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The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs has some good news . . .

After extensive discussions with ANJRPC, the State of New Jersey has issued revised carry training requirements addressing nearly all gun owner objections and concerns. The newly revised requirements eliminated any demonstration of tactical maneuvers, eliminated a demonstration of shooting proficiency at 25 yards, significantly extended the compliance date for current permit holders to requalify, and eliminated inappropriate content from the use of force instructional materials.

Click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE to see the newly updated training requirements, which were negotiated by ANJRPC attorney Dan Schmutter, with input from attorney Evan Nappen.

Specifically, New Jersey eliminated any testing requirements for kneeling, one handed shooting, timed fire, and retention drills. Additionally, New Jersey has completely eliminated any demonstration of shooting proficiency at 25 yards, instead requiring shooting from 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards. Also, New Jersey has extended the deadline for current permit holders to requalify from October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. New Jersey also eliminated from the “use of force” instructional materials content unrelated to right to carry, including provisions related to citizen’s arrest and use of handcuffs.

This development represents another extremely significant moment for New Jersey gun owners. The State of New Jersey has, for the second time this summer, explicitly taken steps to limit the harsh unintended consequences of erroneous rules for gun owners. It is a testimony to the newly found influence gun owners have attained in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Bruen, and ANJRPC is pleased to have been able to deliver this result.

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    • Steps. It’s better than it was, they will sue and win for improvement.

      Steps is how it got so bad in the first place…

  1. Has New Jersey got rid of their ridiculous serial number law? Any firearm or airgun without a serial number from an approved manufacturer with a FFL is illegal now. Firearms with serial numbers made before 1968 and firearms made in foreign countries are illegal. All airguns are illegal now. New Jersey codifies airguns as firearms. Airguns’ serial numbers aren’t imprinted by FFL manufacturers.

    • Yes, also through negotiation by Dan Schmutter resulting in an AG guidance sent to enforcement agencies clarifying the law.

  2. Is this another of those questionable ‘compromises’? You know, where they give you back a very small piece of the entire pie they stole from you yesterday.

    Sure sounds like it.

  3. Does NJ still forbid a citizen from owning HP handgun ammunition? If so, there’s your argument for a large bore handgun with appropriate ammunition.

    • In a carry piece, yes, from what I have heard. You can own it and shoot it at a range, an expensive waste.

      They need to file a lawsuit and rectify that and a lot of other NY bullshit…

      • Unfortunately NJ is a different circuit court than we are so each set of lawsuits is independent until it is precedent later on. Up end whole lot of similar challenges so they will end up helping Delaware and Pennsylvania as we end up helping Connecticut (who is likely to have a few cases that help us as well) and Vermont.

  4. It is funny to me that so much of the training that leftists demand is the same kind of paramilitary type of things they say the average citizen shouldn’t be trained in. But then that’s really the same duality shown by the left when they say no one needs guns as they themselves are protected by them.

    • “…same kind of paramilitary type of things they say the average citizen shouldn’t be trained in.”

      Huh? Why not? It’s just what you need if someone is inside your home or on your property, and needs to me motivated to leave feet first… 🙂

  5. Yes, some of the most absurd provisions have been ‘fixed.’ But I doubt that the people who put them in place have been fired for gross incompetency, which is what should have happened.

  6. Handcuffs? Really? Didn’t realize they expected gun owners to be BDSM fans. Did they give extra credit for fur lined ones?

    I always knew the minority of good people trapped in those blue zones had to put up with a bunch of crap. From hollow point stupidity to factoring how scarey a rifle might look to a hopelessly ignorant nitwit, how do those people put up with those fools that run their states?

    • Handcuffs are not just for playing. I’d rather use cuffs than tie wraps. Tie wraps are a one time use kinda thing. But either way, the real trick is getting them on the bad guy in the first place. I don’t see the average person capable of doing that. Atleast not without shooting first.

      • I’ve known very few cops- who have all the requisite training- who carry handcuffs off duty. And for good reason. No radio, no taser, no backup… gun should be a means of defense, not to try and earn overtime by arresting people off-duty.

        And if it’s a means of defense, it means the situation is bad enough that escape from danger is the primary goal. Going towards danger to handcuff someone is counter-productive in such a scenario. The whole point of a gun is to project force over distance- the moment you get within grabbing range, you’ve risked turning a gunfight with one gun into a wrestling match where that gun might end up anywhere.

  7. New Jersey is the nation’s perineum right next to NY which is the nation’s butt ole.

    There is no saving the state. Maybe we can sell it to France or maybe North Korea.

      • It would be nice if some parts of NY and NJ could be incorporated into other, more sane states. There are some amazing mountain ranges in NY that deserve better than to be governed by NYC

        • The idea has been floated for over a century with either NYC or the rest of NY pushing for it depending on the economic crisis at the time. Ultimately as much as I hate to say it it is better for the country if NY stays a single state otherwise we would end up like NH where we have a very conservative state with awesome laws that constantly votes democrat because of all the liberal refugees fleeing the urban zones.

  8. This is certainly an improvement over what it was. But it is just disgusting that law-abiding Citizens have to go through this crap.

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