Americans for Responsible Solutions Claims 500k Members


Americans for Responsible Solutions is the brainchild of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelley. The civilian disarmament org is not unlike like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Both gun control groups are beloved by the mainstream media, without whom they would have little to no influence. Both are bankrolled by billionaires, without whom they wouldn’t exist. Shannon Watts’ Moms are notoriously vague about their membership, laughably claiming Facebook followers as members. They are singularly, spectacularly bad at gathering more than a dozen Moms at their various media be-ins. Gabby Giffords’ mob (or lack thereof) doesn’t even bother with rousing the rabble . . .

She restricts her lobbying to high-profile appearances at Democratic love-fests. So how in the world does Americans for Responsible Solutions claim to have 500,000 members? No se. But claim they do, in the following letter to the Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, urging them to hold a hearing on “preventing gun violence against women.”

Note: the “gun control to save women” angle is so seven months ago; Watts & Co. [ineffectually] capitalized on Domestic Violence Awareness Month to promote their anti-gun agitprop late last year. This after the Brady Campaign had a falling-out with Watt’s paymaster, Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I guess the civilian disarmament industry can’t get their ducks in a row. Thankfully.


Dear Chairman Leahy, Ranking Member Grassley and Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Congressional action has meant the difference between life and death for many women. The Violence Against Women Act protects millions of Americans every year. The Lautenberg Amendment alone has prevented more than 250,000 domestic abusers from purchasing a gun from a licensed gun dealer. But many of those who perpetrate violence against women are still allowed easy access to firearms. And the violence continues.

  • Women are more than three-and-a-half times as likely to be killed by an intimate partner as men.
  • A gun in a household with a history of domestic violence increases the risk that a woman will be killed there by 20 times, compared to households without guns.
  • More than 1,000,000 women are stalked annually, and more than half are stalked by an intimate partner — with stalkers using guns to harm or threaten their victims in 1 out of 5 of those cases.

More action is needed – and soon. Women’s lives are at stake. We know more about the dangerous connection between domestic abuse and guns than we ever have. Let’s leave no stone unturned when it comes to protecting women and their families.

On behalf of more than 500,000 members of Americans for Responsible Solutions, I strongly urge you to hold a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee to discuss ways to prevent gun violence against women.


Gabby Giffords


  1. avatar John L. says:


    I wonder how many of those members, know they’re members?

    1. avatar Andrew says:

      I wonder the same thing about Congress.

      1. avatar bontai Joe says:


      2. avatar dook says:

        Bingo. Reply of the week right there.

    2. avatar Ron Burgundy says:

      I expect they put up a facebook page and count each “like” on every post as a membership.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Maybe they use retail’s complaint rule of thumb as a measurement: For each like, there are 10 more uncounted.

    3. avatar Gabby says:

      I joined their mailing list so I could report their emails as Spam.

  2. avatar JC79 says:

    – Americans for Responsible Solutions is the brainchild of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelley.

    I didn’t get past this sentence before thinking, “DAMN! He actually used the phrase brainchild.” I think I might have a sick sense of humor…. I will go back into my dark room now.

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one. . .

    2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      She is also the organization’s brain trust and current head of the think tank.

      Too far?

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        I’m laughing really hard right now.

    3. avatar Jus Bill says:


    4. avatar AngryAZ says:

      We of the gun should at least be honest…. she’s not having brain anything. She is however the face and stark reality of those who are out to profit from enslaving a population.

  3. JC, nope you were not the only one.

  4. avatar forrest says:

    Ok, let’s play this game called “Gun violence against women”. Click on the Pew Research link, then select ‘Gender’.

    Males are approximately 5.9 times more likely to be killed by guns (even though they make up ~50% of the population); a 7.1 to 1.2 homocides per 100,000 male-to-female ratio.



    1. avatar Sammy says:

      Great link. Thanks.

    2. avatar full.tang.halo says:

      LOL, I haven’t heard someone use the insult clownshoes in forever, so retro feeling.

    3. avatar Diesel Dan says:

      Department of Justice has just released the first detailed empirical study of “murder in families.” It contains some surprising information, which contrasts sharply with the media headlines.
      The most shocking finding of this study–which analyzed nearly ten thousand cases–is that wives murder their husbands far more frequently than press reports would suggest. To put the issue in context, women in general account for only about 10 percent of defendants charged with all murders. But for all spousal murders, women accounted for more than 40 percent of defendants. And “among black marital partners, wives were just about as likely to kill their husbands as husbands were to kill their wives.” Not surprisingly, when it comes to parents who kill their children, mothers kill more often than fathers.
      The real headline of this report, therefore, is that women kill almost as often as men do in the context of all family murders, though men much more often kill strangers–nearly always other men. all family murders–which includes killing of parents and children as well as spouses–55.5 percent of the victims were males and 44.5 percent females, and female defendants were more likely than male defendants to have murdered a person of the opposite sex.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        How many of the fathers kill a stranger who is within the family home illegally?

  5. avatar Another Robert says:

    Seems like I saw that letter some time ago, don’t recall how. I do recall visiting their site a couple of weeks ago to get their contact info, I wanted to write them a letter (well, send an e-mail), asking about that “gun offender” language in their “we [kinda sorta almost] won in Georgia” post, in light of their alleged support of the 2A. In support of RF’s characterization of their group, I can report that they really don’t have “contact information”, unless you are a reporter. Maybe that’s where I saw that letter. At any rate–sounds like pretty thin soup to me, suggesting some senators to “hold hearings” on the rather amorphously-framed subject of “preventing gun violence against women”. maybe they could suggest replacing it with “knife violence”, and proceed to facilitate such by making sure women cannot have access to guns to defend themselves with? That would probably suit Mark and Gabby to a “T”, no?

    1. avatar John says:

      You visited their site? You probably number among the 500,000 members, then.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        I think you may be right, what a thought. They never answered my letter even, what a way to treat the membership. Wonder how I can resign?

        1. avatar bontai Joe says:

          Resign? Send Gabby a Rubic’s cube to play with, that should get you tossed off the member list. My comment here will and should get me banned for life from their organization

        2. avatar Dennis says:

          Even dying won’t do it.

        3. avatar William Burke says:

          Life membership.

        4. avatar Another Robert says:

          Life membership? Come to think of it, if they are like ACORN or the Democrat Party in South Texas, I’ll be a member long after my life is over…

  6. avatar Rick Testa says:

    So, ignoring for the moment all the other statistics in the letter, how do we (pro 2A people/groups) dismiss this claim:
    “On behalf of more than 500,000 members”…

    …so that any legislator or member of the Senate Judiciary Committee reading that letter, doesn’t start shaking in his/her boots, thinking “500,000 voters! I wonder how many are my constituents? Maybe I should reconsider my stance”…

    There must be a way to disprove that number…

    1. avatar BDub says:

      There is…its called an election.

    2. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      On behalf of the 5,000,000 (paying and active) members of the NRA, we think Giffords/Kelley are full of shit with their (free and lazy) membership estimates.



    3. avatar Sammy says:

      …so that any legislator or member of the Senate Judiciary Committee reading that letter, doesn’t start shaking in his/her boots, thinking “500,000 voters!

      And considering the lefts devoting to voting integrity, that could mean 600,000 to 700,000 votes.

  7. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    and you never see Mark Kelly’s lips move. . . . .

    1. avatar Ron Burgundy says:

      That’s because Bloomberg’s arm isn’t long enough to reach up all the way to his head when Mark is sockpuppeting.

  8. avatar John L. says:

    Hm. A lot of damage gets done when claims such as this are left unchecked. For instance, nobody had the presence of mind, or moral courage, to demand McCarthy open his famous list when he first waved it.

    I wonder what would happen if they were asked to present their member list in a verifiable form, so one could check that the listed people are real live people, with real addresses.

    I’d bet they’d say no, claiming privacy concerns. But I have to wonder what we’d find if by some miracle they said yes.

    1. avatar Sammy says:

      Are you ragging on Joe? If so, read Whittaker Chambers’ book “Witness” or the “The Venona Secrets” by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel. Joe underestimated the corruption and infiltration of the communist party.

      1. avatar Andrew says:

        Thanks for setting the record straight. I was still dumbfounded by his post, so you beat me to it.

  9. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:

    500,000 “Likes”…page views…purchased Facebook “Friends”…completely made up members…all of the above?

    1. avatar Dev says:

      At this moment they have 96,461 likes on their Facebook page. Considering that Mrs. Giffords was a member of Congress, that math makes sense!

  10. avatar LongBeach says:

    I’m sure that when a woman is holding a warm revolver after defending herself she’s thinking “Thank GOD for that congressional action! I thought I was doomed!”

    Get over yourselves, Gabby and Mark. When anyone, especially a woman needs defending, they’re not thinking of the two of you, aloof in your happy-thoughts space capsule, they’re thinking of the wood, steel and polymer they could be holding at that moment.

    1. avatar mark_anthony_78 says:

      I like sharing this picture with people that think women should be disarmed at home:

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        Damn, that’s good…

      2. avatar LongBeach says:

        Spot on.

      3. avatar bontai Joe says:


  11. avatar Doug says:

    Hey asstronot, I am one of 5 MILLION proud members of the NRA, you got a ways to go.

  12. avatar tdiinva says:

    Notice how they use the term intimate partners? That’s because most of the women who are victims of this kind of violence are from the same socio-economic group that gangs come from. You know the ones who have baby daddys and not husbands. So the root cause of this kind of violence against women is not some generic man but the same gangbangers who do drive bys. It is the social structure that is responsbile, not guns per se and it is the advocates for control who socially engineered the very environment where women suffer abuse.

    1. avatar the ruester says:

      This is a really good point. They make it seem like happily married men are being hypnotized by their firearms to murder their wives. “Intimate Partners” has a certain meaning which doesn’t require marriage as we traditionally know it at all.

      I am going to love the look on the next grabbers face when I insist that liberal moral decay is just as responsible for domestic violence as it is for youth violence and street crime.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Feminists have been making this claim for several decades as a way of discourage women from marrying. Unfortunately, the women who take this advice often end up being abused by their intimate partners. Giving up men and going Lez doesn’t help either as their is as much or more abuse in lesbian relationships.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          Oh. God. You. Nailed. It. GOOD!

        2. avatar Mina says:

          Story today about a transsexual woman arrested for beating up her wife.

      2. avatar Roscoe says:

        Yep, the notion “intimate partners” conjures up the picture of two willing participants. My take would be that in the low income and gang banger environment it’s more often ‘gimme sex or else’ and the violence just comes with the territory.

  13. avatar Dave357 says:

    I remember that the lists used to reach democratic voters, with great success, on a district by district basis during the last two presidential elections were handed over to some organization(s) to promote democratic values. Is this organization one of them?

    1. avatar rlc2 says:

      I think you can safely assume that any voter registration, get out the vote, union membership, census data, phone call list ever touched by the Democrats is in a big database being squeezed by the Google Geeks who built Obama’s 2012 election database. You know, the one built with taxpayer funds and with un-verified foreign campaign contributions in blatant violation of FERC and other rules.

      That was then turned over to Organizing for America, which of course has distributed it to all the various non-profits and activists- Occutards on up. Remember the campaign worker caught on tape admitting they were capturing voter information, and using it to influence the vote, in Texas, for Wendy Davis.

      Who is going to enforce the rules- DOJ? HAAAAA HAAAAA…. yeah. The same folks who couldnt investigate the Philly New Black Panthers who threatened voters with billy clubs? The same folks who got caught conspiring with the IRS to target the Tea Partiers? The same folks who ran guns into Mexico, while lying about it?

      This would also include your private medical information, officially safe per HIPAA rules, but included in the Obamacare websites, like the one built for Covered California and run by the SEIU who had the contract for training the unlicensed, un-background checked “Navigators”. You remember SEIU- the orange shirted thugs bussed into campaign rallies, that beat up peaceful counter-protesters, the union that represents the customers and beneficiaries of ACORN…

  14. avatar Kyle says:

    The Brady Bunch only has about 30,000, so how would AFRS have 500,000?

  15. avatar John says:

    “more than 500,000 members” Hmm … It’s odd that their membership grew so quickly and has apparently remained stagnant for almost a year. “Americans for Responsible Solutions reports 500,000 members and 72,000 donors” (source:

  16. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “the brainchild of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband…”

    I do not wish to insult the former Congresswoman who was critically injured in a tragic attack, nor do I wish to ridicule others similarly afflicted. But I have seen no evidence that she is capable of forming actual thoughts since that fateful day. She seems only capable of verbalizing a few well-rehearsed words.

  17. avatar M says:

    “Brain Child”? Is this a product of the same thinking that planned an event at a public mall, without adequate security? Perhaps they though they were saving a few bucks, and were counting on “Mall Security” to deal with any potential threats.

    Clearly, the quality of the thinking has not improved.

  18. avatar James says:

    500K, does the main stream media still employ that many? If so, the there you go.

  19. avatar Ezo says:

    And my group has over 317 million members. Yes, every person in the USA is part of my group. Anyone can throw a number out there for the state run media to blather on about.

  20. avatar former water walker says:

    Golly my wife has 1.5 million page views on her decorating website/blog. I should tell her to creatively claim her million & a half members LOL.

  21. avatar William Burke says:

    NOTHING is the “brainchild” of Gabrielle Giffords. She doesn’t have much of one left. Astro-Hubby the Tool manipulates her because she is utterly dependent upon him.

    Like Jim and Sarah Brady. Isn’t that interesting? They get these people shot, so they can become Gun Kontrol Robotoids?

    It’s a thought.

  22. Had more ccw carriers been at these horrific gun scenes like colorado, sandy hook and the Arizona mall that Gifford s was at, things would have been different.The bad guys would have been blasted before the got started and alot of innocent people would be alive today.But because of the lameness of the anti idiots, more killings are assured! These boneheads are so stupid as to think laws against law abiding citizens are going to do anthything to stop killers.Only force meeting force and the threat that someone else is armed will quell the killers from emboldingly attempting.How stupid do you have to be to not see or understand that!

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      “Threat of force meeting force”, would be the way I’d put it. COUNTER-THREAT is what the boogers understand. ALWAYS.

  23. avatar Larry says:

    I have to say, “brainchild” is harsh. I mean, I’m sure everybody immediately read “damaged brainchild”. Rude. Of course, here we are again, wondering who believes she has anything to do with this campaign herself, its a focus for collecting money and maintaining influence.

  24. avatar Clem says:

    Twitter followers can be bought, too.

  25. avatar MWorrell says:

    Let them start charging $35 a year, and then let’s see how many members they have.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      But “the first one is free”! 😀

  26. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Maybe they put a disclaimer in each YouTube video stating: “By watching more than 1 second of this video, you hereby count yourself as a member of our organization.”

  27. avatar WI Patriot says:

    That’s like the 98% of Americans that support UBC’s…PFFFFT…

  28. avatar Southern Cross says:

    You think Mark Kelly would have realized by now that just because he’s an astronaut doesn’t mean he’s a rocket scientist.

  29. avatar Jus Bill says:

    When I saw the picture my first thought was: “That disgusting bald meatsack propped his permanently disabled wife up on a fence for another photo-op. I wonder how much he wants now?” And he didn’t disappoint. Again. Still. He is totally despicable.

  30. avatar Col. Angus says:

    Isn’t it about time that the spaceman changed his name to Mr. Giffords?

  31. avatar rlc2 says:

    Look- this is just another made up number- the Big Lie repeated by the StateRunMedia. Just like the 90% of guns in Mexico from LGS, the 30,000 gun deaths a day, the 77% of mens pay- and here’s a new article that you wont see much buzz about in the StateRunMedia- the numbers are too scary-

    So, just remember- its just more of the same- whatever the WH and various Journolistas and the StateRunMedia want to propagandize. Dont get all upset that they lie- its ok, its PR, its Spin, its Community Organizing, its the Narrative, its about the Ends Justify The Means, really…

    The point is not to get mad, just mock them, and counter with facts and spread the facts via our own channels- email, blogs, the NRA, SAF, lobbying directly to Congress, etc.

    The whole house of cards is falling down around the Progressive’s heads and the signs are obvious- when the government cant control the narrative, they seize control of the facts- like the revisions being proposed to be made to Census data….

    so that before and after data cant be compiled on ACA, for example. (poor little Megan McArdle, Obama voter, is just shocked, shocked I tell you…)

    or the cooked books in the BLS and Treasury data, that most economists understand to be slanted, until the numbers come in later, and even that is compromised- see ShadowStats to understand more.

  32. avatar Ralph says:

    I have a member for them right here.

  33. avatar GAbbyyy GGiffooords says:

    WEE do haav 500000kk meembvers, i counteed themmyself and wee will end the plage of guns volence in amerca. insted of fighting at us, gunowners shuld join are cause to save lifes in amercia. just get rid of yor guns and bullitts to amake amerca safe for children. all guns should be outlawed theyre only for being baaad! turn them in. safe the childrens.

    and evrbody needss to stop making fffun of mark hes a real man. you hatefool peopel woodnt no a real man was. he wippes my pooop for me, thats love, thats a real man so stoopp hating at hiim.

    but peeple just give up yor guns. i respekt the 2econd amenmdment. dont foorget to bye my bookKK!!!!

    1. avatar LS/HD says:

      I’m not going to make fun of GG, because as near as I can tell, she did not recover from that fateful day. I don’t blame her for any of this “reprehensible solutions” nonsense.

      Instead, since Mr. Giffords appears to write everything that goes out under her name, I choose to believe this is his first draft, before his editors polished it up.

      1. avatar GAbbyyy GGiffooords says:

        TTHAnk yoo forr nott makingg fun of mE!!!! i sware i rite all my own lettterss i rite to tha congresss, i am fulllee recoverrd. some peeple thinks just ima puppett becaus of my enjury and reed anyuthing putted in front of mee, but i reelyy do rite everyting on my ownn. spellchek makes my letters looook more goodder butt thsi siite dont have the spelchek. yessi did rited thatt letterr meself, soo pleez suport are cauze and give up yur gunss. for the chiuldrens. i support the 2econd amenmendmet. pleease bye my boook.

        and thankks you to my luving husbund who wippes my poopps!!!111 he supportts the 2econdd amdmnetmet too but just give up yeour guns. for the chidlren!!!1

  34. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    I forgot she even existed.

  35. avatar Delbert Grady says:

    Further proof the 9MM just doesnt cut the mustard.

  36. avatar Matt says:

    Want to prevent gun violence against women? Let’s just be clear that we all want to prevent violence against woman (unless you’re a jerk), so maybe Mrs. Giffords should check out the local news here in Detroit were several woman have used firearms this year to defend themselves from being robbed, raped, murdered…etc.

    And, as correctly stated in her letter, criminals are able to acquire firearms through illegal means (and they always will), perhaps it would be wise for more woman to arm themselves in defense of their lives.

    If anything, I think Mrs. Giffords efforts would be better spent making firearms training more accessible and friendly towards woman so that they may have a fighting chance when some woman-bashing-illegal-gun-buying-stalker threatens their lives. Now there’s a responsible solution!

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      Ms. Giffords is severely, permanently brain-damaged. And don’t bother with that astrowhore hubby of hers, either.

    2. avatar Jus Bill says:

      I think Mrs. Giffords efforts would be better spent in rehab and a caring home. And Mark is COMMENT MODERATED. He should really COMMENT MODERATED. But then he would be COMMENT MODERATED. The COMMENT MODERATED.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        With a big fat COMMENT MODERATED.

  37. avatar Quiet Profesional says:

    Americans for Responsible Solutions. ARS(E).

  38. avatar Kung Fu Panda says:

    If you click the join link on their website you are prompted to provide an email address and zip code. These seem to be the only requirements of “membership”.

  39. avatar Resident CT says:

    The answer may lie in the “man behind the curtain” and for “Americans for Responsible Solutions” the “man” is, a PR firm that promotes ” online fundraising, advocacy, social networking, and constituency development” and appears to be the corporate creator of “grassroots” campaigns, by pumping up the membership numbers and wringing out donations. Sounds a lot like Bloomberg creating a “grassroots” organization of himself and hired activists and preying on peoples’ compassion through market research and exploiting cognitive biases.

    This 500K members is a core strategy of BSD to create the illusion of “grassroots” support. How they cook the numbers, only they know.


    They also appear to be behind these sites, which once you see them is pretty much no surprise. Preying on compassion and every emotional plea a prelude to a donation button.:

    Reverse domains on the same ip address(,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  40. avatar Resident CT says:

    The answer may lie in the “man behind the curtain” and for “Americans for Responsible Solutions” the “man” is, a PR firm that promotes ” online fundraising, advocacy, social networking, and constituency development” and appears to be the corporate creator of “grassroots” campaigns, by pumping up the membership numbers and wringing out donations. Sounds a lot like Bloomberg creating a “grassroots” organization of himself and hired activists and preying on peoples’ compassion through market research and exploiting cognitive biases.

    This 500K members is a core strategy of BSD to create the illusion of “grassroots” support. How they cook the numbers, only they know.


    They also appear to be behind many other sites, which once you see them is pretty much no surprise. Preying on compassion and every emotional plea a prelude to a donation button.:

    Look to the bottom of the page:

  41. avatar Skyler says:

    I really don’t get what Kelly is up to. He clearly likes his guns. Have they got something on him? His wife is barely not a vegetable. “Interviews” with her consist of fawning news personalities inserting words into her mouth while she nods moronically. What is Kelly’s motivation to parade this poor woman around like this? Has he been promised more time in space if he behaves?

  42. avatar Anonymous says:

    Empty statistics. Lets play the statistics card. Statistics are more important than rights. Right? The issue is of personal responsibility and individual punishment when the law is broken. Shoot a person? Kill a person? Pay the price.

  43. avatar JuanCudz says:

    When the “Gabby and Mark Show” becomes incorporated in state law, has annual meetings and a democratic process, publishes the names and addresses of every member of the board, and financial accounts that don’t require Columbo-like skills to dissect, maybe I’ll take them seriously. Maybe…

  44. avatar Ted says:

    Welcome to the internet where “Upvotes” and “Likes” can be any statistic you want them to be.

  45. avatar IdahoPete says:

    “Gabby Giffords’ mob (or lack thereof) doesn’t even bother with rousing the rabble . . . She restricts her lobbying to high-profile appearances at Democratic love-fests.”

    Because that’s where the money is, my friends …

  46. avatar M says:

    Gabby = Disabled meal ticket for out of work Astronaut with no space program, and no other real prospects.

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