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(courtesy Coalition to Stop Gun Violence)

TTAG reader GP writes:

Apparently there’s no evidence that the Bloomberg complete-rifle-cartridge-being-fired image/ad was “cybersquatting” other than the word of the Bloomberg publicist. This one (above) is indisputably the responsibility of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)… their euphemism for civilian disarmament. They take credit for it on their Facebook page… with resounding approval from the fans. Not only is the full cartridge coming out the muzzle . . .

but the finger on the revolver trigger has returned to the original non-firing position with the (full) round only a few inches out of the barrel…very fast indeed! Two miracles for the price of one! For the children!

Then there’s the assertion that law-abiding gun owners (I doubt many criminals are looking at their ads…and even if they are I doubt the have the slightest worry that these people, or anyone else, is going to take their guns away) are child murderers, or at the very least kidnappers. I have to say, please pardon the strong language, I despise these liars.

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    • My phone’s browser keeps crashing on the mobile sight. Ever since the upgrade about a month ago

      • My phone (Galaxy S4 running 4.3) loves the mobile site. Works perfectly, and doesn’t even have the ads that the browser one has. (I know that ads make money for TTAG, which is why I have my computer browser adblock turned off).

        The only problem is not being able to reply to comments, which has been acknowledged already.

  1. “Two miracles for the price of one!”

    THREE! The return to target acquisition is pretty quick too!

    (the fireball is pretty iffy as well)

    • They must have God on their side – FOUR miracles!

      There is no flash between the cylinder and the forcing cone.

    • FIVE miracles, five I tell you … that revolver managed to shoot the entire cartridge (brass casing and all)!!!!!

    • SIX miracles — SIX I tell you! The shooter also managed to move their finger all the way forward for complete trigger reset in the few microseconds that elapsed between the time that the hammer detonated the cartridge and the cartridge and bullet moved to a few inches in front of the barrel.

      Can someone estimate how much force (in Newtons or pounds) the shooter had to exert on their trigger finger to accelerate it and move forward that far in a few microseconds?

      • Isn’t there enough open source high speed camera footage of guns firing on the interwebs that they can just take a screenshot of a real gun firing?

        • Sure there are, but they have to spend Bloomberg’s money so they pay some loon to produce a flawed graphic

  2. Among other things, this is a patent admission that they intend to take our guns, because the lives of their children are more important than our lives as gun owners, parents, providers and protectors of our children. Nice.

    I also wondered if that was an ACP cartridge–smoke obscures it, but I had the impression the case had no rim. And may be a larger caliber than the revolver.

    • The width of the flash is about .38 calibre, yet the (entire) bullet appears to be a .45 APC. The laws of physics have been violated equally with the laws of logic. I didn’t even think about having a crispy baby sandwich until these people suggested it.

      • You must have a special .45. Mine only carried .45 ACP. I bet a .45 APC hits like a armored truck! Truly awesome! Git some!

    • “And may be a larger caliber than the revolver.”

      Because their fevered urgency trumps any and all accuracy.

  3. It is sooooooo much more likely that one of their children will kill one of our children, or one of us. Come to think of it, a child is much more likely to die at the hands of their mother than by a negligent discharge. Since they are going all ad-hominem on us again, why not point that out via incendiary image of our own?

  4. So where is this particular piece of idiocy being displayed? OOPS, never mind, see it right there in the article. Has anybody pointed out the error? I mean about the cartridge, not the whole erroneous “message”.

    • That is only in keeping with their contention that it is the GUN that is evil and shoots people. The hand, and its intention to actually point the tool and pull the trigger are not the issue, are they?

  5. Hey CSGV, I want nothing to do with your brats. And if you actually took responsibility for their safety no one but you would have to worry about them either. But you refuse to, and demand the rest of the country be equally irresponsible. You are the problem here and you need to go away.

  6. In the Antipodes we have a word for people like this. We call them fvckwits. People who would get a concussion if they sat down too hard.

    • The Antipodes! I wanted to take a vacation there once, but I couldn’t find a brochure. 😀

  7. If the hand model held this gun in New York State and doesn’t have a “pistol permit” they can be charged with a pretty serious misdemeanor, as can the person who had them hold it.

  8. If I was an artist, I’d answer that poster with:

    We fear you’ll take our guns.
    And use them on our children.

    With photos of Lon Horiuchi, Ruby Ridge, and Waco.

    • Have you tried filing the rim down on your cases, taking out the powder & primer, then putting a *really* strong hammer spring in? That might do it.

  9. Notice the message does not allude, in any way, to criminal use of guns or illegally owned guns.

    We want to take your guns. From ALL of you. Total disarmament.

    • Precisely. And this completely crosses the line: it suggests normal, lawful gun owners are a direct threat to their children. That WE harbor some secret desire to kill children. Eff off!

  10. Ah, yes, I remember my first firearm. I used it to take half-a-dozen children. They make such nice gifts at holidays. The kids, I mean.

    Geesh, these people are the ones who are nuts.

  11. Just another group that refuses to understand that more laws will NOT stop crime. One only needs to look at our failed “war” on drugs to see that.

    • They already know. Most of them, anyway. They figure they’ll be fine, because they’ve chosen the side that will win.

      What they DON’T figure in is that they’ll be disposed of, after their usefulness runs out.

      All they’d need do is study Stalin and Mao.

  12. Every time I drop off my toddler at daycare, I wonder why I cannot carry to protect him and the other kids in the building.

    Having buried one small child, I know the pain and have no desire to take anyone else’s child.
    Yet these twatwaffles have, in fact, take my gun from one of the places I need it most.

    • Oh jeez. I’m so sorry. I don’t know if I can imagine what that’s like, and I hope I never find out.

    • They absolutely are.

      “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” most certainly applies to the youngest and smallest of children, regardless of who their parents are.

      Not to mention, the right to have children, and the right to protect your children, and the right of those children to live, is a natural, God-given, basic human right. And, yes, those children have the right to live their lives safely. Your God-given rights (regardless of whether or not you choose to believe in Him) supersede any man made code of rights and laws, the United States Constitution included. The rights American citizens enjoy are just as much the rights of the oppressed people of North Korea.

      The important thing to note, however, is that none of that can be done in such a way that it infringes on the rights of anyone else.

      You don’t get to kill your best friend so you can have the first baby, you don’t get to protect your children by taking away the guns of law abiding citizens, and equally, you don’t get to protect yourself by taking away the guns of law abiding citizens.

      • While I don’t want to state that your post is wrong at heart, you quoted the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. There’s a big difference between the two; only the Constitution actually has a direct impact on our country’s legal system. Ergo, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are not Constitutional rights.

      • Sorry, but I disagree. There is no such thing as a “right to safety”. Never has been, never will be. That’s what the Second Amendment is for: to maximize your CHANCES of safety, but they cannot be guaranteed. At all.

        • Agreed!
          When a person unlawfully kills someone during a crime they get charged with murder. They don’t get charges with depriving someone of their Civil Rights unless it is a suspected hate crime.

  13. If nothing else, you gotta appreciate their honesty. The poster has no mention of “reasonable restrictions” or expanded background checks or whatever. Very succinct. “We want to take your guns”.

  14. I would not be looking at it either, but everyone keeps doing their work for them. QUIT driving their agenda by publicizing their adds.

    • That’s not the case anymore, friend; unfortunately, Shannon Watts and Bloomberg have been getting all kinds of mainstream airplay lately.

  15. Other than the cartridge, it’s at least a decent image, unlike that $50 million Everytown piece of crap. Bloomberg really hit the ground running with that one.

  16. You fear we’ll take your guns. We fear you’ll take our children.

    If only there was some sort of tool they could use to defend their children against kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. Something that could stop the criminal. It would need to be compact enough to be carried around easily, but powerful enough to take down an adult male. It would need to be able to neutralize multiple attackers quickly, just in case. It would need to make up for the size advantage of a kidnapper over the average mom. It would need to be easy to use; basically, just point it and hit a button or lever or something to activate it. And it would need to function at a distance, so the mom could stay out of wrestling range and use it.

    Too bad there isn’t a tool like that around.

  17. Not to give these scheisskopfs any unnecessary credit, but that may be just the bullet leaving the barrel, with some excessive motion blur behind it, not the casing.

    • I think you’re right. I don’t see a case mouth, or a rim.
      There shouldn’t be a motion blur though. Looking at the highres image, I’m suspicious that it might be a really slow round, because it’s already dropped .1″ to .2″ from the bore axis, giving it a velocity of about 3-5m/s (10-15fps).

  18. The part that impresses me is that guy was able to pull the trigger, and release it back to the reset, before the bullet got more than a few inches out of the barrel.

  19. More children die due to cancer and traffic accidents than any reason having to do with firearms. Where is their outrage?

    Oh, right, the kids are just an excuse.

    • They’re terrified that we will take their insufferable, spoiled little mouth-breathers and raise them to be productive members of society that know the joys of shooting instead of becoming ambulance chasers and cry-babies.

  20. The thing that irritates me the most: these people are so concerned for the well being of their children (a duly noted and just concern, to say the least) that they want to remove firearms from the equation. The problem is, children get hurt or die any number of ways. Doesn’t matter how, or what the numbers are. Why are these ignorant people not trying to protect their children from EVERYTHING that can harm or kill them? The gun is not the only thing that kills children. I’m sure we could all come up with a list that is a figurative mile long that children are injured by and die from every day.

  21. Let’s see. The muzzle blast looks convincing enough, so someone checked up on that. Frankly, I can’t tell if that’s an intact cartridge, or a blur. I reserve the right to assume the worst.

    But your kids? I don’t want anything to do with your warped-ass spawn. Kindly keep them away from me.

    • “The muzzle blast looks convincing enough, so someone checked up on that.”

      But they forgot blast/smoke coming from between the cylinder and the forcing cone.

      How hard is it find a real photo of a revolver firing rather than using this very, very poor ‘shopped mess.

  22. I fear they will take my children!!
    I have guns to defend them. I have guns to protect myself so that I may live to raise them. I will raise them to be independent. I will raise them to protect their freedom, their families, and strive for a better life. I am not raising them to be slaves. I am not raising them to be victims.
    The civilian disarmament movement wants nothing more than slaves and a low quality of life. They have never suggested anything else.

  23. I don’t want your kids. I want my kids to grow up & leave the house. Yeah this one is particularly retarded( no offense to the truly developmentally disabled).

  24. “You fear we’ll take your guns.”

    No. I fear you and your kind are stupid enough to try.

    Then I’ll have to make one hell of a bloody mess. I’d rather avoid that, but it’s likely it will come to that someday.

  25. How about they keep their children and I’ll keep my guns?

    Cheaper to feed, easier to keep clean…

  26. Pretty much backs up all of our soviet propaganda posters we make of them “For the children! Comrade!”

    Yup, they sure have sunk that low. erm, I mean, They’ve always been that low, they dwell down there, in that petty, dark area of humanity.

  27. While over all half arsed it does not look like a full cartridge it looks like it’s smeared to show speed like they do in a movie with a guy hitting the nos button in his ricer

    • No, there’s definitely a color change behind the jacket. Must be a rocket-propelled .38 super automatic round with child-seeking avionics. That explains why the brass passed through the cylinder and barrel. No rim to hold it in. We should probably ban those.

  28. As someone who has no children, you make me pay for your children(school taxes)…I don’t make you pay for my guns. These two things can’t be compared? Really you say???

    • If we’re going to have universal health insurance, it should cover the purchase of one firearm and NRA training class per taxpayer.

  29. So we fear that they will achieve their stated goals (confiscation) and they fear we will kill their children…something that no organized gun owning group would even remotely tolerate, let alone propose. Who is is out of touch with reality?

  30. I’m not afraid that they will take my guns. That’s a joke. I fear they will pay others to do so, or at the least make me a criminal for owning them.

  31. The inaccurate details in the gun are insignificant. The message of this poster is probably the most appalling piece of propaganda I’ve ever seen.

    This poster lays it all out there: Gun owners are baby-killers. And of course we’d all do *anything* to protect our children, right? So if a few gun owners die in no-knock raids or even if a million people wind up going to the gas chambers, well, that’s regrettable, but necessary. Because children.

    Such hateful, fearful people these hardcore leftists are.

  32. If these folks really cared about kits they would be focusing on home chemical storage policies and swimming pool safety. Both of those are far far far more deadly than any firearm.

  33. My guns keep you from taking my children. Don’t they get it that the 100M+ lawful gun owners are also parents, grandparents or people that someday want to be parents?

  34. For some reason, this idiots think bank robbers and such are NRA members. I guess they must think the police are bank robbers also.

  35. When your delusional fear comes true, and the bogeyman comes to take your children away, our only fear FOR YOU is that you wouldn’t have the means to defend YOUR children libtard. But then again, why should we care for you? You’ve always thought that you know what’s best for everyone, and if your children grow up thinking the same way, we would be better off without them too.

  36. My reply:

    “You fear we’ll take your children.

    We fear you’ll allow ours to be taken by thieves and rapists. Our children, our choice. Butt out already.”

  37. It’s interesting to note, that most of the people who boldly claim to care more about “the children” than anyone else, are the very same people who use and exploit them for….well, less than honest purposes or deliberately dishonest purposes, and more often than not, for some petty, crass, political agenda and/or personal gain. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned, but shouldn’t that be considered a crime?

  38. Im watching Chicagoland and I just can t believe the Absolute stupidity of superintendent McCarthy and Mayor Emanual.They blame the gun.Like theLamebrain Moms, they just don t get it! You meet force with force! You train citizens in the proper use of and laws of proper firearms operation and Conceal carry.Flotida did it and crime decreased almost overnight.But the idiots running Chicago have keep their citizens unarmed since1968and gang s have grown unchecked like cancer for decades.Like The stupidity of Moms the stupidity of Governments like Chicago Calif NY Wash DC NJ Maryland. Mass etc. Is Unbelievable!!!

  39. Doesnt apply to people spreading an anti-gun message. David Gregory comitted a felony on national television and never saw a pair of handcuffs.

  40. As long as we are nitpicking, there should also be some serious cylinder gap flash happening.

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