first group on the planet to outlaw slavery and then the British Empire spent about a century and a vast sum of treasure trying to eradicate the practice worldwide. You’re welcome.

        • Your grammar and sentence structure could use a lot of work. Without it, your prattle is even more useless. Just saying, for a self-proclaimed “professor”.

    • What you NRA racists dont know about the ongoing history of race and racism would fill infinite warehouses… and combined with your stupidity(this isnt name-calling, this means when I explain something about racism to you you cant understand) and your willful ignorance and your lack of empathy, this shocking ignorance of yours makes it impossible to remedy your cluelessness…
      This thread for example is evidence of your racism, despite being immersed in countless instances of white supremacist racism ie the endless millions and millions of videos and posts smearing Obama and Black Lives Matter and anyone/anything that challenges your delusion that racism is insignificant, despite the mountain of indisputable evidence documenting systemic institutionalized racism disadvantaging black folks in every aspect of life ie education, wages, employment, health care, longevity, housing, police/courts etc the only time yall ever talk about racism is this insignificant interpersonal racism against white folks… Like Hannity yalls hobby is collecting these silly vignettes and pretending that this is a serious issue,that youre meaningfully addressing the serious issue of racism, you really are pathetic folks, if only we could magically transplant your psyche inside a black kid and let you grow up and live in racist America…: D

      • “Your post is meant to be funny because in your “mind” people like me are always making some outrageous claim that this or that is racist”
        “What you NRA racists dont know about the ongoing history of race and racism would fill infinite warehouses”
        I can’t tell if you’re just spouting trolling BS or if you don’t realize you’re making a mockery of yourself. Is it racist to contradict BLM with the fact that black suspects are actually LESS likely to be shot than white suspects? Or that “hands up don’t shoot” never happened in Ferguson? Don’t get me wrong – police are not flawless, and injustice happens. Slager murdered Walter Scott and was rightfully convicted.
        The Left has a long history of playing the racism card against the NRA. In the 80’s and 90’s, it was claiming that it was the “N***** Removal Agency.” Sure, an organization of 5 million is going to have some racist members, but the vast majority of the members and the official policies aren’t. Blacks are welcome at the NRA, and will find friendly greetings at most any shooting range or gun store. The NRA was founded by Northeners after the Civil War to improve marksmanship because they got their asses kicked on a man-for-man basis by the South.
        An astounding number of black men and older boys are murdered, and much of it involves guns. However, it’s other black men and boys pulling those triggers, not white racists. It is not the fault of the NRA.
        Calling for universal background checks, assault weapons bans, magazine bans or any other attack on gun rights isn’t going to change that. Even if you could magically take the guns away from the criminal gangs, they would still go after each other with whatever weapons they could get ahold of. Drug dealing and the illicit profits fuel the violence, and they’ll use the most effective weapon they can get to protect their territory, income, and pride. With tons of drugs being smuggled, adding a few guns to the load (even machine guns) is trivial, or the money will pay for someone to illegally manufacturer one.
        Admittedly, I’m not part of the black community. What would it take to stop the gangs? Would drug legalization take the profit out of it and kill it off like ending Prohibition did for the alcohol gangs? What would make young black men value their lives and want to improve themselves instead of becoming criminals? Many have no economic opportunity because they don’t get the educatiob they need. Why not? Is free college or job training the answer when many don’t even have the high school education to take advantage of it? Offer solutions – we want the help.

      • If you feel that this country is so racist, feel free to get out. I’m sure that 40 acres and a mule could be arranged. What you don’t know about history could fill warehouses.

      • Professor Manque,

        “… the mountain of indisputable evidence documenting systemic institutionalized racism disadvantaging black folks in every aspect of life ie education, wages, employment, health care, longevity, housing, police/courts etc. …”

        Systemic institutionalized racism? No! What we have is institutionalized exploitation and suppression of poor and uneducated people. Welfare rewards people for being poor and uneducated and encourages them to stay poor and uneducated. Free abortions encourages poor and uneducated people to be irresponsible. Our “criminal justice system” ravages poor and uneducated people. And our schools are an abject failure in the areas where poor and uneducated people are the majority.

        If you truly want to see an end to the exploitation and suppression of poor and uneducated people, start mentoring a poor and uneducated child.

      • You forgot your pinnacle in punctuation: “buttwipe…”

        And learn how to punctuate, especially with indenting/returning (i.e. use of paragraphs in the format of internet message boards and forums should be a single space between them). Wall of Text is not pleasant to look at.

      • “This thread for example is evidence of your racism, despite being immersed in countless instances of white supremacist racism ie the endless millions and millions of videos and posts smearing Obama and Black Lives Matter …”

        Not liking Obama and BLM, because of their ideals and goals and activities isn’t racist just because they happen to be black, any more than hating Trump is racist just because he happens to be white.
        Of course, that little bit of fact just doesn’t occur to you because you see racism everywhere except when you do it.

        What IS racist is that I still don’t get notifications of followup comments.
        Obviously it’s because I’m whatever race I happen to be.
        Racist bastards!

      • Man you really poked your head into a hornets nest. Really? Why are you on this site? Fucking sulk back into your local dive bar in Brooklyn and order a drink amongst friends.

      • If you cannot carry on a conversation about anything but race, then you are a racist. This is a gun blog, moron!

      • “this shocking ignorance of yours makes it impossible to remedy your cluelessness”

        Nevertheless, he persisted….

      • You can thank your modern day masters of the Demoncratic Party. Until you and your Black American friends and family realize it is the Democrats keeping you down. Save it because most of us don’t frankly give a shit. You vote for this crap year after year and you end up with Chitcago, Baltimore,Detroit. So don’t preach to us about slavery. You weren’t a slave nor has anybody been one for over 150 years. You know it is a fact that parents that name their children Fd up names,
        the children do much worse in school then kids named something somewhat normal. Talk to all the white kids that had the grades to make it into great schools but lost their spots to affirmative action. Just STFU and preach you BS over at the Democratic Underground of Huffpo. DUMBASS

  2. I have no problem with this. Guys want to make idiots of themselves, who am I to say they can’t?

    • Agreed. I got all the way to the 1 minute mark. Its not even funny and I’m wondering why this trash merits a spot on this site?

    • Cruzo- I call BS on your assertion. No indeed, NO major TV channel would ever broadcast the “opposite” of this. (Assuming you mean a skit demeaning a minority for a racial stereotype.)
      If it were on FB or YouTube, it would meet the ban hammer immediately.
      Now – did I misunderstand your comment (& if so, an apology will be forthcoming), or are you a racist like the video’s producers?

  3. I made it to 2:28 mark.

    Why not fight stupidity with a similar video designed around the anti-gun mentality.

    Good actors and professionally produced.

    Flood the net with it.

    • You can make such a video for free – just do a simple man/woman/whatever-on-the-street interview segment on guns and gun-owner control laws at nearly any college campus.
      You’ll have absolutely no end of stupidity to post on YouTube.
      Actually, such vids are pretty easy to find already…

  4. Thank God we have freedom of speech in this country! Without it, liberals could not so thoroughly destroy themselves.

  5. Can’t download vid cause I used up all my data g’s watching cops try to catch motorcycles…… I’m a Redneck RiverRat and damned proud of it…… I can’t think of anytime I drooled, slobbered alot, but never drooled.

  6. The social media tags at the end mention Jus Reign. Full name Jasmeet Singh, Canadian born comedian of Sikh descent. Quite the YouTube celeb apparently.

    Obviously someone in an excellent position to provide a nuanced presentation on the 2nd Amendment.

    What I want to know is what kind of Canadian ammo was that? Or are Great White North trees particularly ricochet prone?

    • They most certainly are not, no. But in the eyes of the left that’s what makes it not racist, because people of non-white races can’t be racist towards white people.

      Somehow, the pure unadulterated hypocrisy of that stance never occurs to them.

      • Mercury the donkey gives us another example of how the ignorance(this means you dont know anything) and stupidity(this means when I explain it you cant understand) of NRA racists prevents yall from understanding how race and racism work in America.
        So in America racism is expressed via white supremacy, so black folks are stereotyped as dumb and lazy and criminal etc not white folks, blacks folks, they are the ones on the receiving end of racism in America.
        And blacks folks in America were enslaved for centuries and black folks were terrorized and brutalized during Jim Crow and black folks were further dehumanized under Southern-style Apartheid, and today black folks continue to suffer more subtle contemporary racism.
        And you can easily confirm the extreme substantive toll racism takes on black folks via peer reviewed studies ie identical resumes with black names are invited to interview 50% less than those with white names, subjects more often accidentally shoot unarmed black suspects more often than white, as well as via real world metrics ie black folks lives are shorter, the average wealth of a black family is 1/13th that of a white family…
        You see this is the systemic institutionalized racism that results from a combination of the remnants of historical white supremacy and more nuanced ongoing racism, and it harms not white folks but black folks, black folks in America are at a disadvantage by every metric.
        Now if I was a moron like you I’d constantly be collecting instances of interpersonal racism by black folks ie everytime some young jerk in the pick-up game calls me “white boy”, or some old fool slurs me as a “wood” or a “cracker” and I’d pretend this is the REAL racism, the racism that counts and its all I would ever talk about… and it’s also that youre not a nice guy, youre not fair or honest, and youre mean, you don’t care, it doesn’t hurt you, so fawk them, thats your childish selfish attitude

        • holy shit I hope you really aren’t so stupid. There’s been a black president, several black secretaries of defense, HUD, surgeons generals, cabinet members of every stripe, senators, representatives, mayors, CEO’s, small business owners. Matter of fact, in America in 2017 blacks (like the rest of Americans of every color and creed) have it better than most of the rest of humanity of the face of planet earth. Certainly there was historical injustice and violence up until fairly recent history. However, the last four decades have seen an unparalleled improvement in race relations that have made that phenomenon regulated to history. If you truly think that America is so terrible a country and racist I challenge you to find one that’s better off and go there, surely there’s one.

          But you won’t, you’d rather find occasions of interpersonal white on black racism that represents a fraction of a minority of the people and interactions that happen and pretend it’s a real problem. You’d like to spend all your time pretending this is an issue because you are either stupid, ignorant, or both. You like to cast blame and make excuses for failure. Unfortunately for you, if you fail in America today you got their all by yourself. If you rob a store or attack a person and get killed for your trouble, its all your fault that your chickens came home to roost ;D. I hope you understand but it’s unlikely because no gauge or caliber of truth fired at the hull of your own stupidity and victim complex could make a dent. America in 2017 has a cancer growing in its name is victim mentality

        • Hey Professor – If you’d put some of these rants to music they’d make great Negro Spirituals. I know it would take expending a little energy which is contrary to your lazy nature but since you don’t have a job you should have time.

          Swing Low and take care.

        • And Whitey is responsible for all these problems you cite. The individuals bear no responsibility for their behavior. How convenient.
          As the esteemed DrunkEOD puts it:

          “Unfortunately for you, if you fail in America today, you got there all by yourself.”

          You probably are walking around all smug today, “boy, i really told all those gun-toting NRA racist crackas this morning,” when in actuality you were schooled unmercifully. And you’re too much of a self-absorbed bubble-dweller to realize it.

    • This is whiteface. Actors of one race/ethnicity have created characters that exhibit nothing but racial and cultural stereotypes of another. This execution reeks of racism. If it isn’t okay to do blackface, it isn’t okay to do anycolorface. If it weren’t for double standards, there’d be no standards at all.

      Personally, I don’t care about whateverface, as long as the comedy is decent. Tropic Thunder did it fairly well. Key and Peele have pulled it off. These guys… not so much.

      • The guys in this video seem to be Indian by their names, not black like RF said in the article. Also, Dave Chappelle’s whiteface characters were always hysterical.

        • Don’t ever cite Dave Chappelle, racists like yall laughing at the wrong time and too long and too loud is why he quit… he was parodying racism but racist that you are you missed the joke. I bet you are fond of citing MLK too to prop up your racist delusions, youre the most detestable sort of racist…

        • Dear professor;

          Don’t EVER presume to tell me to not do something you fascist fuck.

          Anyone else get the irony that the real fascists are the ones screaming that everyone but them is a fascist?

      • Personally, I don’t care about whateverface, as long as the comedy is decent. Tropic Thunder did it fairly well. Key and Peele have pulled it off. These guys… not so much.

        This **IS** Key and Peele, isn’t it?

    • In other words, my tax dollars aren’t just used to disarm Canadians, now they are used to (attempt to) disarm people in other nations.

  7. Nothing is racist if its against whites duh.

    Also he literaly put his eye out with a red ryder bb gun lol

  8. Although I see no humor in and it is meant to portray white 2A supporting men as dullards. I support the making and viewing of it’s content for one important reason. The 1st Amendment. I support Free Speech in all it’s forms. Unless you do as well you are no better than the Anti 2A Assholes out there who only support a highly infringed upon Right. Free Speech Means Every F@#king Word as Shall Not Be Infringed Means The Right To Bear Arms. I support ALL of the Bill of Rights. So stop whining and Suck It Up Butter Cup.

    • OH! OK…well, it’s totally fine then. I mean it’s hilarious or brilliant or whatever I’m supposed to say now that I know they’re not white devils.

      • Ok, I’m probably wrong. There is a guy posting on YouTube by the name of Jasmeet Raina who was born in Canada and is of Indian Sikh/Punjabi Sikh descent. He sure looks like Peele.

  9. For the left racism and bigotry is strongly encouraged when the targets are white, or openly christian, and there are huge bonus points when the subjects white christian gun owners, and southerners.

    Can you imagine the outrage if two white comedians sporting afro wigs were imitating and parodying gun brandishing black ‘hood rats’ and gang members, who stopped dealing drugs and hunting each other down in the streets only long enough to impregnate women who they then abandoned (along with their offspring) for you and I to pay for?

    • Your grandparents thought Amos N Andy were a laugh riot, just as your parents reviled MLK for being a commerneast, just as you smear BLM as racist terrorists and anyone else who raises the important of issue of racism in America, racism in America which disadvantages black folks in every aspect of life(no matter how much time you spend collecting irrelevant instances of white folks suffering interpersonal racism). So dont self-righteously condemn Amos N Andy, you revel in every facet of contemporary racist culture including Hannity and Rush and Fox endlessly trumpeting instances of interpersonal racism against white folks while only ever mentioning systemic institutionalized racism against black folks to dismiss it as insignificant, you laughed at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons at Dave Chappelle, you applaud Chump for only ever talking about black folks in the role of criminals and on and on…

      • Arguing with liberals is like arguing with Jihadists. To understand their perception of the world and others, you have to first understand that Marxist progressives are cult members, and that for them their belief system is faith.

        Like Jihadis, they don’t care what you think, or believe, or about reality in general. Basically, if we will not believe as they do, our very existence in an anathema to them. They hate us and want us dead.

        In their small hateful world, there is no room for dialog, or competing ideologies. In their minds anyone who disagrees with them must be labeled as racist, and speech which does not agree with their dogma must be shouted down, or beaten down – silenced at any cost.

        They are tyrants who will ultimately use any tool at their disposal to dominate, subordinate, and subjugate the free will of others to their purposes.

        Our founders had their own experiences with tyrants and tyranny and enshrined the 2nd Amendment in the US Constitution as a means of defense against tyrants and tyranny.

        God bless our great nation, and God bless the 2nd Amendment.

      • Frankly Professor Mary Kay,
        I could give two shits what you think you know about whites and how we are racist. You are a professional victim. I sure hope you haven’t spread your seed yet to screw up more black kids.I have been called a cracker and pecker wood, honky etc. It doesn’t bother me one single bit. I hear guys use the N word all day long where I work when talking to one another. Its quite pathetic. Oh yeah where do I work? A prison. Next you’ll be harping on racial disparity in prisons. Well Prof. Mary Kay don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  10. Only European white males are capable of being racist, and more, all European white white males(especially Christians) are born racist, ignorant and privileged.

  11. They are both mixed race and thoroughly mock people of many races, including black people. Many of their skits are really hilarious, but its pretty amazing they didn’t get more sever push back for say their skit about slave auctions.

    I would say this and many of their other material is more racially insensitive than actually racist. They don’t appear to hate anyone for the color of their skin.

  12. If all the black gang bangers were hillbillies the U.S. would be a better place for both blacks and whites. If I had a magic wand I would make that cultural switch in a heart beat. Hillbillies are objectively much better people individually and better for society as a whole.

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