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Credit: Douglas Muth/Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY

Buying ammunition online can save you money and get you far more in terms of choice. Prices are usually lower (watch out for those shipping charges, though) and you aren’t at the mercy of the local gun store’s distributor.

No, your LGS doesn’t buy straight from Federal or Winchester. They go through a third, fourth or even a fifth party depending on the distributor they deal with. That’s why some stores seem to have different ammo for sale all the time.

Before we begin, however, we need to point out that California has made the online purchase of ammunition more difficult for the people who live there. (The Nanny State Strikes Again: Electric Boogaloo) Since purchase of ammunition now requires a background check, it makes buying ammo online more complicated.

The quick version is that you can still buy your ammunition online, but it has to be shipped to either a designated FFL or a California Ammo Vendor with a Certificate of Eligibility in jurisdictions that do not forbid having ammunition shipped to an FFL or CAV/COE for purchase.

Obviously, it’s not that you can’t, but it’s more complicated than it was or needs to be thanks to California’s apparent need to continually make it hard for anyone to enjoy anything, anywhere, ever, at all.

With that said, if you want to secure a regular supply of a particular box and brand, or buy in bulk, getting your ammunition online is one of the best ways to do it.

However, take into consideration what kind of ammunition you’re shopping for. There are certain brands/boxes/types of ammunition that any retailer will have (hardball for range use) and others that you have to find the right source for. Every ammunition site is a little different and tends to caters to a specific market. For instance, some have a lot of different rifle ammo choices, some are a bit more weighted to handguns, and so on.

With that said, who are the go-tos?


MidwayUSA is one of the largest online retailers of all things gun-related, including a decent selection of…ammunition. Here you can find a pretty decent cross-section of every kind of gun food you might want, from bulk FMJ to JHP for concealed carry, JSP for handgun hunting and anything and everything in between.

Selection isn’t unlimited, but they have far more than almost any other online ammunition retailer. If there’s a one-stop-shop for all things ammunition, guns and so on, Midway USA is as close as it gets.

MidwayUSA is also one of the few somewhat reliable sources for occult esoteric like 7.62mm Tokarev, .45 GAP, 7mm Shooting Times Westerner or .35 Whelen, which many ammunition websites don’t stock at all and you can basically forget about finding in local stores.


Able’s Ammo comes close to Midway in terms of breadth and depth of selection. Prices are competitive, and you can find almost any style of bullet you might want. They have a good mix of bulk ammunition and practical ammunition as well.


If all you’re looking for is pistol ammo – and maybe some 5.56/.223 on the side – then is also a very decent supplier. They have a generous selection for people who own typical handguns in typical chamberings such as 9mm, .40 S&W and so on, with a few “oddballs” (.25 and .32 ACP, .50 AE, .357 Sig) as well. FMJ and JHP abounds, so most handgunners will be able to find almost anything they need.

As a bonus, LuckyGunner also produces some fantastic video content as well as maintains a testing database for concealed carry ammunition. Their test is similar to the FBI protocol, so you can see if they’ve tested your carry rounds or the ones you’re thinking of switching to.


Ammunition Depot bridges the gap, so to speak, between Midway and LuckyGunner. The former has darn near everything, the latter only deals in the most popular handgun, a very limited number of rifle calibers (5.56/.223, 7.62x39mm and .308/7.62mm NATO) and does offer some 12-gauge shotgun shells.

Ammunition Depot expands their rifle offerings to include more common rifle calibers and a bit more in terms of shotgun offerings.

However, pickings are a little slimmer for rifle ammunition basically outside of the AR/AK/tactical rifle/assault rifle/modern sporting rifle/whatever you want to call a semi-auto family. In other words, you’ll be happier than a pig in slop if you want .300 Blackout. If you have a .30-06, they have some, but be prepared to feel almost as let down than Cleveland Browns fans.


Sportsman’s Guide is not a bad choice for ammunition either. Granted, there are certain things they don’t have much or any of (shop for your JHP elsewhere) but what they DO usually have is great for certain people.

Specifically, they have a good selection of hunting ammunition and some fantastic deals on bulk ammunition as well. If you’re stocking up on, say, Nosler Partitions or laying in a few thousand rounds of 9mm hardball or 5.56/.223, they’re a great source.

Credit: is one of the few sites that comes close to rivaling Midway in terms of sheer breadth of selection. Rifle, pistol and shotgun ammo abounds and with multiple bullet styles and in dozens of calibers. However, their forte is volume, so this isn’t where you go to get a box or two of hardball for the range, hollow points for concealed carry or JSP for hunting. This is where you go to buy A LOT of it.

If you feel like there is a better source than the above, say so in the comments! We, along with everyone else, are always interested in finding a new, better, more cost-effective and reliable source of freedom seeds.

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    • Fuggedabout CA, either. Note that – starting on July 1 in a few weeks – you’ll not only have to go through a background check, but your name, address, contact number, description, age, method of payment, type of ammo, and quantity of ammo will all go into the CADOJ’s new database. And the CA Penal Code *does not define any sunset date*. In other words, there is no mandate for the CADOJ to purge that information at any future date, so in the eyes of the Demokratic People’s Republik of Kalifornia:

      “All your information is belong to us”.

      It sux here.

      • I would have it shipped to a family member out of state and if close enough drive across the line to get or get them to ship it to you in different type box thankfully here it is no problem

        • Sounds like a plan. Dump it into an unmarked containers. If anyone asks, you purchased it before the new laws. The way CA is going, they’ll eventually setup roadblocks to check vehicles coming into the state.

    • Not true, they must have a NYS Ammunition Permit to ship it to you. Buds Gun Shop and Target Sports do and will ship to a NY address, not NYC though.

      • “Not true, they must have a NYS Ammunition Permit to ship it to you. Buds Gun Shop and Target Sports do and will ship to a NY address, not NYC though.”

        I’m an upstate NYer—-WTF are you talking about???

        • I think he is right in that some aspects of the SAFE act are still pending (ammo registry/background check) so technically speaking it is still legal to order online it’s just finding a supplier. With that said I haven’t known anyone to do it since 2015 so no idea if it’s still going on that way. Any good sites for reloading supplies?

        • I live in upstate NY and order all my ammo online. A lot cheaper and with free shipping. Some parts of the Safe Act haven’t been enacted yet. Target Sports USA.

        • Thanks Bill glad to hear it’s still available. May have a 20 round over 4month limit incomming sadly.

    • Get it sent to an FFL. Lucky Gunner has NYS FFLs on file. Pick the one closest to you.

    • Hurry we still have room for you in Texas before the bleeding liberals in Austin and voting illegals in El Paso and San Antonio get power. OK Houston sucks too. Also Dallas. Target Sports ships in unmarked boxes so the package thieves don’t see Federal on the box. Great source for XM9001.

    • Incorrect about New York. You can buy from the internet but it has to be shipped to an FFL. You pick it up from the FFL. The FFL charges a transfer fee. Mine charges $20.

      • Not incorrect. I live 40 miles north of the city and get ammo shipped directly to my door. Target Sport and buds, no problem

        • I think it just depends on your zip code and who you’re buying from.
          My brother has gone through the trouble to to send the applicable/unenforceable parts of the SAFE act to certain retailers (don’t remember who) and he gets ammo in the mail.
          Although, there might be some retailers that don’t give a damn about the restrictions anyhow.
          And some might be overcautious, like MidwayUSA, who WOULD send me 10 round pistol mags but NOT 10 round rifle mags…

    • Wrong. That law was not implemented and is not in force until they dump a bunch of money into it, which they don’t want to. You can legally have ammo shipped to your door. Now, many sellers will NOT do it because they don’t want to have to bother checking what law communist NYC has passed for the state. But there are plenty who will ship to you, especially smaller regional providers.

    • +1 Target Sports the best! The I’m in NJ and if I order before 4PM I get it in 2days

      • I too am in NJ, and depending on when one places the order, I have had them get it to me the next day. They are amazing, and on the most part, particularly if you shoot a lot, their ammo club “Prime Ammo” is the best prices and free shipping on any amount of ammo.

    • Yep, bingo! Those 2 rock and I use them both constantly. One or the other always seems to have great deals on what I shoot in bulk. If you are shopping bulk and can find what you want there, Target Sports usually has free shipping along with prices competitive to SG…but SG usually has the stuff I love to shoot in stock all the time.

    • Dang-it, I was hoping these would get passed by in the discussion. Yeah, they’re my initial go-to’s but the more that know, the more that buys, and the faster they go out of stock on the more popular items. Okay, just kidding. Kinda. 😉

    • Yep, SG Ammo. Have done a bunch of business with them. Very broad selection but good source for .327 Fed Mag, 7.62 x 25 (Tokarev), even 7.62 x 38. Why DO these guys keep getting overlooked?

      • Because TTAG doesn’t get any money from them for “advertising”! These sites give you information based on whether they get paid to or not.

    • SG Ammo is my go to ammo supplier. I’ve been very satisfied with every purchase I’ve made.

      • No kidding! How can there be any list like this without on it? They are my go-to, unless they happen to not have what I want…and that doesn’t happen very often.

    • I second that. I have bought 50 rounds boxes of Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot for less than a box of 20 can be had at a store or most other online sources. The stuff packaged for law enforcement shoots exactly like the expensive “civilian” rounds. I don’t buy much in bulk because I roll my own. Plenty of sites with great deals on reloading components.

      • You might want to update your post, it’s pretty dated.

        Federal (and Speer) forced retailers to to charge WAY more for those HST’s and Gold Dots, over 50% more in fact. They also are forcing retailers to only sell those rounds to LEO’s only (although YMMV). It was a pretty shitty move by Federal Ammo.

        Buy Winchester next time, they beat out HST (and Gold Dots) in Shoot The Bull’s ammo competion.

      • Actually, the price before Federal’s forced price increase was generally $18-$20 dollars, and just as the link you supplied showed, the price is now $29.95. So as was stated an over 50% price increase of approximately $10 to $12 dollars (not $5).

        “Still about half of what a 20 round box will cost you.” Really? So a 20 round box costs about $60? No wonder you took up reloading.

        Finally, from the BoneFrog HST page, “Per manufacturer requirements, this product is available for purchase by LE and Qualified Customers Only”. And again for other retailers YMMV, although it does show Federal is likely pushing at that as well.

        So again, buy Winchester next time, they beat out HST (and Gold Dots) in Shoot The Bull’s ammo competition.

  1. Do not forget “Outdoor Limited” in High Point NC. Very good prices, good service. Also, GT Supply for LOTS of police trade-in stuff.

  2. I have used Ammo To Go in the past, but I had to stop when they stopped shipping to MA. OTOH, Target Sports USA _will_ ship to MA addresses (Yay!) and I still buy from them. They offer shipping at no additional charge when you buy by the case.

    A nice site to use is . You can initiate a search with various criteria (e.g., caliber, brand, bullet weight) and it will display a list by source. You can then explore availability and shipping costs.

      • Great site till the vendors with outrageous shipping (Carolina Munitions, etc.) started posting the lowest price per round so they would show up at the top of the list; then you have to scroll to find the lowest price excluding those vendors.

  3. “…thanks to California’s apparent need to continually make it hard for anyone to enjoy anything, anywhere, ever, at all.” Hook that up with Prop 65 and there you have it. All the reasons to never come to California. Signs when entering should say “Anything and everything here will give you cancer and we don’t want you to enjoy your visit so go back home.”

    • “…unless you vote Demokrat and hate both guns and unborn babies.”

      Fixed it for ya. 🙂

  4. What kickback does TTAG get from the sites that were named? Just curious.

  5. Anyone try “The Shooting Store”?

    For firearms they ship free to a participating LGS. I tried an ammo order but am still waiting for it. If it goes well, that is basically free shipping on small quantities.

    Also, Academy Sports has free shipping, but a limited offering. I get my shotgun shells from their site. Can’t beat free delivery to your door.

  6. I have to wonder where some of you shop. I checked out every one of those sites and even the bulk pricing on one of those sites was higher than what I would pay locally.

  7. I stopped ordering from Midway due to packaging issues and errors in orders. I’ve done well with SGAmmo, Lucky Gunner, and Super Vel. Also, my recent experience with Defender Ammo out of NC was excellent. Super Vel’s responsiveness was also noticeably rapid and personable.

  8. I’ve done well at PSA for .22lr CCI and 9mm, BulkammoDOTcom has had bulk 17 hm2, where can I find flats of 20 guage target for less than $48 shipped? I find it at Gander Outdoors cheaper than online.

    • Plus you need to be 21 to order so you have to wait about 6 more years. And you should probably buy a gun first as well. All of that will only be possible if the vaccines don’t get you first.

        • Seriously. This is the kind of useful information we can use. Also, thanks to the readers who chimed in with additional sites. I probably have enough ammunition stockpiled to survive the zombie apocalypse X 2. But, ammo is like money. Never too much and always no enough.

      • Damn that was the most epic burn I’ve seen on this site. I had to put sunglasses on just to read it!

        • “epic burn”….what are you 12? Seriously. Middle school kids talk like that. No wonder you thought a lame post was so funny.

    • Pg2, you know they have a new vaccine to prevent zombieism. Got mine last week. Only have to get a booster every 30 days.

  9. I know cheaper than dirt screwed a bunch of people over, but to not list them, even in the negative explaining why you won’t buy from them, is a bit weird…. and to those who ask… google is your friend.

    • Because Cheaper Than is NOT cheaper or frequently even low priced?

      NO google is NOT your friend. google is the poster child for the evil empire of statist progtards. The ENEMY of the Constitution, freedom, and the American way. Find another search engine, many to choose from. SOME won’t even mine your data.

      google is the friend of Soros, Obumer, and the chicoms.

      • DuckDuckGo search engine…no tracking. They do not sell your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) to everyone in the World.

        Brave is a great browser…especially coupled with DuckDuckGo. Google plus Microsoft’s browsers are evil personified.

        I’ve had good luck with bonefroggunclub and TargetSportsUSA for purchasing bulk ammo. BFGC had great prices on Federal HST 124 gr. 50-rnd LEO boxes last year and TS has lots of everything to feed whatever you may have (their shipping out West is a bit slow…but, it always gets here).

      • Sigh…. when I say google is your friend I don’t mean you need to cuddle up to it under the blanket when watching movies. I meant it more as in look it up… you can use whatever search engine you want. Most people use google as a synonym to “search for it online”…. as in “I’ll google it”.

        • Agreed, however, we need to collectively purge the google verb from our lexicon. Google is evil.

        • @Wood,

          Agreed! +1

          And the irony is their motto “Don’t be evil”, was quietly dropped like a thief in the dead of night.

          Kinda tells you everything you need to know about their new intentions.

    • Goofle is doing more to take away your rights than the leftest of politician can dream about.

      Frankly, if your a 2A supporter that uses goofle, you should be ashamed.

  10. Download the Ammodrop app and be able to instantly find out who has the best price for the specific type of ammo your looking for. Again, you’ll have to factor in their shipping costs, and whether or not it requires a membership. You might find a new source for your unusual caliber type, or just a good deal on basic ammo.

  11. I don’t use anything esoteric or hard to come by, but have pretty much standardized on Fiocchi, since all of my weapons like something in their line, and the have all of the type/weight bases I use covered for 223/556, 300win, 9mm, and 45ACP.

    SWFA carries their full line, and at good prices with good shipping times, policies, and enough free and flat shipping deals that I rarely pay full rates for that.

  12. Don’t forget if you can get a deal online your LGS may be willing to work with you on price, it’s worth checking.

    • Natchezz!! I bought a bunch of 9mm around the holidays from them at prices no one was touching. Even with shipping, $50.00 a thousand cheaper than any local dealers. Thirty to forty cheaper than any other online. Brought right to my door!

      • Unfortunately, if you live in an adjoining state they won’t sell to you, because they’re selling to your LGS and don’t want to undercut them.

  13. Target sports USA is always very competitive, has about anything you want , free shipping if you by a case. Hard to beat . Palmetto state armory does a good too .

  14. Your best bet is to just go to Ammo Seek (, which provides real time by the round ammo price comparisons for scores of ammo sites for anything you can think of, and compares shipping prices as well. I always do that before I order anything.

  15. SG ammo. Where i get most of mine.

    Also from Target Sports and a little from Natchez Shooters supply.

  16. Respecting situations in New York and California, possibly other locales too, who/what is to blame for the idiotic laws that cause the law abiding such travail? Last time I looked, it was, and remains the inattentiveness of the citizenry. Correct me should you find error in my comments.

    • Its been explained to you before, alan. Either your slow on the uptake or being deliberately obtuse.

      We are vastly outnumbered here. Period. Full stop. Simple enough or do you need a diagram?

    • Not really wrong so much as ignoring the reality that not every state has an electoral college style of representation and cities can outgrow their states regardless of awareness.

    • In states like NY and IL, there are so many voters in NY City and Chicago compared to the rest of the state that they basically get whatever they want.

      Here in IL things haven’t actually got that bad yet, but they are trying to pass crazy gun laws every time the legislature is in session. To make it worse there are what is called ‘shell bills’ that have nothing to do with guns, but they will completely gut them and replace them with an anti gun bill after the first reading, so they can try to sneak in some really bad laws. Since the Democrats have absolute power they will also replace pro-gun Democrats from farm counties with anti-gun Chicago Dems. for critical votes to get things out of Committee for a floor vote.

      Blaming gun owners from places like NY or California for not doing enough is really unhelpful. There is really nothing that they can do. They are simply outnumbered by dumb voters who really have no idea what they are voting for, because that nice man on CNN told them that ‘Guns Bad, must Ban’.

      When NY passed the ‘Safe Act’ after Newtown they called an emergency session and crammed it through overnight. It was so poorly written that even the police could not have standard capacity magazines and some of the really dumb parts ‘you can only load 8 rounds in a 10 round magazine’ have been overturned by the Courts.

      That is why you see things like upstate NY wanting to break away from NY or Northern California wanting to form its own State.

      • Yeah, and Texans are all in LaLa Land, ignoring how all of their major cities are already under leftist control. They are being flooded with illegal immigrants and commiefornia leftists escaping the high taxes they created – hell, they even have an illegal alien “conservative” senator. Won’t be long before they have the same gun laws as commiefornia.

        • The best thing Texans can do for gun rights in the near future is to support any opponent of House Speaker Dennis Bonnen in the 2020 election cycle, whether they be Republican or Democrat. If you can’t vote against him directly, vote against him by your financial support of his opponents. It’s the only sure way to depose the anti-freedom RINO bastard from the speakership!

        • Except that every single session for more than a decade, we’ve gotten better and better gun laws, not worse and worse. Texans are able to express their 2A rights now more than anytime since reconstruction.
          When reality doesn’t match your fantasy, reality isn’t wrong.

  17. Thanks for all the info TTAG and and the comment guys. I’ve never bought on-line. Just been buying at Walmart. Only the ones outside of Chicagoland, tho. The ones here don’t even carry shooting safety glasses because there’s a school nearby.
    Do you Illinois buyers submit a FOID card number or something? Thanks.

    • Yes, those of us who live in “The People’s Republic of Illinois” must provide FOID card information for online purchases ….if you live in Crook County, (Madiganistan) they may not deliver any ammo products there at all.

  18. I buy a lot of ammo from Natchez Shooters Supply in Chattanooga, TN. They frequently have very good sales. Get on their email list.

    Also, Palmetto State Armory and AIM Surplus sometimes have good sales.

  19. Cheaper than Dirt is good for the more obscure ammo, Target Sports is good for bulk purchases including free shipping, and Old Western Scrounger is good for the really obscure ammo, but their prices tend to be high.

  20. MidwayUSA is a great company but heir ammo selection and pricing isn’t anything awesome.

    Sportsman’s Guide – really? seriously?

    • Sportsman’s Guide usually has decent prices and you can also sign up for 4-Pay if you are buying more than $150 worth of ammo. Most of what I’ve bought from them is cases of 7.62×39 or 5.45×39 when they have a sale. I got a Uberti 1851 London Navy on 4-Pay when they had a 20% off sale as well.

  21. Since I only buy in bulk I go to target sports. I don’t shop at any of the places you listed.

  22. Never bought ammo online but I see some good suggestions. Usually I buy on sale at Cabela’s and get credit on a clubcard. Got a bunch of Federal 223 for 5.79/box. No plans for high volume shooting you never know…

  23. Until all Americans wake up and vote every democrat out of office as soon as we can, if not we will loose all the rights and freedoms that we Americans have grown to love. The people need to wake up, this is not the same democratic party that we once enjoyed. In the last twenty years it has gone stupid. They will give everything to the illegals and leave us nothing.

    • Is it Dempublicans or Republicrats because I’m not seeing any difference

  24. Just ordered my latest case of 5.7×28 from ammunition warehouse. Best price according to gunbot. Cheap shipping too as it came from their Nevada warehouse.

  25. Ah man, they left off AMMO²… WAAAY more fun approach to buying ammo than any of those other options on there… but I’m a little biased. 🙂

  26. No Mr. Trakmybuy you and your machine do not get to know what I own.

  27. With Sportsman’s Guide, if you are a member ($30/yr), it’s 10% off, 5% on guns and ammunition. Also, if your total before shipping exceeds $150, the amount can be divided into 4 payments – 1/4 on order placement, and once a month charges of 1/4 against your card until paid off. Be careful, the UPS guy is going to know how much ammo you’re buying!

  28. Buy it while you can Californians! Draft Bill “1369” The Deputy Barney FIFE Civilian Protection Law will restrict handgun ammunition sales to one cartridge per month with a maximum possession limit of one live cartridge. There is some argument within the Committee as to mandating the cartridge be carried in a buttoned shirt pocket (traditional) or in a double locked 4 cuft steel box (Progressive position). Recycling the spent case is mandatory at time of replacement purchase. A Report to State LE is required within 12 hours of realizing a live or spent cartridge is lost or stolen. Attempts to acquire a replacement cartridge before the completion of the criminal investigation is a Class 1 Felony.

    Sarcasm, we all know CA political goal is no guns or ammo.

  29. In commie kalifornia, when shipped to a “AUTHORIZED ENTITY” you’ll see near a 100% mark-up or storage fees, etc etc etc. NO, mail order in this tyrannical hell hole is DEAD DEAD DEAD. As the black market will surly grow.

  30. Ventura Munitions out of NV, was my go to 9mm and 5.56 reloaded ammo. Bought and shot 1000’s of rounds, don’t recall any problems. Shipping was cheap since it was next to CA.

  31. Target Sports USA offers free shipping per case of 1000 rounds (and small quantities if eligible)…slow delivery but who cares with free shipping!

  32. I bought 9mm dang dang from Bud’s gun shop recently. It was so cheap, I sprung for the shipping insurance.

  33. is a great resource for ammo, too. It’s a search engine for ammunition that tells you what online retailers have the ammo you’re looking for and how much they’re charging. It is really nice to be able to scan down a list and see which retailer is offering the best price. Check ’em out, folks, especially if you’re looking for something that not everyone will be carrying, like .300 Remington Ultra Mag (R.U.M.) for example, or Glaser Safety Slugs from Cor-Bon. It will save you a lot of time and get you the best prices.

  34. Its nearly criminal that you did not include Target Sports USA in this list. TS is not only a great supplier with lots of selection and great prices.


    They were the ONLY vendor that challenged the non-law MA law that prohibited mail order ammunition and the Government backed down.

    They continue to ship into NY despite many confused people’s opinions that the NY SAFE act prohibits it.

    In short, they are the kind of people you want to spend your money with.

  35. SG Ammo out of Oklahoma has the best combined shipping and ammo prices. They ship fast too.

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