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This GLOCK 19 has All the Aftermarkets on it…well, at least it has a red dot and light. The red dot is a Trijicon RMR which is, I must say, an awesome red dot. It’s well-made and the clarity is fantastic. The WML is a Streamlight which is another company I’ve had a lot of good experiences with.

One word of advice. If you’re going to put a WML on your carry gun you need to know how to use it. Hint: aiming the light directly at an innocent bystander or family member is a no-go. Train smart.


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  1. I’m not a big fan of the battery powered RMRs. The brightness adjustments are in a place that can easily be bumped and the battery is yet another point of failure. The tritium RMR, however, is an amazing handgun optic. The dot may be huge by modern red dot standards, but with a handgun, that doesn’t matter all that much. It also works great under NODS.

    • I actually prefer and recommend the adjustable rmr. Some of the original ones were accused of being to easy to accidentally bump, bit newer ones take a very deliberate press to adjust. The dual illuminated rmr’s are nice, but they can and will wash out under the right lighting conditions. Especially if you use a weapon light. I’ve got 20k rounds through a gen one with a battery and haven’t had an issue, and the gen 2’s are even more reliable. Both are great optics though.

  2. Don’t aim light at family member/innocent bystander? Requires separate hand held light. Didn’t see on, or did I miss it.

    • It really doesn’t. In a dark environment, you average WML has more than enough power to light up your immediate area for navigation / ID purposes when held at low ready. Hence, the training. I do regular low light practice in my garage at night. About as pitch black an environment as you’re likely to find in an urban area. This technique also works with IR lights and NODS.

      • Ok Serge…I have a question.

        What situation would draw your weapon and spelunk around?

        For me, the weapon is only coming out if I perceive a threat.

        This is the main reason I call bullshit on most of Kat’s posts.

        I carry a small light so I can see stuff. If I am using the weapon light, there is a perceived threat.

        Doesn’t take much training to use a WML to splash light at low ready (I too think this is best). But by simple mechanics, the light (and weapon) will be pointed at the perceived threat if they are advancing. No?

        General navigation with a WML seems a little reckless unless I am on patrol. Which I am not. Out and about with a drawn weapon is an open invitation to scattered, smothered, and covered with someone else’s WML.

        And Kat…if you have sights on your gun, you better know how to use them. Or holster….or grips…or lightened springs…..or ambidextrous safety…….

        • The scenario I practice? Clearing my house at zero stupid thirty after a power failure. As for night shoots… you should try shooting in the middle of nowhere after dark in a light rain with zero starlight or light pollution. You get a whole new appreciation for weapon lights, nav lights, beacons, and NODS. If your group is good about light discipline, you shouldn’t be able to see your own hand in front of your face.

          Shooting in lowlight conditions, even with NODS is a very perishable skill. I try to keep fresh with my monthly blackout drills, but I’d love to get more livefire training in. Sadly, I’m only able to hit up a night shoot once every couple of years.

        • Serge..sweeping a house I understand.

          Since this was an EDC dump, I was thinking about being out and about where I would only draw on a threat.

          I’m not military and don’t have a squad to follow me around and watch my butt.

          I’m sticking with a handheld for scanning chores and a weapon light so I can see a threat clearly in the dark.

          Guess I will never be tactical but i try to be practical.

      • Most people need to shot in the dark. They will find out real quick that 500 lumens is not the best idea in the world.

        I try and attend a “night shoot” at least once a year.

        Lessons learned:
        1: Don’t really need a mounted light, but they are nice to have.
        2: Practice at home with an unloaded firearm.
        3: Lots of light will blind you faster than a muzzle blast.

    • Keep a handheld next to your WML pistol so you can check your loved one’s bedroom without pointing a weapon at them. All accounted for? Drop the handheld and go to weapon. Only a moron would risk pointing a weapon at their children.

  3. I don’t mind seeing Glocks pretty often because they’re common guns and really I like to see the other stuff people carry.

    However, this is the exact same pocket dump as January 23. Can we stop looking at the same posts again and again?

    • Seems like this site is becoming a more sophisticated compilation of those clickbait ads that plague us.

      Farago had his faults but he actually wrote some things of interest and debate.

      I believe interest here is waning. The only good thoughts and discussion are coming from the comments.

      • Did you no Kat is a triathlete? You runs marathons too. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Maybe Elaine can post another article about “conflating.” 🧐

        Keep in mind it’s misogynistic to call people out
        on their bs…..

        • So you are trying to say that Kat isn’t a triathlete?

          The whole picket dump is stupid. Why are you advertising that you carry a firearm?

    • You’re gonna hurt kat’s feelings and get your comments deleted if you keep giving her constructive criticism.

    • Yes, frequent re-use of the same EDC posts has been a noticable problem for months. But, really, the very idea of making a regular feature of your content just reposts of another site’s content is pretty lame.

  4. All this tactical training, here’s how to do it, instructor this instructor that. Just go out and shoot, have some fun, it don’t have to be all about killing someone ? Does it?

  5. “I want to my make G19 even bulkier!”

    Said nobody who has ever spent much time concealed carrying, ever.

  6. I love all the “WMLs are useless! You’ll be pointing a gun at loved ones! They’re too bright!” comments.
    I have a surefire X300U-B mounted on my P220. Not only is the light bright enough to illuminate my surroundings without pointing it, and therefore the Sig, directly at things, but even though it’s a 600 lumen model, it is far from “too bright”.

    Maybe if these commenters actually had any experience with good WMLs, they might not post such things.

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