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An obviously suspicious transaction by a would-be mass shooter. CHARGE DECLINED (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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The bad news for America’s gun control community just keeps on coming. After sales skyrocketed to almost 2.6 million firearms in March, April’s total was 1.8 million units, a 71% increase over the year-ago total.

From Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting:

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting (SAAF) estimates April 2020 U.S. firearms unit sales at 1,797,910 units, a year-over-year increase of 71.3% from April 2019. Likely single handgun sales (1,085,046) increased year-over-year by 83.1% whereas single long-gun sales (560,353) increased year-over-year by 51.7%. All other likely background check-related sales (152,512) increased year-over-year by 74.6%. This includes so-called “multiple” sales where the allocation between handguns and long-guns cannot be determined from the data record.

Once again, the majority of buyers are opting for handguns as a significant percentage of sales are going to first-time gun buyers.

SAAF Chief Economist Jurgen Brauer comments that “once more, the spurt in firearms sales in April 2020 is particularly notable for its handgun component: The ratio of handguns to long-guns sold now stands at a new record of 1.94, breaking the previous high of 1.84 set just one month ago.”

The SAAF puts the total number of firearms sold in the US at just over 7 million so far this year. That compares to 4.6 million in the first four months of 2019.

Neither Michael Bloomberg, Shannon Watts, or John Feinblatt could be reached for comment.


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  1. It wasn’t me. I haven’t bought a gun since March. I’ve given 2 away though. That might account for some of those numbers. No private transfers here in CA. All have to go through an ffl or the doj.

    • All transactions in CA go through FFLs.

      To quote Thor from the end of Avengers: End Game, to Peter Quill:

      “Yes. Of course! Of course…….(whispering now while smiling) Of course…”

    • Me neither, not my fault. Not since end of December, then another early January.

      Have somethoughts on July thoug, have to wait and see how things develop.

    • Nor me. With the CA “backlog” extending the ten day “cooling off” period to two to three weeks, I will wait to make my next purchase until things return to (more) normal.

      I just hope that a lot of those buyers are first timers and Democrats who are finding our the hard way what the legislators they elected have done to the gun laws around here.

    • It was me. I bought a cz scorpion and my first 1911. I also ordered a suppressor for the scorpion. Trying not to think about it since I won’t see it for a year… *sigh*

  2. And this number also takes into account the various gun stores which were or are still closed by statist orders, so even better.

  3. I did it and I will not apologize, just bought the MK25 !!!! Now I am a Navy SEAL !!!!! Wait wait…. what’s that? Now they carry a glock 19 ???? !! But…but ?

  4. I love it! Don’t buy one gun but buy a dozen guns. This is the greatest freedom we have, and we intend to keep all of our freedoms forever and ever. Love it!!!!

  5. That poor woman, she’s been standing at that cashier for weeks and weeks. Just trying to get out of there with her shotgun, pistol and ammo.



  6. Millions more guns in the hands of civilians, yet no outbreaks of mass shootings. Maybe it’s not the guns.

    • Not true. Thousands of people have been shot and killed with all those new guns. On average, each new gun owner shoots 1.6 other people within the first week of ownership (a statistic I just made up.) However, since the Covid-19 narrative Trumps the gun violence narrative, all those gun deaths have been reassigned as coronavirus deaths!

  7. I’m proud to say that YES I helped that number grow in late March. And I’m about to help it grow again!

  8. It’s been accessories, ammo, and range time since November. So I can’t say I’ve contributed to these record numbers. But I do still have a list of things I want.

    Articles like this put a smile on my face. The more people standing up for themselves unwilling to be witless victims, the more I like it.

    • Guns…no recent acquisitions.

      Accessories…always perusing new things. Just looked at a potential holster today.

      Ammo…in CA, with our messed up BGC system that was just put back into play by the Nutty Ninth? Fugghedaboudit.

      Range time…one of the two within close driving distance now requires proof of identity (photo I.D. required) for their recordkeeping, which confirms my decision a few years ago to stop patronizing them with my business. The other (has never required I.D. over the past 25 years) just re-opened, so I’ll need to schedule a trip. It’s been three months since I’ve been able to send lead downrange.

      • I’m not happy about that DL request at ranges. I’m wondering if it’s something that insurance companies have them to do.

  9. No guns during the current apocalypse. Though, come to think of it I did spring on a sale of 9mm FMJ. Waiting on a 1000 round to come in on back order. Nice thing about Cabela’s/Bass Pro, lots of sale stuff you don’t have to worry about them running out of stock. They honor the price however long i During the ODS initial Panic, took 13 months but Cabela’s delivered on Federal .22LR at the five bricks of pre-insanity sAutoMt ch ale price.t takes.

  10. My stimulus check is burning a hole through my pocket, but my LGS is closed by order of his Royal Highass, Charles Baker I, Master of All He Surveys, God’s Gift to Humankind, and King of All Douchebags. May his reign be brief.

  11. One of my wants came into stock locally at a normal price so I went for it.
    Was bummed to discover checks are still so backed up I had to wait two days for the call.

  12. Once again, the majority of buyers are opting for handguns as a significant percentage of sales are going to first-time gun buyers.

    What a sad statistic for this country. For every home that has a gun the potential for a tragedy is increased 10 fold. This insanity must end. When the team of Biden, Beto, and Obama wins the White House in November this absurdity, this insanity will end and gun owners will feel the wrath of a United Democratic party as each gun owner will be systematically disarmed and re-educated. The time a sane and rational country is near.

      • You don’t need boat anchors? Joking aside. If I was poor and on a fixed budget and just needed a gun to load and keep in the sock drawer just in case I would buy a Hi Point. It beats a golf club and harsh threats to call 911. Maybe not by much. But better than nothing.

  13. Meanwhile, weeks ago, I ordered, among other things, a 2 1/2 lb trigger spring for a Blackhawk… and it’s still out there somewhere….

  14. A gun I would have bought seems MIA. Got 3boxes of 223&an AR mag today from Blythes,Griffith,IN. And an ammo box & light from Harbor Frieght. Sadly sold out of the metal one. I’d buy American if I could find light’s&ammo cases locally cheap(er)!

      • I was looking for a G3. Shoulda’ bought one when they were stupid cheap. And everywhere. Already have a G2(and a 709).

  15. Handguns are much cheaper than rifles. The American gun industry tries to make rifles super expensive, even AK-47s.

    • Really?

      That isn’t what I’m seeing. I’m seeing a wide variety of everything across all platforms, all makers, and all price ranges. From five figure handguns to $150 rifles. Two Maverick88 shotguns for the same price or less than a Sig P320. You can pay $550 for and AR15 or three grand for one. You can pay $200 for a handgun or five grand for one. What makes you think it’s the “gun industry”? The consumer is part of it too. The governments of the world help drive price and availability aswell.

  16. Does this even begin to count the face to face transactions, those without benefit of having the state approve of someone exercising their civil rights?

  17. I just helped with a Tangfolio Witness buy for may. Now to see if the DOJ will extend my 10 day wait.


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