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The NRA’s new political ad adheres to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Specifically rule 12: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” The target in question is anti-ballistic billionaire bully boy Michael Bloomberg. says the NRA’s forking-out $500k to show the ad in Colorado and . . . elsewhere. “Michael Bloomberg has declared war on the NRA and our five million members,” executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action Chris Cox declared. “We will not sit back and let him use his billions of dollars to impose his radical anti-freedom agenda on the American people.” The ad paints Bloomberg as a Big City outsider trying to ban rural voters’ snack foods, sodas and guns. One problem . . .

the bag of potato chips sits on the dash. The NHTSA has condemned the ad’s snack food placement as irresponsible.

While we haven’t [yet] made highway construction funds for states contingent upon enacting life-saving dashboard obstruction legislation, we consider the NRA ad counterproductive, to say the least.


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  1. That was a very tasteful ad. Lib gun grabbers will be so upset and I’m sure many tears will fall from many a one-percenter’s eye.

    • I liked it.

      In respect to the target market (i.e. non gun owners) I do think it would be even better if they said 2nd Amendment instead of guns. Maybe some kind of line about …..

      “You may not want to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights today, but Bloomberg is trying to prevent you from ever exercising those rights if some day you want or need to”

      or… “You may not want to buy a bag of chips, a big gulp, or a home defense firearm every day, but when you do you shouldn’t have to ask permission from Bloomberg”

  2. the bag of potato chips sits on the dash. Instead of an air bag, you have a potato chip bag.

    • Maybe that subtle reference that nowadays potato chip bags are more full of air, than of chips? ha.

  3. Not bad, but I hate when so much money goes into advertising. It’s a waste. MDA puts most of their money into advertising and making themselves seem significant but it sure hasn’t helped them recently.

    • The goal is to spend just enough ad money to get the press tongues wagging and let them replay it for free. Ideally you have your NRA representatives prepared and that can speak to the specific issues in this ad if they call requesting talking heads. Ideally those reps would not be OFWG in nature.

    • MDA is more ad-company than activist organization, that’s why. Results are ancillary to their purpose, which is why they (whatever BB’s people call themselves this month) aren’t ever deterred.

    • JK sometimes j/k means joke as in NHTSA did not say that. And for those who followed RF when he ran the TruthAboutCars, that is hilarious because it is pretty much what NHTSA has come to.

      • @Pascal, yeah, thanks…I got it and figured that. Lots of posts because a lot of people DID NOT get that though.

  4. Ahh…well…I confess to many a gourmet KFC family meal while driving up to the lakes on I-69 for the week end.

      • Nope, just not a blind idealist. Many people over the years have speculated whether or not the NRA has been infiltrated with people intent on destroying the 2A. It’s material like this that gives some of that speculation credibility.

    • So, let me get this straight;

      One 0:30 video from the NRA = We’re all F’d in the A.

      I like camping though, where are we going?

  5. Wow…Just wow….the left is running out of invective is the best they have is quit or I’ll tell mom.

  6. So they want to legislate against putting my bag of chips on the dash, but they won’t push to legislate against butt-monkeys yammering on their cellphones and killing people left and right?

    I guess we know which lobby has NHTSA paid off…and it’s not Frito-Lay.

  7. Uhm just wow.. The NHTSA chimes in over an anti Bloomberg add. That is kind of funny actually.
    The NRA is making the right move. Make him and his money toxic. Keep it up…

  8. Raising awareness about Goonberg is a good idea.

    Of course, it’d be even better if they let Sheriff David Clarke be the star of his own ad.

  9. I think some of you are missing the “JK” at the end. As in “Just Kidding”. As in the NHTSA bit is Robert trying to make a joke.

  10. Guys relax. This is the same NHTSA that is taking it in the shorts for being too buddy buddy with Gov’t Motors and not regulating them appropriately. They are trying to stay relevant before their budget gets cut.

  11. I think they should point out that while Bloomberg is trying to ban our guns, his body guards not only carry guns but on the island he has a home on, the police don’t have guns…but he gets a special exemption so he can be protected by his guys with guns…

    • I can see that as the next one if this one stirs up the requisite hornets’ nest. Maybe they can get Dirk to star in it.

  12. Paco es wacko.

    Can’t see how anyone would complain about this ad, and think that it was put forth by anti-2A sleeper moles within the NRA. It may not have big time Hollywood production values, but it makes the points.

  13. I thought it was good. keep in mind the target audience is not the armed intelligensia – and this is only the first in a series on Bloomberg (from what I read)

  14. Ads are one thing, but the real deal for the NRA and any other pro-2A groups is to tackle the social media channels with a vengeance. For better or for worse, the social channels are a great equalizer, and bad messages have an equal chance of getting to the top as much as good messages do. Plus, the younger generation (including the dreaded millenials and beyond) practically live on social media. You gotta appeal to them and their sense of self-importance and narcissism. What can the pro-2A movement offer to these people that will enhance their self-worth and self-image?

    If creating viral memes and encouraging “selfies” with firearms (respecting the four rules of course!) means getting the kids on board, then I would wholeheartedly encourage the NRA and other organizations to do it. The NRA is taking baby steps in that direction with Noir and so on, but they gotta go full-throttle and “own” the social sphere. Even though social numbers are BS in a lot of cases, people still look at that. (sidebar: don’t “buy” fans or use scripts to run botnets to buoy up your numbers – if you are caught, it’s really a bad look…) Conduct contests and giveaways and so on. Participate in trends, like do a “Throwback Thursday” with a short video of an classic firearm being used, etc…

    The key here is to recruit the youth before the antis do. I’ve noticed an unsettling trend in the younger generation, where they have severe misconceptions about guns and gun owners, and that will eventually carry on to the polls. It would stink to make all this progress, only to have MDA recruit a bunch of millenials to vote in UK-style gun regulation or something worse.

    And to recruit the youth, you gotta go where they are at, and that’s the social sphere. Emphasize mobile. Do events. Heck, scrap together some money and throw a music festival or something, but with artists the kids would dig. I know a lot of those artists are anti, but if you throw enough money at them, they forget their political views. Big-time celebrities often do private shows for mass murdering dictators overseas for the right price.

    • Uh, if you look real close you’ll see that it’s on YouTube. The MSM mouth breathers will do the rest.

  15. I kinda liked it. Strong, independent lady tells Bloomie [and his fake soccer-mom concubine] where to get off. What’s not to like?

  16. …because a bag of potato chips on the dash is going to morph into a deadly projectile in an automobile accident?

    I daresay that my GPS suction-cupped to my dash would be far more dangerous in such an accident.

    Good to see NHTSA spring into action on this one. I mean, after all, under New Jersey’s distracted driving statutes, eating those chips and drinking that soda are already offenses worthy of citation.

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