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GovTwitterProfile“I have ordered the AL Department of Transportation to remove signs banning weapons at all Alabama rest stops to comply with state law,” Gov. Robert Bentley announced Friday on his Twitter feed. The face-saving announcement comes on the heels of a series of Yellowhammer News reports that in turn inspired pledges from gun rights advocates to defy unlawful citizen disarmament rules enacted by unaccountable bureaucrats.

Prominent among those pledges was a letter to ALDOT Director John Cooper, shared by “Three Percenter,” journalist and smuggler Mike Vanderboegh on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.

“[I]f you ignore the telephone blitz you are currently experiencing, it will be my honor and my pleasure to lead ‘I Will Not Comply’ armed civil disobedience actions numbering (at least) in the hundreds of participants at every Alabama Welcome Center in the state, as well as in front of your headquarters,” Vanderboegh told Cooper after outlining some of the actions he’s led defying edicts in other states. “So, I hope you save us the trouble and reverse this dangerous and deadly policy.”

Responding to activist outcry, ALDOT flack Tony Harris characterized their objections as “a distraction” from “issues we deal with day in and day out.” He then passed the buck to the Attorney General’s office, Yellowhammer News explained, “to weigh in on whether ALDOT has the authority to implement the gun ban without legislative authorization.”

Widespread defiance when all else fails, such as we’ve seen in states where registration mandates including those disguised as “background check” requirements are ignored, or where magazine bans are enacted,  is something I’ve taken to calling a “new paradigm.” For many gun owners, it is. But it’s not really new. It has a long and proud tradition in defense of liberty and advancement of rights.

It frustrates the hell out of gun-grabbers to impotently watch their demands for widespread enforcement collide with the reality of what that would entail and — and of what it would provoke. Enforcers and administrators who would have to live with the repercussions of such attempts aren’t about to stick their heads on that block.

Gov. Bentley recognized that and eliminated a rule the state has no belly for enforcing in the face of vocal dares for them to try.  Look for that to play out more and more as gun rights advocates begin to realize the power they can wield simply by declaring “I will not comply.”

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  1. Unfortunately this is what it has come to. We’ve all sat around watching the gun grabbers try ever evolving tactics along with the old playbook. Had we been as defensive as the left is over a topic, we’d have never let it get this far to begin with. It’s time to use their tactics against them.
    But kudos to the guys who pushed the hardest.

    • Yeah, correct. I live a few miles north of the Alabama state line. Governor Bentley is very old news. Kay Ivey has been governor for two terms now. This fracas occurred nearly a decade ago. I assure y’all, Alabama is a gun-rights-friendly state.

  2. The majority of people in this Country have been far to easy on these politicians and the media who are trying to transform this Country into a dictatorship and socialist state. They call January 6 an insurrection but Leftist riots, protests. Who do they think they are kidding. Also, Obama is running this country not Biden. If this nonsense continues and there is cheating in the next election or if Trump goes to jail on these frivolous law suits this Country is headed for an armed confrontation that the Left is going to lose. They mistake what goes on in the ciities run by Democrats for what is going ot happen in the rest of the country. They are in for a very big surprise.

  3. Where are the calls for people to leave Alabama and move to a gun friendly state?? (that’s called sarcasm)

    A bit crazy actually, I would never expect such idiocy from that state. At least when it comes to guns!.

  4. Drove truck for years, used a helluva lot of rest areas. I saw few weapons in them, none being misused. To hell with all hoplophobe rules.

  5. This all sounds great, and I am definitely a “non-complier” for many rules and regs, both from legislative bodies, local and state, and with those from non-elected commissions and boards. It’s fairly easy in a primarily conservative state like AL, or Iowa, especially if one is not living in one of the 5 or so counties out of 99 that have gone woke for years.

    It is, however, another thing for people living in states like, CA, MA, NY, DE, OR, WA, IL, CN, etc., even if what they are not complying with is not necessarily the majority opinion of the citizens who live there. Those people have major considerations to undergo before becoming a “test case”.

    How about it, John? You live in IL. I really admire the work GSL has done there, but a lot of it has been away from Cook Co. More close to TN and IN, where the attitudes are more “American”. I hope you’re right, and I hope people follow this trend in the more free states.

    • You’re right, but those sorts of violations are celebrated by the regimes in the woke states and metro areas. And for now, they’re working.

      • Craig, let ’em “celebrate” to their heart’s content. Sue the bums when they impose such blatant violations of BRUEN and made it so the “rule makers” pay a hefty fine for those violations.

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