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Yesterday’s post surely generated some fun.  Sorry, I doubt this one will be nearly as neat as Stargate and Cheyenne Mountain…  But alas, we didn’t have an Atomic Lighter in yesterday’s EDC.  Or any other I can recall.

Yes, I bit on the link and followed it for a chuckle.  (Hint:  A coal-powered lighter.  Cool.  Much cooler than a coal-powered chainsaw.  Here’s looking at you, Jeff.)

Today, Brad sends his “Everyday Carry” ensemble.  He’s also military and hails/serves in Greenville, SC.  (Why does that sound familiar?)  I can’t tell if he’s vacationing in his avatar or invading a tropical paradise like Grenada.

What else has he got?  Beside the same protective phone cover as I do?

He has a Subaru and a Benchmade folder.  And a nice Hamilton (the watch, not the play).  Classy but not garishly overpriced.

Where’s the light?  And the farking holster.  I mean, c’mon people.  Include the holster.  It and the belt are kinda important.  Unless they don’t carry all that often and the EDC is just them showing off that which lives in their drawer at home.  With the exception of John’s knife, most of his gear looks pretty spiffy bordering on new, if I do say so.

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  1. The FN-509 is nice, I’d love to have a FNx 45
    But due to WA’s leftist I have to sign away my HIPPA rights to buy a semi auto, then wait for the BG check to proceed even though I already jumped through their BS hoops for a CPL (finger prints, NICS check, & fee) 🖕

  2. Get A BIC!! I have an “Atomic Lighter”, check it every now then to make sure it has a charge and the damned thing started sparking only one set of electrodes and then quit.

  3. “Where’s the light? And the farking holster. I mean, c’mon people. Include the holster. It and the belt are kinda important. Unless they don’t carry all that often and the EDC is just them showing off that which lives in their drawer at home. With the exception of John’s knife, most of his gear looks pretty spiffy bordering on new, if I do say so.”

    This, all of it! If it lives a life of safe queen don’t call it EDC. EDC is just that, something that is carried everyday or atleast nearly everyday . Safe queens need not apply for reasons of not being qualified. Come on atleast make it believable. If you can’t lie convincingly it’s just a lie. I feel cheated not taken advantage of.

  4. While I agree that it looks new I will say that I’m very, very impressed with the finish FN puts on their newer pistols.

    Dunno if they just multilayer it or what but that slide is damned hard to scratch through normal use. I would wager that with a decent carry holster you could carry one of their newer pistols in the plastic-fantastic line ups and, provided that you cleaned it properly and didn’t drop it on concrete or something, it would look brand new on the outside if you carried it every day for a year and put a 100 rounds a week through it.

    Yeah, you’d find wear inside the gun if you took it apart, but externally there’s nothing. My wife’s FNs9-C has some dings on the bottoms of the mags where they’ve hit the floor at the range and that’s it after eight or months and ~1400 rounds.

    Interestingly the black seems to either last better or hide damage better than the FDE.

  5. I have a Zippo powered by solar energy. Millions of years ago, sunlight fell on an ocean and photosynthesis made little plankton grow. Little animals ate the plankton and turned them into body fats. Millions of years of the their little dead corpses falling on the ocean floor, rock built up over them and compressed their tiny corpses into pools of oil that were cooked by earth’s internal heat. Just a few years back, capitalists sucked that cooked oil out of the ground and refined it into liquid fuels.

    Good ‘old gasoline, concentrated solar energy serving mankind.

    (Real men, not feckless incels that couldn’t score in a whorehouse with a pocket of Ben Franklins…)

  6. Good Carry Gun-check, Good Knife-check, Spare Magazine-oops, Flashlight-oops, Holster-oops, Lighter-WTH, Wristwatch-check. Having owned many lighters over the years, from high dollar Collibri’s to 5 for a $1 Scriptos, a Bic is hard to beat. I still have a couple of Zippos, but after experiencing a 2nd degree chemical burn from one that leaked, I’ll never carry one in my pocket again. The biggest thing I’ve noted carrying a lighter since I quit smoking, is that the refillable/renewable ones always run out of juice (electric or fuel) at the most inconvenient time. It’s why I carry a Bic. Pick the light colored ones, and you can hold it up to a light and “SEE” how much fuel is left in one. When it drops below halfway, it’s replaced and the half spent lighter goes in the bugout bag ( a full one’s in there too).
    A good start on an EDC kit he’s got going, but a flashlight is a nessecity IMO, he’s carrying keys and a Streamlight Nano would clip on that key ring with room to spare, and it’s $7-$8 well spent. I buy several Nano’s every year, for Christmas and Birthday gifts for my adult family members and close friends. I keep one on every set of keys we own including the spare sets, and there’s one in every BugOut Bag (I’ve 5 on hand. 1 for my better half and myself, and 1 for each Grandchild that might be here visiting). As previously said in past comments, a blowout/bleeder kit is a nessecity in your EDC kit IMO. The SWAT-T kit fits in my back pocket like another wallet.

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