With the opening of the 112th Congress, the door to a recess appointment for Andrew Traver to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) is now closed. As there are still Blue Dog Democrats in the Senate who’d rather gnaw off their own arm than piss off the NRA, the chances of Traver receiving Senate confirmation are practically nil. Provided the Obama administration hasn’t been drinking heavily, they will likely withdraw Traver’s name and try again with someone less obviously antagonistic to The Second Amendment. In fact, Obama’s mob could make a few friends if they appointed an outsider to clean house at the ATF. Stranger things have happened. In fact, I nominate the rabbi. OK, maybe not that strange.


  1. What a darned shame. What I can’t figure out, however, is how the opportunity for a recess appointment was missed by the Obamanoids.

    They certainly haven’t been reticent about using recess appointments to get otherwise unconfirmable candidates placed up to now. It has to make you think that they may have decided that picking a fight with the NRA right now really isn’t in their best political interests. Yet another one under the bus?


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