Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett speaks during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Shawn Thew/Pool via AP)
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The ritual hazing of Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett continues today and this afternoon it featured her defense of an opinion she wrote in the case of Kanter v. Barr. Judge Barrett’s take was that non-violent felons (this one was convicted of mail fraud) do not forfeit their right to armed self defense under the Second Amendment.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is HORRIFIED by that. He said he’s worried that Barrett’s opinion could result in thousands of mail fraudsters bringing firearms into his otherwise serene and peaceful home town.

Fromt he AP:

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is defending an opinion she wrote arguing that a person who’s convicted of a nonviolent felony should not automatically be disqualified from owning a gun.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois challenged Barrett’s argument, saying it would make it easier for felons to bring guns into his home city of Chicago, which is plagued by gun violence caused in part by guns brought in from Barrett’s home state of Indiana.

In a dissent in the 2019 gun rights case of Kanter v. Barr, Barrett argued a conviction for a nonviolent felony such as mail fraud was not enough to disqualify someone from owning a gun.

Durbin accused Barrett of judicial activism, noting a Supreme Court ruling by Barrett’s mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia, upheld the idea that felons can be barred from gun ownership.

If you think Durbin and the rest of the committee Dems were upset by that, you can imagine their reaction when, earlier in the day, Judge Barrett let it be known that she’s a gun owner.

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett speaks during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, asked Barrett what notes she was referring to during the hearing and she held up the blank pad of paper. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, Pool)

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  1. “Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is HORRIFIED”

    Hey Dicky I’ve news for you and your un American ilk get it thru your leftard empty craniums,All Gun Control Laws Are Un Constitutional,clutch your pearls and get Effed.

    • That photo of Barrett holding up her blank notepad is not only going to be one of the most famous of her in the years to come, but for now will be the perfect meme material. Just like the pic shown above. The next one should show a pencil drawing of a decked out AR-15 with every feature and accessory Sacramento hates and the words “this is my gun”.

      I gotta say…for all of us who somewhat winced as we voted for Trump in 2016 because we were looking past his braggadocio and toward his Federal judicial appointments…I’m so glad to see what he’s done, and continues to do with nominees like Barrett.

      I’d like to see Judge Benitez considered for an Appellate Circuit seat, preferably the Ninth.

        • I’m pretty impressed with ACB. She seems like a quality judge.

          I would prefer a Protestant male (Supreme court is overwhelmingly Catholic-Jewish in a country where Protestant Christianity is the largest religion).

          Still, the thought of ACB replacing RBG fills me with delight.

      • I’ve said this repeatedly. I don’t like Trump. But I will vote for him again. He is making the courts sane again.

        The only way I would ever vote democrat is if they made nationwide constitutional carry their top priority.

        Looks like I’ll never vote democrat.

        • They’d have to become pro-life as well to get my attention. As long as they aggressively push for legislated infanticide for personal convenience, they continue to be ivory tower murderers.

        • It’s worth mentioning (ahem) that the 2000’s produced a new insurgent-populist- conservative demographic that forms the core constituency that solidly supports Trump. As the ’16 election loomed, this newly cohesive population went looking for presidential candidate. Basically, the insurgency went looking for an assassin. And, in Trump, they found what they were looking for.
          The insurgency doesn’t have to like their hired gun. And similarly those of us who identify with
          the insurgency understand that Trump may not like us. Affection, however—whether mutual or otherwise—-is nice but that isn’t part of the deal. Trump knows he was hired to do a job and, so
          far, I think he’s doing a damn good job despite having serious opposition from establishment DC.

        • Yeah, I was dubious of him until I watched his ’16 election rally in Tulsa. It was clear that Trump got us and equally clear that we got him. It was clear that a deal was being made. That’s when I signed on. Trump may be a brutal billionaire NY ball-breaker, but he’s our brutal billionaire NY ball-breaker.

      • … Just like the pic shown above. The next one should show a pencil drawing of a decked out AR-15 with …

        AR-15?!! C’mon, man!!

        Barrett M82A1

        • nope show draw a full auto M4 and the words “shall not infringe!” right next to the years 1986 and 1934 then repeal! 1st order of biz!

    • That is the key point. If you can be trusted to vote, you can be trusted to own a gun. Then again, there are a lot of people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

        • “Of course, they want 16 years olds to vote…”

          The way to squelch that is to insist 16 year-olds should also have a right to buy a handgun.

          We can twist the issue right back on them by doing that. If they want to raise the age to buy a gun to 25, we should support that as long as it also means the right to vote age should be 25 as well…

        • Should re=establish the Civilian Conservation Corps in California to clean all the dead underbrush out of the few remaining national forests. Recruit all those overly active teen aged anarchists to go bust ass in the forest for a summer, rather than looting and burning. Might teach them some appreciation for hard work and the natural world, as well as accomplishing an important task.

      • I’m a firm believer that everyone should have to fill out a 4473, show a government ID, and undergo a NICS check and any state level BS in order to vote. If your state has a waiting period to buy a gun then it should apply that to voting as well.

    • Judge Barrett’s writings on Felons and Voting is actually of the notion that VIOLENT FELONS can have their Voting Rights revoked.

      Those Laws existed even in the Free/Non-Slave States, despite Dick(wad) Durbin’s BULLSHIT.

      • You really should.

        That makes attacking gun control easier for us.

        I *love* the dilemma that puts the Leftists in. Treat rights equally. If you can have your right to vote restored, you can have your 2A rights rights restored, as well…

        • “Barrett said that owning firearms is an individual right, but voting is only a collective civil right.”

          That’s a brilliant, concise statement.

        • I still struggle to understand what exactly a “collective right” is, as distinct from either the aggregation of the rights of many individuals, or a power of the state.

        • Claiming the vote is a ‘collective right’ is the first step by the Republicans to depriving ‘those people’ of the vote.

          What excuses to disenfranchise Americans will they use? Well, like the fella below says:

          “Welfare folks should not vote until they’re off welfare.”

          Great, lose your job, lose your vote, that sounds American to me!

          Or claims that only property owners should vote so that you have ‘some skin in the game‘ as the other fella claims.

          So if the bank forecloses on your house because you’re out of work, you lose your right to vote.

          That’s your future, under a Republican regime of president for life Trump.

          Go ahead, vote the totalitarian Republicans into office and kiss your rights goodbye for real.

        • There is no individual federally recognized right to vote, because unlike the right to peacefully assemble or bear arms, voting is a collective action that mandated the state or locality to give up someone else’s time and labor to collect, count, and process your vote. It’s why there is no right to healthcare, because it requires the labor of a doctor and practitioner to administer it to you. At the federal level, the only right that requires others to administer their time or labor is the 6th amendment.

        • Sounds good to me.

          The situation we have now is lazy fucks and illegals and people who get money from the government via other mechanisms voting on what to do with my money. If someone else gets to vote on what to do with my money then at the very least we should limit it to people who have demonstrated some financial acumen, and who do not get to vote for it to go to themselves. There is a clear conflict of interest in people who receive money from the government voting on what to do with government money.

          Democracy is always totalitarian because a bunch of other idiots get to vote on my money and life choices. Democracy is only one small step above the socialism/communism milieu. We should do away with all of this nonsense and let each individual do as they will with their money and property without interference from or theft by their neighbors.

      • It used to be you had to be a property owner to vote. It makes sense that you should have some skin in the game if you vote to raise taxes. Welfare folks should not vote until they’re off welfare. (It wasn’t meant to be a lifestyle.) Renters need to know that tax increases= rent increase. I doubt many kids do.

        • People who don’t own property don’t pay property tax. However, this does not exempt them from income tax, sales tax etc. Therefore, they pay taxes but not property tax. Landlords probably factor in property tax to the monthly rent fees; but, this is a tax paid by a landlord who is given credit for paying the tax not the renter.

        • You also had to be a white male to vote. The times they have changed.

          Personally I think that race, gender or religion should not factor into the right to vote. The only requirement I see, other than being a citizen, is to be a veteran.

          Convince me I’m wrong.

        • Jaybird, the idea that only veterans should vote is a concept that Heinlein advocated in some of his books.

          And it’s an idea that I used to favor, it seemed like a good idea when I was young and serving.

          But I’ve matured, and over the years met many civilians who chose to become doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, etc. They’ve serve society just as well or better than many veterans and I’m not ready to dismiss the counsel of their training and experience out of hand.

          But the major reason I would disagree with that idea is that the United States Constitution does not authorize that practice and in fact, is written to remove the power of the standing army and military service from the governance of the country.

          For good reason

        • Heinlein had it exactly right on who should get to exercise the franchise.

          Remember that you just had to serve I some capacity, not necessarily as a dog-faced pony soldier killing bugs. How much better would it be for National unity and respect for individuals if we were all trained in some sort of useful skill?

          I imagine a cohesive civilian militia of cooks, engineers, medics, communication experts, skilled tradesman, search and rescue, heavy equipment operators, security/police, etc all coming together to replace some FEMA pencil neck tapping an iPad. After they were trained, they would all be able to volunteer to reunite and repair our country every time there are tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, or other disasters.

          Just because you might’ve trained as a truck driver for a few months doesn’t limit your ability to become a brain surgeon in the civilian world, but it does give you something to fall back on and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

        • miner, very selective about the rights you defend. 2a doesn’t appear to be one of them. Your outrage at others twisting the rights in the BOR rings false when you yourself twist the rights you don’t favor.

          Thankfully, with your help, we’ll soon have another Trump term.

        • @Hush says “People who don’t own property don’t pay property tax.” REALLY? I get to claim a property tax exemption on my Michigan income taxes for my rented home or apartment. Just like my landlord gets to deduct the cost of property taxes from the profits he earns from my rent payment. At least in Michigan the lawmakers realized that the end user is the one that ultimately pays the tax (just not directly to the government)

        • “Convince me I’m wrong.”

          Uh, no. Burdens of proof are on the one doing the asserting. You need to do the convincing that your view is correct.

        • And you get to deduct your property taxes from your income taxes, to lower your income taxes paid; soooooo . . . . kind of back to the: ‘no skin in the game’ . . . or let us just say that whole concept is BS, and owning property has nothing to do with the right to vote 🤔


          Also, the military does not defend our rights. It has been used almost exclusively to put down insurrections and engage in foreign adventurism increasing the wealth and power of politicians and the big money interests that get in bed with them.

          Here’s a small sample of the crap veterans have done while serving

          Whiskey Rebellion – After fighting a war against taxation without representation congress follows up by enacting taxation without representation. Whisky distillers in western PA refuse to comply. They are put in their place by the army under Washington.

          War of Northern Aggression – Army used to violate the southern states right to secede, a right that the army had been used to fight for a mere 90 years before.

          Indian Wars – Army used to kill native Americans and steal their land in clear violation of treaties the US had signed with them. Army was used to massacre buffalo to eliminate native American’s primary resource at the time.

          Spanish American War – Army used, after a false flag, to take territory from Spain under the idea of manifest destiny, and start building the American empire.

          World War 1 – Just when the war was about to be over as everyone involved was running out of money and supplies and tired of the carnage, the US government, after a major propaganda campaign that included such greatest hits as “Germans eat babies!”, sends in the army to prolong the war and carnage.

          In order to support this effort the US, along with all of the other major powers, go off the gold standard beginning the era of fiat currency and continuous inflation.

          Government is so happy with all of this that it federally enforces the implementation of public schools in the Prussian model to produce good little factory drones and soldiers. The founders of the public school system want all of society to be like the army.

          These schools, in the 1920s and 1930s, are a prime target for takeover by communists under Stalin’s well documented plans to destabilize the US by getting communists into positions controlling education, and the media, and fomenting racial strife. A plan we see coming to fruition today.

          The entry of America on the Allies side prompts the Germans to pop Lenin out of jail and put him on a train back to Russia with lots of money and supplies to foment revolution and take the Russians out of the war. Once Lenin’s revolution begins to gain power Russia does drop out of the war and Russian grain and supplies begin to flow back to Germany.

          Thanks veterans, for causing the spread of communism and setting up the USSR. Great job.

          World War 2 – Would not have happened if not for US involvement in World War 1.

          After continually violating treaty and neutrality to sneak weapons to Britain, and spending years goading the Japanese into attacking us in order to overcome anti war sentiment among the general public, the navy removes it’s new and shiny carriers from pearl harbor just in time, but leaves behind all of the old World War 1 ships it has been trying to replace, but has been denied the budget by congress. After the attack by the Japanese budget will no longer be an issue.

          Vietnam – When the French give up defending their colonial rubber plantations the US gladly takes over and sends the army, etc, in. All manner of hilarity ensues; rape, whorehouses, half American children left behind and abandoned, massacre of civilians, drug use, drug trafficking, illegal operations across national borders, torture, etc.

          I could go on, right up to the present day, but I have to go to work.

          Veterans are dupes and fools, and their “service” has actually cost us freedom and driven the loss of rights domestically. The military takes orders from the government, the same government we do not trust to regulate guns. What makes you think those in government we don’t trust and those we despise suddenly turn into saints and angels when it comes to directing the military. How many veterans are now in government, in congress or in civilian bureaucratic positions violating their oath to defend the constitution?

          If anything veterans should be added to the list of people who cannot vote. And we should probably put some duct tape over their mouths so they can’t spout all of the “veterans defend freedom!” bullshit.

        • Wow Jolly pirate, you’re going a little far there with disenfranchising veterans.

          I think that might have a chilling effect on recruitment for our all volunteer military…

          And I am for national service, like many civilized, socialist countries such as Germany, etc.

          Say two years national service at age 18 or 19, everything from clearing roads in the national forests (like the CCC) to slitting throats in foreign countries, you decide based on your conscientious objection or embrace of military service.

          And I am for mandatory firearms training in high school, probably 11th and 12th grade, with live fire at a range plus classroom instruction in technique and legal.

          Personally, I think, like every other BOR listed right, the 2nd amendment is subject to reasonable regulations and restrictions.

    • FWIW: A lot of states already reinstate a felons right to vote after they have served his/her sentence and have a residence address. NC is one. I also believe that a non violent felon should be allowed his 2nd A rights. Murderers/rapists/robbers etc ? NO.
      Only the non violent and those who did not use a firearm in the commission of the crime where no robbery was commited.. There should be a list of “non violent crimes” to go by though. That would be decided by lawmakers.

      • I feel like if they’re too dangerous to have their rights restored then they should probably still be in prison. Or the cemetery.

      • Serious violent criminals (murderers, rapists, etc.) should be sh-wacked or banished. The rest should get their rights back.

    • I agree with your sarcastic reply. non-violent, yes. also make domestic violence a felony, if you are taking away rights than don’t have it a misdemeanor and strip rights. TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  2. Judges do not make law. If Durban doesn’t like the law, he is the one in the position to try to change it. If he can.

    But honestly, none of this carries any weight anymore with me after they released so many felons back out on the streets to be the very people he claims to be so concerned about.

    • The Senate did pass a law and the President at the time signed it that bans ALL felons from possessing firearms. Barret is the one who thinks the law is wrong mas abridging a fundamental right to self defense for otherwise nonviolent convicts.

      • And it just so happens a case is up for consideration of cert. on that very issue, right now.

        It just got re-listed for conference…

      • There are many people that plea guilty to a “felony”, just to get out of jail. I am sorry, but if someone is not incarcerated for over a year, it should NOT be a felony. It has to be a bad enough crime, not a rebranded misdemeanor.

        • Lying on a government form is a felony.

          We have a big problem in PA with PICS/NICS denials for various BS being prosecuted as lying on a government form. Even if the person could have fought the prosecution and won, and had their denial overturned, they often take a plea. These are people who are not into guns, not well versed in gun laws, and typically don’t have the money or time for a protracted legal battle. They also usually do not understand that they are pleading guilty to a felony or 2 and all of the consequences that can have on their life.

  3. As usual the lefties including are using the second amendment test to try to disqualify the Supreme Court nomination.Durbin has a lot of nerve suggesting that all the guns used in crimes in Chicago are caused by outside influences.He would do better to suggest to the sorros backed D.A out there to round up the criminals using guns and prosecute them and sentence them to long jail terms.It’s always the go to talking point of all liberals to blame guns and not the criminals using them.That’s their argument for more useless gun control.Glad Judge Barrett answered the way she did.For far to long now the U.S Supreme Court has refused to take another second amendment case to re-affirm our rights to own guns to protect ourselves and families.

    • Durbin is fine with Violent Gangster scum voting, but doesn’t want non-violent, non-dangerous felons having their Gun Rights restored after time served.

      Durbin is a Pig At The Trough.

    • Because (sarcasm) guns have a miasma of evil that infects those who hold them and anyone in close proximity.

      The gun compelled the criminals to do crime. Without the gun they would have become social workers dedicated to improving society.

    • I’ll never forget he was one of the loudest voices screaming for a special counsel investigation into the Russia Collusion Conspiracy based on…what evidence was he looking at again? If he knew of any, he should have given it to Mueller because those guys came up with nothing. That’s right, Dick knew there was nothing (and so did Obama), but he didn’t care. He’s just another insincere screeching democrat.

      • The late Fred Thompson once said that Durbin was the most disingenuous politician in Congress, and that you simply could not trust him on anything.

      • It’s all a game to them. The only people that get hurt are the peasants.
        The tsars used to shoot them (arrows etc.) for sport, then throw gifts to them at Christmastime.

      • But the fact is, the Russian collusion investigation sent many people to prison, including trumps campaign manager and assistant campaign manager, his national security advisor and his long-time personal attorney.

        And now that Typhoid Trump’s department of justice has wrapped up their investigation of the intelligence unmasking of the individuals communicating with foreign powers to subvert our election, without any charges whatsoever is particularly thrilling.

        “The federal prosecutor appointed by Attorney General William P. Barr to review whether Obama-era officials improperly requested the identities of individuals whose names were redacted in intelligence documents has completed his work without finding any substantive wrongdoing, according to people familiar with the matter.
        The revelation that U.S. Attorney John Bash, who left the department last week, had concluded his review without criminal charges or any public report will rankle President Trump at a moment when he is particularly upset at the Justice Department. The department has so far declined to release the results of Bash’s work, though people familiar with his findings say they would likely disappoint conservatives who have tried to paint the “unmasking” of names — a common practice in government to help understand classified documents — as a political conspiracy.”

        That sound you heard was ‘Killery Clinton, uncorking a bottle of a nice Chardonnay.

        • “But the fact is, the Russian collusion investigation sent many people to prison”

          One guy for non campaign related personal crimes. He lied to lenders in loan applications and didn’t pay his taxes. What does that have to do with Trump and / or Russia? Absolutely nothing, as you know because I’ve explained it to you several times. Are you just playing dumb or is that really you? The others fibbed to investigators. In other words, the fraudulent investigation literally created the crimes. You can’t bring yourself to admit that the investigation never should have happened because you’re just another insincere democrat.

        • The fact is, none of those people were sent to prison for colluding with the Russians or anyone else, because there was no collusion and everyone knew it.

          Everyone also knows that a motivated prosecutor could nail just about anyone in DC in the same way…or not, if they’re part of the machine that keeps vile specimens like Hillary Clinton clinking chardonnay glasses instead of rotting in the clink where they belong.

    • “Just don’t talk about forced vaccinations and similar stuff.”

      Calm down, Pg2… 😉

  4. The GOP senate staff should bring in a fainting couch and smelling salts for the Democrats. It would make for great visual political theatre.

    • Hahahah, does anyone remember when women were fainting at Obama events? (Thanks for reminding me.) It was to prove that he was the “anointed one”. I guess it worked. Funny no men fainted at Hillary events…..hmmmm.

      • The only guys attending Hillary events were guys named “Ralph” and “Earl” and they were too busy barfing to faint.

  5. No felon should be permitted to own a gun or vote or be around children or handle an American flag without first convincing a court they are reformed. And of they cannot convince a court they are reformed, why are they allowed back into civil society?

    If you are not trustworthy enough to handle mere money without doing a crime, why in the hell should I trust you with something serious like a firearm?

    Or trust you with something even more important, such as the right to vote?

    • Felons guilty of *what felony*? Carrying a firearm on (banned) gov. property? Or in USPS parking lot? Or maybe those who didn’t have their firearm secured in the car per whatever state one was pulled over in at the time? Have yout thought about all the things that are now classified as *felonies*?
      There’s lots of different “felonies” one can commit that does not have anything to do with, nor bearing on, your “list”. There’s very few people who haven’t already committed a “felony”….and never even knew they did .
      Spend some time on looking up what all constitutes a felony these days. You’ll be surprised.

        • And just try that in Ca, you will either not carry or be a felon(unless you know the Sheriff or are in LE, or live in a low populated county)

      • I think with “felon” we all have “convicted felon” in mind rather than “guilty of a felony.” Those two are not necessarily the same, just as “not guilty” does not necessarily equal “innocent.”

    • There _are_ felonies that are non-violent: tax-evasion, signature forgery, copyright infrigement…

      I, for one, argue that non-violent felonies should not be felonies.

      • So you would argue a fellow like Bernie Madoff should have gotten months of jail time and a $1,000 fine instead of decades in prison?

        • No, my argument has nothing to do with jail time, but for non-violent offenses proportionate fines are strongly preferable to prison. It costs ~$15K-60K per prisoner per year depending on where, so prison isn’t cheap. I firmly believe the bar is too low to incarcerate someone.

        • There’s a difference between stealing something with a value of 1,000 dollars vs. hundreds of millions of dollars…

        • Madoff stole peoples lives, dreams, hopes. He should not have spent a day in jail. He should have been skinned alive in the public square.

        • In the Madoff example, should he have been able to pay the $170billion in restitution, he should be allowed to walk free, otherwise he should sit his ass in jail. And when his 150 yr jail time is over, should he still be alive, he should be allowed to purchase a firearm.

  6. She doesn’t deserve the spot if she thinks felons don’t have human rights. She is not an originalist about the constitution.

    People who are not in prison and are not on parole have the right to keep and bear arms.

    The only people that can’t have arms are those without the mental capacity to take responsibility for their actions. Such as mentally ill people or people with enough mental retardation (no offense).

    • You definitely qualify for disarmament, because I refuse to believe you weren’t born when a moderately functional brain at best.

      • Oh, that was funny, I must admit.

        But what I find even more amusing is that your mental capacity is so low that you find humor in the simplest of jokes.

        • Talking to yourself on a public forum? I guess it’s the modern equal to talking to yourself on a city bus.

        • “Oh, that was funny, I must admit.”

          “your mental capacity is so low that you find humor in the simplest of jokes.”

          Wow 😂

        • Why don’t you just relax, Francis…

          Is your need for ego validation so great that you can’t laugh at yourself?

          How sad.

        • I talk to myself all the time, I call me Francis, it’s perfectly normal.

          Just like when I was a kid and none of the other kids would play with me, so I just played with myself.

        • Fake Miner, your material is getting a little weak.

          Let me help you here,

          “When I was a kid, we were so poor that if I didn’t wake up with a hard on I wouldn’t have anything to play with on Christmas Day.“

          Actually it’s quite touching that you are imitating me, I understand how you respect me and want to be more like me but there can be only one… Miner49er.

        • Oh my goodness, this is too funny, I couldn’t write this stuff!

          Right after I posted the joke about playing pocket pool on Christmas morning, I read this news story about a local sheriff hooking up with the Michigan domestic terrorist kidnapping gang.

          Evidently those right wing domestic terrorists who wanted to take out both the Michigan governor and Ralphie in Virginia for their tyrannical executive orders, was a poor kid just like me!

          Photo caption:

          “Sheriff Dar Leaf speaks at a protest on May 18. Third from left, with his hand in his pocket, is William Null.”

          I bet before he left for the protest that morning his mommy cut a hole in his pocket so he could play ‘pocket pool‘ while pretending to be a patriotic militia man.

        • So pathetic how whiner reaches the point where even HE sees any credibility on TTAG slipping away, then CLAIMS there’s someone posting under his username.
          Hey fucktard, you’re WELL aware of how online comment sections work!
          Want to own your words? STFU on TTAG, go to WordPress, and upload an Avatar. Then EVERYONE on TTAG will know when it’s you posting on here.
          He won’t do it, just a shape-shifting TTAG troll, not worthy of providing the time of day.
          Trump/Pence 2020.

  7. “…his home city of Chicago, which is plagued by gun violence caused in part by guns brought in from Barrett’s home state of Indiana.”

    First, not surprised at all that a two-faced, low-down scumsucker like Durbin is from Chicago.

    Second, those very same guns cause no problems in Amy Barrett’s home state of Indiana. What is it about Dick Durbin’s home city of Chicago that magically transforms them into murder machines?

    • Durbin was born in East St. Louis, IL. He probably calls Chicago home now, not sure. I never see him in state, meaning anywhere near central or southern, but we are a large state.

      I really don’t want him to win next month. But, wow, the Republicans elected a guy from Lake County, all the way north of Chicago. He seems almost RINO like.

      If we can get IL to go red, then I feel Durbin will be out. However, even that is questionable. Very hopeful for a red IL again. That Chicago mayor is turning people against Dems.

  8. Not every issue is a Constitutional issue. I think gun rights for non-violent felons is a reasonable suggestion and might be good policy, but I don’t consider it a matter of rights. Felony crimes are supposed to be egregious crimes against society and permanent loss of voting rights, gun rights etc. are reasonable tools to have in the toolbox.

    In other words, I think it should be decided by the legislature not the courts. If you don’t like the status quo, work to get the laws changed.

    A bigger problem is that we classify too many things as felonies.

  9. I love this gal. Dick sux. He may not even be ILLinoyed’s WORST senatorTammy is vying for that title! I agree about non-violent felons. My son got one for being mentally ill and completely violence free. Just wandered into a house in a psychotic haze😕😕😕😕

    • Seems like everything is a felony today. For some reason, “misdemeanor” is only used for things like jaywalking.

      • Domestic Violence is a misdemeanor, gunms lost for life no if ands or buts, add in Red Flag laws and Bill Clinton just creamed his jeans

  10. If the left gets the hot war they want, all the gun control questions are moot.

    If they retreat back to their safe places, they will work on adding more actions as felonies. Use the wrong pronouns , felony. Criticism of a elected official, felony. Drive 4 over the speed limit. Felony. Hurt someone’s feelings on social media, felony.

    These people have serious issues.

    • “Drive 4 over the speed limit. Felony.”

      Don’t laugh, it makes perfect Leftist ‘sense’.

      If you can’t be trusted to drive a car safely (you could hurt or kill someone!), you obviously can’t be trusted with a lethal weapon like a gun.

      Yeah, they would go there, if they could. If we make a big win with gun rights with the SCOTUS, they will make as many things they possibly can a prohibited person crime. And that’s why we need ACB seated…

      • Don’t get too excited. Kavanaugh has already become a major disappointment. Time will tell. I’m not excited and won’t be unless she sides with the current only Constituionalist on the Court, Clarence Thomas. He is the gold standard.

  11. Bill Clinton lied in front of a federal judge during a deposition. Does that make him a felon and is Dick Durbin terrified of Clinton having his rights?

      • That’s right, I forgot. Democrats are above the law, though he did have his law license suspended. Not that he needed it, but I’m sure it was an embarrassment.

        • Interesting claim, regarding Bill Clinton’s law license.

          Do you have a source to underpaid your claim that Bill Clinton’s whole license was suspended?

        • Here ya go Miner. I got this from a Lefty fact checking site for you. It honestly doesn’t surprise me that you haven’t heard about this. The media does a great job of covering for democrats.

          “Clinton’s license was suspended in Arkansas, but he was not disbarred, and while Clinton did face the possibility of being barred from arguing in front the U.S. Supreme Court, he resigned before the ruling was handed down.

          On his last day in office in 2001, Clinton agreed to a five-year suspension of his Arkansas law license in order to head off any criminal charges for lying under oath about his relationship with Lewinsky. Clinton has been eligible to seek reinstatement of his license since 2006, but as of 2013 he had not applied to do so.

          Shortly after Clinton’s license was suspended in Arkansas, the U.S. Supreme Court suspended Clinton from presenting cases in front of the highest court (which he had never done) and gave him 40 days to contest his disbarment (which Clinton did not do). Instead, he resigned from the Supreme Court bar”

        • Thanks! I’m surprised that you would even use Snopes, as it is a left-wing source but I think they’re relatively accurate most of the time.
          At least they do list their sources, unlike many other propaganda outlets.

          Yes, Bill Clinton admitted he misled investigators about a sexual relationship with a consenting adult.

          But you know, President Donald Trump‘s lawyers are claiming a sitting president can’t even be investigated, much less indicted, but I guess that doesn’t apply to a Democratic president.

        • Miner, that very well may be true, but I was referring to the hypocrisy of the chant we heard ad nauseam from democrats very recently when referring to President Trump. “No one is above the law.” It’s all a game. None of those dems were sincere.

  12. Non person non violent felony 5 years, any other ten and a bunch of money. It appears she’s going to be one of the double tongues.

  13. I am not so concerned with this nomination or election. regardless it is what is going to happen after. it will not be pretty. hope all of you that talk the talk on here have the means and testicular fortitude to back it up, because it is coming.

  14. Love that superimposed image.
    Dick Durban was quite the dick. If he’s making a case someone is going to buy a gun and kill millions of people he should ask Kim Foxx to lock the fuckers up in Chicago doing all the killing.

  15. Someone show me anywhere in the Constitution where it says that after you have done the time for your crime, nonviolent or violent felon, that your Second Amendment rights are lost for life. Imagine if felons lost their First Amendment or Fourth Amendment rights, but yet everyone nods when their Second Amendment rights are unconstitutionally removed for life. Too many Second Amendment supporters don’t have a problem with that. That should change.

    • This,before 1934 NFA when one was released from prison that person had paid ones debt to society and arms returned.

    • That notion came about much later and started out as a limited measure against the truly dangerous crazy Bastards among us. It’s turned into a mass ban on people who ran afoul of the law in ways having nothing to do with guns or even physically harming people.
      Watch the reasons people are added to The List grow exponentially next year.

  16. “When that Second Amendment was written…we were talking about the likelihood that a person could purchase a muzzle-loading musket.” D. Durbin

    The tradition is strong in Dick Wad Durbin

  17. I guess Senator Durbin is not aware that Illinois is one of the few states which can fully restore a felon’s Second Amendment rights after prison. There are a few felons in Illinois with CCL’s. He contradictorily assumes that the gun is responsible for the crime and not the person. If not for guns, Illinois would be crime free in his world.

    I would also like to know he does not tell Chicago to change their written policy of not enforcing “Straw man” purchase laws. Dos he not agree with that gun control law?

  18. We will see. Some of the most liberal justices in recent times were ‘conservative’ before they were selected by Republican presidents. DC has a way of changing folks who spend too much time there.
    Remember all those fanboys for Mattis & McMaster?

    • I wasn’t a fan boi for either. I had doubts about both because they were very quick to jump on the bandwagon when he won. I think Don learned to vet people more carefully after Bolton, Sessions and others turned out.

    • Yes.
      It’s called the Greenhouse Effect.
      The NYT had a Political reporter by that name years ago. This reporter was NOT a Conservative, and had ZERO regard for the Constitution, OR the proper separation of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of our system.
      Since Greenhouse wanted the SCOTUS to be NOTHING MORE then 9 Kings in robes acting like the leftards personal group of “wish granters”, Greenhouse went about bashing ANY SC Justice that didn’t act like the lefts Santa Clause.
      This was at a time when the NYT still had credibility, so some of the Judges actually softened their positions and changed their opinions to receive more favorable coverage by the NYT.
      Today the NYT is a total rag that shills for the demoKKKRats, and intelligent US Citizens don’t give a rats ass what it reports.

  19. The glitch in the system is any law classified as a felony is used to take away gun rights without considering any of the circumstances of the crime.

    The fix is to attach the suspension to the actual law as part of the sentencing, rather than just dumping everything into one big basket labelled “felony”. Pass a law against assault, specify in the law itself that rights will be suspended. Pass a law against mail fraud, no suspension is specified, so it doesn’t happen.

    But then, this would require that legislators actually do some work, so don’t count on it.

  20. That face you make when you don’t need a notepad to remember things because you don’t have Alzheimer’s like the folks questioning you

    • That face you make when you engage in political theater stunts that you have pre-arranged with your ‘objective‘ questioner in a witness coaching session.

  21. Aren’t the Democrats the ones that want voting rights reinstated for fellons. I don’t see what the issue is, once you’ve “done your time”, your rights as a citizen should apply. That includes voting and owning firearms. How else do we expect these folks to be integrated back into society?


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