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“Upon passing a school in heaven, graduating angels are sent down to Earth, where they must learn about humans and guide them towards the correct path in order to become true angels,” informs us regarding the Japanese anime series Gabriel Dropout.

“However, Gabriel White Tenma, the top angel in her class, becomes addicted to video games upon arriving on Earth and turns into a complete slob as a result. The story follows Gabriel, along with other angels and demons who have descended to Earth, as they attend high school.”

So that explains how a girl can be gun shot by a another young lady wielding a.44 Magnum revolver and laugh it off. Given Japan’s antipathy to civilian firearms ownership, I’m thinking the message here has something to do with not shooting people. But I reckon the clip (not magazine) glamorizes guns. I only wish Speed Racer had been armed — and attacked by Kimba the White Lion. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. I don’t know what’s more amazing: that TTAG just uploaded an anime clip, or that it’s of an anime I haven’t watched yet.

    • It’s a currently airing anime on Crunchyroll.

      As for anime scenes with gun stuff, I don’t think it gets much better than the sharpened steel-core gunbelt from Jormungand:

      Stupid as hell, but a cool idea nonetheless.

      Just don’t watch Upotte (show based on anime girls who are anthropomorphized guns). It has no redeeming characteristics.

      • No “idea” at all; thin, flexible razor daggers in the belt are historical fact, though obviously not that size. All the various metal-working cultures had some version of them.

        • I did find it adorable that apparently nobody told the writers that this “plot” thing, is not a critical part of the show.

          To be 100% fair, some of the things they talked about are pants on head retarded. For example, fanning your forward assist is a great way to get a non-functioning rifle.

  2. The other character takes the gun from her and uses it on her. The message is if you’re armed against a criminal, the criminal will steal it from you then you get shot.

    • Methinks you’re reading just a tad bit heavy into what is essentially a looney tunes level comedy show. If you want to get technical, the first person to have the gun was the antagonist in the situation, so it was a good shoot.

      • What Vhyrus said. Resistance is futile. By the way, if you want to be amazed by a realistic anime that gets guns right (for the most part), search out Gunslinger Girl.

        Now, since I saw the episode but it won’t be available for free users until the 20th, a short synopsis.

        (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

        Satania, who is pictured with the gun, is a dimwitted demon who often thinks of petty ways to cause mischief which usually end in failure. This time, watching the Hell shopping Network late at night, she buys a Devil Python .44 Magnum loaded with bullets that will make you laugh for ten minutes straight. When she pulls the gun on her arch rival, slacker angel Gabrielle (Gab , for short), asks Satania if she’s tested the gun yet. The dumb demon says no and hands it to her, whereupon Gab immediately shoots Satania. As the teacher comes into the classroom, Satinia is laughing her head off. You can guess what the teacher does…

    • yeah, supporting the 2nd amendment (all of them really) does not preclude other things. Anime, R/C s, Cars, building hi-end Gaming PCs….

      The more diverse the pro-gun movement, the stronger it is.

  3. Japan has crazy detailed airsoft that the orange tip stuff in freedom land can’t compare to. Like all metal stuff that ejects fake brass each trigger pull. Otaku are super obsessive and it’s common for characters in low budget enthusiast anime to actually have trigger discipline while character in big budget movies that have real guns do not.

    • Nah, they have those here in the US. There’s very little market for them, so they’re tough to come by. But don’t assume that just because airsoft guns ship with the federally mandated orange tip means they aren’t realistic. Those orange tips almost alway cover threads, and you can (legally) buy all manner of mock suppressors and mock flash hiders for them. If you ever get the chance, handle any airsoft rifle made by G&P. You’ll be AMAZED how realistic it is.

      The plastic shit you see at Wal-mart for $50 isn’t even remotely representative of what’s available.

      • But, as long as you don’t pick it up it will pass the 5 foot test. I made a zombie box for a friend and would swap out the $20 plastic 1911, for a real one and no one ever noticed.

  4. I’d like to inform any firearm company sales people here that 15 minutes of the absolute highest quality animation anime with writing and voice acting is less than 142,500 USD and (even American) otaku are loose with their money.

    • Yeah, that was pretty…I don’t really know how to describe it. Would say surreal, but far too stupid for that.

      But this is what you get with a culture that ultimately doesn’t know/appreciate jack shit about firearms (or firearms safety) in its entertainment. Just a step or two beyond Hollywood nonsense we’re normally exposed to.

  5. They have some terrible examples, such as Umiko of New Game. Thankfully, she’s portrayed in a positive ligth, but I can’t help thinking that if she ever gets her hands of a real gun, she’s going to cap someone by accident – because that’s what happens when you indiscriminately draw on people at work.

  6. They didn’t know what a cocked hammer looked like on a revolver and thus couldn’t illustrate it.

    Only in Japan, such zany animations. Things have come along way since anime like Astroboy and Lupin III.

  7. An Anime post on TTAG? Both of the things i love all rolled up in one beautiful package :,) pro tip somebody already mentioned it, but if you like firearms related anime you should seriously check out Jormungand.

  8. Please don’t put TTAG in my Japanese animes. This is like putting chicken soup into my ice cream.

    I like them both separately, not together.

  9. Japanese Anime/Manga is one of the few mediums of entertainment not thoroughly infiltrated by hoplophobic agenda. Gun culture is pretty big over there through airsoft and other media.

    Look up “kafkanishian” on youtube if you want to see some primo Japanese gun porn (I believe it was shot in Guam).

    Although I wouldn’t watch this show, it doesn’t look like there’s an ulterior motive in this scene. It’s just prop/situational comedy. It’s not too often that any real agenda gets into anime. The most recent example I can think of was the fervent nationalism of the series “GATE” which upstaged the writing a little bit, but it wasn’t a message to be concerned about.

    • To be fair, the guy who wrote the original material for GATE WAS a fervent nationalist. (Though I do find the premise that the JGSDF actually pulling off any serious operation hilarious.)

    • I honestly thought the Nationalism was the best part of Gate. When it was not the JSDF kicking ass in it, it was seemed to be nothing more then a very basic cookie cutter anime.

      • I just love the fact that, apparently, in GATE the status of forces agreement between Japan and the US is not a thing. (and somehow Japan is not a Chinese conquest yet.)

  10. Please stop making the title of your post “Just Thought I’d Leave This Here” It was funny the first time. You do it every day. Please stop.

  11. An old anime named Gunsmith Cats was pretty good. Two female gunsmiths/P.I.s running around Chicago in a 69 Boss Mustang getting in trouble with the hoods, the cops and the ATF. One of them carried a Detonics 1911. Good art, accurate guns, and a decent to good story.

    • as a young lad, that was my first exposure that loaded chamber indicators exist.

      I have several pistols with them, I prefer the ones that stick up, so you can check it in the dark.

  12. This is beyond idiotic. I can understand anime wherein laser bazookas and star-wars weapons are shown blowing up planets in space battles – that’s clearly off-the-wall fantasy. But anime is appealing to little kids, who are shown that shooting a revolver through a person’s chest, in a classroom, yet, makes them laugh for ten minutes. This is sane to imply to impressionable little kids? Showing them how to cock a hammer and pull a trigger? “Look, Mommy – I can make you laugh!” Dear God, will abject stupidity please leave the damned planet? I just wanna slap somebody! “Move along, Senator Feinstein – nothing to see here . . .” We need MORE bad press?

    • Pretty sure that this particular show is in no way targeted at little kids. I’ve only seen the first episode, but it’s actually quite full of gallows humor. Somebody under 20 would miss about half the punch lines.

      • I get your point, but targeted at little kids is not the issue. Kids today have unfettered access to everything – a parent walking in and seeing a kid watch anime is likely to keep walking. Kids are very visual-minded, and cartoonishness can be used to foist propaganda on pliable minds better than reasoned argument. Kids do not need additional rationale to go play with Daddy’s gun; it’s enough of a risk already with occasional parental irresponsibility without encouraging a child to “go make Mommy happy” by pulling a trigger. I just think we’re on the borderline of lunacy in what we tolerate in the public forum. The NYTimes has gone off the rails, and the propaganda wars are unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime in their extremism. No one seems (with the exception of Trump, if yesterday’s presser is any indication) to have the courage to slap them down and describe their unbridled moral equivalency lunacy for the depravity it is. Freedom of speech can be a misused weapon.

        • You could say the same thing about Archer. If the parent mistakes medium for content, than that’s their fault for being retarded. Not to mention the fact that this isn’t exactly something that’s easy to watch. It’s only streamed on a fairly niche site or downloadable via torrent.

  13. I once viewed a cartoon series, somewhat like “Harper”, but set in post war Japan. It featured a Japanese police detective working with America occupation Military Police. Organized Communists seemed to be a big threat. All the hand guns were drawn in exquisite detail. I could never figure out how to see more. Help, please.

  14. I think their irresponsibility is a consequence of those tiny little mosquito-bite noses restricting the amount of oxygen that gets to their brains.

    I’m kind of mixed on anime because the artwork is usually gorgeous, but the actual animation is often pretty stiff and the writing is frequently incomprehensible to a roundeye like me.

  15. Black Lagoon.

    That is all.

    Also, Revy is welcome to live in the tent I just pitched.

    Endless reloads for the 92’s she carries, John Woo ripoff, angry nun with a gold plated Deagle and a Romanian loli with a BAR. What more do you need?

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