American Tactical MRX Bronco rifle
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From American Tactical . . .

American Tactical, a leading firearms manufacturer, has announced the introduction of two new bolt action rifles from Black Creek Labs – the MRX Bronco and the TRX Bronco Hunter. The TRX Bronco Hunter is an accurate utility rifle designed for backcountry carry and hunting, while the MRX Bronco is ideal for range shooting, varmint and small game. Both rifles are part of Black Creek’s newest line of Bronco bolt action rifles and are now available for purchase with an MSRP of $1499 for the TRX Bronco Hunter and $1199 for the MRX Bronco.

The TRX Bronco Hunter is an innovative rifle that is specifically designed for backcountry hunting. It features a two piece, Bronco adaptable chassis system with a 10 inch fore-end that is made of aircraft grade aluminum. The rifle also features a folding stock that captures the bolt handle when folded, making it compact, save and easy to carry. The TRX Bronco Hunter feeds from high capacity AR10/SR25 mags, eliminating the requirement for extra mags or loose ammunition. Additionally, the FSS stock can be made to lock the safety in the “safe” position, making it unable to fire when the stock is folded.

The TRX Bronco Hunter uses the Black Creek TRX Short action, which can be chambered in .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. It is guaranteed to shoot 1 MOA with suggested commercial ammunition and is fitted with a TriggerTech REM700 field trigger, making it one of the smoothest shooting rifles available in its class.

American Tactical TRX Bronco Hunter rifle

The MRX Bronco, on the other hand, is a versatile, compact rifle that is ideal for range shooting and small game hunting. It features a 16.5 inch, medium weight barrel and a M-LOK compatible handguard. The rifle feeds from AR-15 magazines and can be chambered in 300BLK, 7.62×39 or 5.56. The MRX Bronco is fitted with a TriggerTech REM700 field trigger and is guaranteed to shoot 1.2 MOA with suggested commercial ammunition.The MRX Bronco comes with a collapsible PDS (Personal Defense System) stock for easy on the range adjustment.

“We’re excited to introduce the Black Creek Labs TRX Bronco Hunter and MRX Bronco to the market,” said Tony DiChario, President of American Tactical. “These rifles offer unparalleled accuracy and versatility in their class, making them perfect for a variety of applications. With their innovative design and top-of-the-line features, we’re confident that the TRX Bronco Hunter and MRX Bronco will be a hit with shooters and hunters alike.”

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  1. ‘High capacity magazines?’. I’m buying nothing from a company that has bought into the propaganda.

    • some of us remember when the standard capacity magazines for the M-16 were only 20 rounds.

      I for one am elated that they are building a bolt action rifle that accepts detachable, standard capacity AR-15 magazines as well as lower capacity magazines that might be mandated for hunting or competition.

      • My first m16 was issued with 20 rounders. When we started getting 30 rounders that is what we called them, 30 rounders.

      • There’s at least one company that makes bolt-action uppers for AR lowers: Unitah Precision. (

        That gets you the ability to use standard AR-type magazines, not to mention most of the other customization options (stocks, triggers, grips, etc.). Meanwhile, if you want a semi-auto option, that’s as simple as swapping uppers.

    • Agreed about the “High Capacity Mag” reference. The final nail was this…
      ….”safe” position, making it unable to fire when the stock is folded.

      Why do I stinkin need that? Firing while folded is a feature! So many manufacturers make stocks modified to not impede on the controls and charging handle to maintain fire ability.

  2. What is the barrel length of the Hunter and its twist rates, and what are the weights of these rifles. I appreciate the safety features built into the Hunter. Assuming there is nothing else like it, quite innovative.

  3. I see a problem with the magazines some states only allow 5 cartridge’s in the magazine. If you carry only 20 or 30 rounds you are breaking the law in those states.
    I do like the idea of using standard capacity magazines..

    • my state mandates a magazine capacity of only five rounds for hunting most game animals. I don’t have a problem with that. I have never been attacked by a herd of angry elk. however; I did have the misfortune of being stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of MLK (then Union Ave) and Killingsworth when the Rodney King verdict was announced. The demographics were very similar to the intersection of Florence and Normandy. As a result of our having semiautomatic pistols and a Ruger Mini-14 with a few standard capacity magazines, it was the briefest riot that you never heard of.

  4. I’m seeing many more “AR-ish” bolt action rifles coming on the market recently. I have to wonder if this is simply what’s trending, or if something else is in the wind that manufacturers are positioning themselves for.

    • Competition chassis for long range shooting are quite popular these days, and some of these rifles can be made light weight and backpackable for back country hunting.

  5. I am not familiar with Black Creek labs… it doesn’t say where these are made, but ATI is usually an importer. I found some stuff that says these might be Canadian made?

  6. 1.2 MOA at 100 yards or 500 yards ? – makes a big difference
    1.2 at 100 yards, those rifles are pretty expensive for that level of accuracy.

    • How about 5 MOA @100 yards?
      It’s a $200-$300 rifle at best.
      ATI is a bad company and the GSG-922 is by far the worst gun I ever bought.
      Black Creek Labs makes garbage rifles.

  7. I myself do not like an AR/AK type pistol grip on a hunting riffle or shotgunm.
    Everyone has their preferences.
    When your wading through man killer vines and your extendo mag and pistol grip is hung up in the brush you wont like them either.

  8. I am still waiting for a parts kit from ATI. It’s been years.
    They couldn’t get them because supposedly even the gun was on backorder.
    They might call themselves just American Tactical now but they import everything.

    I have a GSG-922 that had the rear sight fly off within the few shots fired.
    It was made by a German company across the street from Sig Sauer.
    Everything is metric and a lot of the small parts are impossible to procure.
    It’s ammo picky and you have to some serious work to get it to run.

    ATI is too lazy to even paint the magazines and they are $25 plus are supposedly SS and yet a magnet sticks to them. I bought a bunch of Sig mags when I got the gun but the Sig mags are $50 now $40 USED.

    On top off the that the gun is Zamak and is illegal in certain states.
    I understand that TTAG has to make money but this “rifle” could be complete garbage.
    “We are Canadians.” Translation, the rifle is illegal in Canada.

    When you register the rifle for warranty, you do it with Black Creek Labs.
    Good Luck shipping a banned rifle to Canada.
    $1200-$1500 for a $200-$300 rifle? No Thanks.

    • Rob S:
      There ARE types of stainless steel that are magnetic. I just looked it up, and stainless steel grades 410, 420 and 440 were cited as examples.

        • All of that and what you took from it was some SS is magnetic?
          I know that but how cheap to you have to not paint a magazine?
          They aren’t shiny, they look like Zamak.
          The rear sight literally flew off after about 3 or 4 shots.
          I found it but not the metric Allen screw that was supposed to hold it in place.
          A gunsmith called another gunsmith and got me a tiny metric screw.
          It cost way too much but it was a very uncommon size.
          I hate the gun but I especially hate ATI or American Tactical or
          whatever they are calling themselves this year.

          The point is click on the video for Black Creek Labs.
          Watch the video if you want or just go right to the comments.
          The rifle is a 5 MOA @100 yards rifle. American Tactical slaps their name on it and it is a $1200-$1500 rifle?
          I had a rifle with a bent barrel that was more accurate then that.
          TBH it was only slightly bent but who in their right mind would spend
          $1200 on the low side for a POS?

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