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Beer gun (courtesy

Expecting Americans for Final Responsible Solutions to moderate their hysterical anti-gun rhetoric is like asking Bar Rafaeli to wear a mu-mu on the beach. It ain’t gonna happen. For example: “Guns and alcohol don’t mix,” ARS’s recent fundraising email blast asserts, “so why is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC) considering allowing alcohol sales at gun shows? The Texas ABC released a proposal this week that would allow some gun shows in the state to sell alcohol. That means . . .

someone could legally have a beer in one hand and a gun in the other, while standing in a crowd of thousands of people. Why would anyone want to allow such an irresponsible situation?” I dunno.

Why don’t they ask gun show organizers in Oregon, who’ve been selling booze to attendees for years, without incident? Or would that be another one of those inconvenient truths the anti-gunners ignore on a regular basis?

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  1. Not this crap again. I know the Drug Warriors love it but c’mon. Personal responsibility and all that…

    Why don’t they check in with every licensed alcohol seller in the state of Pennsylvania to see if they’ve had a problem legally selling alcohol to any Pennsylvanian LTCF holder who legally consumed said alcohol while concealing a firearm without incident.

    • Sigh.

      It really bothers some people when I have told them this, but I consumed plenty of alcohol while CCing in WV. It isn’t against the law, and I did so without incident. I wouldn’t do so now because if I ever had to actually use said weapon, having any alcohol in my system would be a big, flashing sign saying “Sue me!”…. but I digress.

      The crux of the issue in the article above is that non-gun people don’t know what firearms shows are like. In my experience, pretty much all guns for sale are zip tied (which irks me but I understand) and CC weapons aren’t allowed in with one in the pipe.

      Your average non-gun person I think has a mental image of all gun people waving guns around and being brashly irresponsible. It isn’t an image that is going to magically disappear so… screw em.

      • I think it’s very much a cultural thing. Some people and places have cultures of responsibly enjoying a craft brew or two, others lack that, and hence fear and mixture of guns and alcohol. I grew up in Oregon and got my first concealed carry permit there and it was normal to have a pint or two of microbrew while carrying at a restaurant. I did it, my friends did it, we were all responsible and no harm came of it. Now I live in WV and do the same, still without problems. But I could see why people who drink shit beer to get hammered, instead of enjoying it, would fear mixing guns and booze.

        • ^ True that.

          Another point I have made to anti gunners is that by the time most people are 21 they have the “let’s drink to get shit faced” out of their systems already, and you have to be 21 to get a CCL.

          So… meh.

          Outlawing beer at gun shows isn’t going to stop dumb asses from being dumb asses. And even as a non drinker now, I am willing to accept the risk of letting other enthusiasts drink a Bud.

      • I think it’s very much a Carrie Nation and Billy Holiday type thing. They return from the dead every so often to shake their moldering fists at people who are enjoying themselves.

      • Looks like my shopping list…

        p.s. – Love the Belt fed beer machine gun – where do I buy one?

        • It looks like a terribly designed rapid bottle opener. I say terrible, because it opens the beers while they lay on their side, so half the beer spills out as soon as it’s opened. Unless it’s designed like a water gun and shoots beer out of the barrel.

        • @ Nick D: I surmise the content of the beer is actually emptied via barrel into an awaiting glass receptacle or recipient’s mouth.

  2. Umm, because Americans for Responsible Solutions (a misnomer if ever I saw one) hate fun?
    Just sayin’…

  3. Looks like bottles of Peroni. Not a bad beer, but how about some Shiner Bock given this is TX we’re talking about ?

  4. I know that in the make believe state of Kaliforniastan attendees at gun shows cannot possess a firearm and ammunition that it is chambered in. There are exemption for vendors of course. We also have a 10 day wait for purchases (with some exceptions for people with 03FFL and COE) so it generally isn’t a problem. You can go to a show and purchase a firearm and then buy ammo for it since you will have to go pick up the firearm in 10 days. So booze sales wouldn’t be a problem. Except for that drive home of course.

    • incidentally every gun show I’ve been to in California, the first thing I did was get a beer before I browsed around.

    • California gun shows sound depressing. The sale of alcohol sounds like the only thing worthwhile.

      • About the only thing they are good for is gun parts (buyer beware) reloading supplies, the occasional deal on a C&R (most are outrageously overpriced) and knives. There is competition for knives so you can get a good deal on a quality knife. Some custom knife deals too. Stay away from the Chinese knives. As a vendor I usually can get a discount. During the last ammo run, I would buy at the show before we opened to the public without standing in 2-4 hour lines. Or any line at all.

  5. Using this logic, no one should be able to drive to a bar or any place where alcohol can be consumed.

    What Fritz said about personal responsibility and all…

  6. I swore I could grab a brew at the Utah show I was at. Don’t remember because I was looking at too many toys. No big deal though. Just like going to the auto show and buying beer. I’m not test driving any guns or cars there anyway.

    • You probably did. They serve beer at the Crossroads Of The West gun shows in Utah, I usually have an overpriced beer or two while I’m perusing the overpriced firearms goodies.

  7. Whatever the Space Cadet and the Puppet are talking about, they’re talking about money — and they are raking it in hand over sweaty fist.

  8. I know about half the shows I’ve been to in Phoenix sold booze right on the floor. No problems so far.

    The big point is that antis don’t know what a gun show is. Most of them think that a gun show is a shoot, where people go and actually shoot guns. No, I am not making this up either. ARS knows this and they are using the deception to further their cause.

  9. They sell alcohol at the gun shows for the same reason we allow people to carry firearms: We trust the law-abiding to not shoot up the gun show, ergo we can trust you to also exercise good judgement when in the presence of alcohol.

  10. at the gun shows here in Georgia, we are not allowed to bring in a loaded weapon OR a magazine for that matter. really, I don’t think people go to gun shows for the booze.

  11. Most gun shows have all the stuff inside where you look at new products but nothing is loaded… I guess they have no idea what gun shows are like so they whine about stuff they shouldn’t be.

  12. FL gun shows have had beer for sale at the various venues all over the state, hasn’t been an issue.

  13. As far as I can see the only real risk is to the vendors. I have never seen a loaded gun at a gun show, I would more be concerned about some drunk clutz dropping some priceless/rare collector firearm.

    More hysteria mongering, from the left, projecting their own inadequacies onto others. Because in their mind the mere presence of alcohol means people will intentionally be getting wasted, because you know, nobody drinks to enjoy the atmosphere etc.. They assume grown men and women will just act like a bunch of 22 year olds, I know some people never grow out of that, but they are almost certainly the minority. Thats what a lot of the progressive agenda feeds off of though, the assumption that people are completely devoid of any self control or personal accountability. The problem is, you preach that enough and it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

  14. I will point out that a lot of pro gunners seemed upset at this idea as well.

    Finally something we and Americans for the final solution can agree on….

    It’s just a beer, get a grip.

    • I will point out that a lot of pro gunners seemed upset at this idea as well.

      Every large group of people will have a portion that reside on the left end of the IQ distribution curve.

  15. If they only knew about the gun shows in Nevada that sell alcohol and are held in a casino.

  16. But but but but but but but there’s absolutely no difference between “having one or two drinks and staying in control” and “being totally s#!^-faced drunk and slobbery and dumb and wobbly and stumbling and bumbling and OMG GUNS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”



  17. Have they even been to a gun show? You need a beer (or two) just to have a good reason to stand in the long lines at the restrooms. 😉

  18. Texas law does not allow the sell of firearms in the same facuility that sells booze so it is in fact a back door gun ban.

  19. I like their acronym- ARs.

    We should start a competing org: Americans for Knowledgeable Solutions- AKS

  20. Wow, another gun-thing thing that is already allowed in Iowa. That is to say, that they sell beer at the state fairgrounds’ gun shows. I don’t know about other venues.

  21. Not one comment — up or down — on the return of the Israeli supermodels?!!!! Everyone been taking their saltpeter, eh?

    RF, is the end of the Bar bar?

  22. I knew that in Tejas guns and alcohol could not be sold in the same place, as in no bar/gunstore type setup. Was not aware that it extended to open venue type operations such as fairs and gunshows, just thought it meant that a person/business selling guns was not allowed to sell alcohol, too. Weird.

  23. A few folks have spotted the true issue at hand: This is an attempt by the anti’s to dramatically hamstring gun shows and events in Texas. In essence, the new regs would mean that if the premises had a TABC permit to sell alcohol, then gun shows could not:

    1) Have guns on display that were not disabled (no big deal).
    2) Have any live ammo available (big deal).
    3) Allow weapons transfers (really big deal).

    Since a lot of shows and events occur on premises that have TABC licenses or are catered by folks who do and you cannot serve alcohol to the public without a TABC license, this would dramatically reduce the number of available venues and methods. In the Houston area, the GRB Convention Center and Reliant would now be off the table, along with a lot of others…

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