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The Washington Times reports that Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio is creating an armed “Immigration Posse,” including Steven Seagal and Lou Ferrigno. In exchange for [I imagine] the right to carry a concealed weapon in The People’s Republic of California, the aging action actors will do . . . nothing. “These guys are busy with their acting careers, so I don’t expect them to be here on duty very often,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “But they can be instrumental in heightening public awareness of the immigration issue and encouraging others to join the posse’s effort to help reduce the flow of illegal immigrants into our communities.” You can bet that Arapaio’s posse of vigilantes—I mean, volunteers, are armed to the teeth . . .

Of the 56 Immigration Posse members, 33 are already qualified to carry weapons. They will work with deputies in searching for vehicles carrying illegal immigrants and the “safe houses,” where the people are housed before they are sent out of state. They also will help maintain crowd control during demonstrations against the sheriff’s immigration policies.

The rest will qualify REAL soon. And no, that doesn’t sound like a private militia to me. Much.

Be that as it may, you can expect the left-leaning media to link “America’s Toughest Sheriff” and his expanding army of homeland homies to extremist militias, Timothy McVeigh, the Tea Party, the Republican Party, Sarah Palin, the Ku Klux Klan and the mystery gunman on the gassy knoll in Dallas. The Sheriff, it seems, couldn’t give a shit.

“My ultimate goal with the creation of this newest posse is to catch and jail as many illegal immigrants coming into this county [as possible] and to apprehend those who are illegally living and working here already,” Sheriff Arpaio said. “Let’s face it – my deputies are outnumbered; so the more volunteers we can get trained and out on the streets to fight illegal immigration, the better off we will be to fight it.”

The posse is a direct reflection of the federal government’s unwillingness and inability to control our southern border. Until and unless the Obama administration and Congress answers that call, look for this kind of bad strangeness to break out all along the border. With predictable consequences.

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  1. Of the 56 Immigration Posse members, 33 are already qualified to carry weapons.

    I didn't read the linked article (no time) but does it specify who "qualifies" them (presumably the Sheriff himself) and what are the requirements of said "qualification?"

    IMO the most important part of firearms training is not the mechanics of shooting, that can be taught in a short lesson. The difficult part of the training is knowing when you can and can't use deadly force and still stay on the good side of the law.

  2. Sounds like a good idea to me! The citizens(militia) are suppose to defend this country from invaders and thats exactly what illegal aliens are.


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