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We posted earlier today on the tactics anti-gun protestors are now using against the NRA’s Chris Cox, spraying his home with fake blood, protesting outside his home and attacking his wife’s business.

But national level gun rights figures aren’t the only ones under assault. Our own John Boch, who heads the Illinois pro-gun rights organization Guns Save Life, has been targeted too. Here’s his description of a nigh-time assault on his automobile he posted at the Guns Save Life site:

My Friday morning became more complicated when I noticed flat tires on the driver’s side of my van. Seems one or more people targeted my vehicle and decided to puncture the tires with a sharp, round tool in the dead of night. Cowards.

Given nobody else with cars outside their homes had flats in my immediate neighborhood, I can’t help but think this attack had something to do with my pro-gun advocacy work. After all, my neighbors and I all get along well and we like one another.

What’s more, anti-gunners have (and continue) to vandalize Guns Save Life’s highway signs. If radical gun haters are willing to commit felonies along busy interstates, why would they hesitate to commit criminal damage in the dead of night in a quiet neighborhood?

Bloomington Police came out and took a report.

Later, I found two puncture holes in the middle of the front tire and another pair of in the rear tire. All of the punctures happened on the “top” of the tire under the fender as the van was parked.

Front tire, post pllugging.

After fixing the front tire, I heard hissing from the rear.  Sure enough. Rear tire. I see a surveillance camera system in my future.


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  1. A surveillance camera system might help if the attackers are dumb enough to drive right up in their car with their license plate visible and without wearing masks.

    A much better idea is to park your vehicle in your garage at night.

  2. Cowards slash tires in the middle of the night.
    People of courage and honor engage in civil, public debate.

  3. The range arson. The Chris Cox thing a couple of posts ago. And now this.

    First off, Mr. Boch, thank you for your good work, and I’m sorry this happened.

    And now I find myself thinking a horrible thought: I give it no more than a year, if things keep going as they are, before a pro-gun rights person is killed by some anti-gun sicko. There is clear escalation in progress.

    I don’t know whether it’s coordinated, or whether the antis are feeding off news and social media reports of each other. I don’t know if it will be premeditated, or if the pro-gunner just happens to be “in the way” at the wrong time (imagine what could have happened had the range arsonists been surprised by someone, for instance); but I’m very afraid it will happen.

    • Unfortunately i think you’re right. The left will publicly denounce the violent while whispering behind high walls that “he deserved it.” Conservatives will bemoan the hypocrisy of the left to the deafness of the mainstream media. And on and on and on it will go

      • No, they won’t publicly denounce the violence, anymore than they publicly denounced it when one of their own shot up that baseball field in DC.

      • I seriously doubt the left will publicly deplore the murder of a POTG. The social media will be ablaze with commentary from them about how more POTG need to die.

        • Social media is already ablaze with commentary calling for the deaths of POTG. They are openly telling us what they intend to do. I believe them. At some point it’s going to get out of hand.

    • The defamation campaign is absolutely coordinated and preplanned. Aided and abetted by the legacy news establishment, which is stuffed full of prog-indoctrinated chowderheads who don’t see the harm they’re doing by amplifying its reach.

      The vandalism and violence, much less so — but it too is planned. The collectivists don’t do anything alone. Unless something happens to deflect this nation from the course it’s on, innocent folks will be killed by these people. What happens after that is anyone’s guess…but none of my guesses are happy ones.

  4. Hire Chuck Norris to stand in front of your house.

    • When Chuck Norris was born, he round house kicked the doctor in the face. Nobody delivers Chuck Norris but Chuck Norris.

      Likewise with Boch. If Chuck Norris was guarding Boch’s estate, his eyes would glow red and the tire slashing losers would erupt in a vibrant flash of immolation. Then Chuck would drop kick Boch in the face. Nobody extracts service out of Chuck Norris but Chuck Norris.

      • He would not. Chuck Norris is on the side of good so he would shake John Boch’s hand and thank him for his work.

  5. Its a good thing the cowards are idiots , yes they are dumb , cowards sneaking around in the dark , vandalizing Johns car. Thank goodness for tire plugs & fools that don’t know how to properly ruin a tire beyond repair. Plug kit $10. Single new tire, over $100. Where would we be without idiots and cowards ? I think there would be more children living , than not. The sad truth is many people “cowards” don’t fit in a normal society , the need to bully and kill people in order to feel like they amount to something. News flash , they are & always will be the scourge of the planet. Not the guns that so many want to blame , the insane , the cowards , the bullies and the like are the problem !! Wake up , stand up to these snakes in the grass.

    • Assuming they are cowards and idiots is a bad idea. Some will be, assuredly, just as some people of the gun will also be; there’s a large enough population of both that the bell curve applies.

      It’s easy to ascribe stupidity and cowardice to one’s opponents – heck, the antis do it to us all the time. But getting in the habit of thinking of them like that is a very bad idea. Vicious, yes; irrational, yes; stupid and afraid to act, perhaps not. Consider the range arson from a few weeks ago: except for some fuse issues, it seemed reasonably well-planned and -executed. And for that matter, those fuse issues might have been deliberate to leave zero doubt about it being deliberate arson, rather than an accident of some form.

      • I agree. Not wanting to face the worst consequences of an action one is committing isn’t necessarily cowardice. Are snipers all cowards? They could have also been Hannibal Lecter smart for all we know – there is just to little info about them to make a determination.

      • Yes , my point was only an idiot would try to ruin tires by puncturing the tread. As it can simply be plugged. Not so with a good ice pick puncture to sidewall . no fixing that !!

    • “Thank goodness for tire plugs & fools that don’t know how to properly ruin a tire beyond repair. Plug kit $10. Single new tire, over $100.”

      True. If you just want to inconvenience someone, pull their valve stems. If you really want to do arson, puncture the sidewall.

      I gain comfort from the fact that lefties are terrible bomb makers and will probably blow themselves up in numbers equal to their targets.

  6. Why do you think I use the name Anonymous? If I gave you my real name, you’d be able to look up my address in like 2 seconds.

    And I saw our accelerating cultural rift coming almost a decade ago.

    I feel bad for Boch, and especially in saying this as well: I hope they keep it up. I hope it intensifies. It’s the only way gun owners will get off their a$$es and do something about it. Most gun owners are so tolerant they will capitulate to anything. God’s turn the other cheek and all. Leftists will always push for socialism and social engineering with laws. They don’t really care about rights. Seriously. So if you are a conservative you have to ask yourself the question – do you want your kids and grandkids to be devoid of your culture of responsibility, freedom, and spiritual practice? If we do nothing, then we have automatically agreed with that outcome.

    • I hear you, Anonymous. Of course, someone with better internet chops than I, could probably figure out who we both are readily enough.

      I assume my nom de ordinateur is only going to keep away the casual jackassery.

      • No One of Consequence and Anonymous,

        People who manage any website that you visit can immediately determine your computer’s Internet address. And using your computer’s Internet address at that time, could immediately determine the nearest community to your location. That is all.
        Determining your name or physical address would require assistance from your Internet service provider.

        So, unless gun-grabbers have a “man on the inside” (with very specific job roles no less) at all Internet service providers, gun-grabbers will not be able to determine exactly who you are.

        Having said all that, I can easily imagine a time very soon where gun-grabbers will actively recruit such key people at Internet service providers for that very reason. Unless Internet providers have incredibly stringent and secure internal controls on access to Internet address assignment logs (and I highly doubt that they do), the people who have access to those logs can assist gun-grabber organizations with impunity.

        • ” And using your computer’s Internet address at that time, could immediately determine the nearest community to your location.”

          Not really so. One’s IP address is were your provider is located. The subscriber
          more than likely is miles and miles from that location.

      • Ah, but your avatar, my friend! Facial recognition is a reality! Mwahahah…. Oh.



  7. I imagine it was kids now that they are getting involved. This may be the new normal. There is a price for advocacy in this world.

    • “How’s that 2nd Amendment Coalition Trump appointed you too doing these days, Mr. Boch?”

      Another stupid comment.

  8. At least they punctured the tread area. I once lived across the street from a Seattle cop who had a hot teenage daughter. All the kids used to gather on the street in from of their house on the weekends and drink even though very few if any were of age. They also used to leave all their cans and bottles on my lawn. One night I went out and politely asked them if they would just put their trash in my trashcans that were only a couple steps from them. The next morning I got up to all the trash on my lawn plus someone punctured the sidewalls on all four of my truck tires and you can’t repair those. I call the PD and they wouldn’t even come out. They said I could file a complaint at the station if I wanted to, but it would be waste of time because they were too busy to deal with those kind of issues. Next weekend after the party I picked up all the trash from my lawn and went over and dumped it on the cops lawn while his wife and daughter looked out the front window. I never had another problem.

    • That’s typical of the Seattle Police Department. It is pointless to even call them for what they consider a minor property crime because they do absolutely nothing. Thus the property crime stats do not at all reflect the truth of the problem because after one experience people do not waste their time reporting.

      Just last month a good friend that lives in Windermere, one of the better neighborhoods in Seattle had his car broken into in front of his house. He called the police and they asked why he called them since Windermere has their own private patrol he should call it! People learn the police have higher priorities like shooting unarmed Native Americans in crosswalks and getting away with it.

  9. The anti-gunners call the NRA members terrorist yet they are committing acts of terror themselves. I guess they feel their actions are justified in the war against honest law abiding gun owners.

  10. “Sure enough. Rear tire. I see a surveillance camera system in my future.”

    A motion-detecting powerful floodlight would be something I would consider adding to that camera.

    A shame you didn’t live ‘out in the sticks’ of Texas. I find their ‘after dark’ laws quite refreshing…

  11. As I mentioned a few articles ago THIS means war…and we got the guns. What kind of puzzy punctures tires?!? Get ’em John…

  12. I’m so shocked,shocked I tell you that the oh so tolerant Leftist’s would do such a thing,NOT !

  13. These are some dark times ahead of us then?

    You cant even support gun rights without being called every name in the book including fascist because somehow supporting the right to keep and bear arms is somehow tantamount to oppression, being bullied, stalked, harassed. having your property and livelihood destroyed ad potentially you or your loved ones being physically assaulted all while the preps who harm you cry victim.

    Not to mention trying to use your first amendment rights to debate against them will get you ignored, shouted down or threatened.

    First some some range gets burned down, progun ads get vandalized, supporters get assaulted.

    And by the very same people that claim to support “peace” and “tolerance”.

    • They’re the biggest hypocrites in the world. But no MSM will call them on their shit because of their left leaning tendencies.

  14. The offenders are the very definition of “stupid”.

    They mess with a known gun-rights advocate…someone who most assuredly is packing, and most certainly knows how to use what he’s packing.

    Kinda like me attempting to bite off Mike Tyson’s ear.

  15. Everyone should understand the tactics of the left.

    When they accuse conservatives of something, (example: “vast right wing conspiracy” ), it is to direct attention to what they are doing, ( “vast left wing conspiracy” ).

    They accuse conservatives of being racist, bigots, terrorists, etc…. all the while they are engaged in those exact things and a lot more.

    They preach “tolerance” while practicing discrimination.

    They are following their training derived from the book, Rules for Radicals by Alinsky. They will not give up until they win, and they ARE winning. Trump may slow their progress but they will eventually gain power again.

    Be Prepared !

    • Very well said! The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds. As a younger man i worked as an aide in Congress and we used to have a saying “if a Republican did that he’d still be in prison”

    • Gordon, is a wise man and knows his facts.

      They are winning and I am afraid there will be no
      tranquility but only the lust of the left for power
      and control.

  16. I’d suggest a least the following…
    A camera or camera set that runs all the time and saves the feed locally (not on the cloud) and has a battery backup.
    A ring video doorbell and floodlight cam(or similar). There is something to be said for instant viewing from your phone with 2 way communication.
    Motion lights. Get some wired floodlights and get some solar led lights from Amazon. I run some that are about $10-15 each and have been great for a few years. Pretty bright too.
    Don’t forget your Gates and such with dog warning signs and maybe a child’s toy or two in the yard. Children and dogs are unpredictable to people messing around your yard. Also don’t forget to keep tabs on your breaker box. It doesn’t take much to jump a fence, open an unlocked main breaker box, and shut your power down. That leaves you without lights and probably heading in a predictable path to the breaker box. If you can, you should lock your breaker box and keep the key hanging next to your door so you don’t lose it. Solar lights and battery backups help hear too

    In the words of a funny Canadian. “Keep your stick on the ice” and “we’re all in this together”

    • Yeah, predict my path to the breaker box. You may predict a flashlight in one hand and a .45 in the other. You don’t have to attack me, just present yourself in my yard at 3 AM after the lights all suddenly went out. I’ll shoot you a few times, reset the breaker, and go back to bed. In the morning, if you’re still there, I’ll call the cops on you.

  17. Safety Seal® tire repair plugs work excellent. I have been using those for decades. As long as it’s not in the sidewall or a large cut or slice, they will fix virtually all punctures from nails, screws and such. And don’t let some idiot at some monkey shop tell you they are illegal, they are quite legal to use and seal the tire from the outside and inside both.

  18. The perps probably had their cell phones with them. Get records from the closest cell tower to see during the night which phone numbers appear and disappear from the area. Anybody home at night will have their numbers ping the tower for hours on end. The perps cell phones only ping the tower for a short period of time. Keep a list of the transient cell numbers from the night the attack took place. Compare it to a future list that can be collected after the next incident. Any cell numbers that were in the area during both instances for a short period of time can be investigated. If you have a camera that can capture dark sihouettes at a specific time, then look at the tower’s records for that exact time to see who it might be. It’s not rocket science.

  19. Are you absolutely certain that somebody out there just doesn’t like you?

    It seems to me that one or more activists would leave some sort of calling card, like spray paint on your house with a warning to cease your nefarious pro-gun activities.

    This sounds more like a personal vendetta to me.

    • Absolutely.

      Irregularly spaced punctures rule out road debris. Besides, the front tire would only hold air for less than two minutes before going flat once again.

      I suspect it was not the attacker’s first time puncturing tires.


  20. Whatever anti gun group these cowards belong to should really think long and hard before committing similar criminal acts of criminal mischief in The State of Texas, because you see under TX Penal Code 9.42.(2)(A), deadly force is justified “to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or CRIMINAL MISCHIEF DURING THE NIGHTTIME”.

    Yes, you read that right, Texans are lawfully justified to use deadly force to protect their property and prevent the misdemeanor offense of criminal mischief during the nighttime!

    God bless Texas!

    • I carefully read the source because even in Texas CCW class was told you can’t shoot to protect property and outside the home, the castle doctrine may not apply. Technically I think you are correct. As I read (not even close to being a lawyer) there is a distinction between preventing the commission of the act and preventing the perp from leaving. I see this as a grey area I would want to avoid. Interesting information to have. +1 on video cameras around the perimeter. Lots of low cost DIY stuff available, about $300 will set you up with 4.

      • Read it for yourself, it’s not complicated and was established Texas law decades before so called “castle doctrine” legislation. Anyone claiming PC 9.42 is no longer in force simply does not know what they’re talking about.

        Sec. 9.42. DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT PROPERTY. A person is justified in using deadly force against another to protect land or tangible, movable property:
        (1) if he would be justified in using force against the other under Section 9.41; and
        (2) when and to the degree he reasonably believes the deadly force is immediately necessary:
        (A) to prevent the other’s imminent commission of arson, burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, theft during the nighttime, or criminal mischief during the nighttime; or
        (B) to prevent the other who is fleeing immediately after committing burglary, robbery, aggravated robbery, or theft during the nighttime from escaping with the property; and
        (3) he reasonably believes that:
        (A) the land or property cannot be protected or recovered by any other means; or
        (B) the use of force other than deadly force to protect or recover the land or property would expose the actor or another to a substantial risk of death or serious bodily injury.

        Acts 1973, 63rd Leg., p. 883, ch. 399, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1974. Amended by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 900, Sec. 1.01, eff. Sept. 1, 1994.

        • BAD! ASS! I am proud of my state. I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.

  21. Good Practices for Gun Rights Advocates:
    1) Buy homes using a trust that doesn’t include the family named in it. When people look up public property records, the owner is listed as the Acme Trust not John Smith,
    2)) Ring Doorbell
    3) Video Cameras Everywhere
    4) If possible, vehicles parked inside a garage
    5) Phones with unlisted numbers.
    6) Anonymous E-Mail Address for posting on public forums.

  22. Eh, I’m not 100% convinced this was vandalism. When a tool is used to manually puncture a tire, the sidewall is usually the target of choice. Easier to get leverage and clearance for the tool with no fender in the way, and easier to pierce. As a vandal, why try to put holes through the tread where it is thickest, and frequently repairable?

    Could he have run over a pallet fragment with nails pointing up or metal road sign with screws up and just hit it with both tires?

    • You make a good point professor tire , it is pretty darned hard to puncture the tread of a tire , or in this case 2 tires. Running over a nail would cause the tires to deflate slowly. Maybe John didn’t notice he had run over something that caused the tire damage. Anyone with 1/2 a brain , would puncture the sidewalls as that would ruin the tires. I hope that’s the case. If not the lights , cameras etc are a good idea.

    • It’s a fair point, and yet it is a sign of how the left’s campaign to demonize the pro-RKBA movement works — there’s just enough doubt to think that a politically-motivated vandal was targeting John here.

      Will we ever know for certain? Probably not. And yet, it has already cost John a slight amount of discomfort.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Otherwise this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone “slashing” a persons tires through the tread instead of sidewall.

  23. At least they went through the tread and not the sidewall. You can patch it, but if it was sidewall you’d need new tires.

  24. The leftist swine are definitely escalating things aren’t they? Keep on a-escalating and you’ll get your wish.

  25. But national level gun rights figures aren’t the only ones under assault. Our own John Boch, who heads the Illinois pro-gun rights organization Guns Save Life, has been targeted too. Here’s his description of a nigh-time assault on his automobile he posted at the Guns Save Life site:
    As I said in another post…our friend Saul Alinsky is giving his fatherly advice.
    13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.

  26. The ones who talk against violence or the most violent..funny how that works!

    Hope they all get caught and spend life in pro ass rape prison


  27. I dunno, could have run over something with both tires on the road, never known anyone to go through the tread when vandalizing a tire…

  28. You guys got it all wrong. It was cute little “Kitty cats” that did the slashing. Don’t you know they like to sleep on top of tires. That’s where the slashing was, right. On top the tires, case closed, no one would want revenge on a cute little kitty, would they?

  29. Dude, you drove over nails on the road….. If someone wanted to cut your tires, why would they reach under your fender and poke in the center of your tire? Tires are not easy to puncture through the tread blocks. It would be very difficult for someone to reach under your fender and apply enough pressure to puncture the tread, difficult to achieve enough leverage given the distance from tread to fender well and sidewall to center of tire. If someone wanted to cut your tires out of spite, they would just shank the sidewall. You drove over road debris. Stop being so paranoid.

    • joe b, have ever heard of an ice pick and 30 pounds of pressure;
      does not take much to make a hole in rubber ?

      Puncture a sidewall and it pretty well tells that it was a criminal act,
      does it not?

  30. We had similar problems when I openly opposed G.W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq as, like President Trump now say, he and his administration framed Iraq and lied through their teeth.

    Just so you fully understand, I’m conservative. But I stand for the truth.

    Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld / Powell knowingly took advantage of the vengeful attitude of the country (one could have guillotined Muslim babies on any town square in America without any significant complaints) to channel our need for vengeance against any Muslim country (should have been Saudi Arabia, instead of Iraq). I spoke out.

    Ultimately, the threats against my property and children caused me and my wife to qualify for concealed carry. And, it was members of the right who carried out this terror campaign against my family.

    So, don’t get too uppity blaming the left for these tactics. Both sides have sickies who do this sort of terrorist, criminal stuff.

    • ” And, it was members of the right who carried out this terror campaign against my family.

      So, don’t get too uppity blaming the left for these tactics. Both sides have sickies who do this sort of terrorist, criminal stuff.”

      Really, Mr Walters, how do you know that it was the right???

      Anyone in America with a thinking mind, knows full well that
      the majority of political crimes and hate complaints come from leftists, not to mention false allegations.

      Just look at today’s campuses, if you are unbiased you
      can indeed draw that conclusion with even the feeblest of minds.

      I question your sincerity and your veracity and more.

    • Mr Walters, why is over half of your post subjecting American
      foreign policy??

      The thread’s subject was domestic vandalism (suspected) of
      someone whom is exercising their 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

      “one could have guillotined Muslim babies on any town square in America without any significant complaints) to channel our need for vengeance against any Muslim country”

      And you concoct a story of the Bush Administration and our
      invasion of Irack, to buttress your argument. :>(

      Specious by day, specious by night, oh dear what a fright.

  31. hopefully its not ANOTHER false flag from the pro-gun side. we have seen too many of those lately. as in a pro-gunner attacking him to make a victim out of him for attention. it worked i guess.

  32. “hopefully its not ANOTHER false flag from the pro-gun side. we have seen too many of those lately. as in a pro-gunner attacking him to make a victim out of him for attention. it worked i guess.”

    little big horn, any examples or is your phoney comment
    another false anti-gunner fake flag?

  33. Three difference post and ghost ! No reply from JoeB; Walters;
    and little big horn.

    Infiltrated by gun haters, making only trivial comments which
    are easy to refute .

    All three have been nominated for the Airgun Hall of Fame.

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