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  1. I agree with this guy one hundred percent
    Guns are bad, Gun people are worse
    don’t be bad………….I can help
    send me all your evil nasty fu#$%ng guns.

    Such a nice guy……….is I.

  2. Is that satire of anti gun ads? He is slurring his words, is that part of the joke or is he really drunk?

    The sad part is that I have to ask if it is satire.

  3. That was really, really, side splitting funny.
    When I saw the /sarc tag, I knew enough to put my soda down before watching.

    • Guns drinking tall-boy cans of Bush beer are obviously the problem…

      (And I wouldn’t *dare* try and use a cheap crack like “If she only had the damn dinner finished on time…)


      Not me!


  4. I liked it. Just enough of a mix of irony, cynicism, conjectures and huge extrapolations that are similar enough to MDA’s soundbites that I believe it would actually fool a certain segment of the hoplophobic public into believing that is actually anti-gun – at the grassroots level. You know, not the intellectuals like we are; I’m talking about those rabid, rage-whining indignant assholes who are easily manipulated into taking positions on subjects that they know little or nothing about. Ignorant cheerleaders and NIMBY types.

    In other words, this is too smart for many of them thar hoplophobes and will help them feel sheepish when they eventually realize they were cheering for their own demise. Those negative feelings will eventually accumulate and contribute to their learning that there are less-embarrassing causes to support. We need more disruptive influences like this to stay ahead of the idiots at MDA, etc. I suggest working on the public official level – to satirize those legislators, LEO honchos and prosecutors who fail to respect the constitution or even obey court orders. A bunch of subject-matter/incident-specific short videos can be much more effective than a longer documentary like was propositioned (and failed badly) on KickStarter a few months ago. I think the NRA could get a lot of milage out of funding these low-budget “hit & run” vids and it would be wildly effective when using talent like crowder.

    Why does it seem like I am the only one strategizing at this level?

  5. This explains a lot!

    Last time I opened my gun safe, you won’t believe how torn up the inside walls were. It looked like there had been a war inside there. Now I know that those evil, bad guns were trying REALLY HARD to get outa there, so they could kill me and my family. What should I do?

    Thank God for Pantera Vasquez. I’m gonna send all my guns to him, cuz they’re scaring me!

  6. The best part was when he brought up the constitutional argument…and then quickly changed the subject, with no answer or even argument on the issue.
    So much win there.

  7. Is that clown serious or delirious? I grew up in an anti-gun family, which permitted me to own two after I badgered them enough. It helped that someone tried to break in while I was babysitting my baby sister one night. They, however, would not keep a firearm themselves. I raised three sons with firearms in the house and never found them disturbed nor the storage area entered without my permission. Yes, I set up silent traps which would indicate otherwise.. Their mother, and one of them, have both used firearms to protect themselves and others. The mother ineffectively, but unfortunately not enough to die or do prison time. The son, quite effectively, with the blessing of the local police in all his actions in the incident, and best of all, no one died or needed a doctor, except for the woman and old man getting beaten, whom he saved. The presenter’s swearing, finger jabbing, etc. reminded me of Adolf Hitler. Unlike Hitler, though, this guy had a constant sissy boy sway to his body and his voice pitch didn’t help convince me he is anything but a brainwashed swish.

    • He’s neither serious nor delirious. It’s a satire. Sad that some of the antis out there really are that wacko, tho.


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