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Interesting people from interesting places.   With interesting stuff that they carry.  That’s what I’ve grown to love about these EDC posts.

Today, we’ve got Jose from Crown Point, Indiana.  He sends his “Black and Silver.

I’ve been to Crown Point plenty of times.  A nice Cabela’s store there, along with a couple of friends and a good gun show.

And Jose’s got a Ruger SP-101 in the same configuration as the one I lost in a boating accident in Florida.  .357.  Short barrel.  Great little gun.  It’s a little hefty in terms of weight, but it shoots like a dream.  Especially after a little action job.  I made a couple of $20 bills from friends who didn’t think it possible to hit a milk jug at 100 yards with a snub-nosed revolver in five shots.  Yeah, it covers all the bases and is very comfortable to shoot with full house loads (unlike those Scandium frame monstrosities) thanks in part to the weight and the rubber grips.

Three HKS Speedloaders for reloads?  Darn.  He must work the rough side of town!  Not that an extra 15 rounds is a bad thing… it’s just that we usually don’t see more than a single reload from most folks, and many don’t even carry that.  (Two for me, hypothetically speaking, for the record.)

Beside it is a Kershaw Launch 1.  Yes, Indiana is auto knife friendly.  Unlike Illinois was/is.  Better now that we can have one with a FOID card, but still.

And a Gerber Center-drive Multi-tool.

The only thing missing is a light.  And a holster, unless he’s pocket carrying this.  But that gun has a lot of mass for pocket carry.

He writes this:

Simple and tough edc for various tasks. Dependable automatic knife and reliable multi-tool.

And as a paramedic, I’m sure he sees a lot.  Which doubly surprises me that he doesn’t carry a light.  Crown Point, being so close to Murder City USA, probably has some interesting ambo calls.


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  1. He should have a light. No such thing as too much ammo. Just me, but SP 101 is too heavy for anything but belt carry. .357 is too much sugar for a dime in anything shorter than a 4″. 6″ is better.

    • They make magnum loads for snubbies, that cures a good bit of the limitations of a shorter barrel.

      All things being equal, of course a longer barrel is preferred. There are steps that an be taken to lessen the impact…

      • Magnum loads for snubbies are called .38 spl. Hand loaders can obviously customize things a bit. I load those for town. Magnums are woods/trail/outdoors only for me.

    • Mebbe……but the SP101 does better on ballistics with an extra 3/8 inch over my LCR.

      I use Golden Sabres in 357 and get 1100 fps in an LCR. Not hard to pass 1200 with a 101 and 25oz helps tame that howitzer.

      I stick with an LCR for weight and pocket carry but wouldn’t have a problem with a 101 in a Bianchi #3.

      He may not show a light as it is part of his EMT kit…..I’m optimistic that way.

    • I’ve got an SP101 SS 3in bbl chambered in .327 Fed Mag. Powerful round and 6 rd cylinder. I consider it to be in the “Goldilocks” zone. A couple of speed strips in a mag pouch and I’m good to go.

  2. Hey I wont judge because I carry a Taurus Ultralite in 38 hot loads and two two to three loaders knife a small light also use a nylon outside belt holster under extra long tees

  3. good stuff, my EDC is a benchmade auto, 229 40., steamlight protac, buck tri-blade, 2- 14 round mags

  4. I had a couple of speed sixes many years ago . I wish to hell I would have kept at least one. I passed up an older Ruger .357 with a six inch barrel last year because I had just bought several automatic pistols at the same gun store. It seems as though everything comes in 3’s. I wish the deals would space themselves out a little more as its either feast or famine.

  5. If your going to show your key organizer, show the flashlight. The keysmart got mixed reviews on Amazon, folks claimed it broke easily if dropped. Curious to know how he carries the gun and speed loaders on his person.

  6. Someone carrying multiple reloads for a revolver- the most optimistic pessimist you can imagine.

    • With practice speed loaders are quick enough. Particularly when you factor in the infrequency of reloads in real life. The bulk is my concern.

      • I’ve practiced enough with speed loaders to get about as quick as a person reasonably can and the idea that I would get into a gunfight off duty that would both require and allow me to reload a 5-shot revolver THREE times is absolutely ludicrous.

        • I must agree. If I’m still in a fight after 2 cylinders, then it is probably a knife fight or a “winner take all” street fight. Two revolver reloads is a bit hopeful but, hey……

  7. About the light that isn’t in the picture. He’s a Paramedic, so he carries a light. Goes with the job.

  8. In late breaking news (that no one will be surprised to hear), ‘Dick’s’ have announced they will no longer carry firearms.

    Two days ago, I was in a Dick’s for the first time ever, and the gun counter was pathetic. *Zero* handguns of any type, long guns only…

    • lol yep.

      1 mag with 17+1 in the chamber, or 5 rounds and 3 reloads with 5 rounds?

      1.6 pounds or 1 pound?

      Hmmm…. I also know which one I would EDC.

      • Sorry, meant 15 round for the g19. Point is still the same. Not knocking revolvers, they are nostalgic IMHO and I would love to own a S&W model 327, but I wouldn’t EDC it or any revolver for that matter.

        • Yup, could use a G17 mag and even keep two more rounds in a cut-off speed strip if dead set on having 20 rounds. Individual results may vary, but I could probably fire 20 that way as quickly as by reloading a revolver 3 times. Not that that’s a great idea, but just to make the comparison 100% apples-to-apples.

      • Empty talk. Whatever handgun you think is better, I don’t even have to know which it is, is not as successful as Glocks.

  9. There is NO Cabelas in Crown Point…there IS one in Hammond and far southern Indiana. And a Bass Pro near Lake Michigan off I 80. You did get the gun show right at Lake Co.fairgrounds( but I got bad ammo there years ago that I couldn’t return so I’ll never go back)Besides I’ve got good relationship’s with the gunshops in Lake County including Cabelas…nice revolver. I don’t care about the accoutrements!

    • Thank you I was saying the same thing crown point is a little bit more down the road from Hammond

  10. The weight from the SP101 helps keep him in the seat while traveling since Indiana doesn’t repair potholes

  11. My favorite carry gun is an SP101 of the 3″ variety, paired with the 125 grain Hornady flex tip.

  12. Three spare speed loaders? Considering that many firearms today have mags with 15 rounds or more, that doesn’t seem too unreasonable. I generally carry between 19 (two nine round mags +1) in the summer or 35 (two 17 round mags +1) in the winter. I carried two spare mags for years (25 rounds total, three 8 round mags +1) but dropped back when I went to a double stack. Years ago when I carried the model 60, 13 or 65, I always carried two speed loaders. If SHTF, I’d rather not be a round short.

  13. Maybe he’s a prepper and figures on having to stay on the road for a couple of days to get home or bug out in an emergency? Extra ammo would be of some value at that point.

  14. I carry a similar EDC setup. A SP101,
    2.25in, DAO, 357mag, fiber optics sights, and Hogue Grips. I load it with Speer GD SB 357mag 135gr and one Comp1 Speedloader of the same, an one Comp1 with Federal HST 38sp + P for home defense ( don’t want to use 357mag in those confines ), and a speedstrip of same in my pocket-20 shots total. Also, a Kershaw Ken Onion “leek” folder attached with clip in pocket. I practice reloading almost daily while watching TV with the off hand to save time and movements. ( Bethencourt Method ). I’m no Jerry M. , but it can be done quicker than one thinks. I never feel under gunned.


    Wednesday, August 1st, 2019
    Were I to purchase a new .357 Magnum revolver today in the 21st century it would no doubt be the Ruger SP-101 with 4.2″ barrel (below). Ideal sidearm for the above scenario. Of course, while being stranded alone and miles from a road or highway the personal handgun isn’t enough to survive. A stranded person in an isolated remote out of the way region such as Lake County, Oregon in Eastern Oregon’s high desert outback sage-brush country, would need fresh clean drinking water, food staples, a wool blanket, a change of clothes, etc. Still the revolver below obviously would remain basically the only law, security, and protection instantly available to the lone isolated stranded individual. I expound on it’s uses below. It gets mighty pitch black in this country after dark. A camp fire would also be a big help psychologically. Too, a fire starter. And remember this region is well inside a “dead zone” for cell phones. In fact, unless the person can recharge their cell phone from a charger inside the vehicle, they have basically no form of communication to the outside worlds.

    Many will agree with me this nimrod was half -witted in pulling the dangerous stunt he did! Being No. 1 diabetic without his medication, his kidneys could have shut down which would be his death. No….he is just fortunate he was rescued. Also, this trauma could very well contribute to his demise in the near future. One would think a Vietnam vet would have better sense.

    Sentiments of Jim Farmer, Merrill

    The versatility of the .38 Special/.357 Magnum combination, even in the 21st century, remains historically sound, sane, sensible, and practical. Again for “self defense/house protection/concealed carry”, including the outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, during deer/elk season (a companion to the rifle), picking wild plums or berries, bird watching, butchering livestock or hunting small game like rabbit, squirrel or grouse, or dispatching vermin: raccoon, skunk, or possum. Next to a .22 or .32, the .38 Special 148 grain lead target wad-cutter would be hard to improve on. And yes, this Ruger SP-101 with 4.2″ barrel and adjustable rear sights would be the sensible choice. Even for urban/metro vs. rural/wilderness. In the State of Oregon practical in both anti-gun Portland (Multnomah County) and Paisley in Lake County: the latter is a pro-Second Amendment/pro-gun paradise.

    Attachments area
    Preview YouTube video Ruger SP101 4″ Barrel .357 Magnum Shooting Review

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